Trending Transportation News: February 2016

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In January, PLS opened its 12 th branch office in Charlotte, North Carolina. Both offices opened to better support the company’s shipping and carrier partners. Non-Manufacturing Grows for 72 nd Straight Month. The Institute for Supply Management (ISM) reported that non-manufacturing activity continues to point towards growth.

Will sub-zero temps stall trucking operations?

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Most LTL operations won’t pick up freezables, and shippers may be forced to ship products on temperature-controlled trailers that can provide heat. Any and all of these factors have the potential to shift winter shipping patterns. Large swaths of the U.S.

Spot Market Van Rates Soared in September

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Columbus is a key distribution point for the Midwest and the Northeast, and it shipped more to the Southeast after the storms. Lots of Florida-bound freight also comes from Charlotte , and rates on the Charlotte-to-Lakeland lane also dropped 20¢ to $2.88/mile.

Smart Cities won’t be Smart if They Ignore Logistics

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For example, urban planners in Charlotte, NC, have “designated a 60-acre, 50-square block area as a place for modern, urban redesign, dubbed the North Tryon Vision Plan. Data could be used by both shippers and receivers to look at the very intelligent traffic systems and change their shipping or receiving times to help alleviate issues even more. McGraw, “ Charlotte Moves toward a Car-Free City Center ,” Next City , 30 July 2018. [2]

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How Hurricane Florence affects freight

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Many of the destinations are in inland North Carolina markets, including Charlotte, and those lane rates are rising now. DAT connects carriers with brokers and shippers who have urgent shipping needs, including FEMA loads.

2 Signs That the Freight Recession Really Is Over

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The biggest spike was on the lane from Charlotte to Buffalo , which jumped up 44¢ to an average of $2.74/mile. Asparagus, beans, and peas are shipping out of Western Michigan, and reefer rates on the lane from Grand Rapids to Philadelphia jumped up 47¢ to $3.17/mile.

Prices fall as flooding halts freight

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As many parts of the Southeast deal with flooding as a result of Hurricane Florence, the transportation industry is re-adjusting to recovery mode, as demand for emergency freight shipped to the area will increase in the coming days. Atlanta to Charlotte also jumped up 20¢ to $2.96/mile.

This Week in Logistics News (February 18-22, 2013)

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FedEx Helps Small Businesses Streamline Shipping with Integration Manager. Mexico shipping, which is particularly timely as more companies locate manufacturing and distribution operations in Mexico and the need for capacity and reliable cross-border shipping services accelerates.

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Spot Rates Begin Seasonal Slide, but From Higher Peak

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Charlotte and Los Angeles continue to have the highest outbound van rates, while Atlanta remains number one for load volume. And in the Southeast, Atlanta to Charlotte lost 20¢ to $2.47 Apple harvests are getting underway, and the early varieties have been shipping.

Van Ratios and Rates Hit Record Highs at End of Quarter

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One additional source of rate pressure looms, however: Amazon's Prime Day, with special deals on merchandise and shipping, is coming up on Tuesday. Atlanta and Charlotte prices were also up by double-digit percentage points.

BVL Carolinas Chapter is Launched: More than 100 participants at Volvo in Greensboro.

Supply Chain View from the Field

It is envisioned that the chapter will have meetings held across the Carolinas, including RTP, Charlotte, Greensboro, Winston-Salem, and Greenville, SC. The first inaugural meeting of the BVL International Carolinas Chapter was held on August 12, 2013 at the Volvo facility in Greensboro, NC.

Spot Market Freight Rates Soar After Hurricane Harvey

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Outbound volumes from Houston also fell 73%, but the rearrangement of supply chains, the difficulty of shipping in the flooded region, and increased seasonal demand in other parts of the country combined to create pockets of tight capacity that put extra pressure on truckload rates.

Have Van Rates Turned the Corner?

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Still, this is the second week in a row with rising volumes, so this could be a strong early start to the spring shipping season. Memphis to Charlotte was up 21¢ to $2.53/mile. Charlotte to Buffalo was down 17¢ at $2.69/mile.

Early winter storms could cause freight schedules to slip

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Over the weekend, Winter Storm Diego blanketed Charlotte, Raleigh and many miles of highway in North Carolina, extending east to Tennessee and north to Virginia. Major e-commerce providers have promised free shipping on all orders, and some of their delivery commitments are pretty aggressive.

Mid-May Spot Market Has Been a Mixed Bag

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In the South, volumes were up nearly 9% in Charlotte , but down 3% in Atlanta. Charlotte rates have also been trending upward. Atlanta to Charlotte rose 23¢ to an average of $2.40/mile.

Here's How Hurricanes Irma and Harvey Have Affected Van Freight

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Atlanta and Charlotte are the two major van markets that serve Florida, and outbound rates soared in those markets, but volumes were down. Also, some ships may have been re-routed from Houston to East Coast ports, so that will add to the pressure in port cities and regional hubs.

Looking for a Reefer Load? Try These 5 Markets

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The recent bad weather in the Carolinas affected load posts in that region last week, but Charlotte has been number 1 in load posts for the past month. The national reefer rate average lost 5¢ last week, but there are still pockets in the country where reefer demand remains high.

How to Survive the Retail Purge


Popular stores like Gap, Chico’s, and Charlotte Ruse are closing a large number of their brick-and-mortar stores based on consumer changes. Unexpected delivery times are no longer a problem along with shipping fees, one of the top reasons customers abandon their carts.

Reefer Freight Adjusts to Post-Holidays, Post-ELD

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Nogales, AZ , was the only produce-shipping market to post any big rate increases last week, as many others were down significantly. Lakeland to Charlotte lost 62¢ at $1.81/mile.

Rail Competition Takes a Bite Out of Van Rates

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The exception was Charlotte , which led the pack with a 1% uptick in outbound rates. We probably have at least another week or two of falling prices before trends reverse at the start of the spring shipping season.

Van Rates Rise Ahead of Roadcheck Inspections

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Normally during a four-day shipping week, we'd expect load posts and truck posts to be down around 20%. Atlanta saw only a slight dip in volumes despite one less shipping day. Buffalo to Charlotte dropped 17¢ to $2.02/mile.

Consumer Goods Boost Van Rates in Northeast

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Lanes shipping into the Northeast were also up: Rates on the lane from Charlotte to Buffalo rose 21¢ to $2.92/mile. Since the 4th of July landed on a Tuesday this year, a lot of people also took Monday off.

Spot market demand heats up out West

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The West Coast is starting to see the freight that shipped from China after the Chinese New Year celebrations ended. port for those ships, and that freight was already being loaded onto trucks last week. Back East (and not a seaport) Buffalo to Charlotte bumped up 10¢ to $2.25/mi.

Planning and managing the critical aspects of a full merchandising season

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You can set exceptions for items as you track them to ensure they’re ordered, shipped, landed, warehoused and shelved on time. Charlotte Kula-Przezwanski. Author: Charlotte Kula-Przezwanski, Partner at Columbus Consulting. Charlotte Kula-Przezwanski.

Rebuilding Efforts Fuel Flatbed Demand

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Load counts are up on DAT load boards , with more flatbed freight shipping to support the rebuilding and recovery efforts in areas affected by the storms. The lane from Baltimore to Charlotte jumped up 60¢ last week to $2.22/mile, but volumes are trending back down now.

How Does Atlanta's I-85 Bridge Collapse Affect Truckloads?

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Traffic jams will slow freight entering and leaving the Atlanta market for the next few months, but the impact on truckload freight is likely to be limited to freight going to and from Charlotte and the Carolinas and other points north.

How Will Hurricane Harvey Affect Freight Rates?

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For example, you can expect to see a lot more than the usual number of westbound loads on DAT load boards out of Atlanta, Charlotte and Greenville , SC in the next week or two. Buffalo to Charlotte added 20¢ to $1.88

Truckload Rates Finally Catch Up to Freight Volumes

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The backhaul lane from Philadelphia to Charlotte added 15¢ to $1.46/mile, which could be a reaction to the conditions in Charlotte -- more on that below. Miami continued to ship lots of reefer roads, while Lakeland in the central part of the state joined the Florida parade.

Truckload Rates Finally Catch Up to Freight Volumes

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The backhaul lane from Philadelphia to Charlotte added 15¢ to $1.46/mile, which could be a reaction to the conditions in Charlotte -- more on that below. Miami continued to ship lots of reefer roads, while Lakeland in the central part of the state joined the Florida parade.

Hurricane Matthew Affects Spot Rates and Freight Volumes

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due to the fallout from the Hanjin Shipping bankruptcy. Reefer load posts spiked in Charlotte last week ahead of Hurricane Matthew. Spot market rates were up last week, but volumes fell. Hurricane Matthew likely played a role in both of those factors.

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The Economy is on a Roll


Expecting more packages than ever to be shipped and delivered this month, parcel companies are warning buyers to order early. From my point of view, I am optimistic about the coming year as we wrap up a solid 2016 at Wagner Logistics.

5 Best Places to Find a Load Fast

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Columbus jumped to third in load availability after an end-of-quarter shipping surge boosted demand in the last few days of the September. Charlotte has the second most load posts in the Southeast (9th in the country), with fewer trucks competing for those loads than in Memphis and Atlanta.

Spot Market Volumes Are Strong, but Rates Still Lag

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Notable increases: Charlotte to Buffalo rates rose 15¢ to an average of $2.17/mile. Did you know that California ships 87% of the strawberries in the U.S.? Berries started moving out of Santa Maria in late February, and Ventura County is gearing up for peak shipping season.

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Van Rates Sag, Flatbeds Add 2¢, Before Q1 Closes

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Buffalo to Charlotte , up 18¢ to $2.59/mile. HOT MARKETS : Rock Island , IL, is home to farm equipment manufacturers, who must have shipped a bunch of orders last week. We're just a few days away from Easter and Passover, which coincide with the close of the first quarter.

Delayed Produce Could Lead to a Busy May

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We’re hearing a lot about shipping gaps in California due to delays in planting because of an unusually wet winter, which explains the flat reefer volumes last week.