How to Safely Handle Chemicals!

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A Comprehensive Warehouse Safety Guide! Chemicals article written for Supply Chain Game Changer by Carla Sanz. Every time I am asked about how to handle and transport chemical products I answer that it is all about being well-informed. Indeed, there are various elements that one has to know when it comes to the storage and handling of chemical products. Know your chemicals. My first piece of advice is to always be aware of the type of chemicals you are storing.

A Comprehensive Warehouse Safety Guide!

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When it comes to the state of working in America, warehouses have seen a huge increase of workers with over 1,000,000 total since the start of 2018. Warehouses, often full of moving machinery carrying heavy loads, are inherently one of the most dangerous places to work. If you’re a warehouse manager, failing to control these risks can lead to high employee turnover, decreased productivity, legal issues, and, at worst, injury or fatality. The Importance of Warehouse Safety.

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CLX Logistics Turns to Kewill for Freight Forwarding Solution

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When it comes to hauling materials, few areas are as highly regulated or complex as the chemical industry. So we considered it something of a feather in our cap when CLX Logistics – a leader in global logistics services that specializes in helping companies worldwide transport chemicals – recently chose Kewill Forwarding for its freight forwarding services. Download our eBook – A Freight Forwarder’s Guide to Increasing Revenue & Profit.

This Week in Logistics News (October 8-12, 2018)

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Alexa Heads to the Warehouse (WSJ – sub. Transplace Acquires Yusen Logistics’ Intermodal & Freight Brokerage Group. Freight trucking startup Shipwell gets a $10 million boost (TechCrunch). Warehouse Space Growing Tighter on Rising E-Commerce Demands (WSJ – sub. So if you can provide warehousing, transportation and/or material handling equipment to support disaster relief efforts, I encourage you to contact ALAN. Alexa in the Warehouse.

What Is the COVID-19 Impact on Your Supply Chain? We Surveyed the Transplace Network.


Last week, we surveyed Transplace’s network of customers of $9+ billion of freight under management to reveal the impacts of the pandemic. Logistics leaders in our survey also shared how the changes in revenue affect their supply chain: Impacts on warehouse space. Increase in expedited freight due to material shortages. What Is the COVID-19 Impact on Your Supply Chain? We Surveyed the Transplace Network.

Do You Know When it’s Time for a Freight Review?

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Choosing freight carriers is not the easiest of tasks, so it’s understandable why companies often overlook the need for a freight review , even when such an undertaking is long overdue. Read and Heed the Signs that Freight Review is Due. But how do you know when it’s the right time to conduct a freight review? You’ve lost touch with (or have never really explored) developments in the freight service market. Changes in freight-rate structure.

28 supply chain professionals share the biggest challenges of supply chain management

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Our supply chain involves a contract manufacturer, a third-party testing facility, warehouses to store inventory and a freighting company. For example, if my contract manufacturer is late with an order it can cause me to incur excess costs with the freighting and warehousing companies, respectively. This initially necessitated the expansion of our warehousing provision, revision of our stock rotation and warehousing policies and associated costs, which we had to bear.

3PL Basics: The 11 Transportation Services with Jeremy Thone

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provides transportation management system software to help make freight brokers more profitable – both by helping them bring in more revenue and helping them to operate more efficiently. BrokerWare is a transportation management system (TMS) for Non-Asset Based Freight Brokers.

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Supply Chain Risk Management is a Cirque Du Soleil Calibre Act!

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What is we had a chemical explosion? If you don’t have enough of the right inventory you won’t be able to fulfill demand and the rest of your inventory will sit idly on warehouse shelves. Finance Freight and Logistics Inventory Management Procurement Strategy Supply Chain Management Talent Management logistics management Risk ManagementSubscribe Here! Email Address. Subscribe to Supply Chain Game Changer. Disaster Strikes!!! Is Your Supply Chain Ready To Recover?

Cold Chain WMS: Using WMS to Boost Cold Chain Efficiency & Safety

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The value of cold storage warehouses affects numerous industries beyond refrigerated and frozen food industries, says Lorie King Rogers of Modern Materials Handling magazine. Industries using cold chains include pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, high-tech electronics, and even cleaning and industrial chemicals. Additional benefits of this approach include increased safety through better predictive maintenance of cold warehouse assets, such as refrigeration units.

Experts Discuss How to Streamline Global Supply Chain

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That said, implementing Lean concepts would undoubtedly be part of that strategy, for example, - Lean Warehousing : Many firms (both retailers and manufacturers) are now aggressively rolling out Lean in their warehouse operations. It is safe to say that if a warehouse operation is not implementing Lean, it is falling behind its competition. Eliminate Before You Automate : Automation is critical to large, efficient warehouse operations.

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Wanted: Supply Chain Architects!

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Forty years ago as a chemical engineering student, I learned the tedious craft of chemical plant design. Getting good at factory design is a merit badge of sorts for the chemical engineer. So when the warehouse team threatened to unionize, I transferred into a distribution, warehouse environment. Warehouse Management and Transportation Management were in their infancy. This work is typically periodic to accompany a freight bid or an end-to-end project.

Distribution in China takes a detour

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Anyone with a factory and adjacent warehouse in a free trade zone is more or less forced to open an extra warehouse outside of the free trade zone in order to distribute within China. The DC handles the chemical analysis equipment which Foss manufactures 80 kilometres down the road in Suzhou. ‘We’ve We’ve been producing this equipment in China since 2008 and for many years we shipped everything as air freight from Suzhou to our global DC in Europe.

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The 11 Transportation Service Offerings

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I wrote a similar overview for warehousing: The 7 Warehouse Service Offerings. Air transport involves integration of information, transportation, inventory, warehousing, material handling, and packaging. They form a common means of commercial intermodal freight transport. Tankers are cargo ships for the transport of fluids, such as crude oil, petroleum products, liquefied petroleum gas, liquefied natural gas and chemicals, also vegetable oils, wine and other food.

7 Ways to Boost Warehouse Productivity


The road to that outcome leads through the warehouse. Warehouses and distribution centers are where many of the fundamental exchanges of commerce take place. That’s why many companies spend millions or more optimizing every aspect of their warehouses to operate with fine-tuned efficiency. If your warehouses are a little sluggish, though, it doesn’t mean you have to tear them all down and start from scratch.

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Top 15 Biggest 3PLs in the US - 2017

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The service most frequently outsourced to a 3PL is transportation management (24%), followed by warehouse management (19%). CEVA Logistics provides both freight management and contract logistics services for a range of customers across all sectors. The company provides comprehensive freight forwarding services across all modes, domestic and international, including customs house brokerage and door-to-door ground services.

Kewill’s New Website Takes Flight

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The new site is organized into three main sections: Who We Help – The businesses/industries in which we specialize (LSPs, chemical, freight forwarders, retailers, food and beverage, manufacturers, customs brokers, and carriers). How We Help – A deeper look at our solutions (in the areas of transportation, customs, warehousing, visibility/collaboration, and Kewill Cloud) and services.

Agriculture in the City

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The Economist notes, “From inside shipping containers in Brooklyn, New York, to a disused air-raid shelter under London’s streets and an innocuous warehouse on a Dubai industrial estate, vertical farms are sprouting up in all sorts of places, nourished by investment in the business from the likes of Japan’s SoftBank and Amazon’s founder, Jeff Bezos. Freight Farms calculates annual profit for each container to be an average of $39,000 annually.”

This Week in Logistics News (November 3-7, 2014)

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Moving on to 3PL news, Transplace announced this week that it has acquired Logistics Management Solutions (LMS) , “a non-asset-based third party logistics provider with particular strength in the chemical and industrial manufacturing sectors.” According to the press release, “LMS delivers freight management solutions and transportation savings to a diverse customer base that includes Monsanto and several other Fortune 500 companies.”

SIPG Logistics Continues Expansion with Kewill Global Forwarding

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Freight Agency (SIPGLFA), one of the seven specialized branches of SIPG Logistics Co., SIPGLFA integrates all the advantageous freight forwarding capabilities of SIPG Logistics and services clients in the Chemical, Manufacturing and Mining industries. SIPGLFA required a solution that could optimize its operations and support its expanding international and domestic multi-modal freight forwarding business.

This Week in Logistics News (January 14-18, 2019)

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This week, for example, Elemica (a Talking Logistics sponsor) announced “the completion of a successful blockchain pilot project between leading global chemical manufacturers as part of an innovation initiative testing new technologies that will redefine B2B processes and support digital transformation.” In the pilot, two large global chemical companies facilitate document and data transfer of invoices, purchase orders, delivery tenders and proof-of-delivery posts.

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Doing Business in Belgium


Typical manufacturing products made in Belgium include engineering and metal products, automobile assemblies, transportation equipment, scientific and precision instruments, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, textiles, glass, petroleum and food and beverages. The seven registered air freight carriers in Belgium carried 1.4 Coupled with its prime location and healthy multimodal freight system, Belgium has the ability to move goods quickly around Europe and the rest of the world.

Harvey’s Impact on the Global Supply Chain: The Role of Analytics


Entire warehouses full of products, as well as significant links in the global supply chain could be affected, as well as transport and other nodes. The refineries are also a center for chemicals in the tier 3 or 4 range for these commodities. It could be extra freight and workforce overtime and probably other categories of cost which would accrue as an associated loss risk to any event.

This Week in Logistics News (April 27 – May 1, 2015)

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Latest Versions of SAP® Transportation Management, SAP Extended Warehouse Management and SAP Event Management Now Available. UPS Freight Adds LNG Tractors. Norbert Dentressangle offers services that strongly mirror XPO’s portfolio: contract logistics, including e-fulfillment; freight brokerage; an asset-light palletized network; freight management; dedicated and owned truckload; and global freight forwarding.

This Week in Logistics News (September 14-18, 2015)

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New Infinea® X from Infinite Peripherals® Expedites Warehouse, Logistics and Supply Chain Operations. FedEx to Increase Shipping Rates for Express, Ground and Freight Services. Yesterday, Transplace announced that it has acquired M33 Integrated , “a 3PL with particular strength in the packaging, chemical and advanced materials sectors.” Lots of supply chain and logistics news this week, so let’s go straight to it… Transplace Acquires M33 Integrated.

De Rijke Serves Customers Faster and More Efficiently with BluJay Solutions’ Platform

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Integrated Transportation Management and Warehouse Management systems provide fast communication and data processing. Dordrecht, Netherlands – July 6, 2017 – Logistics service provider De Rijke has implemented BluJay Solutions’ integrated Transportation Management and Warehouse Management software to manage its logistics, transportation, storage, and customs. De Rijke has long-term relationships with its customers in the chemical, retail and food industries.

This Week in Logistics News (December 10-14, 2018)

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Labor Groups Call for Better Warehouse Working Conditions in New Jersey (WSJ – sub. Amazon will start penalizing sellers who ship unsafe packages to its warehouses, like leaky chemicals and unmarked aerosols (CNBC). DAT Freight Index: Spot Market Volumes and Rates Slip Lower in November. As reported by Bloomberg, “Theresa May’s government has told supermarkets to keep as much stock as possible in warehouses around the country in case the U.K.

Ship Smarter: How to Avoid Bottlenecks in Your Global Operations


Even at some of the world’s best supply chains, redirecting chemicals and other products is a Herculean effort. Anyone who has shipped freight by air or sea can attest to the fact that international shipping is complex — in no small part because of the rules and regulations around certain goods. You can’t just turn around a giant cargo ship. And when shipping to volatile countries, it becomes even harder. For U.S.

3 Tips for Cargo Theft Prevention

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As globalization continues to increase the amount of freight shipped across international boundaries, so too does it increase the risk of losses through cargo theft. Already this year (2015)`, a spate of cargo vessel hijackings in the Asia Pacific region has resulted in millions of litres of fuel oil and, to a lesser extent, chemicals, being lost to the black market. Better to claim on a freight insurance policy, than to lose a driver through ill-advised heroics.

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Procurement Challenges Condensed


Purchasing raw materials that are needed within a process industry (for example oil or chemicals). Logistics / Freight. Note: warehousing and lorries would sit as infrastructure (hard) and software as Infrastructure (soft). Logistics / Freight. Logistics / Freight. Logistics/freight supplier selection typically over a fixed term. Claritum Article - Procurement Blog. Contents. Introduction. Breaking Down the Domains.

Ship Smarter: How to Avoid Bottlenecks in Your Global Operations


Even at some of the world’s best supply chains, redirecting chemicals and other products is a Herculean effort. Shipping Overseas Anyone who has shipped freight by air or sea can attest to the fact that international shipping is complex — in no small part because of the rules and regulations around certain goods. Ship Smarter: How to Avoid Bottlenecks in Your Global Operations. By Ali Hasan Raza. Published October 25, 2019 in Global Trade Magazine.

Google Will Acquire a 3PL – And Other Supply Chain and Logistics Predictions for 2015

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Amazon Inside P&G Warehouses: A Case of “What’s In It for We”. A similar race is on to expand beyond the usual set of industries — namely, Automotive, High Tech, Retail, and CPG — and establish a leading presence in historically underserved and underpenetrated vertical industries, such as Oil & Gas and Chemical. Shippers and carriers continue to shift away from long-haul trucking and one-way freight.

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This Week in Logistics News (April 2-6, 2018)

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Kuebix Introduces SupplierMAX to Optimize Inbound Freight. Aging US warehouses unfit to handle Amazon and e-commerce boom (CNBC). China shot back 11 hours later with a list of proposed duties on $50 billion of American imports, including soybeans, aircraft, cars, beef and chemicals.”. ” Speaking of antiquated warehouses, and related to disruption, CNBC reports that “the average age of a U.S. It’s 32 degrees this morning.

The Economy is on a Roll


Confirming the trend, the Cass Freight Index Report for October showed shipments increased 2.7 percent, chemicals up 1.9 We have successfully rolled out a new warehouse management system, an accounting system and a variety of other systems updates. Congratulations go to the transportation team for growing revenues during a tough freight market. . From my point of view, I am optimistic about the coming year as we wrap up a solid 2016 at Wagner Logistics.

Economic challenges continue springtime


The eleven sectors growing include: wood products; printing & related support activities; paper products; plastics & rubber products; primary metals; fabricated metal products; chemical products; machinery; computer & electronic products; nonmetallic mineral products; and food, beverage; and tobacco products. . It’s no wonder that the freight recession continues with tepid demand for goods from manufacturing and retailers. Manufacturing is steady.