Awash in Volatility, Chemical Manufacturing Must Be Agile


The chemical industry can change on a dime. Supply Chain GHS Chemical Labeling

Chemical Manufacturing: A High-Speed, Volatile Supply Chain


Chemical producers must stay agile and responsive. Supply Chain Chemical Track & Traceability Logistics

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What to Keep in Mind When Managing a Chemical Supply Chain


The chemical industry faces a unique set of challenges regarding safety in their logistics operations. The transportation of chemicals requires next-level care and expertise as it deals with sensitive and potentially dangerous materials.

Solving planning challenges in manufacturing liquid chemicals

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The chemical manufacturing industry has shown impressive growth over the past 25 years. Since the 80s, the global chemical industry has grown by seven percent annually. If current trends continue, global chemical markets are expected to grow an average three percent in the next 20 years. However, rising global competition and challenging customer demands are forcing chemical manufacturers to prioritize operational excellence.

Keep up with Chemical labeling regulations


While it's essential that chemical manufacturers keep up with all relevant labeling laws, the process isn't easy. Supply Chain GHS Regulatory ChemicalAfter all, the regulations in this field are always changing. Getting things right is non-negotiable for organizations that want to keep their customers safe and informed, as well as avoid the threat of fines and other penalties for noncompliance.

Process Chemicals – A Complex Supply Chain in Motion


On a recent road trip to retrieve my daughter from college I drove past a handful for chemical manufacturing plants of various types. Viewing a chemical manufacturing plant from a distance everything seems so peaceful and static.

Why Extend Chemical Labeling Outside Your Four Walls?


For years companies in the chemical industry have struggled with how they integrate partners like distributors and tollers into their processes. Many manufacturers still package and ship the chemical labels right to the partner or they pay to have the labels printed for the third party by an outside vendor. Supply Chain GHS Chemical

Global Chemical Company Uses PINC YMS to Cut $1.5 Million in Detention and Demurrage Fees


is a global chemical company that makes performance chemicals used by the oil refinery, agricultural, automotive, energy, and consumer electronics industries. the manufacturer’s logistics operation includes 63 global warehouses and 47 contract manufacturing locations.

Demand for Basic and Specialty Chemicals Continues to Grow

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Following growth throughout 2018, the chemical industry is expected to see continued healthy demand for basic chemicals throughout this year, with most specialty segments predicted to benefit from growing demand as well, especially in construction markets. based chemical manufacturing remains advantaged in global markets due to abundant energy and feedstock supplies. Total chemical production volume (excluding pharmaceuticals) rose by 3.1%

Technology Improves Manufacturing Disaster Preparedness

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Disaster preparedness is imperative everywhere, but that goes double for the manufacturing industry. With the right application of intelligent technologies, manufacturers and supply chain partners can more easily make proactive decisions, like diverting vessels and making other route changes.

5 Ways to Make Your Manufacturing Plant More Sustainable in the Age of COVID-19

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This classification extends to the manufacturing facilities and personnel keeping us fed and supplied. Doing more with less is more critical in manufacturing than ever. They might even find themselves conscripted into manufacturing essential products under the Defense Production Act.

Seven Strategic Components for a Proactive Process Chemical Supply Chain


Process chemical manufacturers face complex supply chain challenges including dealing with hazardous and perishable ingredients whose characteristics (potency, color, composition, etc.) Add to these factors razor-thin margins, SKU-proliferation, globalization, long lead times to increase capacity, and products that tend to be heavy and expensive to move and you start to understand the complexities involved with running an efficient process chemical supply chain.

How IoT is Helping Chemical Supply Chains Increase Agility


Chemical Company Supply Chain Challenges. Because US markets haven’t been able to absorb the massive capacity increase, chemical companies have turned to overseas customers. However, shipping to an international customer base has not been a smooth process because development and upgrades to the US Gulf Coast (USGC) infrastructure have lagged behind the growth of the manufacturing base. Digital Technologies are Helping to Create Flexible Supply Chains.

Cliff Morris | The State of Manufacturing

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C3Nano is a material technology company developing and manufacturing transparent conductive films, the main component in all touch sensors used in phones, tablets, and more. Based in Silicon Valley, they’re fully scaled in California but have operations in China and South Korea, giving Cliff an up-close perspective on offshore manufacturing, supply chain, and more. The top trends impacting manufacturing in the next 3 to 5 years. The Future of Manufacturing.

Watch: What “Dramatic Impact” did Seebo Make for this Chemical Resins Manufacturer?


Watch the full interview here: Chemical manufacturing can be a highly-complex business. The post Watch: What “Dramatic Impact” did Seebo Make for this Chemical Resins Manufacturer?

Everything You Need to Know About Chemical Engineering

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Read Time: 5 minutes Chemical engineering is a subset of engineering, focused on chemical production and chemical processing. The post Everything You Need to Know About Chemical Engineering appeared first on Schooled By Science. Chemistry Manufacturing & Engineering

Climate Change will Drive Manufacturing Innovation


Manufacturing isn’t exempt from this pressure. The manufacturing industry has adopted “Lean” techniques enthusiastically. Lean is about driving out waste from every aspect of manufacturing. Climate-driven Manufacturing Innovation. Additive Manufacturing.

Key Ingredients to Formulating a Winning Supply Chain Strategy in the Process Chemical Industry


Process manufacturers face a highly complex supply chain challenge. Add to these factors such as razor-thin margins, SKU-proliferation, globalization, and products that tend to be heavy, bulky and/or expensive to move and it quickly becomes apparent why process manufacturing supply chains are very challenging. There are several key ingredients in formulating a winning process manufacturing supply chain.

The Role of Industrial AI in Chemical Manufacturing Digitization


How chemical manufacturers can achieve production optimization using Industrial Artificial Intelligence technologies. The post The Role of Industrial AI in Chemical Manufacturing Digitization appeared first on Seebo Blog. Industry 4.0 Insights

10 Ways Machine Learning Can Improve Manufacturing Today


to $2T in supply-chain management and manufacturing. By 2021, 20% of leading manufacturers will rely on embedded intelligence, using AI, IoT, and blockchain applications to automate processes and increase execution times by up to 25% according to IDC. Machine learning improves product quality up to 35% in discrete manufacturing industries, according to Deloitte. to $2 in supply-chain management and manufacturing. 7T value to manufacturers.

The Chemical Supply Chain: 3 Things Learned from This Year’s LogiChem Conference

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The Chemical Supply Chain: 3 Things Learned from This Year’s LogiChem Conference. The panels and presenters at LogiChem USA displayed an expertise in chemical supply chains seen nowhere else. Chemical. As LogiChem is an event focused on logistics in the chemical industry, it came as no surprise that this was one of the overarching themes. Chemical prices tend to move in conjunction with crude/natural gas prices. Logistics Supply Chain Chemical LogiChem

The Changing Face of Manufacturing: How US Manufacturers are Looking Homeward


This is the first post in a two part series on the “Changing Face of Manufacturing.” ” We have many manufacturing shipper customers, and we love to create content of value for them on such subjects as best practices in logistics or trends around the supply chain. This series’s aim is to educate on what we see coming down the pipeline in the world of manufacturing.

5 Best Practices in Chemical Logistics and How to Implement Them

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For chemical manufacturers, knowing what you don’t know about your transportation process can be your greatest asset. Chemical Industry Guest Commentary Logistics Service Providers Transportation Chemical logistics service provider But many logistics customers are reluctant to admit their shortcomings. One of the biggest weaknesses we see in new clients is a lack of control over the shipping process, the data and the decision points. That’s why it’s […].

What Hazardous Chemicals Are Hiding in Your Commercial Food Packaging?


Bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical used to manufacture plastic bottles, has been an area of concern for several years because BPA is an endocrine disruptor and consumers were worried about the substance’s ability to migrate to food and beverages. How much do you know about the chemicals used in your food packaging? There’s been a lot of buzz lately about food safety. Most of it revolves around sanitation, pesticides, and GMOs.

A New Red Wagon?

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Last week, I spent time with large chemical companies engrossed in this discussion. Let’s take a look at the world of the chemical manufacturer. Acquisitions drove DOW Chemical’s wide swings. The chemical company’s performance today is largely based on financial engineering. Orbit Chart of Dow Chemical and BASF for the Period of 2006-2016 and Performance Data for the Chemical Industry. I grew up in the mountains of West Virginia.

3 Technologies Transforming Modern Manufacturing Techniques

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Manufacturing has helped lead the way, with the industry contributing $2.2 trillion to the nation’s gross domestic product in 2016 and over 85% of small-business manufacturers confident that the good times will continue for the foreseeable future, according to the National Association of Manufacturers’ most recently updated outlook survey. Largely fueling these improvements is the rise of modern manufacturing. What makes manufacturing techniques advanced?

Scaling Digital Manufacturing From Pilot To Production


92% of all manufacturers say they are either on the same level as or ahead of their peers when it comes to Digital Manufacturing. 68% of manufacturers are making Digital Manufacturing their highest priority today. Key takeaways from the digital manufacturing study.

Manufacturing Bottlenecks vs. Constraints


When talking about problems in the supply chain, manufacturing bottlenecks and constraints are often used interchangeably to indicate problems with in the manufacturing process. Manufacturing Bottlenecks. A bottleneck in manufacturing occurs when a sudden increase in production causes a necessary resource, such as a machine or personnel, to be overloaded. Manufacturing Constraints.

How to Track Your Ocean Container with IoT


Shipping overseas often means no continuous visibility beyond the port. If you ship overseas often, you’re probably familiar with the difficulty of tracking ocean shipments. Your containers become harder to trace once they leave a port, and if one of them doesn’t reach its intended destination, you usually have little more than a vague idea or delayed updates about where it went, and how.

Is High Pallet Safety Stock Hurting Your Supply Chain?


real-time shipment visibility Returnable Asset Tracking Iot Solution Track Reusable Packaging Reusable/Returnable Assets Automotive FMCG Retail Returnable Shipping Assets Management Real-time Inventory Management 3PLs & Logistics Pharma Industrial Manufacturing Food & Beverage ChemicalsAn optimized supply chain is supposed to do more with less.

Chemical Process Control –Optimizing Manufacturing with Industrial IoT


The post Chemical Process Control –</br>Optimizing Manufacturing with Industrial IoT appeared first on Seebo Blog. Focusing solely on deploying predictive maintenance or increasing the OEE percentage can lead to sub-optimization. So, what's the solution? Industry 4.0 Insights

Chemical Manufacturing Waste Poisoned Students At A School in Changzhou, China: What If This Happened In Your Supply Chain


On 17 April 2016, the official China Central Television (CCTV) reported that out of the 641 teenagers that underwent medical examinations, nearly 500 suffered serious health problems such as abnormalities in their blood and thyroid gland, bronchitis, lymphoma and even leukemia, after their school was relocated last September on surroundings previously occupied by agrochemicals manufacturing factories. Background.

Will the Downturn Signal an Upturn?

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They wanted to know, “ How was the market affecting the chemical supply chain?” DuPont as a chemical supplier to the market sits four-to-five levels back in the supply chain with extreme demand latency (about six months) and high volatility of the true market demand signal due to the bullwhip effect. While the macroeconomic signals trigger market downturns, to meet Wall Street expectations, manufacturers usually push products into the market. Volatility.

7 Steps To Manage Your Chemical Inventory With Software


If you’re dealing with chemicals in your business, you have an obligation to store and transport these chemicals safely. Also, you need to comply with various government laws and regulations that include keeping a proper record of hazardous chemicals. Introduction.

Can Australian Manufacturing be Brought Back Home from China?

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The short answer is that it is indeed possible to re-shore manufacturing but it will take a change in government policies as well as sizeable state incentives to private enterprise to turn the ship around. Can Australian Manufacturing be Brought Back Home from China? Before attempting to answer such questions, it’s helpful to look in a little detail at the drivers behind the offshore manufacturing trend. How Would Re-shored Manufacturing Impact Consumers?

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