[INFOGRAPHIC] Manufacturing Innovation Hubs Revitalize American Manufacturing


Since 2011, the federal government focused on changing this paradigm and made American manufacturing a priority. Under the guidance of the Department of Commerce/NIST , they developed an infrastructure with dedicated funding to rebuild our manufacturing sector. manufacturing.”

5 pieces to the global capacity management puzzle


by Bill DuBois Recently I was watching a video interview with David Thomas, the Director of Global Capacity Planning for Ford Motor Company. Among other things, he’s been leading the charge at Ford to deliver a global capacity management solution.

The Top 5 Reasons You Need a Transportation Sourcing Solution

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However, if your role is managing the movement of widgets from point A to point B, or multiple points, the freight procurement task before you can be labor intensive and time consuming — unless you use a technology solution specifically designed for transportation sourcing.

What is Manufacturing ERP?


What distinguishes Manufacturing ERP from other ERP systems? ERP started in the manufacturing industry, but it headed off in new directions. Manufacturers need all these functions, but they also need so much more. Defining Manufacturing ERP. Manufacturers are different.

Strategic sourcing enters a new age. Are you keeping up? (Part 2)


In last week’s blog , I began discussing telltale signs that you have entered the new age of strategic sourcing. Improving costs remains a core competency for any sourcing organization. Strategic Sourcing Requires Collaborative Working Arrangements with Key Suppliers.

Why Strategic Sourcing and Supplier Management Can Make or Break Your Customer Experience


”) Customer experience initiatives often involve people from diverse parts of a manufacturing organization. However, few manufacturers ever sit back and ask, “How can our procurement or strategic sourcing initiatives contribute to the overall customer experience?”

6 Manufacturing Trends to Watch Out for in 2016


As we close the year of 2015, we want to take a look at some manufacturing trends for 2016. We look at 6 core areas that manufacturing companies will take a long look at as they gear up for a successful 2016. E-Commerce for Manufacturing. Manufacturing manufacturing trends

Manufacturing 4.0 and the Factory of the Future: Part One


Sixty-seven percent of industrial manufacturers say they have ongoing smart factory initiatives. For manufacturers, AR means planning production and assembly processes out on a virtual landscape, optimizing locations of production lines and people. In Industry 4.0,

5 Future Applications of the Industrial Internet of Things in Manufacturing & Logistics


Manufacturers are set to invest up to $70 billion in the Industrial Internet of Things ( IIoT ) by 2020, reports John Greenough of Business Insider. Previous Applications of the Industrial Internet of Things in Manufacturing. IIoT’s Greatest Impacts on Manufacturing.

Be more Strategic about Your Supply Chain Sourcing


A strategic approach to sourcing what you need to keep your business moving can help avoid disruptions and stay competitive in today’s competitive market. So just how strategic are you when it comes to sourcing transportation capacity?

Manufacturing 4.0 and the Factory of the Future: Part One


Sixty-seven percent of industrial manufacturers say they have ongoing smart factory initiatives. For manufacturers, AR means planning production and assembly processes out on a virtual landscape, optimizing locations of production lines and people. In Industry 4.0,

Manufacturers Must Seek Better Supply Chain Visibility


For manufacturers, key functions such as sourcing and supplier management have become more challenging as the result of increasing supply chain complexity. One area that manufacturers need to focus on is improving supply chain visibility. Visibility into supplier capacity.

Manufacturing in the Age of Uncertainty


But what if every pizza shop in America all of a sudden asked a single pizza oven manufacturer to build and ship an extra oven per shop? How does a manufacturer organize operations to meet unexpected demand shifts without creating inefficiency for the rest of the year?

Five Key Elements that Drive Manufacturing Flow


If you follow the Demand-Driven Matters blog, you know we specialize in Demand-Driven Manufacturing and have identified the two key components of this method as synchronization and flow. The post Five Key Elements that Drive Manufacturing Flow appeared first on Synchrono.

Procurement, Industry 4.0, Cybersecurity, Robotics and Automation: The Image of Manufacturing is Evolving.


What makes or breaks a new technology in manufacturing? Mostly, manufacturers demand technologies that can boost their output without causing an additional strain on resources, and the final five technologies changing manufacturing in 2016 did just that. The implementation of robotics and automation was not universal in manufacturing. In other words, some manufacturers continue to resist the trend. Manufacturing Robotics

The key to profitable production for building manufacturers


Sourcing challenges and high costs. Initial investment by materials manufacturers is very high. Another challenge is sourcing raw materials needed to produce high-quality construction materials. How do you rebuild a city after it’s been hit by a hurricane?

A planning guide for beverage manufacturers in Asia


Last week I explained how individual tastes, compounded by geography, climate and less developed distribution and logistics infrastructure challenge beverage manufacturers in Asia.

Get Your Manufacturing Processes in Gear for the Holidays

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Every year during the holidays, anxiety hits shoppers, retailers, and manufacturers alike about whether the season’s hottest products will face shortages. For manufacturers, at least, it doesn’t have to be this way. Partner for Manufacturing Flexibility.

The Whole Truth About Additive Manufacturing & 3D Printing


3D printing or additive manufacturing has been around for decades. After reading many articles from industry insiders, we’ve collected some key takeaways on the current and future trends for this manufacturing technique. Where Additive Manufacturing Really Shines.

Incorporating Supplier CSR Ratings In The Sourcing Process: The Basics


Now that sustainability has risen to be one of the most highly visible topics for customers and stakeholders, management teams face the challenge of “How do you incorporate CSR ratings in the sourcing process?”. Today we welcome a guest blog post from procurement practitioner.

Live Updates: The Kumamoto Quakes Could Devastate Smartphone Manufacturing


Consumer electronics could be facing months of supply chain disruptions after the Kumamoto quakes rattled manufacturers in Southern Japan. Renesas , Sony , Fuji , and Mitsubishi are all manufacturers of semiconductors and solar cells that have, of this writing, been shut down.

Japan 104

From Model X to Project Titan: A Closer Look at the New Auto Manufacturing


We take a look at how new vehicles are changing the manufacturing game. With its new gigafactory centralizing the manufacturing process, Tesla Motors is one of the largest automotive employer in California. Source: SupplyChain247. Source: TheVerge. Source: PC-Tablet.

Every Manufacturer Should Ask… What’s in Our Risk Register?


In the world of supplier management, the risk register is becoming a prominent and high profile tool for manufacturers. The risk register is an active, fluid database that needs to be integrated into all supplier management and sourcing activities. Expanding your supply base in order to increase capacity. The post Every Manufacturer Should Ask… What’s in Our Risk Register?

Summary of Development and Manufacture Contracts in the Aerospace and Defense Industries


The type of contract of interest in this report is for Development and Manufacture contracts in the Aerospace and Defense industries. Specific Risks in Development and Manufacture Contracts in the Aerospace and Defense Industries. Capacity to innovate [7]. Sources.

Battery Assault: The Innovation of Batteries “Powering” Automotive Manufacturing & Manufacturing Industries


Modern electronics ratcheted up the demand for portable sources of electric power. This improvement tripled battery storage capacity (almost equaling lithium ion) A few marketplace knee jerk reactions occurred. Manufacturing

3 Prerequisites to a Modern Demand-Driven Supply Chain


In 2010, Gartner estimated that manufacturers outsourced about 70% of the products they make to other manufacturers. We worked with GIW Materials, a manufacturer of heavy-duty centrifugal slurry pumps, to help them lower cycle times and improve on-time performance.

Becoming demand-driven on command

Supply Chain Movement

Use multiple sources of demand data in the forecast, and build a demand signal repository to harmonize and synchronize demand data from multiple sources. Automate Manufacturing to Use Independent Demand. It was the end of a long day.

Retailers, Shippers, Manufacturers to Reduce Fashion Supply Chain Emissions

Material Handling & Logistics

Collectively we have a voice and the capacity to make a difference.”. Industry suppliers will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2030 and will phase out coal-fired boilers in their own companies and direct suppliers from 2025. The fashion industry took a large step on Dec.

Challenges of global fast fashion supply chains (Part III)

Supply Chain Movement

Sourcing and manufacturing lead times. In this chapter we want to take a more upstream view to discuss about sourcing and manufacturing lead times. The first is the question of sourcing location. 3) Sourcing and manufacturing lead times.

Global 129

Bangladesh Working Conditions: A Human Rights Issue? Or a Supplier Capacity Issue?

Supply Chain View from the Field

A recent discussion with supply chain executives in the apparel industry reveal that the problem is a tricky one to solve – and may be a function of other decisions being made by apparel manufacturers that have nothing to do with labor human rights in the supply chain. This is not only an industry standard, but is now considered an essential element of low cost country sourcing, thanks to the pressure on retailers.

20 Manufacturers Describe ERP Software Benefits in their Own Words


Editor’s Note: Today we are featuring this guest post from Find Accounting Software as it covers a subject we are also interested in, Manufacturing Technology which makes businesses more efficient. Earlier identification of product manufacturing issues. Quote Sources.

What’s shaping the steel industry today?


This concept will allow farmers anywhere in the world to process and preserve their produce on site, helping to reduce food loss dramatically at source whilst generating additional revenues for farmers. Manufacturing

Dutch Army starts cooperation with DiManEx to solve spare part supply challenges with an end-to-end service for 3D Manufacturing


Utrecht, the Netherlands – May 14, 2018: Earlier this month, the Material Stock Logistic Command of the Dutch Army signed a letter of intent to cooperate with DiManEx in order to deploy Additive Manufacturing (AM) within their supply chain.

Portrait of a Steel Town: Where Others Fear a Trade War, Coatesville Sees Hope

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The only steel left standing after the World Trade Center fell — a wall of forked “trident” columns — was manufactured here. At least 150 jobs vacated by retirement and attrition have not been filled, and the plant now operates at just more than half-capacity, workers say. SC Analysis & Consulting HR & Labor Management Global Trade & Economics Industrial Manufacturing All Logistics Global Logistics All Technology Sourcing/Procurement/SRM

When a disconnected meat supply chain doesn’t cut it anymore


Today, a majority of meat manufacturers still struggle to realize the full potential of their operations. So what do meat manufacturers need in order to increase visibility and make smarter decisions? A single source of truth. Manufacturing

The (Internet of Things) IOT Supply Chain Benefits Now Coming Clearer


Most manufacturing processes heavily rely on the use of machinery. However, over the course of several months, this slight change in pressure could cause permanent damage to the machine, or it may cause additional problems for other aspects of the manufacturing process.

Uncertainty in supply due to nature: An everyday struggle for you, too?


Are you sourcing from different countries and facing logistical complexities? Read on to find out what the main challenges faced by seed manufacturers are and how they can overcome them to boost efficiency in areas they have control over. Manufacturing