South Sudan cargo plane crash kills at least 40 people

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Russian-made plane crashes shortly after take off near Juba airport, South Sudan, killing 'dozens' with reports putting the death toll as high as 40

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The Cost of Disaster


For instance, Hurricane Harvey impacted nearly 10 percent of the trucking industry for two weeks and prompted several ports and businesses in the region to shut down, consequently forcing the mass rerouting of cargo to places as far as the Bahamas and Mexico. The method has been successfully utilized in Sudan , where two scenarios were tested ? Natural disasters continue to dominate headlines worldwide and are only likely to increase in prevalence in years to come.

The Rise of China-Africa Trade: Why Transportation and Logistics Should be Front and Center


A brief look at the China-Africa trade suggests that while Chinese imports from Africa are focused on resource-rich countries (such as South Africa, Nigeria, Egypt, Sudan, Algeria and Liberia), Chinese exports, in the form of cheap manufactured goods are more widespread across the continent, with machinery making up the biggest chunk at roughly 30 percent. Logistics planners would readily tell you that this is not a surprise; such imbalances are a reality in the cargo industry.