Freight Rates News December 2015


In just one day (30 November) there were at least 13 articles breaking down what it means for for Serbia , Africa , North East Asia , and the whole world , with a variety of perspectives from the railway , maritime , political affairs , financial , capital and gadget press. OUR TAKE A tonic for the (following) Carriers & Cargo section. CARRIER & CARGO: CHOPPY SEAS AHEAD FOR CARRIERS. Freight Rates News. Freight and logistics trends that rate in the news.

The Benefits of Choosing Rail Freight

The Logistics of Logistics

Also, another thing that contributes to the price of transporting is the fact that trains have much more space and are able to carry larger volumes of cargo. Joint chartering is one of the main ways in which companies freight their cargo. Since with electric traction engines there is, literally, no pollution, and it is estimated that one ton of cargo transported by train freight pollutes the environment 80% less than if it were transported by road.