Above the Fold: Supply Chain Logistics News (April 2, 2021)

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Read more Above the Fold: Supply Chain Logistics News (April 2, 2021). The post Above the Fold: Supply Chain Logistics News (April 2, 2021) appeared first on Talking Logistics with Adrian Gonzalez. Q1 2021 is in the books.

2015 New Year’s Resolutions for the Supply Chain Industry


by CJ Wehlage 2015 will be my 25 th year in the supply chain industry, mostly as a practitioner. I’ve had the benefit of stepping away from the grind for 2 years, spending time at AMR Research, where I visited with many companies and learned about their supply chain practices. As well, these past 2 years at Kinaxis have brought great insight on the operational challenges of supply chain leaders. My 2015 Resolutions for the Supply Chain Industry.


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Net-Zero Challenge: The Supply Chain Opportunity

SCM Research

A new World Economic Forum report, entitled Net-Zero Challenge: The Supply Chain Opportunity and co-authored with Boston Consulting Group, showcases “the opportunity that all companies have for huge climate impact through action to decarbonize global supply chains”. These initiatives were identified through interviews with a large number of global companies that, according to the authors, lead the way in reducing supply-chain emissions.

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Top 4 reasons to attend Pharma Labeling Compliance event in Boston


The 4 th Annual Pharma Labeling Compliance event, March 15 – 16, in Boston, MA, promises to be a must-attend event for anyone involved in their company’s pharma labeling process. Pharmaceuticals Supply Chain LabelingLoftware will join other leaders as we discuss strategies for optimizing labeling to achieve compliance and key business goals. Here are just a few reasons to attend….

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The Next Great Disruption Coming to Supply Chains


by CJ Wehlage What would you say is the next great disruption coming to our supply chain world? However, there’s one great disruption already occurring, which has yet to truly “touch” supply chain. I watched a TED Talk video by Philip Evans, from Boston Consulting Group and shuddered to think that all our traditional fulfillment and inventory models can be drastically transformed by the “consumer”. Where is the supply chain nodes?

Above the Fold: Supply Chain Logistics News (February 26, 2021)

Talking Logistics

Here in Boston, and I assume in other cold climate cities too, when the temperature reaches 50F this time of the year, especially in February, it’s t-shirt and shorts weather. Read more Above the Fold: Supply Chain Logistics News (February 26, 2021).

Atlas Shrugged: Boston Dynamic’s Atlas Robot Tackles Obstacles

The Network Effect

Boston Dynamic’s Atlas robot has made giant strides in recent years, going from cable powered and operated, to an unplugged, free-roaming robot. In the video above, Atlas is shown picking up boxes and placing them on a shelf, but Boston Dynamics have an impressive array of robots, each with some special ability. You might also like… Get Supply Chain's New World Order. Do you want to know what's coming in supply chain?

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Is Your Supply Chain Weatherproof?

Logistics Viewpoints

I learned this first-hand last week after record snowfall in the Boston area. Inventory Management Supply Chain Network Design Transportation Individuals living in the higher latitudes will tell you that ice dams on your roof are an omen of bad things to come. To minimize future damage, I set out to purchase a roof rake to clear the snow off of my […].

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Avaya’s Four-Year Journey to a Best-in-Class Supply Chain – SupplyChainBrain & Kinaxis Video Series


Green has seen some fundamental shifts in the supply-chain planning paradigm. A third trend is globalization, with an exponential increase in the number of people involved in the supply chain, and a consequent extension of order lead times. In response, companies are looking to replace their vertically structured supply chains with close partnerships. Check out: Avaya’s Four-Year Journey to a Best-in-Class Supply Chain.

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The coronavirus supply chain

Supply Chain Movement

The media coverage of supply chain has increased exponentially as a result of the coronavirus epidemic in China, South Korea and Italy. All companies that produce and ship tangible goods are currently working hard to assess the impact of the outbreak on their own supply chains.

Five signs its time for supply chain transformation


Some transformations follow a convention, but in supply chain that’s rarely the case. Leaders from Bose, Boston Scientific and ON Semiconductor shared key lessons from their supply chain transformations, including what led them to consider change. If these stories sound familiar, it might be time for your supply chain to change too. Everything may seem fine until a bump in the road reveals the truth: There are blind spots in the supply chain.

Hans Willems, Boston Scientific: “We’ve now evolved into a solutions provider”

Supply Chain Movement

A Boston Scientific medical device is used somewhere in the world every two seconds, but the company is much more than a medical device manufacturer. Supply chain has played a crucial role in its evolution into a provider of solutions for hospitals. The firm’s lean engineers and supply chain engineers help hospitals not only with inventory management and logistics but also with process improvements in catheterisation labs, for example.

Supply Chain News on Does Boston Dynamic Finally have a Logistics Winner in New Stretch Robot

Supply Chain Digest

Smarter Robot Arm can move 800 Cartons per Hour, Company Says

Strong Supply Chains Required For an Economic Rebound: Six Steps To Take

Supply Chain Shaman

My last post on the Supply Chain Shaman blog was forty-five days ago. Then it was the redefinition of the supply chain for the global shutdowns Sick with the virus; I spent my energies writing and moderating podcasts. Let’s learn and apply it to supply chain management.

Supply chain gender gap the topic of focus at MIT event


by Leah McGuire Leah McGuire, Kerry Currier and Francini Ortiz at the 2019 MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics Women in Supply Chain Summit, where the gender gap in supply chain was the topic of focus. The two-day event brought together 60+ women and men from 27 companies across North America to discuss topics in four areas related to women in supply chain: balance, filling the talent gap, mentorship, sponsorship & networking, and leading global teams.

Marketing Supply Chain Solutions Post-COVID: Q&A with ToolsGroup CMO Caroline Proctor


There’s still a strong demand for supply chain planning solutions, particularly ones with machine learning capabilities that can help clients rapidly adapt to the changing supplier situations and consumer demand that goes along with major disruptions like this. .

The Internet of Tomatoes Is Coming, Starting With Boston Salads

Material Handling & Logistics

The pair remained friends for more than a decade, and decided to leave finance to start Ripe.io, which uses blockchain in agriculture, and has big aspirations to weave it through the food supply chain. “We Beginning in August, their ripeness, color and sugar content were tracked step by step, reducing spoilage and documenting the supply chain. Sweetgreen already uses tomatoes grown on Ward’s farm in salads sold at its Prudential Center location in Boston.

Boston Procurement Leaders part 3: Talent Management Challenges

Supply Chain View from the Field

One of the most interesting panels from the Boston Procurement Leaders conference was focused on Talent Management. My boss who runs the whole supply chain insists that two or three of high potential are running through global procurement and it is seen as great training ground for getting a much broader business understanding of high potential future leaders.

Fishing for Supply Chain: How Red’s Best is Transforming Supply Chain Management


by Kevin McGowan A recent New York Times article demonstrated that supply chain management innovations can come from some unexpected places. In response to some challenges with provenance on their product, Boston-based seafood distributor Red’s Best created its own software to track where they get their fish, and where it goes once it leaves the warehouse. So really, supply chain overall is relatively a matter of maintenance and constant fine tuning.

How Do You Define Your Supply Chain Challenges?


by Andrew Dunbar Google “Top 10 supply chain challenges” and you’ll find 44 million different opinions on the biggest issues our industry faces today. These are all interesting and catchy concepts but they don’t necessarily address the fundamental challenges faced by your supply chain organization. If this is your approach then the Boston Bruins aren’t the only one’s putting the cart before the horse (Go Sens!). appeared first on The 21st Century Supply Chain.

Defining Supply Chain Excellence: One Column at a Time

Supply Chain Shaman

You are pissy and opinionated in this world of supply chain blandness. The term supply chain excellence is easier to say than define. I have been trying to define it as a supply chain analyst for over fifteen years. When I wrote the book Bricks Matter , I wanted to write a celebratory book on why the adoption of new technologies and practices in supply chain had improved corporate performance. The Supply Chain Index.

Supply Chain Movement 20 – Trends & Consulting

Supply Chain Movement

Contents Supply Chain Movement 20 – 2016 Q1. Gartner and Supply Chain Media formalise partnership. Gradual changes in the European supply chain consulting market. The major consultancy firms are still acquiring smaller niche competitors to intensify their supply chain expertise. At the same time, the supply chain specialists are expanding across Europe and even into North America. 33 | Facts & Figures: supply chain talent.

Prepare Your Warehouse to Meet its Future in Boston, MA


JDA Software, along with our partners Open Sky Group and DC Velocity , recently hosted a warehouse management system (WMS) and warehouse labor management (WLM) event in Boston, Massachusetts. Boston is rich with history, and while many are familiar with the Minutemen and revolutionary spirit, most aren’t aware of Boston’s seedy underworld. The post Prepare Your Warehouse to Meet its Future in Boston, MA appeared first on Supply Chain Nation Blog.

Melitta Builds More Efficient, Demand-Driven Supply Chain ?with ToolsGroup


ToolsGroup supply chain planning software enables Melitta Sales Europe to centralize demand planning and improve S&OP and promotions management.

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A Collection of Bad Supply Chain Poems


supply chain-related sonnets, odes, limericks, haikus – well you get the point. Without further ado, enjoy these supply chain poems written by Kinaxis staff just for you! An Ode to Supply Chains. O supply chain, how I do appreciate thee, always working hard to bring things to me. Don’t let anyone dismiss you or belittle your worth, because without you supply chain, nothing could ever circumvent the Earth! Supplies on the move.

The White House Shines a Light on Supply Chains

Enterra Insights

As a result, last week President Joe Biden signed an executive order requiring a federal review of supply chain risks for chips and other critical items in the communication and pharmaceutical industries. Tom Derry, CEO of the Institute for Supply Management, observes, “There’s almost no industry sector — and when I say that, I mean manufacturing and nonmanufacturing — that isn’t reliant on China in the United States. … What the Executive Order Means for Supply Chains.

The World’s Oldest Supply Chain Analyst Report

Talking Logistics

presidential race dominating the headlines, you might have missed a recent archeological discovery made in Boston. Construction workers in the Seaport District found what experts believe is the world’s oldest supply chain analyst report. The author is unknown, but based on a preliminary translation, the report’s subject matter is very familiar to supply chain professionals today. With Brexit and the U.S.

Report 123

Machine Learning for Supply Chain Efficiencies

Logistics Viewpoints

A few weeks ago I attended the ToolsGroup Supply Chain Transformation conference in Boston. While Yossi obviously touted the benefits of the ToolsGroup product suite, the session focused more on the big concept of why supply chain needs automation now. One of the more interesting sessions I attended was “Predictive Commerce and Machine Learning” featuring ToolsGroup CEO Yossi Shamir.

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Surviving Disruptions – an opportunity for supply chains to thrive with people and technology – LogiSYM July 2020

The Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society

“Managing supply chain and logistics has never been more significant and challenging since the outbreak of COVID-19 that created a new norm with high uncertainty and enforced an inevitable shift”. Logistics and supply chain management is a rapidly evolving field.

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It’s time for a revolution of the supply chain kind


A supply chain planning systems revolution. I’m going to discuss it anyway, because for those of us living in a supply chain world, it’s big deal. So while everything’s been changing around us, why hasn’t supply chain planning evolved to any great extent? Across the supply chain, functions and processes still operate in silos. Excel spreadsheets remain the number one way companies manage supply chain data (go figure).

ToolsGroup Supply Chain Forecast | Inventory Now Available ?in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace


Supply Chain Forecast | Inventory to improve forecast accuracy and customer service levels, while reducing investment in stock. Supply Chain Forecast | Inventory reduces waste, makes planning more efficient, and increases customer satisfaction.

The Panama Canal Expansion: The Impact on Logistics Strategies and Operations

Talking Logistics

According to research conducted by The Boston Consulting Group and C.H. Robinson, and Jennifer Bratton, partner and managing director in the Minneapolis office of The Boston Consulting Group — will address those questions and more in this timely and important episode you don’t want to miss! Supply Chain & Logistics Trends Upcoming Episodes C.H. Robinson East Coast ports Panama Canal The Boston Consulting Group West Coast ports

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Supply Chain News on Boston Dynamics Says Logistics Key Target for Its Robots, Product to be Available in 2022

Supply Chain Digest

New Versions Coming for Its Handle and Pick Robots

Supply Chain 4.0: The Supply Chain of the Future

Enterra Insights

the name given to the Fourth Industrial Revolution involving robotics and artificial intelligence (AI), must be supported by Supply Chain 4.0. But what does Supply Chain 4.0 Jennifer Overstreet, Director of Digital Content at the National Retail Federation, reports Li & Fung, CEO Spencer Fung, told participants at a 2018 NRF conference, “The supply chain will become faster, digital and more innovative. Supply chain 4.0

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10 Ways IoT Can Improve Supply Chains


The majority of enterprises are prioritizing their blockchain pilots that concentrate on supply chains improvements (53%) and the Internet of Things (51%) according to Deloitte’s latest blockchain survey. The Supply Chain Management enterprise software market is growing from $12.2B Combining blockchain’s distributed ledger framework with the Internet of Things’ (IoT) proven real-time monitoring and tracking capability is redefining supply chains.