Arriving Just in Time – Advanced Transportation Logistics Scheduling

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The Value in Orchestrating a Scheduled Transportation Plan”. These three headlines from Transport Topics and Food Shippers of America magazine tell the story of one of the most important challenges facing shippers in North America leading into 2018.

Is Your Supply Chain Customer-Centric?


Successful salespeople tend to sign contracts without worrying about the logistical aspects affected by the conditions of the contract, which is a thorn in the foot for logistics who must comply with the terms of the contract. You have probably had a similar experience to this in your company.

VMI system goes live at Fokker Aerostructures

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VIBA Aerospace Products and Services in the Netherlands and Peerless Aerospace Fastener Corporation, a distributor of aerospace fasteners based in Farmingdale (NY), went live with their Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) of special fasteners at Fokker Aerostructures covering several programs.

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Lean Manufacturing Driven by Rapid Return on eKanban Technology Investment


Through the use of supplier quality certifications and blanket (long-term) purchase orders, a manufacturer can accurately and effectively calculate the optimal level of inventory needed to fulfill demand requirements through the duration of replenishment lead time.

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How Lean Warehousing Can Ease Your Carrier Capacity Pain


Just like the popularity of “Smokey and the Bandit”, the desire for today’s workforce to drive a truck has all but faded from our country’s periphery. As a result, it is increasingly difficult to secure capacity in today’s carrier market.

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What Can A Newborn Teach You About Supply Chain?

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First of all, believe me that when you are in the middle of a crisis, the last thing you want to struggle with are spreadsheets or complex files. In conclusion, some of the first learnings were: 1. Forecast projection of number of nappies that we will need in the future months.

Managing E-Commerce Fulfillment Spikes With Data Analysis


The capacity crunch continues, and the ELD mandate has lowered the number of trucks available. Challenges in Managing E-Commerce Fulfillment The challenges of managing e-commerce fulfillment go back to the need to rapidly scale operations to meet changing demand. On-time shipments.

Deal or no deal: The impact of Brexit on automotive supply chains

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Business leaders are getting nervous as time is very short. The United Kingdom (UK) imports the most goods by far compared to other European countries, not just final products but also parts and components for further production and assembly. This will lead to a surge in costs.

E-Commerce and TMS: The Role of Transportation Technology for Shippers to Kill It at E-Commerce


E-commerce is growing faster than ever, and more consumers are leveraging online platforms in making purchasing decisions. According to Supply Chain 24/7 , e-commerce is on track to become the dominating force in all sales. How Surface Mode Shippers Can Compete in E-Commerce Logistics.

What challenges must today’s automotive manufacturers overcome?

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The assembly line sets the pace in automotive manufacturing. At this point in the production chain, suppliers must deliver their products just in time (JIT) and just in sequence (JIS) for vehicles to be assembled as planned.

What’s eating the meat industry: The disassembly dilemma

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Worldwide meat production has doubled over the last three decades and increased 20% in just the last 10 years. Each differs in size, weight and quality. In essence, you can’t tell for sure what you’re going to get.

This Week in Logistics News (July 9-13, 2018)

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Warehouse Supply at Its Tightest in Two Decades (WSJ – sub. May’s Brexit Plan Comes Just in Time for Supply Chains (WSJ – sub. Trade war: Trump administration threatens China with $200 billion in additional tariffs (USA Today). In release 18.2,

5 Key Supply Chain Technologies Needed to Go Omnichannel


More companies are actively engaging with consumers in search of the ultimate omnichannel sales experience as the strength of online sales increase, reports Supply Chain Quarterly. Technologies used in this step include handheld device scanners, automated radio frequency identification tags, Bluetooth technologies and automated identification and data capture (AIDC), comparable to RFID tags. Analytics to Uncover Issues in the Supply Chain.

Air Freight Trends to Watch in 2019

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Demand growth, the type of capacity airlines are adding to the market, and tariffs are big trends to watch this year. The surge in demand for air freight that took off in mid-2016 normalized in early 2018. Airlines continue to hone their air freight capacity strategy.

Air Freight Trends to Watch in 2019

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Demand growth, the type of capacity airlines are adding to the market, and tariffs are big trends to watch this year. The surge in demand for air freight that took off in mid-2016 normalized in early 2018. Airlines continue to hone their air freight capacity strategy.

How Flexible is Your Logistics Network?

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It seems ironic that the sophisticated logistics systems that gave rise to just-in-time manufacturing are now being outmoded by the evolution those very systems encouraged: manufacturing on demand. These and other changes demand attention to what we now call the Supply Chain Ecosystem, which stresses the critical importance of maximizing multiple networks in your supply chain. These complex evolutions in manufacturing plague logistics and create inefficiencies.

Farmville – It’s Really a Supply Chain Game!

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In Search of Broken Supply Chain Clues! But I also found that the ability to grow your Farm by adding capabilities and features, by controlling the way in which you buy and sell things, and managing your inventory levels of all of the materials was both fun and interesting.

Outbound Logistics


The perfect order is determined by the “8 Rights” – we want to deliver the right product, in the right quantity, to the right place, at the right time, in the right quality, from the right source, at the right price by providing the right service to our downstream customers.

TMS Delivers on NASSTRAC’s Five Common Sense Suggestions for Shippers

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Unsurprisingly, these suggestions aligned perfectly with the technology solutions already in production from top TMS software solutions. In order to get to the next level of savings, efficiency and competitive advantage, shippers must embrace emerging technologies. Leading TMS solution providers are already developing and delivering next-gen tech to their customers in pursuit of the goals enunciated in the list of 5 common sense suggestions offered by NASSTRAC.

A Gloomy Future for the Port of Los Angeles?

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In June 2016, the Panama Canal will double its capacity, and this capacity expansion will undoubtedly reshape the freight flows around the globe, including those transiting through the Port of Los Angeles (click here for a past blog related to this subject). [link] /.

What is Manufacturing ERP?


They operate in real time, and have a consistent ‘look and feel’ across all applications. ERP started in the manufacturing industry, but it headed off in new directions. They make products in anticipation of orders yet to come (make-to-stock).

Blockchain and Trucking: A Match Made on the Road


The inception of blockchain technology for use in logistics and supply chain management represents one of the most significant innovations in the industry. When truckers spend less time driving on the road, this yields fewer trucks on the road at any given point.

Common Sales and Operations Planning Myths Part 5 – Lean and On-Demand Manufacturing


This is the fifth post in a series where we investigate some of the myths and mistruths around Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP). In the previous posts we have looked at the misdirected focus on historical information, the belief spreadsheets can support a robust S&OP process, the “S&OP is too rigid argument” and the idea that S&OP is a real-time response planning process. Raw and WIP inventory takes time to procure, build and transport.

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Improving Your Manufacturing Operations Using Warehouse Automation  


Ian is an expert on warehouse automation, and shares his insights on how you need to get started in thinking about technology and robotics in your warehouse or manufacturing operation. Improving Performance in Manufacturing. Improving Performance in Warehousing.

Freight and Logistics – Breaking the Traffic Jam that is your Supply Chain!

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Does anyone like being stuck in a Traffic Jam? And those highways only have so much capacity. This Rush Hour period will stretch your capacity to the limit. You will be out of capacity and everything will grind to a halt. You will certainly face busy times of year.

Combat Rising Transportation Costs and Driver Shortage With Supply Chain Analytics


Supply Chain Challenges: Freight Volume Rising, Driver Shortage Growing The shipping industry plays a critical role in world economics. Its immense power stems from its ubiquity–in every sector, you will find shipping and a supply chain.

Don’t Take a Holiday from Inventory Management

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Companies that were decreasing their inventories saw huge leaps in comp sales, while those with too much on hand struggled to realize a profit. There’s no shortage of technology solutions out there to help companies manage their inventory, but that’s just a small part of becoming truly agile enough to respond to the swiftly-changing consumer demands and trends. Proactive collaboration with mills, tanneries or other raw material suppliers is a built-in insurance policy.

Warehouse Statistics and KPIs Every Logistics & Warehouse Manager Should Know


Stock movement, order duration times, utilization of equipment and personnel, error rates and many more. Safety is the top priority in any Warehouse environment. A Safety Manager should be appointed to ensure all safety activities are in place and maintained daily.

Managing E-Commerce Fulfillment Spikes With Data Analysis

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The capacity crunch continues, and the ELD mandate has lowered the number of trucks available. Challenges in Managing E-Commerce Fulfillment The challenges of managing e-commerce fulfillment go back to the need to rapidly scale operations to meet changing demand. Disjointed systems and data silos, creating delays in processing and deficiencies in visibility. This is about demand forecasting and understanding the ability of a facility to handle changes in demand.

The Big Debate: Characteristics of Supply Chain Excellence

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For those of us who have made our careers in supply chain, one of the great challenges, and the attraction of the discipline, is the variety of differing opinions about what constitutes ‘excellence in supply chain’ and how it can be best achieved.

E-Commerce Disrupts Freight Seasons, Boosts Spot Market Volume

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If that rate continues, total online sales will double, from just under $300 billion in 2014 to over $600 billion by 2019. Leading brick-and-mortar stores are following suit, in order to remain competitive. The additional sales gave the spot market an atypical boost in July.

How to Plan for Exceptional Performance this Holiday Season

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There’s no rest for retailers in the run-up to the Holidays. Anticipating your pain points and putting proactive solutions in place to resolve them is critical to exceptional Holiday performance. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday firm favorites among consumers, Holiday shopping now starts in November. on the previous year – economic uncertainty saw retail sales increase by just 1.9% in 2017. in the four months to 31 December.

It’s About Time for a new “World Class Supply Chain” Paradigm


As a young assistant professor at Michigan State University in 1992, I was part of a group called the Global Procurement Benchmarking Initiative. The principles at the time were certainly appropriate, and were considered ground-breaking at the time. An automotive executive recalls how difficult this was given the technology limitations that existed in the early 1970’s. Arguments broke out internally and in academic debates over which area had dominance over the others.

Japan and Ecuador Earthquakes Highlight Supply Chain Risks


Last week’s earthquake and strong pre and post aftershocks in Japan have resulted in numerous disruptions for manufacturers. . Toyota announced on Sunday it would suspend production in stages at its plants across Japan. A few thoughts to keep in mind include: .

Billion Dollar Port Plan Brings Mega-Retailer To Mexico


The move may be risky, but the mega retailer’s play may also be indicative of an emerging trend in North American maritime freight. Before the mega-retailer started shipping goods through Lazaro Cardenas, the KCS had fallen on hard times. Walmart Explores Mexico’s Supply Chain.

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3 Questions to Ask Before Developing Your Strategic Procurement Strategy


The more your supply chain relies on a just-in-time inventory model, the more important it becomes to have a backup plan. And it’s not just the raw materials you need to manufacture your products. Do Your Suppliers Have the Capacity to Meet Your Growing Demands?

On Time and Tasty: Keeping Food Fresh Through the Supply Chain

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For example, did you know tortilla chips in air-sealed bags cannot be shipped over the Rocky Mountains because the altitude change can cause the bags to explode? . In the food and beverage industry in particular, it is essential that customer expectations are exceeded.