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Tips for Safely Transporting Pharmaceuticals


Transporting pharmaceuticals is arguably more important than manufacturing them, because it enables these lifesaving medications to make it to where they are needed most. When transporting pharmaceuticals, how can logistics workers do it safely , and what precautions are necessary for things like temperature control and to guard against theft? Guarding Against Cargo Theft Cargo theft is one of the largest risks associated with pharmaceutical manufacture and transport.

Transportation Industry Braces for a Looming Transportation Capacity Crunch Crisis in 2017


Expected Transportation Capacity Issues. The concern and dialog about the transportation capacity issues for our country have bridged the past two decades and beyond. 4 Drivers of the Looming Transportation Capacity Crisis of 2017.

Top Transportation Management and Transportation Articles of 2015


We continue our series on the most read articles from the Cerasis blog for 2015 today by featuring any of the blogs in the transportation management or transportation categories. . We've already listed the top 10 manufacturing articles, the top 10 supply chain articles, and yesterday, the top 10 logistics articles. Top 10 Most Read Transportation Management and Transportation Articles of 2015. What does the Future of Transport Management Systems Look Like?

Mobile Technology in Transportation Management & The Future Impact on the Supply Chain


Editor’s Note: This is the first post in a series produced in partnership with Catavolt, who helps manufacturing organizations drive operational excellence with mobile apps. However, mobile technology is not new to the transportation world.

Using Blockchain to Better Understand the Total Cost of Transportation


Determining the total cost of transportation is essential to understanding your company’s profitability. Were any shipments damaged or otherwise subject to cargo insurance claims? When it comes down to it, accounting for the total cost of transportation is pretty complex.

Transportation TIP List: Week of April 7th, 2019


Transportation TIP List: Week of April 7 th , 2019. Keep reading below to stay informed about the ongoing delays. Recent threats from Donald Trump to “close” the border means Mexican companies are rushing to get cargo into the U.S.,

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Market Update: Transportation Industry News

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In the transportation industry, there are many moving parts that can impact your day-to-day operations. There are significant improvements in sectors of the economy that generate lots of freight—namely, manufacturing, construction, and imports.

Who said supply chains are boring?: Using GPS to track cargo.

Supply Chains Rock

Using GPS to track cargo containers. Many months ago I blogged about some new services that were being created to help shippers track cargo using wireless technologies. Do you have any information on the other interesting albeit more passive RFID in container transportation? Manufacturing Central. Who said supply chains are boring?

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How to Improve Freight Labeling for Transport and Logistics Management


To combat the problem here’s a way to improve freight labeling for transport and logistics management. Goods in’ depots are unlikely to receive mislabelled freight, while incorrect shipping details could result in cargo ending up at the wrong delivery address.

Market Update: Transportation Industry News

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In the transportation industry, there are many moving parts that can impact your day-to-day operations. According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, consumer purchases, manufacturing, housing, and exports contributed to a 4% increase in GDP in the second quarter, following a 2.1%

Global Cargo Monitoring / Cargo Tracking: arviem and KeyTone.

Global Trade Management

Global Cargo Monitoring / Cargo Tracking. Trying to manage a global supply chain without knowing exactly where cargo is located, its condition, who has custody of it, or when events occur, is experiencing the supply chain – not managing it. “This service is now available to all who want its benefits and the information can easily be integrated to existing supply chain systems of record. For more information, please visit

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Transport Drones & Autonomous Vehicles: The Transportation Mode Dance Card is Getting Full


A little more than a year ago, Audi created a parody of transport drones in the sUVA commercial, but the ideas behind these “Terminator-like” actions actually represent very real possibilities for how extensive the network of drones will grow in 2016. Transportation Modes Will Expand.

Top 5 features to look for in a Transportation Management System (TMS)


Selecting the correct software system for the business helps to attain process efficiency, gain visibility into the supply chain, and decrease general transport costs. TMS has become an indispensable tool in a growingly competitive and complex transportation landscape.

Still Think Dangerous Goods is Just Paperwork and Labels?

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It outlines how dangerous goods must be handled when transported by air. Various regulatory bodies around the world play a role in defining and enforcing the rules for transporting dangerous goods, including the U.S. Department of Transportation UPS

U.S./Mexico Shipping Series Part 3: Transportation Success is More than a Low Rate per Mile

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Mexico Shipping Series Part 3: Transportation Success is More than a Low Rate per Mile.Transportfolio by C.H. More than ever before, shippers have better access to information, and better quality information about how to find transportation savings.

What is the FMSCA’s Unified Registration System (URS) And What is the Impact on Transportation & Logistics Management?


Effective transportation management can be a hassle. Transportation managers must keep up with the ship dates of inventory, where inventory is currently located in the transportation process, what insurance information is being used and appropriated for each shipment, and many more factors.

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Logistics Alert: The Gridlock Situation at the U.S.-Mexico Border


Customs and Border Protection (CBP) staff normally assigned to cargo release functions have been re-assigned to support the Border Patrol (approximately 750 officers). Logistics Alert: The Gridlock Situation at the U.S.-Mexico Mexico Border.

Top 5 Tips To Optimize Your Warehouse Storage System


We know that you are also the victim of the ‘ Warehouse Disease’ , i.e. even after regularly organizing your warehouse, it turns messy the minute you receive or ship some cargos. Use Automatic Data Collection and Cargo Handling. Manual handling of cargo can result in uncertain outcomes because of either the inexperience of the staff or some human mistake (tripping over cargo, forgetting where a particular product is stacked, etcetera), but it is not the case with automation.

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Top 4 Reasons Why Package Optimization Also Benefits Your Supply Chain


If you’ve never heard of package optimization before, don’t worry — most manufacturers haven’t. By making small tweaks to the way a product is packaged, they hope to save time and money in producing and transporting products. Make Transportation Easier. When you’re preparing cargo for shipment, you’re looking at things like size and weight of your boxes of product. She is a regular contributor to Manufacturing Transformation and American Machinist.

Is TPPA going to ground e-commerce or let it fly (ideally, as air freight)?


And, if many of those packages cross the Pacific waters, or generally travel farther than 600 kilometers, the air cargo shippers specializing in express packages will also stand to benefit from that wave of volume. For information about the conference, please visit [link].

This Week in Logistics News (January 30 – February 3, 2017)

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billion on air cargo hub, fans talk of bigger ambitions (Reuters). billion to build a large air cargo hub in northern Kentucky. The weight, shape, and orientation of the mug are collectively used with any other relevant and/or available information (e.g., Toothy. Flossy.

This Week in Logistics News (April 11-15, 2016)

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Accenture Releases Enhanced Ocean Cargo Pricing Software to Provide Greater Pricing Visibility for Carriers. February 2016 Freight Transportation Services Index (TSI). In short, everyone involved with ocean shipping needs to stay informed of the ongoing developments surrounding SOLAS.

Near-Shoring Trend a Cause for Celebration and Concern for Logistics Service Providers (LSPs) & Air Carriers

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Indeed for many IATA members whose operations largely center around air cargo, near-shoring is cause for concern, with manufacturing shifting closed to ‘home’ a risk to the sustainability of air freight volumes longer term. .


5 Podcasts for Supply Chain and Logistics Professionals


Their popularity has skyrocketed since the smartphone became as necessary as car keys, giving you to-the-minute facts and information, right in the palm of your hand. The free podcast, Supply Chain and Logistics Management , covers topics such as logistics and transportation management.

11th annual Cold Chain Distribution Conference and Exhibition

Supply Chain Movement

Andrea Gruber, Senior Manager, Special Cargo, IATA. Dave Edmondson, National Strategy Manager, Manufacturing Development, NHSBT (NHS Blood and Transplant). Yoram Eshel, Senior Director, Global Transportation and Logistics, Teva Pharmaceutical.

This Week in Logistics News (November 18-22, 2013)

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TomTom launches toll reporting to help transport companies manage costs. Port truck drivers on West Coast protest costs, working conditions ( Cargo Business News ). By now, most companies should have their transportation budgets in place for 2014.

Questions to Ask When Evaluating TMS Solutions

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What are the current and future transportation mode requirements? Consider the integration of value added capabilities including yard management, cargo, freight, storage, break bulk, cross docking and other capabilities into a TMS. Evaluating TMS solutions is no easy feat.

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Internet of Things (IoT) in the supply chain – a jolt of creativity required?


Given that it took place in Japan, I imagined quite an animated discussion around making another leap in the manufacturing of things. A tire manufacturer supplying to the mining industry provided a similar example of sensors reading and reporting on tire thread status.

Terrorism and Supply Chain: A Growing Threat of Supply Chain Terrorism


I recently spoke with Randy Russell of the Russell Group , an agricultural lobbying firm that works with farmers and manufacturers from the supply chain, to ask about his thoughts on terrorism and the impact it can have on the supply chain, especially related to our food and water supplies.

Blockchain Technology in Logistics: What Are the Implementation Challenges?


The main advantage of blockchain is its transparency and ability to optimize ecosystems of digital information. The logistics industry involves many parties: manufacturers, customers, suppliers, auditors, etc. It allows customers to track the product and trace the whole chain of product manufacturing. Information stored in blockchain is unalterable, it cannot be changed by any third party, which makes this technology more secure than any existing solution.

How to Become a Supply Chain Jedi

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Today’s logistics galaxy is increasingly complex, with new players, methods of transportation and challenges cropping up daily. A TMS allows businesses to manage various forms of transportation – rail, sea, road and air – and connect with multiple carriers.

Currency in India: Current State of Disruption, Confusion, and Economic Slowdown

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It also deeply impacts the working sections of society: drivers, maids, cooks, electricians, and plumbers, for example—and anybody else who provides services in the informal sector and depends on upfront, weekly, or bi-monthly cash payments.

This Week in Logistics News (January 15-19, 2018)

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Exclusive: GM, DHL use a Chinese plant to lead manufacturing change (Reuters). Drone Delivery Canada Commences Testing its Larger 25lbs Cargo Delivery Drone Named the Raven X1400. Kuebix Empowers E-Commerce Businesses with Profitable Transportation Operations.

7 Incredible Benefits of Cloud-Based Logistics Management


More findings on the cloud cargo transportation and warehouse management systems you may discover on the web. Each industry has its peculiarities, among the others, in the logistics, manufacturing, and supply. That supports simplicity and wholeness of the shared information.

E2open Completes Acquisition of INTTRA, Bringing Together Leading Global Cloud Supply Chain Management and Leading Ocean Shipping Network


The combination of the largest ocean shipping network with the largest beneficial cargo owner (BCO) supply chain network will bring powerful benefits including: Real-time end-to-end visibility with the ability to monitor and react to changing global needs. More efficient ocean shipping with the integration of procurement, manufacturing and distribution. Better logistics capacity utilization with enhanced visibility into manufacturing forecasts and future shipping needs. .