Van freight gears up for the holidays

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DAT load boards provide the largest and most trusted digital freight marketplace in the trucking industry, with more than 279 million loads and trucks posted annually, plus insights into current spot market and contract rates based on $57 billion in real transactions. Changes in the ratio often signal impending changes in freight rates. The threatened strike by UPS Freight (LTL) may already be causing shippers to divert their cargo to other channels.

Uber Freight: Another “Uber-for-Trucking”?


Uber Freight: Another “Uber-for-Trucking”? After news broke last month that Uber was unleashing a trucking offering, it came as no surprise when it launched Uber Freight , an online trucking marketplace for US LTL. Load-matching technology (even the Uber For Freight model) isn’t new. Technology, Infrastructure: Make Freight Great Again. million trucks moving 10 billion tons of freight. That’s a lot of freight. Cargo Chief. Freight Insights LogTec

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L.A. freight gets a tailwind from hurricanes and typhoons

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West Coast van freight heated up last week, especially in the Los Angeles market. Even from a great distance, three September storms had an impact on California cargo in mid-October. In mid-September, we were focused on evacuating the Carolinas and diverting trucks and freight away from Hurricane Florence. Cargo ships were re-routed or delayed en route to and from ports from Savannah to Baltimore. Changes in the ratio often signal impending changes in freight rates.

Here's How Hurricanes Irma and Harvey Have Affected Van Freight

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A lot of the spot market freight volumes that were stalled in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey have started to come back. Last week, Houston's van freight volumes rebounded to 88% of pre-storm levels. That doesn’t mean that everything is the same as before – some cargo is not moving at all, and other types of freight are moving in higher volume because of pent-up demand. That’s a common trend when the flow of freight shifts southward.

Freight Abounds, but Rates Return to July Levels

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We expected the sizzling hot freight market to cool off a little, and it did. The decline is a normal seasonal trend, reflecting a change in the mix of cargo and lanes. Van Freight Abounds, but Rates are Down. We did have a dip in load availability last week but there’s still a lot of freight out there for vans. The exceptions were Denver and Philadelphia , where rates edged up a couple of pennies.

How to Protect Shipments from Freezing Temperatures

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Don’t let the cold hurt your freight and bottom line. As a rule of thumb, remember the freight shipping industry recognizes November 1 st through April 30 th as “freeze protection season” or the time period freeze protection services will be most in demand. If you ship regularly during the freeze protection season, it’s worth asking the question of whether or not freeze protection services would be beneficial for your cargo. Get your free freight quote or call (800)716-7608.

Rates Rise Unexpectedly in Early August

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There’s a lot of freight out there for vans right now, and August had a stronger start than any month in more than a year and a half. National average rates recovered 3¢ per mile last week, due to a boom in freight heading into population centers in the Northeast. Those lanes are associated with retail, and the cargo may include last-minute merchandise for the back-to-school season. July ended and August began, so you might have expected a quiet week.