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What the “New Normal” in Shipping, Logistics, and Transportation May Look Like


Seemingly everything has been shaken up by COVID-19, and the shipping, logistics, and transportation industry is no different. All modes of travel were booming, whether it be for cargo, work, or tourism. Now, all of those norms are long gone, and it has left the shipping, logistics, and transportation industry wondering what lies ahead once COVID-19 begins to decline. We will be on the path for a more sustainable future.

Top 4 Challenges You Need to Master for International Shipping

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Of course, international shipping is a complex service with countless moving parts, including regulations, security, capacity and legal considerations – all which can lead to a reliable and cost-effective shipment when tended to properly. For many global companies, conducting seamless business overseas is critical to the vitality of partnerships, clientele, and sustained profitability. Get your priorities straight to determine which transportation mode is best.

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How to Reduce Product Damage During Shipping


If you are a product manufacturer, you know all too well the perils of shipping products from your factory or warehouse to a DC or retailer. Packaging and product damage during shipping is extremely common. Many shipping companies will stack pallets on top of one another to maximize their load, so you need to know this important piece of logistical information as well. . Warehousing eats up about 25% and transportation 60%.

How General Average Could Ruin Your Ocean Cargo Deliveries

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How General Average Could Ruin Your Ocean Cargo Deliveries | Transportfolio. Start by building your knowledge of how general average works, how it can impact your shipments if general average is declared, and how marine cargo insurance can help you sleep like a baby at night. General average is a throwback to the days when a crew tossed cargo overboard to lighten the ship in a storm. Ship owners have a lien on the ship’s cargo.

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Sustainable Logistics Practices Can Serve as a Differentiator for CPG Brands

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Sustainability is an often-discussed concept that can be a reliable source of differentiation for CPG manufacturers. And sustainability has become a standout issue for many US consumers. But sustainable logistics practices can have a profound effect on your brand.

Top Five Air Cargo Carriers

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Top Five Air Cargo Carriers. The top five air cargo carriers by weight, according to the IATA , are: Fedex. As the biggest air cargo carrier by weight, Fedex had a revenue of $44.3 To support its air cargo business, Fedex has 634 aircraft and services 375 airports. One thing Fedex is known for is having transported two pandas as part of a global conservation program ( Fedex ). million tons of cargo in the 2012-2013 financial year, earning $2.8

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4 Companies Driving Transportation Technology Innovation


Historically, new technologies have been slow to come to, and be adopted by, the transportation industry. From software solutions to new vehicle concepts, awesome ideas are making the transportation industry more efficient, safer, and profitable. At Spendrix , we’re big fans of these advancements in transportation technology. As such, we’re putting together a list to celebrate companies doing cool things to advanced the transportation industry each quarter.

Supply Chain And Logistics Trends That Could Be Big In 2020

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Firstly, many companies are reaching more advanced levels of maturity in sustainability and greening the supply chain. Meanwhile, more third-party agencies and organisations, including governments, are pushing the sustainability agenda. Some of their biggest challenges lie in supply chain and logistics management, with many SMEs struggling to access shipping solutions and distribution networks controlled by gigantic enterprises that focus on serving similarly enormous customers.

Letter from the CEO: Market Update May 21, 2020


40’ Containers: The supply of equipment did improve in the second half of April and for the most part that has been sustained into May. Carriers are continuing to see that more shipping facilities are requiring the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Based on the above three points, one can make the argument that the Canadian transport industry has not been as impacted by the pandemic as the U.S. Letter from the CEO: Market Update May 21, 2020.

Is Hyperloop the Next Great Supply Chain Technology?


Hyperloop is a theoretical transportation technology, a long-awaited “fifth avenue” of transportation that uses vacuum tubes and linear induction motors to shuttle pressurized air capsules along a track, using a lack of friction to achieve speeds as high as 700 mph (approx. The CEO of the company behind the test (Hyperloop One) estimates that the system will be transporting cargo by 2019 and passengers by 2021.

Information Sharing Communities for Digitally Enabled Supply Chain Visibility – LogiSYM October/November 2020

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Especially where multi-modal transport is necessary, and where dynamic decision making is required for the routing of goods in-transit. port authorities and terminal operators, regulatory bodies, and Beneficial Cargo Owners (BCO) are all working on this topic.

Top 4 Reasons Why Package Optimization Also Benefits Your Supply Chain


In most cases, this comes down to the way you might ship, store or produce the products you sell. Product packaging isn’t typically something you think about in supply chain and logistics, but it actually plays a major role in shipping and producing your products. By making small tweaks to the way a product is packaged, they hope to save time and money in producing and transporting products. Package Optimization Allows for Sustainability. Make Transportation Easier.

Ship it Good: What Do Maersk’s New Ships Mean for Water Transportation?


Shipping giant Maersk posted healthy profits this quarter despite declining freight rates. The losses were offset by cheap oil prices – not a sustainable source of profit. Maersk must find a way to mitigate recent issues with low shipping rates, overcapacity, and delays. Ships like Maersk’s transport over 95% of the world’s manufactured products, and demand is set to increase 3% - 5% this year. The ships will also be more fuel efficient.

6 Emerging Trends In Supply Chain and A Deeper Look into Driverless Vehicles


Editor's Note: Today's blog is from our friend Kevin Hill with Quality Scales Unlimited who shares his expertise regarding the key trends in supply chain and transportation management. . To be able to deal with tariffs and customs, many supply chain companies have partnered with third-party logistics providers who help them manage in-country transportation, distribution, and warehousing. This is the value of having a transportation network.

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Who said supply chains are boring?: Transporter 3: Logistics future.

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Transporter 3: Logistics future or Hollywood tricks? This weekend I watched " Transporter 3 " the action movie about an ex-military expert that uses his superior driving skills and an Audi A8 to deliver "packages" for clients in remote areas in record time. Anyway, in the opening sequence a giant cargo ship is loaded with containers. Its not clear, how they know liquor is in the container, but lets assume they saw this on the shipping manifest.

The Great Maersk Shift


Demand for ocean freight was lower than anticipated, and Hanjin Shipping, another top ten ocean liner, was already teetering on the verge of bankruptcy. The Post-2016 Strategy: End-to-end Shipping. Today, 75 to 80% of cargo arrives on time. million TEUs of ship capacity.

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How to Lower Your Ocean Freight Costs!

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While many may consider this as the holy grail for shipping and consider it unachievable, with careful planning and using the right shipment methods, lowering your freight costs and making sure they are competitive, can become a reality. Even within the FCL option, optimization maybe achieved using the right type of container for the right type of cargo – like 20’ container for weight based cargo and 40’container for volume based cargo. Optimize your cargo packing.

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ZF brings in SupplyOn to gain real-time transparency for overseas transport at the material number level


For critical overseas transport that is prone to delays, ZF has teamed up with SupplyOn to implement a system that continuously monitors the transport status at the material level and in real-time. They are generally transported by sea, and delays are common. During the often weeks-long overseas transport, material coordinators previously received only manually provided information via email or a service provider portal.

New Panama Canal Options: Running the Numbers with a TMS


When the expanded Panama Canal opened this June, a new set of routes became available for shippers and beneficial cargo owners (BCOs). These enterprises are no longer reliant on the Suez Canal route for shipping freight on Post-Panamax container vessels to the United States. A transportation management system (TMS) can help shippers weigh the pros and cons of each option. The impact of transit time on routing decisions varies with the type of product being shipped.

Top 12 logistics influencers on Twitter

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From logistics service providers to news publications to industry bloggers, these experts will keep you updated with the latest news and insights from the world of logistics and transportation. Cerasis, a 3PL servicing North America, is no stranger to the transportation and shipping industry. Looking for the best logistics, sustainability and supply chain news from around the web? Want to know more about how Uber Cargo is expanding their logistics services?

COP21 – Freight and Climate Change


COP21, the Paris Climate change conference taking place this week got us thinking what the carbon cost was for shipping the TV. A quick check showed that shipping the TV from Taiwan to Nashville (ocean & trucking) led to about 6.7 North American estimates for freight transportation’s share of national emissions: 7.8% (US), 8% (Canada), 18% (Mexico). Transportation ’s share of global emissions: 14%. COP21 LPAA Transport Press Release Forwarders and Climate Change.

Taking a Cyclical Approach to Transit Packaging

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Efficiency is key for retailers, and sustainable initiatives play a huge role in making gains. Sustainability initiatives are not only about reducing the number of boxes used. Start with raw materials: While many retailers regularly shout about the sustainable and eco-friendly materials their consumer-facing packages are composed of, they rarely extend this to their transit packaging.

Collaborative Logistics’ Role in the Emergence of the Physical Internet

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Imagine moving cargo across continents as smoothly as computers process data. If they succeed, this will ultimately lead to more efficient, effective and sustainable freight supply chains.”. Data-centric freight exchanges and intelligent multimodal cross-docking hubs will allow haulers to move cargo effortlessly by road, rail, sea and air and seamlessly change carrier, or even transport mode, in real time.

Can Co-opetition Save your Company?


While it may seem counterintuitive, co-opetition is slowly becoming a strategy that more and more companies are utilizing to widen their options—and survive.Particularly in the freight and transport industry, with shipping capacity low and demands increasingly stringent (customers who want to ship goods want it done quickly), the need for efficient routes is pressing but unsustainable.

5 Crucial Software Every 3PL Company Needs To Have


For instance, platforms such as Uber Carriage and Cargomatic enable real-time, cost-effective, on-demand transport arrangements to the other business logistics services, which brings great competitiveness to this industry. This article will present five software that every transporter and 3PL company should employ to stay competitive, cost-effective and ensure on-time delivery. Integrating route optimisation with vehicle and unloading dock scheduling in LCL cargo collection.

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The need to know


Container giant Maersk to ship cargo between UAE and Israel. Danish shipping giant Maersk MAERSKb.CO said it will now transport ocean cargo between the United Arab Emirates and Israel, a further sign of business opening up after the two countries established full ties. Amazon launches climate-friendly program to help shop for sustainable products. The need to know from Reuters global network of journalists.

Top 10 Supply Chain Innovations of 2018

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It will allow for the automation of more complex warehousing tasks, such as unloading shipping containers and picking packets or individual e-commerce orders. Content Summary: Personal Mover Transports Employees around BMW Plant. To eliminate some of this traveling BMW’s R&D group developed a Personal Mover solution—a one-person means of transport for covering short distances within an operating site. Sustainability.

Experts Discuss How to Streamline Global Supply Chain

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To improve operational efficiency successfully and in a sustainable way, people across the entire business need to have a shared understanding of the supply chain goals and also what their individual roles are in achieving them. Quality information from accounting systems is of critical importance en route to a successful supply chain which helps movement towards sustainability. Work with your broker to see if you can get priority on unloading the ship and inland transport.

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The Cost of Disaster


For instance, Hurricane Harvey impacted nearly 10 percent of the trucking industry for two weeks and prompted several ports and businesses in the region to shut down, consequently forcing the mass rerouting of cargo to places as far as the Bahamas and Mexico. The wildfires have severely impacted shipping in the region. Santa Rosa City in Sonoma County sustained the greatest damage, with more than 3,000 households and many businesses destroyed.

Flash forward 10 years: What would green, sustainable freight transportation look like


Freightera continues to build the freight transportation marketplace with a mission to transform the whole industry, releases the Green Future of Freight infographic. . Freightera, the Expedia-like freight shipping marketplace, continues to work on its mission to transform freight transportation from a large polluter to clean and sustainable industry.

Why packaging plays a pivotal role in logistics?

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They may be classified as materials handling, transport, storage and production.”. They have to keep on planning & innovating to craft a packaging system to sustain and help logistics companies to optimise their operations. As soon as they are shipped, one can have control over what happens to it. In such a case, choosing the right kind of packaging certainly helps the consignment to be intact and also help in cost-cutting, irrespective of transportation type.

How We Can Leverage Blockchain to Increase Transparency in Supply Chains


Maersk, a Danish shipping company, is testing blockchain to improve the administrative procedures and efficiency of marine shipping. In their example, shipping one container of flowers from Kenya to Rotterdam involves about 200 documents, from the local mills and export authorities to the port workers, customs agents and distributors. Using existing blockchain platforms, we can know where a diamond was mined, cut and transported.

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Global Trends in Digital Supply Chain - 2018 Review


At the same time, companies are putting more effort in the environment aspect and sustainability of the supply chain. Technology enables green, sustainable supply chain Logistics activity can bring about negative impacts to the environment. As a result, companies need to have answer for questions about their green manufacturing process, how sustainable their supply chain is, how much the companies is affecting the environment, how much carbon footprint is being produced everyday.

Technology as the Catalyst for Optimising Supplier Relationships to Improve Customer Experience

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From the complexity of having the right product, in the right place, at the right time across multiple channels -– to the spotlight on sustainability and ethical trading, customer expectations are having a growing influence on a retailer’s supplier decisions. James Hargraves , Business Development Director (APAC) at EV Cargo Technology, explains: “Monitoring, measuring and tracking are still at the heart of optimising supplier relationships.

Can Blockchain Really Make Supply Chains More Transparent and Ethical?

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” They include: Lack of visibility into the current location of shipped goods and authenticity of products when dealing with global vendors. For example, Christopher Tang reports blockchain solutions are being developed for ocean cargo to help make operations more efficient.[3] 1] Pieter Vandevelde, “ How to make supply chains ethical and sustainable with blockchain ,” Supply Chain Dive , 5 June 2018. [2]

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