Why Agility and Creativity are the New Vital Procurement Drivers  (but don’t sacrifice “effectiveness”)


Peter Smith, Managing Director at Procurement Excellence Ltd. If Procurement people, functions and organisations are going to be successful, it is obvious that we have to adapt to the changing wider business and social environments.

Frequency of “Supply Chain” in Books

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The following Google Ngram Viewer graph shows the frequency of the terms “supply chain”, “logistics” and “procurement” in books published between 1975 and 2008. Practice Research Logistics Procurement Supply Chain Management

10 Greatest Purchasing Books Ever Written

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What are the essential purchasing books you should read? In this article, we will uncover the best purchasing books to help you get the edge over competition. In order to become successful in purchasing career, lifelong learning is a key and good purchasing books play the important role in your career advancement. Data Collection To come up with a list of top 10 purchasing books, we collect the names of books available on Amazon.com.

[e-Book] The Most Impactful Supply Chain & Logistics Trends in 2017


Download the all new Cerasis e-book "The Most Impactful Supply Chain & Logistics Trends in 2017" by Filling out the Form Below. One of the core trends you’ll see weaved thru out this year’s “Trends” e-book ( you can download last year’s here ), is a stronger focus on the fundamentals such as adhering to risk management, collaboration, focusing on your core, and using expert vendors to achieve your goals. We hope you enjoy this new e-Book. e-Books Logistics Supply Chain

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[e-Book] The Future Of Supply Chain, Logistics & Manufacturing: How Technology Is Transforming Industries


In this e-Book, we will explore emerging technologies and applications which will forever change the industries of manufacturing, supply chain, logistics, and transportation forever. Technology’s Role in Procurement. Download the e-Book Below. Twitter Facebook Google+ LinkedIn The post [e-Book] The Future Of Supply Chain, Logistics & Manufacturing: How Technology Is Transforming Industries appeared first on Transportation Management Company | Cerasis.

Writing: Working on My Book

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My kitchen table is piled high with interviews for the upcoming book, Metrics That Matter. Writing a book is a labor of love. It is my second book. To give readers a sneak peek for the book, here I share my interview with Peter.

[e-Book] How To Shift From Tactical To Strategic Logistics and Transportation Management To Create A Competitive Advantage


We release our second e-book today by focusing on strategic logistics and transportation management creates a competitive business advantage for shippers. You can download our first e-Book, "The Future Of Supply Chain, Logistics & Manufacturing: How Technology Is Transforming Industries" here. e-Books Logistics Transportation Management logistics and transportation management

A Tale of Two Procurement Books: Cox’s Sourcing Portfolio Analysis (Cox) & Strategic Sourcing in the New Economy (Keith et al.)

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A new face of procurement is emerging which is recognizing that a new set of value drivers must be developed in the face of massive environmental changes. Some of the emerging views on the “future of procurement” focus on the importance of being a strong internal consultant, the importance of building relationships, coaching suppliers, post-award contract management, and relational contracting.

Procurement Terminology is a Mess!

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Hey Procurement! From one Procurement organization to the next, terminology differs. Procurement is a function, that is undergoing transformation; technologically and ideologically. I’m currently reading Trevor Noah’s book, Born a Crime. What Exactly Is Procurement?

Want better supplier adoption of your procurement portal? Start by asking your own sales staff.


A good portion of the value provided by automating procurement and payables processes comes from the labor and cost savings generated from fewer errors and less manual work. The procurement portal has to have enough transactional volume running thru it.

Procurement Bots – Transformer or Destroyer?

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Check out What Exactly Is Procurement? The last few years have seen a lot of real (and over) hype associated with the emergence of Software Robots (called Bots/Bot) which are disrupting the legacy procurement processes involving human interface. Subscribe Here! Email Address.

3 Reasons Why Procurement Transformations Fail!

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What’s the Difference between Procurement and Purchasing? I will focus on Procurement for this article as it is the topic that I am most familiar and it seems even more relevant today as I build ProcurePro Consulting ( www.procurepro.ca). What Procurement dreams are made of!

Ocean Freight Procurement and Going with the Stream


The annual fixed-price contract is the current go-to for ocean freight procurement. Just like streaming replaced that iPod as a better way of listening to music, ocean freight procurement now has a better way. But Does Fixed Ocean Price Procurement Need Fixing? Remember iPods?

Book Now: Instant bookings with your trusted carriers


We’re proud to announce Book Now: a feature that enables Parade freight brokerage customers to securely digitally book a load end-to-end with their trusted carriers. One way to express your trust is to enable these trustworthy carriers to digitally book your available freight.

What is Virtual Procurement and Why Should You Care?

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Then you need Virtual Procurement! We are too small and can’t afford to hire a full-time procurement person. We are busy and just don’t have the time to focus on procurement.”. “We This is a sure sign of the growing level of understanding and sophistication of procurement.

Interview with Supply Chain Management Review on our new book

Supply Chain View from the Field

Bob Trebilcock, the editor of the Supply Chain Management Review, interviewed me and my co-author Gerard Chick on our new bookProcurement’s Value Proposition” Here’s an excerpt from the interview. I recently had a chance to speak with Chick and Handfield about their book. First, tell us a little about the book and how procurement is changing. For a long time, procurement was boxed into a corner.

“Procurement at a Crossroads”: Spot On and Makes You Think


I had a chance to review the new book by Jim Hansen and Kelly Barner, “ Procurement at a Crossroads “, which explores the many changes that the profession is facing, and challenges individuals to do things differently. (I I blushed a bit at the number of my citations in the book including an interview I did with Kelly, so I promise this is not self-promotion!) The authors also go through and explore a number of other procurement issues that are often debated.

[e-Book] How to Work with a 3PL, The Benefits of a 3PL, & the Future Trends of the 3PL Industry


We introduce you to part 2 of our e-book series The Essential Guide to Third Party Logistics. But, with any procurement or outsourced partnership, after you’ve successfully on boarded the partner, in this case a 3PL, you then have to make sure that not only is the 3PL giving you the shipper the most value, but you must also hold the 3PL accountable and effectively manage the relationship. 3PL e-Books Logistics

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Book Review – Strategic Sustainable Procurement (by Colleen Theron and Malcom Dowden)


Colleen Theron and Malcom Dowden, a duo of British lawyers, have collaborated to write “Strategic Sustainable Procurement,” and they’ve successfully brought sustainability back down to Earth. Following the goal of the DoShorts series, to which the book belongs, the authors dig into the everyday aspects of sustainability that procurement officers must now incorporate in their routine. However, the book itself offers no details on how this should be accomplished.

Is Procurement Being Too Aggressive in Negotiations?

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A recent post by my colleage Kate Vitasek (author of the “Vest Outsourcing” model) in Forbes magazine argues that procurement is taking too aggressive a stance in negotiations with major logistics providers. ” Kate also refers to my new book (written with my colleague Gerard Chick), The Procurement Value Proposition: The Rise of Supply Management , which effectively calls for change in procurement!

New Flex CEO Revathi Advaithi Highlights our LIVING Supply Chain Book


I recently learned that the new incoming CEO of Flex, one of the largest global contract manufacturers in the world, has highlighted the book I wrote with Tom Linton last year called the “LIVING Supply Chain: The Imperative of Operating in Real Time” The CEO, Revathi Advaithi, noted in one of her opening messages to shareholders and the public, that real time data is essential for delivering supply chain accuracy.

Sustainable Luxury:  Managing Social and Environmental Performance in Iconic Brands (BOOK REVIEW)

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In this blog, I review the new book “Sustainable Luxury” by Gardetti and Torres. This books brings together a series of thought pieces, empirical research studies, and theoretical arguments that provide a broad platform for thinking about sustainable luxury. The remainder of the book is divided into three sections: Luxury, sustainability, fashion and value chain in textiles. “Luxury is a necessity that begins when necessity ends.” – Coco Chanel.

“Procurement Value Proposition” Recognized


My most recent book co-authored with Gerard Chick, the Procurement Value Proposition , has received some nice accolades recently. The book was listed by Peter Smith of the site Spend Matters on the “ Christmas Books for Procurement People “, based on Smith’s earlier review appearing back in May. The interview was focused largely on the key themes we develop in the book.

Eworld Procurement & Supply, 24th September 2019, London


The Ivalua team will be returning to eWorld Procurement & Supply in London. Procurement and Supply Chain Leaders – to transform your SRM you need to understand your Procurement maturity (Beginner, Expert or Advanced), and what you are looking for from each supplier relationship.

Procurement Strategy Summit – Dubai, 16-17 October 2019


Ivalua is the Gold partner of the Procurement Strategy Summit that will take place in Dubai from 16 to 17 October 2019. Key topics will be discussed in this year’s edition : How to handle the journey towards digital procurement ? How to leverage the talent management of procurement professionals ? Come and meet the Ivalua team to discuss your journey through digital procurement. To book an on-site meeting with the team, please contact Yasmine at ybr@ivalua.com.

S&OP: Five Steps to Get Started

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For most companies, greater economy of scale is possible through the global management of procurement and transportation and local management of sales, manufacturing and customer service. Improving Price to Tangible Book Value. It is Sunday. Today, I assume a familiar position.

S&OP 284

Direct Material Woes: Seven Steps to Take to Improve Value

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With this in mind, in this blog, I make an argument that we, as supply chain leaders, have screwed up direct material procurement. My goal is to have supply chain leaders consider a procurement redesign for 2017. Most of the focus in the last decade was on indirect procurement.

Is Procurement a True Profession….Yet?

Supply Chain View from the Field

Gerard Chick and I are working on a new book, that is effectively questioning whether procurement, as we know it, is on the right track, and if not, what it will take to get it back on track. There is certainly a lot of work to be done, and this exciting project that we’ve been traveling through will I believe provide some provoking ideas to drive the profession of procurement to new heights.

Insights from Elemica reveal 2014 Frankfurt

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Specifically, the company deployed a Vendor Interaction Portal (VIP) powered by Elemica to exchange documents like purchase orders and invoices with suppliers (for direct procurement). Time Slot Booking/Optimization (aka “Dock Appointment Scheduling”) Delivers Cost and Productivity Savings.

Future of Procurement Study Available

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I recently completed a study of 25 CPO’s, each providing their view of what procurement will look like in 2025. Procurement has a history that is linked in the core concepts of centralization, volume leveraging, and cost reduction. Charles Babbage’s book on the economy of machinery and manufacturers, published in 1832, referred to the importance of the purchasing function.

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Procurement Leadership Program can help individuals market the real value of procurement to the enterprise


Gene Richter is widely known as one of the world’s true procurement gurus, and I was privileged to have known him when he came to speak several times at Michigan State during the 1992-1999 period when I was there. MOre information can be found on our Procurement Leadership website.

Procurement Must Contribute to Competitiveness to Become Relevant!


Procurement is always thinking about cost savings, year over year. What if, for example, procurement has a budgeted amount for 4.5 cents, so procurement declares victory and says they saved their organization a lot of money: 3 cents per unit!

“The Procurement Value Proposition”: Guest Post by Gerard Chick Part 1

Supply Chain View from the Field

I was recently interviewed by Jon Hansen on Blog Talk Radio , discussing my new book “The Procurement Value Proposition” co-authored with Gerard Chick. In the interview, I discuss some of the major changes going on in the procurement area, and how we are at a crossroads for driving change. Procurement has two types of people working in it – doers (the buyers) and enablers (the value adders).

Assessing the True Return of Procurement Transformation on Total Shareholder Return: A Tough Proposition


In my earlier book with Gerard Chick on “ The Procurement Value Proposition “, we advance the notion that buildoing a business case for investing in people, process, and technology improvement in procurement is key. Many procurement assessments developed by consultants seek to provide an answer to the question “how far along are you relative to your peers in your procurement transformation journey”, and “which processes are lagging compared to your peers?”

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Needed: An Analytics Platform to Support the New Face of Procurement Transformation

Supply Chain View from the Field

As organizations continue to discuss the notion of procurement value transformation, there is a noticeable gap between the stated intentions of organizations to pursue value, and their actions as they pertain to on-going adversarial approaches to supplier relationships. As Gerard Chick and I noted in our recent book “The Procurement Value Proposition” (2015), many organizations see their supply function as a key driver of competitive advantage.

New Goals for Procurement – Driving Revenue Growth Through Supplier Collaboration


Procurement professionals need to think in more innovative ways about how we can drive competitive advantage and shareholder value for our organisations. In every case here, it’s clear that procurement has a potential role to play.

How Does Procurement Create Value? Insights from CPO Speakers at Zycus Horizons Conference

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In addition to the procurement executives, I also got to meet Captain Dick Phillips, the captain of note in the film “Captain Phillips” We had a chance to talk about his experience, and he also presented to the group about the incredible experience he went through. If you haven’t seen the movie or read the book, it is a great story in leadership. Does procurement add to top line revenue.