Emergency Freight: What Harvey Tells Us About Irma

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Less than ten days after Hurricane Harvey, trucks are already moving freight out of Houston, with almost the same volume as before the storm. Outbound freight has picked up by now, and rates have declined in both directions after the initial, post-storm peak.

Advantages of Basing Your Distribution Center in North Carolina

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The state is also ranked #5 in GlobalTrade Magazine’s “ Best States for Manufacturing.” Here’s why: In terms of output, North Carolina is the second-largest food and beverage manufacturer in the U.S., Total manufacturing output was over $103 billion in 2018.

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Smart Cities won’t be Smart if They Ignore Logistics

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For example, urban planners in Charlotte, NC, have “designated a 60-acre, 50-square block area as a place for modern, urban redesign, dubbed the North Tryon Vision Plan. George Prest ( @mhi_ceo ), CEO of MHI, reports, “MHI’s Annual Industry Report, ‘Next-Generation Supply Chains: Digital, On-Demand and Always-On,’ [found] a full 50% of the 1,100 manufacturing and supply chain industry leaders surveyed are not aware of Smart City Logistics.”[2]

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This Week in Logistics News (February 18-22, 2013)

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Transplace delivered more than 50 customer solutions in 2012 using the CombineNet sourcing technology, in industries including consumer goods, chemicals, manufacturing, and retail.

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Van Rates Sag, Flatbeds Add 2¢, Before Q1 Closes

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It's common for shippers to hustle freight out the door before the quarter ends, and this is the deadline. Load-to-truck ratios were highest along the East Coast, and in much of the Sun Belt, as freight moves into position for “last mile” trips to the major population centers.

The Economy is on a Roll


The logistics industry has the wind at its back with stronger consumer spending and manufacturing stabilizing. . The Institute for Supply Management said its index of non-manufacturing activity rose to 57.2

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A New Year, a New Administration Begins


Non-manufacturing growth surges . The ISM non-manufacturing activity index (NMI) December reading came in at 57.2. Companies that depend on industrial real estate, which is everyone from manufacturers to retailers and 3PLs experienced a sharp increase in lease rates in 2016 from 5 to 23 percent. It should be noted that freight volume and load-to-truck ratios started out higher than normal for this time of year and it’s usual for load counts to decline. .

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