How Undergrad Prepared Me for a Career in Procurement… Or Not.


Looking for a career in procurement? Northwestern’s focus on the theoretical certainly prepared economists for grad school, but I can’t say they did much for my procurement skills. Through my study abroad experience in Brazil, I left the comforts of my native language and country, and attended university with Brazilian students. This happened more than I’d like to admit while in Brazil. at the fruit market in Brazil prepared me for this very moment.

The Future of Procurement Is Upon Us. Are You Ready?


Niul Burton wrote a great article in Industry Week titled “Procurement 2025: 10 Challenges that Will Transform Global Sourcing”. For those of you who are executives in Supply Chain, Procurement or New Product Introduction/Development, this is a must read. Burton predicts a further evolution of what we are seeing already in the market—Chief Procurement Officer’s (CPO) roles are changing rapidly. Burton predicts that China and Brazil will become hubs for global sourcing.

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The State of Sustainable Procurement: What to Expect in 2019


What does this momentum tell us about the state of sustainability this year – and what does the current landscape specifically mean for procurement teams? Consider in Brazil, for example, where President-Elect Jair Bolsonaro is expected to vastly deregulate Amazon forest resource management to persuade global companies to do business there. We’re still very early into 2019 and all signs point to an interesting year ahead.

Sustainable Supply Chains: A Country Comparison

SCM Research

The report also shows that Brazil, Canada and India must do more to encourage supplier to report emission reduction initiatives. Practice Globalization Procurement Report Supply Chain Management Supply Chain SustainabilityThe global not-for-profit organization CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project) has published a report: Supply Chain Sustainability Revealed: A Country Comparison. The report was written by Accenture Strategy.

The Top 6 Supply Chain Trends to Watch in 2017

PLS Logistics

Industry Week reports that by 2025, global companies will have procurement managers based in China to source materials and services not only for their operations in that country, but for their entire organization. Brazil, Russia and India are predicted to become sources of supply and demand for global companies. Globalization.

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Apps for more efficient procurement procedures

Supply Chain Movement

SynerTrade, provider of purchasing software and apps for more efficient procurement procedures, is growing robustly. Catalogue System is an app which increases the procurement process efficiency, among other things. The fourth app in the top five is Purchasing Controlling which evaluates and analyses complex procurement processes and data. SynerTrade is headquartered in France but is also active in Belgium, Germany, Italy, Romania, the USA, China, Brazil and beyond.

Pacific Drilling Selects Consus & Ivalua to Drive Sourcing Best Practices Globally


New York, NY April 2, 2019 – Consus Global , a leading Procurement services provider and Ivalua, the leading global Spend Management Cloud provider, today announced that Pacific Drilling , a deep water drilling company based in Houston, has selected Consus’ services in conjunction with Ivalua’s Sourcing platform to achieve cost savings and drive transparency across their sourcing operations. We look forward to contributing to their Procurement cost optimization initiative”.

Supplier Financial Health: Don’t Wait for the Worst, Reach out and Talk!

Supply Chain View from the Field

example is the default of Argentina and the associated immediate spread widening on debt of other South American countries (most notably Brazil), as well in the business context of buyer and supplier firms. While Supplier Pay is certainly a step in the right direction, a recent research study I’ve conducted with Marcos Paolo, a colleague at a university in Brazil, has found that supply managers need to do more than this.

The View from Houston: DHL Global Energy Conference 2015

Supply Chain View from the Field

The conference was a great opportunity to interact with logistics and procurement executives in an environment of open dialogue and discussion. All of a sudden, everyone is “knocking on the door” of procurement and logistics, asking for cost improvements. These are the types of asset productivity savings that are often left untouched, as procurement goes relentlessly after pricing cuts.

The Drive To 100% Bio-based Plastic Bottles


The feedstock for the Plant bottle is sugar cane out of Brazil, which is moving towards cost parity relative to crude oil-derived PET. This came about as the cane sugar feedstocks in Brazil proved to be cost competitive. Biobased Products Food Supply Chains Local Food Systems Procurement Sustainability Supply Chain Economics Supply Chain Management Sustainability


Coronavirus Supply Chain Response: Near-Term Actions to Take Today


For example, in Brazil, where oil, machinery, and metals are among top exports , the death toll may climb to 125,000 as soon as August, according to the New York Times. Download the COVID-19: Your Ten-Point Procurement Response Guide here.

The Top 6 Trends in Logistics Impacting Shippers in 2017


According to PLS Logistics , global companies will install procurement managers in China for entire organizations by 2025. Meanwhile, Brazil, Russia and India will become major suppliers as companies access the remaining untapped resources of the world. The election is over, but the race is just starting for logistics providers. Although rate volatility is expected to stabilize in 2017, organizations must do more with fewer resources to survive.

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Winner of the last quarter: Unilever’s Marc Engel

Supply Chain Movement

In his 20-year career with Unilever, Engel has worked in Singapore, the Netherlands, UK, Brazil, Switzerland and Kenya. He has extensive experience in supply-chain operations, covering procurement, logistics, finance and strategy development. He moved into the supply chain operation in 1998 and held various positions in the UK, Latin America, the Netherlands and Switzerland until becoming Unilever’s first Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) in 2008.

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Klabin Partners with EcoVadis to Advance Supply Chain Sustainability Leadership and Performance in Latin America


PARIS/NEW YORK – (December 11, 2019) — EcoVadis , the world’s leading provider of sustainability ratings, today announces its sustainable procurement partnership with Klabin , Brazil’s largest paper and board producer and exporter. Proactive supplier monitoring is foundational to any sustainable procurement journey, and we’re thrilled to partner with Klabin in this next phase of growth,” said Pierre-Francois Thaler, co-CEO of EcoVadis.

The rise of contingent workers is shaking up the 21st-century economy


According to the survey, 62% of Canadian executives surveyed rated the trend towards a more flexible workforce as “important” or “very important,” with that number going even higher in some rapid-growth markets such as India and Brazil. At Argentus, we specialize in finding companies contingent workers for high-skilled, project-based strategic work in Procurement and Supply Chain. Many have been recruited through the Procurement office rather than HR systems.”.

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The Pros and Cons: International and Domestic Sourcing


Low-cost country sourcing is a procurement strategy that falls under a broad category of procurement efforts called global sourcing. It’s easy to oversimplify the differences between sourcing for parts locally or internationally.

Pacific Drilling Selects Consus & Ivalua to Drive Sourcing Best Practices Globally


New York, NY April 2, 2019 – Consus Global , a leading Procurement services provider and Ivalua, the leading global Spend Management Cloud provider, today announced that Pacific Drilling , a deep water drilling company based in Houston, has selected Consus’ services in conjunction with Ivalua’s Sourcing platform to achieve cost savings and drive transparency across their sourcing operations. We look forward to contributing to their Procurement cost optimization initiative”.

Sustainable Forestry: Can We Get It Right?


Similarly, the “G4 zero-deforestation Amazon Cattle Agreement” in the state of Pará in Brazil prohibits any forest clearing, even if it is within the legal limit; The Round Table Responsible Soy (RTRS) compels producers to assess their operations to prevent any impact on native forests, wetlands or riverbanks. Producing forestry and agriculture products for export, e.g. into global supply chains, is an attractive means for many developing nations to create economic growth.

$1.9 Trillion warehouse market growing strongly driven by emerging markets


The global market for warehousing is currently growing at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 6 – 8%, according to Beroe Inc, a procurement intelligence firm. Emerging countries such as Brazil, India, China, and Japan show low to medium maturity due to lower 3PL rates and lower adoption of warehouse technology. The increasing service levels such as e-commerce and same-day delivery are influencing retailers to invest further in the warehouse industry.

Insights from Elemica reveal 2014 Frankfurt

Talking Logistics

The German team overcame disappointments in 2006 and 2010 to win the World Cup this year, while favorites Spain (the defending champion) and Brazil (the host country) were humbled by the competition. Specifically, the company deployed a Vendor Interaction Portal (VIP) powered by Elemica to exchange documents like purchase orders and invoices with suppliers (for direct procurement). What do the Germany World Cup Team and the Boston Red Sox have in common?

Supply Chain Secrets Going Global – But Where Should we Share Them?

Logistics Bureau

Procurement and purchasing. Brazil – Sao Paulo. Sharing Supply Chain Secrets Globally My Goal for 2020. Anybody who knows me well is aware that in addition to working with my wonderful colleagues at the Logistics Bureau, I run several spin-off businesses.

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This Week in Logistics News (October 8-12, 2018)

Talking Logistics

Trimble Acquires Brazil-Based Veltec to Expand its Global Portfolio of Transportation Solutions. Simply put, as shippers take a more holistic approach to transportation network design, procurement, planning, and execution, all modes are on the table for consideration.

ABB’s Daniel Helmig: “We are moving to virtual centres of expertise”

Supply Chain Movement

I am the Global Head of Supply Chain Management (SCM) in some companies referred to as the chief procurement officer. My job entails procurement as well as transportation and logistics. Focusing on the transport & logistics; we are establishing ten Transportation Management Centres (TMC) worldwide that will be located on the Arabic peninsular, China, Singapore, India, Poland, Italy, Switzerland, Finland, Brazil and the USA.

ISO/PC 277 Sustainable Purchasing Norm: Off We Go!


The standards organizations of France (AFNOR Normalisations) and Brazil have recently established a technical committee – chaired by Jacques Schramm (CEO A2 Consulting) – to develop this new ISO international standard. Large multi-nationals companies such as Alcatel-Lucent, Coca Cola Enterprises and Bayer, for instance, have all in the past 5-7 years started to implement responsible purchasing or sustainable procurement programs. See you at the next meeting in Brazil.

Poor Supply Chain Systems will drag down your asset velocity


On the customer end, the company had millions of dollars of orders that had already been delivered to their customers in Brazil but the ERP system they invested in was unable to general the invoices in a format that complied with the Brazilan regulatory requirements. The procurement engine is running with a PO shot gun, and is ordering way too many orders, and generating too many shipments of small quantities.

The Most Overlooked Cloud Opportunity

Talking Logistics

Companies my Tier 1 suppliers are connected to in China, India, and Brazil. And many software users also have a short-sighted perspective of cloud, viewing it simply as a procurement option, no different than deciding between buying a car or leasing it. There are many value propositions associated with cloud (or software-as-a-service) solutions, but the two most cited are lower upfront costs and faster time-to-value as compared to on-premise implementations.

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Embracing the rules: Incoterms® 2020

CH Robinson Transportfolio

Their sales department agrees to “DDP Incoterm® 2020 São Paulo, Brazil” with their new business partner in São Paulo. manufacturer is the importer of record into Brazil, responsible for exporting from the U.S. and importing into Brazil, paying all duty, taxes, and customs charges. According to the Customs Regulations in Brazil, this small U.S.

Handfield’s Supply Chain Analytics Predictions for 2014

Supply Chain View from the Field

I’ve had the good fortune to be presented with opportunities for compelling discussions with a significant group of leading thinkers, senior executives in procurement, logistics, and technology management over this past year. In particular, the focal BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) represent major targets for expansion, but with them come a host of new problem that enterprises have little to no experience in dealing with in terms of logistics capabilities.

Top 10 Talking Logistics Videos and Posts in 2015

Talking Logistics

For example, here are excerpts from two emails we received recently: I live in Brazil and I am a logistics enthusiast and work in the field. Leading Practices in Transportation Procurement (2,166 views). As 2015 comes to an end, a quick thank you to all of our readers, followers, and sponsors for another great year of learning and conversation on Talking Logistics.

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How to Plan for Common Disruptors in Ocean Freight

Talking Logistics

The 9 th annual BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) summit is being held in Xiamen September 3-5, 2017 (the summit location rotates between its member countries). Robinson offices, procurement teams, and customers. Peak season for ocean freight shipping is underway. Which means that, as it does every year at this time, space is about to get very tight.


Growing the logistics network means building partnerships with the right people

Supply Chain View from the Field

Some believe India will continue to grow, while many point to the many untapped domestic markets in China and Brazil. In another example, a German company Symrise closely collaborates with more than 1,000 vanilla farmers and “the entire procurement process takes place locally, from cultivation and harvesting, to the fermentation of the beans, all the way through to extraction”. Growth of the global logistics network is fraught with increasing difficulty.


New: Global Trade Map 2016

Supply Chain Movement

Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) and Preferential Trade Agreements (PTAs) are designed to boost economic growth through trade by opening markets by way of progressive removal of customs duties, eliminating or reducing trade barriers and tariffs, lifting restrictions on services and even through public procurement. Brazil. Uncovering and mitigating trade risks in international operations.

Remembering Ronald Coase (Dec 29, 1910- Sept 2, 2013)

Supply Chain View from the Field

He was also an important contributor to our understanding of the modern field of procurement and supply chain relationship management. This argument made sense in 1937 – because procurement was viewed primarily as a transactional activity. The number of different acitvities that went out to global suppliers in India, China, Vietnam, Brazil, Mexico, and other “Low Cost Countries” was a function of the lower costs – something that Coase couldn’t have possibly imagined in 1937!

SCRC Meeting Insights Part II: Management Principles for Executing Visibility Strategies


A problem in procurement can impact manufacturing and logistics and planning, but often these dots are never connected, so there never emerges a cross-functional approach to working on them. These types of small but important events require the attention of a cross-functional team, composed of individuals from multiple functions, including design, marketing, sales, order fulfillment, logistics, procurement, manufacturing and suppliers.

Ultimate guide to technologies that are transforming supply chains

6 River Systems

Procurement: Partnering with cost-effective and reliable vendors is vital for keeping a business running smoothly. Technology can have a significant impact on supply chains, but supply chain digitization still lags behind digitization of other areas of business across many industries.