Update on the Southern California Logistics Services Market

West Coast and California Logistics

When it comes to Southern California logistics, there’s never a dull moment. Southern California Ports West Coast Distribution Port Logistics Third Party Logistics Warehouse operations eCommerce Fulfillment Inland Empire Warehouse Labor issues Drayage rail transportation Peak Season Shipping Distribution logistics in California

A Budding Industry: Recreational Marijuana is California's Newest Supply Chain


California’s Prop 64 marks a sea change in the effort to bring an entire industry out of the shadows, and everyone from pharmaceutical companies to big investment firms and app developers has been racing to cash in. However, as the sixth largest economy in the world and the country’s cannabis capital , California is in many ways poised to lead the development of the burgeoning legal industry, with expected sales of over $5B by 2019. Introduction.


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A Budding Industry: Recreational Marijuana is California's Newest Supply Chain


California’s Prop 64 marks a sea change in the effort to bring an entire industry out of the shadows, and everyone from pharmaceutical companies to big investment firms and app developers has been racing to cash in. However, as the sixth largest economy in the world and the country’s cannabis capital , California is in many ways poised to lead the development of the burgeoning legal industry, with expected sales of over $5B by 2019. Introduction.

The Logistics Destination of Southern California

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As the sixth largest economy in the world 1 and the largest gateway for international trade and domestic commerce in the United States 2 , California continues to provide an ideal location for logistics solutions such as ocean transportation and distribution. Southern California, in particular, has become a popular area for companies to utilize logistical benefits such as. Distribution Supply Chain Transportation Urban Hubs

Understanding the Impact of the California Truck and Bus Regulation

West Coast and California Logistics

California may be the Golden State, but its green initiatives are the most far-reaching in the U.S. At the heart of these efforts is the California Truck and Bus Regulation, which seeks to reduce emissions from heavy trucks and buses. West Coast Distribution west coast warehouses Transportation Strategies OTR Northern California 3PL Distribution logistics in California

Transportation Trends: What’s Ahead for Trucking with California’s Gig Economy Bill?


With Assembly Bill 5 signed into law, trucking firms in California are now assessing the impacts and figuring out how to comply with the fast-approaching January 2020 deadline. In September, legislators in California approved a bill (AB-5) requiring companies like Uber and Lyft to treat contract workers as employees. As of January, employers in California must use the ABC test when legally classifying a worker as an independent contractor.

Logistics in California: Stay Compliant with State Regulations

West Coast and California Logistics

If you’re looking to establish a logistics hub on the West Coast, California makes practical sense. Its ports and transportation infrastructure, as well as its economic and population advantages, make the state one of the world’s foremost logistics centers. logistics in CaliforniaBut doing business here requires an understanding of the state’s unique regulatory environment.

3PL Basics: The 11 Transportation Services with Jeremy Thone

The Logistics of Logistics

3PL Basics: The 11 Transportation Services with Jeremy Thone. Joe Lynch and Jeremy Thone discuss the 3PL basics: the 11 transportation services provided by 3rd party logistics providers. Jeremy earned a Bachelor of Science, Marketing from the University of Southern California.

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California Trucking Association Combats State Contractor Test

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California Trucking Association Sues State. On October 25 th , the California Trucking Association and two independent owner-operators filed a lawsuit against the state of California over an unfair test adopted by the California Supreme Court. In April, the California Supreme Court adopted the ABC Test to determine if a worker is an employee or contractor within any industry. Are you looking for ways to optimize your transportation system?

Supply Chain Scope: New Study Shows Rise in US Inventories; California Estimated to Improve Freight Efficiency by 25% in 2030


Sustainable Freight Action Plan for California is estimated to Improve Freight Efficiency by 25% in 2030. The Sustainable Freight Action plan released by California governor Jerry Brown outlines a long-term 2050 vision and guiding principles for California’s future freight transportation system. California Sustainable Freight Action Plan.

FROM PORT TO MARKET: How to Speed Distribution of Asian Imports to West Coast Ports

West Coast and California Logistics

While you can’t control this decision, you can control how goods are transported and what happens once a container hits U.S. supply chain cycle time Warehouse Northern California 3PL Drayage 3PL Outsourcing west coast warehouses Port Logistics Southern California Ports West Coast Distribution Third Party LogisticsThere’s a new supply chain mantra in the post-Amazon era, and that mantra is SPEED.

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2012: California Transparency in Supply Chains Act comes into effect


The Act was originally adopted by the State of California in 2010 and it requires impacted companies to disclose their efforts, if any, to ensure their direct supply chains are free from slave labor and human trafficking. According to UNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime), human trafficking : involves an act of recruiting, transporting, transferring, harboring or receiving a person through a use of force, coercion or other means, for the purpose of exploiting them.

4 Companies Driving Transportation Technology Innovation


Historically, new technologies have been slow to come to, and be adopted by, the transportation industry. From software solutions to new vehicle concepts, awesome ideas are making the transportation industry more efficient, safer, and profitable. At Spendrix , we’re big fans of these advancements in transportation technology. As such, we’re putting together a list to celebrate companies doing cool things to advanced the transportation industry each quarter.

Transportation Innovation 2018


A lively discussion followed regarding how the technologies will affect the transportation and warehousing industries. As of February 26, 2018, California allows fully autonomous cars without safety drivers to test on public roads. There are currently 50 companies testing nearly 300 autonomous vehicles that are licensed with the California DMV. Tompkins International (Tompkins) recently led a two-hour workshop on logistics technology innovations.

The Definitive Guide on Produce Season Transportation Impacts

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Produce season transportation can have an impact on your freight, even if you do not ship grains, fruits, or vegetables. The largest impacts start in the South and move their way up the US latitudinally – think Florida to Georgia to North Carolina, and Texas to California to Washington to Oregon. Even if you don’t grow or ship produce, your transportation performance and spend can still be directly impacted. California.

Why Carriers are Stepping Away from Independent Truck Drivers in CA – and Why Shippers Should Care

West Coast and California Logistics

In California, however, this has become difficult due to regulations and landmark court decisions that alter the way drivers are classified in the state. Southern California Ports West Coast Distribution Port Logistics Third Party Logistics 3PL Transportation Strategies 3PL Outsourcing Labor issues Regional Logistics Logistics Compliance logistics in CaliforniaCarriers are having a rough go of it as of late.

Road Trip to California


Are you on the Road Trip California? Are you living it up on your Road Trip California? Pratt President Tailwind Transportation Software Sign Up Today - FIrst 30 Days Free

National Food Group Selects BluJay’s Transportation Management for Improved Logistics Execution and Customer Experience

BluJay Solutions

Holland, MI – June 24, 2020 – BluJay Solutions , a leading provider of supply chain software and services, announces that National Food Group has deployed BluJay’s Transportation Management platform for improved execution and customer service. With BluJay’s Transportation Management, NFG intends to reduce freight spend and manual work, increase consolidation opportunities and visibility, better manage carrier performance, and use data intelligence to identify trends faster.

Trending Transportation News: May 2016

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California Invests in Zero-Emissions Trucks. The state of California is awarding $23.6 Transportation NewsDriver Shortage Worsens for Truckload Fleets. For the year, turnover averaged 79% at smaller fleets and nearly 95% at larger fleets. The turnover rate shows that the driver market remains a serious challenge for truckload fleets. Among LTL operators, turnover was 11% for the fourth quarter and for the full year of 2015. Haven’t felt the effects of the driver shortage?

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Why Experience Matters for Drayage Drivers

West Coast and California Logistics

Drayage is technically just another transportation service. Southern California Ports West Coast Distribution Port Logistics 3PL Outsourcing Labor issues Drayage Distribution logistics in CaliforniaA driver picks up a load and then delivers it. With port drayage, however, this simple process becomes much more complex.

10 Tips: Sourcing Refrigerated LTL for Food and Confectionery Distribution

West Coast and California Logistics

Transportation Strategies 3PL Outsourcing Cold Chain Managment Refrigerated Trucking Food Logistics Confectionery Logistics logistics in CaliforniaIf your company produces food and/or confectionery products, chances are you’re already familiar with refrigerated LTL services such as those provided by third-party logistics (3PL) companies. The question is: is your current LTL delivery network as safe, efficient and cost-effective as it could be?

Insights into the FedEx Ground Ruling in California and Oregon

Tompkins Blog

Report: Trends in the Transportation Industry. The post Insights into the FedEx Ground Ruling in California and Oregon appeared first on Tompkins International. By Lisa Kennedy. Project Manager, Tompkins International. It was inevitable. We knew a detailed look into how FedEx manages its drivers would happen, and it was only a matter of time before the courts would deem them employees.

Keeping Your Supply Chain Ahead of Winter Weather This Holiday Season


It revealed that regions from southwest Oregon into California, the Great Basin, Desert Southwest and […]. Blog Holiday Truck Drivers Visibility Weather Challenges kuebix Snow TMS Transportation Management weather WinterIt’s the holiday season and the skies aren’t hesitating to remind us that things are about to get very, very cold! Supply chains everywhere are getting ready for the impact. A winter outlook published by The Weather Company has mixed reviews.

Let’s Celebrate: The Western Growers Transportation Program Turns 10

CH Robinson Transportfolio

Let’s Celebrate: The Western Growers Transportation Program Turns 10.Transportfolio. Transportation is (and always has been) a fundamental issue for fresh produce. In fact, a handful of growers in the Imperial Valley located in southern California founded Western Growers because of a transportation issue. So we created the Western Growers Transportation Program (WGTP). Traditionally, transportation was a buyer’s responsibility.

TMS Optimization: Transitioning from “Nice to Have” to “Must Have”

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In practice, however, relatively few companies are using optimization technology, particularly in transportation. What factors are shifting transportation optimization from a “nice to have” to a “must have” capability? Why is transportation optimization key today? The underlying theme of these examples is that they induce more cost in transportation, and that leads to the need for optimization.

4 Ways to Move Drayage Freight Despite the Driver Shortage

West Coast and California Logistics

Here in California, one of the major areas where this impact is being felt is container drayage. Distribution Drayage Labor issues Transportation Strategies west coast warehouses Third Party Logistics Southern California Ports West Coast DistributionStop me if you’ve heard this before: we’re in the midst of a truck driver shortage.

The Drought Strains Supply and Demand

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California is no stranger to drought conditions. Transportation. Distribution Supply Chain Sustainability TransportationThe lack of rainfall continues to affect the area and threaten the residents and businesses residing in the area. Read more. 09/29/2015. Distribution. Supply Chain. Sustainability.

This Week in Logistics News (September 12-16, 2016)

Talking Logistics

If so, I invite you to attend two of the sessions that I am participating in, both related to transportation management: TMS 4 SMB: A Case Study with Carhartt. TMS solutions recently evolved to not only solve complex transportation problems for large shippers, but to also better meet the needs of the SMB market. Speakers: Brian Nichols, Vice President, Solutions, Knight Transportation; John Martin, Director of Sales Engineering, MercuryGate International, Inc.;

Driverless Trucks: Heading Somewhere or Nowhere Quickly?

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Those are two of the most common questions I hear about driverless trucks, or to use the term preferred by the Department of Transportation, autonomous vehicles, which includes both cars and trucks. “It’s Today, there are 8 states in the country, including Nevada, California, Michigan, Florida, North Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, and Arizona that are allowing the testing of self-driving vehicles on certain roadways.”. Will there be a future for driverless trucks in logistics?

This Week in Logistics News (October 17-21, 2016)

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Google, automakers object to California rules for self-driving cars (Reuters). Acquires IDS Transportation Services, LLC. Department of Transportation (DOT) issued federal policy for the safe testing and deployment of automated vehicles. How was the JDRF Death Valley Ride ? Brutal, exhilarating, and inspiring! Imagine hell during a heat wave, then add 35-50 mph crosswinds — those were the conditions we faced during the first 40 miles.

The Logistics Sector Leans in to 2050 Climate Goals

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Ahead of the Global Climate Action Summit, California Governor Jerry Brown, UN Climate Change Executive Secretary Patricia Espinosa and Mahindra Group CEO Anand Mahindra set a challenge to industry: they want enterprises to join the 400+ companies already disclosing climate emissions by the September Summit.

Market Update: Transportation Industry News

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Read more on infrastructure funding and other relevant transportation industry news in this month’s Market Update, and then share your thoughts on these topics. This is typical for May and June—especially for temperature controlled trucks—due to high demand generated by fruit and vegetable harvests in the Southeast, Southwest, Texas, and parts of California. California has the country’s most expensive diesel at $3.156 per gallon, followed by the Central Atlantic region at $3.11.

This Week in Logistics News (November 12-16, 2018)

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Here’s the supply chain and logistics news that caught my attention this week: American Logistics Aid Network (ALAN) Mobilizes For California Fires. California Fires: How Can Logistics Professionals Help? ALAN is now seeking support in response to the California fires. Here’s an excerpt from the press release: “The need for our supply chain assistance to the people who are being impacted in California hasn’t been extensive yet,” said ALAN Executive Director Kathy Fulton.

6 Emerging Trends In Supply Chain and A Deeper Look into Driverless Vehicles


Editor's Note: Today's blog is from our friend Kevin Hill with Quality Scales Unlimited who shares his expertise regarding the key trends in supply chain and transportation management. . To be able to deal with tariffs and customs, many supply chain companies have partnered with third-party logistics providers who help them manage in-country transportation, distribution, and warehousing. This is the value of having a transportation network.

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From Vine to Glass: Wine Supply Chain

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From California to New Jersey, North America produces some of the best wines in the world with popularity increasing year-over-year. Distribution Supply Chain Transportation 3plAmericans now consume the most wine in the world and consumption is forecasted to increase by 2 percent between 2015 and 2019 1. As the consumption of wine and popularity increases, the supply chain to move. Read More.