Logistics Services Providers Shift Investment Focus Outside BRIC Markets

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The emerging markets of Brazil, Russia, India and China that make up the ‘BRIC’ acronym continue to forge ahead. Many manufacturers are seeking alternatives to BRIC countries, in particular China, as part of their future sourcing strategies.


Handfield’s Supply Chain Analytics Predictions for 2014

Supply Chain View from the Field

In particular, the focal BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) represent major targets for expansion, but with them come a host of new problem that enterprises have little to no experience in dealing with in terms of logistics capabilities. The globalization of organizational supply chains will continue to expand, as organizations seek growth markets in the BRIC countries of Brazil, Russia, India, and China. 2013 has certainly been an interesting year!

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Nike’s Global E-Commerce Distribution Center in Leuven Belgium


Numerous scenarios were run, and it was found that a centralized model significantly reduced warehouse and inventory costs, while only marginally increasing total transportation costs, leading to a significant overall savings.

Is Walmart Really Ready to Take on Logistics In India?

Supply Chain View from the Field

The story highlights some of the findings of our recent global logistics study,which found that logistics infrastructure is one of the most challenging issues, particularly for retailers who are expanding into BRIC countries such as India. This also includes information from our warehouses like inventory levels, e.g. which parts are getting out of stock or aged. BRIC Supply Chain Global Supply Chain Logistics Retail Logistics Supply Chain Management Supply Chain Risk

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Near-Shoring Trend a Cause for Celebration and Concern for Logistics Service Providers (LSPs) & Air Carriers

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The Emerging Supply Chain Wars


Moreover, he predicts that local prototyping and mass production could bring about a severe long-term contraction in global shipping, inventories, and warehouses. BRIC Supply Chain China Supply Chain Emerging Issues in Supply Chain Global Distribution Global Supply Chain Supply Chain Economics Supply Chain StrategyIn the new book “Connectography: Mapping the Future of Global Civilization, author Parag Khanna discusses the concept of the “new supply chain wars”.

Off Shore, Near Shore, Any Shore: Multi-Country Customs Continues to Challenge Global Supply Chain

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Patterns of global trade are shifting… According to the WTO , growth of merchandise exports is greater in BRIC countries than in NAFTA or the European Union at 4.5%, while the highest growth in imports was recorded by Africa and the Middle East - 11.5% & 8.0%


Integrated Supply Chain – Turkey – 2016

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Like many of the other MINT countries and those in the BRICS, the initial optimism over the growth spurt has been dampened and expectations adjusted. This means that supply chains need to become more than just efficient, and supply chain leaders are now having to change their thinking beyond simply focusing on cost reductions, trucks fill rates, inventory optimisation and warehouse utilisation. Integrated Supply Chain – Turkey. Date: 4-5 May 2016.

Made in America: What it Means to the Country


Increase the 12 million jobs again when you add warehouse workers and support staff. The factories overseas are huge warehouses, where workers’ pay is determined by the piece – the number of items they can produce in one hour, for instance.

Seasoned Leadership in Action™ – An Interview with Derek Panchyshyn, SVP at ATX Networks!

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Three Reasons Why I Love Hadoop, and You Should Too!

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This is a key differentiator and vastly different to the principles we know today of relational software in rows and tables and traditional data warehouse approaches using ETL where processing data requires movement. The growth expectations of the BRIC countries is worrisome.