Cargo plane destroyed by airstrikes in Yemen

Logistics Middle East

Saudi-led airstrikes are targeting several airports across the troubled country

Yemen 54

Iran, US and Saudi warships in tense Yemen standoff

Logistics Middle East

Iran sends warships to escort cargo ship into US and Saudi controlled waters off Yemen

Yemen 48

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Saudi jets hit cargo ships off Yemen as ceasefire ends

Logistics Middle East

Yemeni media claim Saudi jets have launched airstrikes on UNICEF ships, but the agency has not responded to these reports

Yemen 50

Saudi naval coalition blockades Yemen port

Logistics Middle East

Saudi warships prevent cargo vessel carrying grain from entering Yemeni port

Yemen 43

Cargo ships begin to sink en-route from Oman to Alang

Logistics Middle East

Yemen flagged cargo ships issue distress calls on way from Oman to Alang in rough seas

Yemen 52

Ship Smarter: How to Avoid Bottlenecks in Your Global Operations


You can’t just turn around a giant cargo ship. Once cargo has shipped, there are no “backsies.” Everything from custom duties to cargo inspections can create bottlenecks within the supply chain. Ship Smarter: How to Avoid Bottlenecks in Your Global Operations. By Ali Hasan Raza. Published October 25, 2019 in Global Trade Magazine. Even at some of the world’s best supply chains, redirecting chemicals and other products is a Herculean effort.