Global Luxury Management “Lifestyle” brands require push supply chain design customization

Supply Chain View from the Field

The entire apparel supply chain is driven by these financial metrics. A lot of the supply chain behaviors are driven by these financial measures, compensation systems, and bonuses are based on that metric. Analytics BRIC Supply Chain China Supply Chain Corporate Social Responsibility Customer Relationship Management Design for Supply Chain Emerging Issues in Supply Chain Global Supply Chain Luxury Brands Supply Chain Management

Auditing, visibility and collaboration: The keys to a socially responsible supply chain

Supply Chain View from the Field

Metrics about safety standards, discrimination, labor conditions, child labor, and wages can be made a part of every assessment of every supplier, as well as every business case; countermeasures to react to unacceptable values of these metrics can also be implemented. In the September issue of the Supply Chain Management Review , Andreas Wieland from Berlin Technical University and I have published a thoughtpiece on the application of social responsible criteria to the supply chain.

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UPS Executive Shares Insights on Total Cost of Ownership in the Electronics Supply Chain

Supply Chain View from the Field

What are the metrics used to measure performance is part of the contract terms, especially around on-time service commitments. BRIC Supply Chain Global Distribution Global Supply Chain Inventory Management Retail Logistics Strategic Cost Management Supply Chain Management Supply Chain Strategy Supply Chain Systems Ken Torok came to my class on Monday evening, and provided a delightful discussion on total cost of ownership.

Random thoughts on “close-to-home-shoring” based on my travels last week…

Supply Chain View from the Field

An explanation offered by Christensen was what he coined“The Church of New Finance,” in which business school professors act as the high priests that indoctrinate their MBAs into a belief system of complex, ratio-based financial metrics as the only correct system of measurement. Last week I had the opportunity to travel first to New York and then Monterrey, Mexico, and speak with a number of people to explore perspectives on the current economic situation we find ourselves in.

6 Supply Chain Trends That Could Truly Shake You Up (2018 Update)

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BRICs Are Moving to Buying, Not Just Making. Now differentials in workers’ pay are disappearing as countries like Brazil, Russia, India, and China (the BRIC countries) grow richer and develop into consumer giants. Companies will need to improve performance in terms of customer satisfaction and profitability in new ways, as cost reduction through cheaper production (whether in BRIC countries or others) becomes a less practicable option.


Three Reasons Why I Love Hadoop, and You Should Too!

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The growth expectations of the BRIC countries is worrisome. Lora wrote the books Supply Chain Metrics That Matter and Bricks Matter , and is currently working on her third book, Leadership Matters. The elephants are coming! They will soon change your supply chain.