“1+1=3? Opportunities in Logistics (Takeaways from Descartes Evolution 2015 Conference)

Talking Logistics

The slides below from CEO Ed Ryan’s keynote presentation highlight the current scope of Descartes’ solution footprint, which includes both software applications and its Global Logistics Network (GLN) — an example of what I call a Supply Chain Operating Network. In the video clip below, Chad Murphy, VP of Professional Services at Descartes, shared with me some best practices he’s seeing from other customers in the realm of omni-channel fulfillment and same-day delivery.

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The Benefits & Drawbacks of WMS in the Cloud


Cloud-based technologies are among the latest innovations impacting supply chain and warehouse management. The concept of a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform allows users to tap into the enterprise-level software at a fraction of the cost of developing and maintaining systems in-house, reports Chad Collins of Supply and Demand Chain Executive. Supply Chain Technology Warehouse wms in the cloud

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Talent development essential for supply chain leaders

Supply Chain Movement

Supply chain leaders have gained an ever-stronger position in the world of business over recent years. Talent development can make an important contribution to the execution of their supply chain strategies, but not all leaders pay the same amount of attention to this topic. Life’s as a chief supply chain officer (CSCO) is not always easy. Trends article Carlos Cordón download IMD Business School Leadership supply chain talent development

Mindmap for Supply Chain Execution 24/7

Supply Chain Movement

Such huge pressure on sales is also dragging the supply chain department(s) towards an ever-higher service level. Together with Consafe Logistics, a supplier of supply chain execution software, Supply Chain Movement has created this Supply Chain Execution Mindmap to outline the route, including road signs indicating potential hazards along the way. >>Please Mindmap Supply Chain Execution 24/7.

KPI Key Performance Indicators in Supply Chain & Logistics

Logistics Bureau

Supply Chain KPIs are Essential – The Right Ones! Many people get really confused about KPIs or Key Performance Indicators in Logistics and Supply Chain operations. Supply Chain KPI Tips. All you need to know about Supply Chain KPIs. Supply Chain KPI. So that unfortunately means that many of your supply chain KPIs may not be stock-standard ones. Cost as a percentage of sales (Logistics or Supply Chain).

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Three Cool Technologies

Supply Chain Shaman

While I am advocating rethinking supply chain planning, for some consultants, the only path forward is the adoption of DDRMP. In the words of Stefan, can we have a discussion like a group of college math majors that realize that most of today’s supply planning implementations are less than ideal. I appreciate Carol and Chad’s work in this area. Driving supply chain innovation is hard. Oh my!

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Updated IT Subway Map: Major acquisitions in SC software

Supply Chain Movement

The supply chain software industry is in a considerable state of flux. furthermore, because the continuing growth in outsourcing is making global businesses ever-more susceptible to disruptions, supply chain risk management software is also on the rise. These are the key developments that are visualised on the 2016 version of Supply Chain Movement’s SCM IT Subway Map. directly from their suppliers, from their own warehouse or even from a retail store).

3PL Subway 2015: Strategic movements among logistics providers

Supply Chain Movement

For the third consecutive year, Supply Chain Movement has put together a 3PL Subway Map Europe showing the specific services of the most important logistics service providers which have offices in several European countries. >>Please Globally, warehousing is outsourced by 67%. In comparison, according to Fraunhofer Institute, warehousing is outsourced by 54% in Germany, which is the largest logistics market in Europe.

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Crowdfunding Fulfillment Solutions!

Supply Chain Game Changer

At the end of every fully funded Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign, there will be a warehouse full of product that needs to get into the hands of your backers. If you’re like a lot of small business startups, however, you might have forgotten to figure in fulfillment costs, including shipping and warehouse storage fees. A crowdfunding fulfillment provider can track and warehouse your products once they arrive from the manufacturer. Subscribe Here! Email Address.

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The Benefits & Drawbacks of WMS in the Cloud

Veridian Solutions

Cloud-based technologies are among the latest innovations impacting supply chain and warehouse management. The concept of a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform allows users to tap into the enterprise-level software at a fraction of the cost of developing and maintaining systems in-house, reports Chad Collins of Supply and Demand Chain Executive. Technology Warehouse Management

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Five Hidden Skills that Military Veterans Bring to Logistics

Material Handling and Logistics

The Red Ball Express was an all African-American logistical unit that brought Patton the fuel, the ammunition and the other essential supplies to enable his tank army to maneuver and repulse the surprise Nazi German attack. The Red Ball Express was one of the hero units of the Battle of the Bulge because of their challenging work, innovation and determination to get the necessary supplies to Patton’s tanks. 2) War Game Your Supply Chain and Operations.

Keys to a Successful Dropship Implementation

Talking Logistics

Editor’s Note: For additional insights and advice on this topic, watch the recent Talking Logistics episode featuring Chad Andrews discussing this topic with Adrian Gonzalez. Before getting started, a retailer needs to evaluate the capabilities of its supply chain systems as well as its organizational capabilities. As with retailers, manufacturers and distributors must evaluate both their supply chain systems and their internal organizational capabilities.

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The Year in Logistics: Most Popular Articles from 2020

Logistics Viewpoints

As always, it was a busy year covering the latest supply chain and logistics trends, emerging technologies, mergers and acquisitions, major news announcements, and more. 2020 Supply Chain Technology Trends ; Steve Banker, Chris Cunnane, and Clint Reiser.

The Essential Guide to HighJump Elevate 2020

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The conference brings together supply chain professionals providing network opportunities and for professionals to augment the jobs by taking in educational topics not only around both the capabilities HighJump provides with their suite of technologies, but also to learn from peers who are leading panels and workshops as well as exciting keynote speakers. Chad Collins, CEO of Software of Körber Logistics Systems. Supply Chain Technology Expo.