11th annual Cold Chain Distribution Conference and Exhibition

Supply Chain Movement

Andrea Gruber, Senior Manager, Special Cargo, IATA. Fredrik Wildtgrube, Head of Global Sales, Finnair Cargo. Who Should Attend This Event: Chiefs, Directors, VPs, Heads, Managers of Cold Chain Distribution, GDP, Supply Chain Operations/ Quality, Logistics, Regulatory Affairs, Distribution, Clinical Supply, Export from Pharmaceuticals, Biotechs, Healthcare and any solution providers relating to cold chain distribution in the pharmaceutical sector.

Doing Business in Belgium


In addition, Belgium has become a hot spot for the growing Biotech industry with big focus on research, startup clusters and medical trials. Belgium has 41 airports, 26 of which have paved runways and six of which can handle large cargo aircraft. The Kingdom of Belgium achieved its independence from the Netherlands in 1830, and has become an admired modern country, well-known as the home of international organizations such as NATO and the EU.