Innovation and the Role of TMS for Dangerous Goods


Innovation and the Role of TMS for Dangerous Goods. Key Challenges for Chemical and Hazmat Companies. Chemical manufacturing depends on raw materials that are subject to environmental, political and economic influences. By: Frank McGuigan, CEO, Transplace.

A New Red Wagon?

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Last week, I spent time with large chemical companies engrossed in this discussion. ” There are now chartered groups to innovate the business models. Let’s take a look at the world of the chemical manufacturer. Acquisitions drove DOW Chemical’s wide swings.

Six Ways to Leverage Chemical Labeling To Increase Safety and Supply Chain Efficiencies

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How can you leverage innovations in enterprise barcode labeling to help your chemical company succeed in a highly regulated, highly competitive global marketplace? Greg Wimble.

The Strange Relationship Between Oil Prices and Biobased Innovation


Oil prices impact a lot of things, one of which is the drive to innovate new biobased products from non-petroleum based materials. When the price of oil is high, we expect the demand to increase for biobased chemicals and products that can be used as replacements for petroleum, because they become relatively cheaper. The number of innovations is growing in this space, and will continue to expand.

Provoking the Industry to Move Past Incrementalism

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Instead of pushing innovation forward, I see companies using the term “digital” as a path for IT spending. To make the argument, let’s look at industry orbit charts in aggregate for the period of 2006-2017 for the apparel and chemical companies. Three Paths for Innovation.

Scott Bader Partners with EcoVadis to Drive Sustainable Procurement Innovation and Excellence Across the Value Chain


Established chemical company and leading sustainability ratings provider address critical risks and establish high supplier performance standards. The global chemical company will leverage the EcoVadis platform to reduce risk, encourage innovation and drive sustainable procurement performance across its supply base. Scott Bader is committed to delivering high-quality, innovative and sustainable products that meet its customers evolving needs.

Will the Downturn Signal an Upturn?

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They wanted to know, “ How was the market affecting the chemical supply chain?” For more on this topic, reference my prior blog posts on Learn the Language of Demand and Driving Innovation ). Volatility. Demand redefined.

Arkieva Customer Spotlight: AkzoNobel Strengthens Position as The Leading Global Supplier in Coil Coatings


Headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Arkieva customer AkzoNobel is a leading global paints, coatings and specialty chemicals manufacturing company. Chemicals Customer Spotlight AkzoNobel Chemical Industry Supply Chain Software

Supply Chain Management Challenges All Businesses Need to Understand

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Gartner recently highlighted some of these innovations , which include artificial intelligence software, robotic process automation, digital supply chain twinning, and blockchain. Back in August 2018, Amazon earned a patent for a fantastical ecommerce innovation: the floating drone warehouse.

How The Dow-DuPont Merger Will Impact The Chemicals Industry


In December , Dow and DuPont, the world’s fourth and fifth largest chemical companies announced their plan to merge as DowDupont, with a combined value US $130B. If passed, DowDupont will become the second largest chemical company, controlling 41% of U.S.

Craig Reed from Dupont: Battle Tactics for Technology Innovation


Dupont announced that it would merge with Dow Chemical – creating one of the largest companies in that industry. When Dow and Dupont merge at the end of this year it break into three companies: Ag markets (seeds, chemicals that protect the seeds, herbicides etc.), an advanced material business on plastic, aerospace and automotive, and a specialty products (industrial biosciences, nutrition and health.). Business adoption moves slower than technology innovation.

Automating Multi-Tier Processes, Elemica & crossinx Deliver Chemical Manufacturers Blockchain Pilot

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Elemica, a leading Digital Supply Network for process manufacturing industries, and crossinx, a network for financial business collaboration solutions, have announced the completion of a successful blockchain pilot project between leading global chemical manufacturers as part of an innovation initiative testing new technologies that will redefine B2B processes and support digital transformation

Reflections, Thank-you(s) and Rethinking the Future

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… a group of energized innovators. After I spoke, the head of CLX legal council smiled and handed me a publication, Distillations , (It is a very well-written publication by the Chemical Foundation. Embrace innovation. They are free to innovate.

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Eliminating Real-World Bottlenecks using AI from Silicon Valley to Mars


Ali holds a BSE & MSE from the University of Pennsylvania in Chemical Biomolecular Engineering with concentrations in Pharmaceutics & Biotechnology. InnovationEliminating Real-World Bottlenecks using AI from Silicon Valley to Mars. September 25th, 2019.

An interview with Norm Jerome: BP


My formal training was in Chemical Engineering with emphasis on Process Control, and for the first 10 years of my career I worked as a Process Control Engineer, initially at Eastman Kodak, and then at Amoco. BP Innovation Supply chain optimization

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Mapping Product Genomes: The Life Blood of Supply Chains


1] In most living things, the genome is made of a chemical called DNA. One major technological development is being able to map genomes for products. A genome is all of a living thing’s genetic material.

Sales & Operations Planning Is Changing At An Accelerated Pace


A great example of this is one of our customers, a Europ ean chemical company with $300M in annual revenue who is growing fast and was ready to move from spreadsheets to something more robust. More innovation ahead .

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S&OP, a vision for the future. The expert interview series #8

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The S&OP Pulse Check 2015 suggests S&OP practitioners are left behind in confusion: 62% of respondents think there is not enough innovation in S&OP systems. 64% think there is not enough coordinated innovation in S&OP processes. Introduction.

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Bluefinder helps Nike go green

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Nike has joined an innovative partnership that can more quickly clean up its supply chain by giving the company easy access to sustainable materials and chemicals. Through Switzerland-based Bluesign Technologies -- which has created a tool for improving supply chains in the textile industry -- Nike''s suppliers will have access to online tools that help them find the most sustainable materials

The Emergence of the Biobased Economy

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chemical and plastics industry was responsible for over 5 million U.S. based agriculture, chemical, manufacturing sectors and their value chains, with far-reaching potential impacts on socioeconomic development and the resurgence of production in the United States. The White House defines a biobased economy as follows: “A bioeconomy is one based on the use of research and innovation in the biological sciences to create economic activity and public benefit.”.

Are “Smart Cities” the Future?

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Not all industries will easily lend themselves to direct smart city integration; oil and chemical manufacturers, for example, may lag in determining clear opportunities. Innovation Supply Chain autonomous vehicles digital transformation digitalization integrated networks smart citiesDo I have to be smart to live in or visit a “smart city”? What really makes a city “smart,” or is this just another trend?

Modular production requires comprehensive optimization

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We are seeing many developments in the chemical industry. New and innovative processes for modularization of production are putting both production and logistics structures to the test.

Supply Chain Diagnostic: A Four-Step Process

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In Figure 1, we show the aggregate trend of the chemical industry in an orbit chart format showing year-over-year results at the intersection of two metrics operating margin and inventory turns. Technology change is moving faster than process innovation. July is my birthday month.

Announcing the Supply Chains to Admire for 2019

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In the research, I’m trying to understand the impact of choices—technology, process innovation, and leadership– on balance sheet performance. Companies performing the best have three characteristics: Business Model Innovation. I watch the news channels on mute. The reason?

Walmart Looking to Reduce Footprint


It's no surprise then that the company became a signatory of t he Chemical Footprint Project (CFP), a project of Clean Production Action, which provides a tool for benchmarking companies as they select safer alternatives and reduce their use of chemicals of high concern. This year, the company took a major risk in becoming the first major retailer to join around two dozen of other companies that detailed the hazardous chemicals used in their products and supply chain.

Using Managed Analytics to Build a Next-Generation Supply Chain

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With an abundance of data pouring into the managed analytics data warehouse every day, including weather, consumer data, transportation destinations, origins, timing, invoices and so forth, the managed analytics architecture creates a powerful transportation innovation engine.

USDA Announced Release of BioBased Economy Study Completed by NC State and Duke University

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“Today, we are also adding to the number of innovative products carrying USDA’s BioPreferred® label and expanding options for our nation’s biorefineries. This means small businesses and global companies alike can continue to harness the power of America’s farms and forests to create new and innovative biobased products that are used all around the world.”

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Automotive Resurgence

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This will lead to unlocking tremendous value for both car companies and their multi-tiered supply chains, which include virtually every other manufacturing industry: metals, electronics, textiles, chemicals, semiconductor, tire and rubber, stamping, forging and other basic manufacturing.

BASF: A Story of a Supply Chain Leader

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With 12,000 supply chain employees operating in 80 countries with 2400 storage facilities, supply chain excellence and innovation are the foundation of corporate performance. This trend was characteristic of the chemical industry. BASF creates chemistry.

Lessons from Disrupted Companies

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May, a futurist and author of The New Know: Innovation Powered by Analytics , makes after researching why market leaders sometimes fall prey to disruptive technology. These metrics make it difficult for a company that wants to invest in long-term innovation. These resulting business models made them look incredibly profitable…[but they] jettisoned their ability to do disruptive innovation at speed and scale.

Biobased Economy GROWS in 2018


First, chemical feedstocks from biorefineries have replaced a significant portion of the chemical feedstocks that traditionally originate from crude oil refineries.

This Week in Logistics News (January 14-18, 2019)

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In the pilot, two large global chemical companies facilitate document and data transfer of invoices, purchase orders, delivery tenders and proof-of-delivery posts. Will blockchain have the same fate as RFID in supply chain management?

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Doing Business in the Netherlands


Typical manufacturing products from the Netherlands include food processing, chemicals, oil and petroleum refining, construction, electrical machinery and metal processing and fabrication. The Dutch reputation for precision and innovation helps to ensure that materials flow smoothly.

L’Oréal: A Case Study in Supply Chain Excellence

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For example, chemical interaction between aerosol cans and their product formula can lead to dangerous leakages. We empower employees to propose and to innovate.” In the end, it’s a drive for innovation to serve the customer.

Yowza! A Nine-Step Decision Process to Help Guide Supply Chain Planning Selection

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This includes A&D and active ingredients for pharmaceutical companies, but lacks constraint-based asset modeling for the process industries of chemical, consumer products and food. Only 14% of companies rank themselves as innovators. Yowza: Excitement or approval.

Cold Chain – Why Is It Growing So Fast?

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A cold chain is a temperature-controlled supply chain for perishable food products, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals in order to maintain their quality and increase their shelf-life. As international trade grows, perishable foods, drug and chemicals are being traded and transported around the world. Innovation. Additionally, drug and chemical companies are also using more of these services for their products. The Cold Chain is Booming.

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Arkieva Customer Spotlight: Driscoll’s is Evolving Berry Production with Robot Cultivation and Substrate Farming


Environmental challenges and an increasing population have presented industrial agriculture companies with the need for innovative, sustainable farm practices. This type of farming technique reduces the need for flooding farms with water that may carry chemicals into nearby water streams.