EV Cargo Technology Joins EV Cargo, The Largest Privately-owned Logistics Business In The UK

EV Cargo Technology

EV Cargo Technology is one of six EmergeVest-backed companies forming EV Cargo. EV Cargo is a £850 million business focused on intersection of logistics and technology. Cargo-centric model delivers mission-critical supply chain services. EV Cargo Technology, one of the UK’s leading providers of supply chain management software is one of six premier logistics companies which have joined forces to form EV Cargo.

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How General Average Could Ruin Your Ocean Cargo Deliveries

CH Robinson Transportfolio

How General Average Could Ruin Your Ocean Cargo Deliveries | Transportfolio. Start by building your knowledge of how general average works, how it can impact your shipments if general average is declared, and how marine cargo insurance can help you sleep like a baby at night. General average is a throwback to the days when a crew tossed cargo overboard to lighten the ship in a storm. During the emergency, there wasn’t time to figure out whose cargo should be jettisoned.

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Top Five Air Cargo Carriers

The Logistics of Logistics

Top Five Air Cargo Carriers. The top five air cargo carriers by weight, according to the IATA , are: Fedex. As the biggest air cargo carrier by weight, Fedex had a revenue of $44.3 To support its air cargo business, Fedex has 634 aircraft and services 375 airports. One thing Fedex is known for is having transported two pandas as part of a global conservation program ( Fedex ). million tons of cargo in the 2012-2013 financial year, earning $2.8

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2020 Trends in Freight Transportation, and the COVID-19 Impact

Logistics Bureau

Now the entire freight transportation industry, across air, ocean, road, and rail sectors, is awash with disrupted expectations and has retreated into survival mode. Air Freight Transportation Trends 2020. Using passenger airliners to provide cargo-only services. In this case, there will be no sharp rebound in the volume of passenger-airliner capacity—which means no significant increase in cargo space. Ocean Freight Transportation Trends 2020.

Adjuno Joins Ev Cargo, The Largest Privately-owned Logistics Business In The Uk

EV Cargo Technology

Adjuno is one of six EmergeVest-backed companies forming EV Cargo. EV Cargo is a £850 million business focused on intersection of logistics and technology. Cargo-centric model delivers mission-critical supply chain services. Adjuno, one of the UK’s leading providers of supply chain management software is one of six premier logistics companies which have joined forces to form EV Cargo.

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What the “New Normal” in Shipping, Logistics, and Transportation May Look Like


Seemingly everything has been shaken up by COVID-19, and the shipping, logistics, and transportation industry is no different. All modes of travel were booming, whether it be for cargo, work, or tourism. Now, all of those norms are long gone, and it has left the shipping, logistics, and transportation industry wondering what lies ahead once COVID-19 begins to decline. We will be on the path for a more sustainable future.

5 Ways a TMS Can Help You “Go Green”

Talking Logistics

In recent years, businesses and consumers across the country have demonstrated that sustainability matters – both in terms of what they buy and how vendors are selected. based companies have a supplier sustainability scorecard that they may use in their purchasing decisions, and another 23% are developing one. One of the easiest ways to get started is by investing in a Transportation Management System (TMS).

Who said supply chains are boring?: Using GPS to track cargo.

Supply Chains Rock

Using GPS to track cargo containers. Many months ago I blogged about some new services that were being created to help shippers track cargo using wireless technologies. Do you have any information on the other interesting albeit more passive RFID in container transportation? Public Policy & Sustainability Blog. Who said supply chains are boring?

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Letter from the CEO: Market Update May 21, 2020


40’ Containers: The supply of equipment did improve in the second half of April and for the most part that has been sustained into May. Based on the above three points, one can make the argument that the Canadian transport industry has not been as impacted by the pandemic as the U.S. Majority of countries are re-opening gradually and cargo flows are re-emerging as shippers and manufacturers increase activities. Letter from the CEO: Market Update May 21, 2020.

Global Cargo Monitoring / Cargo Tracking: arviem and KeyTone.

Global Trade Management

Global Cargo Monitoring / Cargo Tracking. Trying to manage a global supply chain without knowing exactly where cargo is located, its condition, who has custody of it, or when events occur, is experiencing the supply chain – not managing it. ” A bout KeyTone Technologies KeyTone Technologies is a recognized leader in RFID solutions for clients in Manufacturing, Distribution, Transportation & Logistics, Financial Services, and Aerospace & Defense.

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Airfreight Forwarders and Carriers Prepare for Holiday Season

Logistics Trends and Insights

More importantly, is the demand sustainable through the end of the year? The decline in truck drivers, the ELD mandate and high demand has already led to increased transportation costs for shippers this year. Booking air cargo space may be easier than last year but ground transportation will be a sticky situation for many shippers. Air Cargo air freight airfreight

Supply Chain And Logistics Trends That Could Be Big In 2020

Logistics Bureau

Firstly, many companies are reaching more advanced levels of maturity in sustainability and greening the supply chain. Meanwhile, more third-party agencies and organisations, including governments, are pushing the sustainability agenda. No longer do the large, beneficial cargo owners have an overwhelming advantage in global supply chain operations. It’s time to start looking ahead again.

Cargo Flight Launches a Vital Link in the Ebola Response Effort

Supply Chain @ MIT

The Lab is part of the MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics. Airlink, the NGO that provided the air transportation, collaborated with the ACCEL logistics team to secure cargo space. This facility feeds forward logistics bases throughout the country and provides transportation capacity where there are gaps. Jarrod Goentzel, Director of the MIT Humanitarian Response Lab, during loading operations in Miami.

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Is Hyperloop the Next Great Supply Chain Technology?


Hyperloop is a theoretical transportation technology, a long-awaited “fifth avenue” of transportation that uses vacuum tubes and linear induction motors to shuttle pressurized air capsules along a track, using a lack of friction to achieve speeds as high as 700 mph (approx. The CEO of the company behind the test (Hyperloop One) estimates that the system will be transporting cargo by 2019 and passengers by 2021.

6 Emerging Trends In Supply Chain and A Deeper Look into Driverless Vehicles


Editor's Note: Today's blog is from our friend Kevin Hill with Quality Scales Unlimited who shares his expertise regarding the key trends in supply chain and transportation management. . To be able to deal with tariffs and customs, many supply chain companies have partnered with third-party logistics providers who help them manage in-country transportation, distribution, and warehousing. This is the value of having a transportation network.

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Who said supply chains are boring?: Transporter 3: Logistics future.

Supply Chains Rock

Transporter 3: Logistics future or Hollywood tricks? This weekend I watched " Transporter 3 " the action movie about an ex-military expert that uses his superior driving skills and an Audi A8 to deliver "packages" for clients in remote areas in record time. Anyway, in the opening sequence a giant cargo ship is loaded with containers. Public Policy & Sustainability Blog. Who said supply chains are boring?

Top 4 Reasons Why Package Optimization Also Benefits Your Supply Chain


By making small tweaks to the way a product is packaged, they hope to save time and money in producing and transporting products. Package optimization has many different benefits, from not wasting money on unnecessary materials to creating a more sustainable package. Package Optimization Allows for Sustainability. With so many companies looking for ways they can go green, package optimization can be one of the best ways to promote sustainable business practices.

The Carbon Footprint in the Logistics Chain

Global Trade Management

For example: Nike’s environmental goal for logistics and transportation is to achieve a 30% reduction in carbon emissions by 2020. As the mode of transport (e.g. Real-time cargo monitoring could provide the relevant information, help to select areas of improvement and monitor the improvement year after year. arviem carbon footprint cargo monitoring climate change managed predictability Nike real time monitoring supply chain sustainability

Cerasis Pounds Deductible of Freight Insurance to Zero


(Eagan, MN) – Cerasis, a well-known leader in third-party logistics services, has secured the ability to reduce the minimum premium cost for cargo insurance on all shipments, including insurance on shipments with a zero deductible. The new type of cargo insurance will continue to maintain the previous standards of freight insurance needed by Cerasis-affiliated shippers, including “Acts of God,” terrorism, strikes, riots, civil risks and compliance complaints.

Supplier Risk Management: 4 Things To Look Out for During On-Site Evaluations


Specifically, in the transportation and logistics industry it can be very beneficial to visit your carriers in person. Does the training cover how to properly perform pre-trip inspections, how to properly secure cargo, or what to do in the case of emergency? According to a 2011 Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance study , the most prominent securement violations are “failure to prevent shifting cargo, and “leaking/spilling/blowing/falling cargo.”

This Week in Logistics News (February 17-21, 2014)

Talking Logistics

White House Directs the EPA and the Department of Transportation (DOT) to Set the Next Round of Fuel Efficiency Standards for Medium- and Heavy-Duty Vehicles. Government to import or export cargo. This is not only leading to stockouts, but also higher transportation rates. Global Trade Global Trade Management Regulations Sustainability This Week in News 2006 SAFE Port Act Ben Cubitt C.H. I went downhill skiing for the first time in 15 years yesterday.

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The Rise of China-Africa Trade: Why Transportation and Logistics Should be Front and Center

Supply Chain Nation

The trade imbalance this causes is an interesting case study for the economists no doubt, but what about the transportation and logistics that will be needed to sustain this trade over the coming years? This results in empty planes and containers returning to China from Africa even if they were full on their way in, resulting in inefficient transportation corridors. Transportation & Logistics

Top 4 Challenges You Need to Master for International Shipping

Talking Logistics

For many global companies, conducting seamless business overseas is critical to the vitality of partnerships, clientele, and sustained profitability. To avoid significant delays or additional costs to your transportation spend as a result of overlooked logistics, be sure to collaborate with customs at origin and destination to ensure all information is compliant with regulations and procedures. Get your priorities straight to determine which transportation mode is best.

Videos & Visions: Of Electrifying the Last Mile for E-Commerce Delivery

Supply Chain Network

Chanje are focused on creating sustainable solutions that improve how companies move people and packages from transportation hubs to their final destinations. Gnewt Cargo is an all electric Last Mile delivery provider started in the UK in 2008 and the Founder Matt Linnecar shares the following case study on Gnewt Cargo from the eDrive conference. In 2016, Gnewt cargo made over 3 million deliveries and in August 2017 they were acquired by Menzies Distribution.

This Week in Logistics News (May 7-11, 2018)

Talking Logistics

Kuebix Surpasses 10,000 Companies Using Its Transportation Management System (TMS). to further explore concepts and technologies related to urban air mobility (UAM) to ensure a safe and efficient system for future air transportation in populated areas.” Rail, One of the Transportation Granddaddies, Still Relevant. With the new routes, customers also have more sustainable service and wider coverage.

Trends—January 2016

Inbound Logistics

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Near-Shoring Trend a Cause for Celebration and Concern for Logistics Service Providers (LSPs) & Air Carriers

BluJay Solutions

Indeed for many IATA members whose operations largely center around air cargo, near-shoring is cause for concern, with manufacturing shifting closed to ‘home’ a risk to the sustainability of air freight volumes longer term. . Overall, probably neutral in the medium term - any reduction in air cargo volumes will most likely be counteracted by increases in road, rail and short sea volumes. Positive growth in air freight volumes reported recently by IATA (4.5%


ZF brings in SupplyOn to gain real-time transparency for overseas transport at the material number level


For critical overseas transport that is prone to delays, ZF has teamed up with SupplyOn to implement a system that continuously monitors the transport status at the material level and in real-time. They are generally transported by sea, and delays are common. During the often weeks-long overseas transport, material coordinators previously received only manually provided information via email or a service provider portal.

How to Lower Your Ocean Freight Costs!

Supply Chain Game Changer

Even within the FCL option, optimization maybe achieved using the right type of container for the right type of cargo – like 20’ container for weight based cargo and 40’container for volume based cargo. Triangulation refers to the use of the same container for export and import purpose meaning you export cargo from A to B and also bring back imports from B to A using same container and same carrier. Optimize your cargo packing. Subscribe Here! Email Address.

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What are the main 3PL Services?

The Logistics of Logistics

Among the services which they provide are transportation, warehousing, cross-docking, inventory management, packaging, and freight forwarding. Transportation Services. Air Cargo. Sustainability and Green Logistics. Logistics/Transportation Consulting. Transportation Management System (TMS). Admiral E. King famously said “I don’t know what the hell this “logistics” is that Marshall is always talking about, but I want some of it.”.

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Top 12 logistics influencers on Twitter

DELMIA Quintiq

From logistics service providers to news publications to industry bloggers, these experts will keep you updated with the latest news and insights from the world of logistics and transportation. Cerasis, a 3PL servicing North America, is no stranger to the transportation and shipping industry. Looking for the best logistics, sustainability and supply chain news from around the web? Want to know more about how Uber Cargo is expanding their logistics services?

New Panama Canal Options: Running the Numbers with a TMS


When the expanded Panama Canal opened this June, a new set of routes became available for shippers and beneficial cargo owners (BCOs). A transportation management system (TMS) can help shippers weigh the pros and cons of each option. Cargo can enter the country via East coast or West coast ports depending on variables such as the type of product being shipped. The preferred amount of inventory held on ships and trucks depends on constraints such as the value of the cargo.

Ship it Good: What Do Maersk’s New Ships Mean for Water Transportation?


The losses were offset by cheap oil prices – not a sustainable source of profit. Ships like Maersk’s transport over 95% of the world’s manufactured products, and demand is set to increase 3% - 5% this year. Manufacturers are looking elsewhere for transportation options, and shippers need to work to increase efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Huge ships contain too much cargo to be removed in a timely matter. We’re Going to Need a Bigger Boat.

Redefining the Last Mile in Crowded Cities

Supply Chain @ MIT

The big cargo vehicles now arrive early in the morning, park at designated sites and transfer the goods to motorcycles that make […]. Sustainability Transportation Featured Innovation megacity logistics MIT CTL traffic congestion MIT Megacity Lab big city deliveries ecommerce last-mile distributionThe Coca-Cola Co.

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Who said supply chains are boring?: 6. Winfield Scott: A Native.

Supply Chains Rock

Logisticians are dazzling masterminds who use ingenuity to transport cumbersome supplies across vast distances and over some of the worlds most challenging terrain. These transportation experts used manpower and pure mechanical force to get things where they needed to be. Combat logistics patrols are often dangerous and returning with empty cargo often isn’t a priority. Public Policy & Sustainability Blog. Who said supply chains are boring?