Ocean Freight Procurement and Going with the Stream


The annual fixed-price contract is the current go-to for ocean freight procurement. Tenders can take BCOs (Beneficial Cargo Owners) three to five months of preparation, but despite this, the fixed price often breaks down during peak season. Searching for Ocean Freight’s Spotify.

Chainalytics and Drewry partner to create Ocean Buying Group for small and medium sized shippers


Atlanta, GA, 02 March 2018 – Chainalytics, a global leader in supply chain consulting, and Drewry, the global shipping consultancy, have partnered to launch an innovative ocean freight procurement solution for shippers.

Blockchain in freight forwarding – Is it the next big thing?

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Supply chain involves procurement, creating orders, packing, shipping and distribution of goods, etc., How will blockchain impact freight forwarding? Each time cargo is shipped, the transaction is documented, creating a permanent history of the shipment from order to delivery.

How to Plan for Common Disruptors in Ocean Freight

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Peak season for ocean freight shipping is underway. This blog examines the “red” times, like the roughly three-month period we have just entered that is historically one of the regular disruptors in the ocean freight market. Robinson offices, procurement teams, and customers.

Airfreight Forwarders and Carriers Prepare for Holiday Season

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Robinson, air freight pricing has increased between China and the U.S. Panalpina, DHL Global Forwarding and Flexport are among forwarders that have added additional air freight capacity this year. In its latest report, IATA notes that available freight ton kilometers (AFTKs) grew by 3.8%

Multimodal 2015 – Advanced Supply Chain Management and Logistics for Cargo Owners

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Entering its eighth year, Multimodal has grown to become the UK and Ireland’s premier freight transport and logistics event. It is this ability to present the entire freight transport and logistics supply chain under one roof that makes Multimodal the go-to event for shippers, importers, exporters, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers – all seeking ways to run a slicker supply chain. Multimodal 2015. Date: 28 – 30 April 2014. Venue: NEC Birmingham. Organiser: Clarion Events.

Top 10 Global Supply Chain Risks

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Risks exist in land, air and ocean freight. Poor grasp of hazards in your supply chain will increase freight spend and diminish brand value. Capacity fell by 3 percent, and up to $14 billion in cargo was unable to dock. Extreme weather represents one of the most significant risks to ocean freight on the globe. Someone with malicious intent could bring down entire supply chain networks and force freight rates to skyrocket. Subscribe Here! Email Address.

The Data Behind Amazon’s Logistics and Fulfillment Play


Not even B2B is spared from these changing expectations (which is why we at Freightos launched an online freight marketplace ). There’s been less progress though with ocean freight, since Amazon registered as a freight forwarder several years ago. And As For Global Freight….

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How Blockchain Could Create the 'Autonomous Container'

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The technology features chips that monitor temperature and humidity within a 500-meter range of an air-freight container. Smart Containers is preparing an initial coin offering (ICO) to support its use of blockchain for air-freight container monitoring. The data could be made available to shippers, airlines, freight forwarders and customs brokers, all sharing an accurate and immutable ledger of activity.

Experts Choice Of Top Online Logistics Resources


Air Cargo World. This American based niche news site specialises in air cargo. So much so that it is split into seven topics – aircrafts, airports, capacity and demand, carriers, freight trends, traffic and viewpoints. Ocean freight is split into 14! Freight Dawg.

Insights for Procuring a TMS in a Large Company


Insights for Procuring a TMS in a Large Company. Having a centralized corporate procurement function already in place is valuable. Having a team that understands the unique demands of freight management enables them to make more informed TMS buying decisions.

The Pros and Cons of Air Charter Service

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However, that may not be the case when shipping your cargo. When it comes to quickly getting what you want, when you want it, there is no service better than air charter for your cargo. Although not well known, it is possible to procure a partial air charter.

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Insights for Procuring a TMS in a Large Company


Having a centralized corporate procurement function already in place is valuable. But, to be most effective, the team must have transportation expertise and its buying practices should be aligned with the company’s culture as well as the demands of its freight network.

5 Podcasts for Supply Chain and Logistics Professionals


Each episode features a different special guest, who brings his/her unique opinions regarding topics such as logistics, supply chain, cargo, freight, transportation, and education. Editor's Bonus Pick: Talking Freight by Cerasis.

Insights for Procuring a TMS in a Large Company


Having a centralized corporate procurement function already in place is valuable. But, to be most effective, the team must have transportation expertise and its buying practices should be aligned with the company’s culture as well as the demands of its freight network. Having a team that understands the unique demands of freight management enables them to make more informed TMS buying decisions.

The Legal Implications of Transport Visibility is NOT Good News for Truckers


The biggest issue today that shippers have to worry about is freight loss claims, personal injury, and of course, liability! GPS shipment trackers can track freight over the globe, helping to avoid cargo theft, understanding where it takes place and seeking advice of areas to avoid.

Supplier Risk Management: 4 Things To Look Out for During On-Site Evaluations


” In the process of business procurement and especially in the supply chain, supplier risk management is a skill set that needs focus day in and day out. In addition to securing cargo, also evaluate how well your carrier’s equipment is being maintained.

Data Driven Logistics: Using Visibility for Better Customer Experience

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This helps organisations achieve efficiency and cost-effectiveness, helping them transform their supply chain processes by better forecasting and procurement planning. . 20Cube Logistics is a global freight forwarding, Customs clearance, and warehousing service provider.

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Using Blockchain to Better Understand the Total Cost of Transportation


Were any shipments damaged or otherwise subject to cargo insurance claims? A product changes hands approximately 30 times between the procurement of raw materials and its final destination. Blockchain Provides Unmatched Traceability in Freight and Logistics.

This Week in Logistics News (October 15-19, 2018)

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Intel partners with Rolls-Royce to develop autonomous cargo ships (VentureBeat). This week, Uber Freight announced a similar solution called Powerloop. How cold does it have to get inside your house before you accept reality and turn on the heat?

What’s Looming for Transpacific Ocean Shipments this Peak Season?

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Accordingly, significant volumes of ocean cargo shifted to earlier sailings than normal, disrupting typical volume trends in the third and fourth quarters of 2018. In fact, there were some instances where vessels had to unload cargo in Panama to get through the canal.

Top 8 Online Logistics Tools For Logistics Professionals


Mobile phones can offer incredible services in any business from inventory tracking and shipments to the execution of procurement transactions. Most logistics prefer integrating the use of this app to automate procurement and replenish other processes to raise the profit margins. Choose carriers based on rate, transit time, and limit of liability to ensure your cargo and your peace of mind are covered.

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Cloud Computing: Aspirin for Supply Chain Headaches

Murano Corporation

Common supply chain challenges faced by business today include order processing, fulfilment, and invoicing errors when dealing with customers and suppliers. This leads to unhappy customers and lost sales, manual and duplicate processes, and poor employee morale eventually resulting in high turnover.

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Top Logistics & Supply Chain Blogs We Followed in 2018 & Suggest You Follow in 2019


The More Than Shipping blog is a comprehensive resource for shipping trends, supply chain planning, project and specialized cargo and more. The blog reports on recent changes to policies, best practices in supply chain management, whitepapers detailing procurement through reverse logistics and much more. Freight Hub. In addition, Freight Hub publishes a stream of blogs focused on the use of blockchain to drive interest in its blockchain-based Bill of Lading solution.

2016 Supply Chain Trends: 7 of 12 Trends that Will Drive Supply Chain Management in 2016


Freight/Container Loading: Augmented reality could replace the need for a physical cargo list and load instructions. 2016 Supply Chain Trend #6: Procurement’s New (read Bigger) Role in the Supply Chain.

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5 Ways a TMS Can Help You “Go Green”

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Regardless of whether your freight is moving on your assets or someone else’s, strategic route planning can result in fewer miles driven and less emissions. Last Saturday, we celebrated Earth Day, making this an excellent time for each of us to examine our own commitment to the environment.

This Week in Logistics News (August 1-5, 2016)

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As reported by The Seattle Times , “Amazon will fly its latest Boeing 767 widebody jet freighter, publicly revealing the new ‘Prime Air’ branded livery of its fast-growing fleet of used cargo planes” at today’s Seafair aerial display over Lake Washington near Seattle.

This Week in Logistics News (May 7-11, 2018)

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Freight Operators Dismiss Threat of Digital Startups (WSJ – sub. Robinson launching a trans-Eurasian rail freight service between China and Europe. Full block train, single or multiple containers, LCL shipments and oversized cargo are available options.

36 innovative companies re-inventing and rethinking supply chain and logistics

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Bed Bath & Beyond @BedBathBeyond Bed Bath & Beyond has discovered a way to save millions of dollars on freight over the next few years, thanks to a new 755,000 square-foot distribution facility slated to open in the fall of 2019.

How Green Shipping Can Enhance Your Business’s Sustainability Quotient


First and foremost, sustainable shipping is the key to securing procurement contracts at some of the world’s largest retailers. Ensure you have maximized on your freight space and weight to reduce the overall cost and emission rate. Green FreightBy Kevin Hill.

[INFOGRAPHIC] Interesting Facts & Financial Breakdown of the Global Logistics Market


It is also defined as the procurement, maintenance, distribution, and replacement of personnel and material. Examples of this fundamental progress include the invention of the sea cargo container and the creation of novel service systems during the 20th century. For example, a manufacturing partner might be able to buy materials at a bulk rate or a 3PL provider could access reliable truckload freight contractors you cannot.

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Experts Discuss How to Streamline Global Supply Chain

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Research from APQC’s Open Standards Benchmarking in procurement shows that organizations without formal SRM programs report 121 percent longer supplier lead times.

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Transpacific Air and Ocean Shipping Space Is Already Tight

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Unfortunately, it’s the best way to describe what is happening right now in the air and ocean freight markets. Usually, this is roughly how a typical busy season goes: Air freight. Ocean freight. Ocean volumes gathered momentum starting the last week in June, and air freight volumes started increasing in mid-July. What it looks like now in Transpacific air freight. Since July, air freight pricing has increased between China and the United States.

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Improve Supply Chain Spend Management through Advanced Fleet Tracking


Moving freight is becoming more profitable than ever. Advanced fleet tracking isn’t just about monitoring the location and ETA of precious cargo. Tracking software not only reduces downtime but also assists fleet managers in staying on top of schedules from procurement to delivery—all processes involved in supply chain management. With automation support, managers can oversee operations more effectively even when there’s a high volume of cargo to move around.

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Brokers "Mind the Gap" Between Spot and Contract Rates

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Rates stayed low for truckload freight in Q1, and seasonal cargo is not giving rates much of a lift. That gap represents opportunity for freight brokers and 3PLs, who can procure capacity on the spot market and price it competitively. Freight Rates

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Hanjin Shipping Bankruptcy

3PL Insights

The company represents almost 8% of trans-Pacific trade shipments for the United States market, and now they have stopped accepting new cargo. If your cargo is stuck due to the Hanjin Shipping Bankruptcy, send us an email or give us a call, and we will help you get it moving again.

Omnichannel is another Word for Complexity

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” Burnson goes to note that e-commerce is having an impact on air freight hubs, maritime cargo, middlemen, and intermodal operations. Re-orienting the company to embrace omnichannel retailing requires integration with IT, sales and marketing, and procurement as well as transportation.”[7] Omnichannel retail operations are well on their way to becoming the norm.