Trending Transportation News: February 2016

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The Institute for Supply Management (ISM) reported that non-manufacturing activity continues to point towards growth. In January, PLS opened its 12 th branch office in Charlotte, North Carolina. Both offices opened to better support the company’s shipping and carrier partners. Logistics Transportation Supply Chain NewsNon-Manufacturing Grows for 72 nd Straight Month.

BVL Carolinas Chapter is Launched: More than 100 participants at Volvo in Greensboro.

Supply Chain View from the Field

The move by BVL to create the chapter in the Carolinas is not only a recognition of the area as a supply chain hub but also a move to expand the organization’s footprint into North America. Center for Global Logistics and the Supply Chain Resource Cooperative at NC State University.

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Advantages of Basing Your Distribution Center in North Carolina

Kanban Logistics

These specialized inbound services include JIT delivery, kitting, packaging, VMI and other services that are essential to keeping manufacturing supply chains in motion. Berth and container yard renovations to accommodate larger ships. North Carolina, the Tar Heel State.

Spot Market Van Rates Soared in September

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Meantime, rates and volumes are starting to come back down to normal in the Southeast, but supply chains throughout the rest of the country are still feeling the ripple effects, as evidenced by all the dark red in the Hot States Map below.

Will sub-zero temps stall trucking operations?

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Most LTL operations won’t pick up freezables, and shippers may be forced to ship products on temperature-controlled trailers that can provide heat. That caused prolonged disruptions in the supply chain that led to tight capacity and higher rates. Large swaths of the U.S.

Smart Cities won’t be Smart if They Ignore Logistics

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For example, urban planners in Charlotte, NC, have “designated a 60-acre, 50-square block area as a place for modern, urban redesign, dubbed the North Tryon Vision Plan. The need to supply retailers or deliver packages to residences won’t go away simply because planners want to fill cities with generous numbers of auto-free streets and/or with greenways reserved for pedestrians and bicycles.

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This Week in Logistics News (February 18-22, 2013)

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FedEx Helps Small Businesses Streamline Shipping with Integration Manager. Mexico shipping, which is particularly timely as more companies locate manufacturing and distribution operations in Mexico and the need for capacity and reliable cross-border shipping services accelerates.

Mexico 130

Spot Market Freight Rates Soar After Hurricane Harvey

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Outbound volumes from Houston also fell 73%, but the rearrangement of supply chains, the difficulty of shipping in the flooded region, and increased seasonal demand in other parts of the country combined to create pockets of tight capacity that put extra pressure on truckload rates.

Planning and managing the critical aspects of a full merchandising season

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At RELEX we specialize in demand forecasting and retail and supply chain planning. You can put start and finish dates into a modern retail and supply chain planning solution. Charlotte Kula-Przezwanski. Moving Supply chain, logistics and allocation.

The Economy is on a Roll


The Institute for Supply Management said its index of non-manufacturing activity rose to 57.2 Expecting more packages than ever to be shipped and delivered this month, parcel companies are warning buyers to order early.

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