Marks and Spencer announced as guest speaker of EV Cargo’s packaging conference


Stephen Jarman, Vendor Compliance and Performance at M&S will discuss its Packaging Optimisation project. Ethical Packaging: With packaging, less is definitely more. Optimal packaging costs less and improves your business, whilst helping save natural resources.

EV Cargo Packaging Conference 2019- Efficient, Ethical & Sustainable


EV Cargo Packaging Conference 2019- Efficient, Ethical & Sustainable. Efficient Packaging: Using the right outer carton for the product sounds simple, but there are so many challenges to truly achieving this. Ethical Packaging: With packaging, less is definitely more.

4 Air Freight Packaging Pointers from Securing Drums to Pallets


Further, we focus on over the road transportation management to include the modes: LTL, Full Truckload, and Small Package. The focus of this blog post is about air freight packaging pointers. Getting cargo from one place to another is big business. Freight air freight packaging

Top 4 Reasons Why Package Optimization Also Benefits Your Supply Chain


But what about the way you package those products? Product packaging isn’t typically something you think about in supply chain and logistics, but it actually plays a major role in shipping and producing your products. Package optimization of your products for supply chain management can actually save your companies both time and money. What Is Package Optimization? If you’ve never heard of package optimization before, don’t worry — most manufacturers haven’t.

How General Average Could Ruin Your Ocean Cargo Deliveries

CH Robinson Transportfolio

How General Average Could Ruin Your Ocean Cargo Deliveries | Transportfolio. Start by building your knowledge of how general average works, how it can impact your shipments if general average is declared, and how marine cargo insurance can help you sleep like a baby at night.

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Air Cargo Basics

The Logistics of Logistics

Air Cargo Overview. Air transportation is used to transport air cargo by plane and is a crucial component of international logistics networks. Air cargo is especially useful for companies shipping time-sensitive goods or goods over large distances. Air cargo is usually transported using dedicated cargo aircraft (freighters) or passenger aircraft. The Importance of Air Cargo. As mentioned above, air cargo is transported by freighters or passenger aircraft.

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Transportation TIP List: Week of February 17th, 2019


Amazon Sets Deadline for CPG Brands to Overhaul Packaging : Some CPG brands have been summoned by Amazon to overhaul their product packaging to be greener, sturdier and cheaper to ship. The firm recorded a total of 592 cargo thefts in the U.S.

Most common causes of Cargo Ship Accidents

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Errors in Packaging Could Mean Bad News For Cargo Ships Source The world of cargo is immense, with millions of tons transported by containerships every year. The post Most common causes of Cargo Ship Accidents appeared first on Promptus, LLC. Just like trucks or […]. Freight Forwarding

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11 Best Practices to Ship Parcel Like a Pro


Unfortunately, the volume of small packages shipped , as well as the variety of carriers used, can make keeping costs in check sound like a dream, inaccessible. Customers want to pay as little as possible for shipping, and they want their packages delivered yesterday.

Global Cargo Monitoring / Cargo Tracking: Networked Supply.

Global Trade Management

Global Cargo Monitoring / Cargo Tracking. Perishables represent a particularly important segment of the Miami air cargo market, because Miami International Airport is a primary hub for perishables moving between Latin America, the Caribbean islands, and North America. • Lack of uniformity in the packaging sizes. arviem, founded in 2008, has grown organically to become the leading service provider for real-time cargo monitoring.

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This Week in Logistics News (July 4-8, 2016)

Talking Logistics

Air cargo firms feel the pressure from plunge in freight prices (Reuters). When an order comes in, the bots will drive themselves to collect their cargo, store it in their holds (which can take about two shopping bags’ worth of stuff), then trundle on to their destinations.

The 11 Transportation Service Offerings

The Logistics of Logistics

Transportation Service Offering 1 – Small Package. Package delivery or parcel delivery is the shipping of packages (parcels) or high value mail as single shipments. While the service is provided by most postal systems, private package delivery services have also existed in competition with and in place of public postal services. Transportation Service Offering 2 – Air Cargo. Air transportation is used to transport air cargo by plane.

What is Cargo Insurance and Why Is It Important?

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That’s where cargo insurance comes in. To clear up these confusions, this post will explain key cargo insurance information and how it can help mitigate your shipping risks. What is cargo insurance? I often compare cargo insurance with car insurance.

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Understanding Cargo Insurance

3PL Insights

Wondering whether your company would benefit from cargo insurance? Read on for the tips and advice that we’ve compiled on selecting the right cargo coverage for your company’s shipments. Types of cargo insurance. Factors to consider when shopping for cargo insurance.

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I’ll Have Waffles, Eggs, and a Package to Deliver (Roadie Partners with Waffle House)

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Think of it as carpooling for cargo. Track Your Stuff : Keep an eye on your precious cargo with near real-time tracking in the Roadie app.

UPS Remains Positive on Asia Opportunities

Logistics Trends and Insights

percent for export packages and 3.9 Air Cargo Asia Pacific Express UPS APACAs global trade expectations are revised downward to 2.6% for 2019 from 3.0% in 2018 and the China-US trade war continues on, UPS remains focused on its global network.

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How to Avoid Damage to Your Freight

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Package Your Freight Properly. Proper packaging is instrumental to the safe transport of freight from Point A to Point B. Preventing damage starts with packaging the freight in a way that will minimize movement. If your shipment is fragile, you must take other steps to properly package for protection, such as: Seal boxes with good-quality tape. You must first understand your cargo before you can package it properly. Label Cargo Correctly.

UPS Air Takes Off

Logistics Trends and Insights

While the overall global air cargo market continues to disappoint, UPS’ U.S. air cargo volumes were impressive with Next Day Air volumes up 30.3 air cargo volumes. Revenue per package for Next Day Air and Deferred declined 8.9 percent while for International Domestic, revenue per package increased slightly 0.3 Revenue per package has declined for all of UPS’ air cargo services year-to-date. Air Cargo e-commerce UPS

Capturing E-commerce Volumes by Air and by Ocean

Logistics Trends and Insights

Integrators have already embraced e-commerce by investing in fleets, networks, automation and acquisitions to speed up the delivery of global packages. Another option for customers to consider but despite the innovative solution, ocean freight transport still remains slower than air cargo.

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Transparency and integrity for your supply chain

Global Trade Management

The package delivery turns out to be a wrong delivery, the new LCD TV screen ordered remains black, the auctioned designer piece turns out to be plagiarism - in everyday life, we are often suffering the effects of improper handling of goods. The recipient of a shipment can for example demonstrate when and where in the distribution chain, the cargo has been damaged.

Tips for Safely Transporting Pharmaceuticals


Guarding Against Cargo Theft Cargo theft is one of the largest risks associated with pharmaceutical manufacture and transport. Between May and June 2017, more than 90 percent of cargo thefts involved trucks. The first step to preventing cargo theft is to complete a risk assessment. Find out where you are vulnerable to cargo theft. These cargos are also at risk. Only use hard-sided trailers for transporting secure cargo like pharmaceuticals.

Ground services for air freight: Opportunities & obstacles in e-commerce


Cargo: The hidden passenger. While a number of dedicated freighters is slowly increasing, every new passenger plane also brings cargo capacities below the deck. So, every time you take a commercial flight, you are sharing the flight with tonnes of commercial cargo.

Air Freight Still the Best Option for Smaller Shipments

BluJay Solutions

Air freight continues to provide small package shippers with best value when compared to ocean and rail in particular, and especially those shippers with temperature sensitivity and/or odd shaped packages.

How to Reduce Product Damage During Shipping


Editor's Note: Today's blog is from Cindy Banker with ProCorr Display and Packaging who is bringing us some great insight on how to reduce product damage. Packaging and product damage during shipping is extremely common. Packaging Selection Helps Reduce Product Damage. The primary packaging material of choice is corrugated cardboard. It doesn't make economic sense to scrimp on packaging materials since you'll pay for it in other areas.”.

How Blockchain Could Create the 'Autonomous Container'

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So are packages such as mail-order steaks, which are weighted down by dry ice or other materials required to keep them cool. All Technology EDI Communication (XML/EDI) Supply Chain Visibility Product Lifecycle Management Sourcing/Procurement/SRM SC Planning & Optimization Transportation Management Air Cargo All Logistics Transportation & Distribution

Full Truckload, Parcel, LTL, Intermodal…Oh My! How to Manage All Over the Road Modes Effectively


Typical over the road modes include full truckload, less than truckload, and small package or partial shipping. To further complicate the process of freight scheduling, shippers must decide which LTL carrier to use, whether to purchase cargo insurance, consider the implications of shipping a package via parcel or small package considering advancing dimensional pricing models, and what exact type of full truckload would be necessary when consolidated.

Trends—January 2016

Inbound Logistics

Is TPPA going to ground e-commerce or let it fly (ideally, as air freight)?


A number of express packages, the medium most frequently associated with online purchases, is expected to skyrocket. But is air cargo really going to change when consumers across the TPPA member nations flock to online stores located outside their countries?

Amazon Continues to Take on Logistics


On August 5, 2016, e-commerce giant Amazon inaugurated its air transportation network , wherein the company entered into agreements to lease 40 Prime Air cargo planes to further expand its delivery capacity for its clients.

Compelling Use Cases for Drones in Today’s Supply Chain


Federal Aviation Administration recently announced new rules for commercial drones, there is still not a clear short-term path for mass deliveries of packages via drone. These barriers, obviously, prevent Amazon, Google, and others from delivering packages at scale via drone.

What are the main 3PL Services?

The Logistics of Logistics

Among the services which they provide are transportation, warehousing, cross-docking, inventory management, packaging, and freight forwarding. Package Delivery. Air Cargo. Admiral E.

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The History of the Shipping Container


Break-bulk loaded cargo was poorly secured required a Tetris-like approach to handle diverse sizes of packages. Small trucker, Malcom McLean, fumes at slow loading of cargo aboard ship – “There has to be a better way.”. Most international ocean cargo is now containerized.

FedEx further distances itself from Amazon with end of ground delivery contract


FedEx, meanwhile, is restructuring its global business to bring more deliveries back in-house, lessen dependence on Amazon, cuts costs, improve package handling capabilities, move to seven-day delivery and improve its European arm.

How to Pack and Ship for Temperature Controlled Shipping

Freight Center

This type of freight requires special handling, which begins with packaging. Let’s break down everything you need to know ab out packaging your sensitive shipment. Choose the Right Packaging. To start, shipping success begins with choosing the right packaging. When packing your temperature sensitive package, keep the following points in mind: Choose packaging that keeps heat out and coolness in (insulated and refrigerated).

Fine-Tune Your Supply Chain By Looking at Amazon


Heads up UPS and FedEx, Amazon is piloting package delivery in Los Angeles for marketplace customers. From there, it can move horizontally to deliver cargo and packages for others and compete with other logistics service providers. In-transit visibility software-as-a-service provides accurate, live streaming data on the location and condition of cargo in motion.