4 ways IT & Procurement team collaboration increases resilience


The Hackett Group report recommendations on IT & Procurement collaboration and how it can benefit your organization in the time of Covid-19 and beyond. Procurement has been uniquely placed on the business front line of this crisis in helping to pivot supply chains from producing make-up to face masks and to finding thousands of items of remote working equipment overnight, or from manufacturing parts for car engines to ventilators. Blending of IT and procurement teams.

Upstream Unconventional Oil and the Chemicals Used in Drilling: A Supply Chain in Need of Improvement

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In producing oil, chemicals are injected into the ground to increase flow. The amount of chemical treatment is tied to the oil and gas production rates; treatments need to be adjusted as production rates vary. In many situations production treatment chemicals represent the second highest […]. Business Intelligence Chemical Industry Inventory Management Mobile Technologies Procurement/Sourcing Unconventional Oil includes shale oil and oil from tar sands.

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Digital Procurement Improves Supply Chain!

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Digital Procurement article and permission to publish here provided by Katherine Barrios of xeneta.com. The Hackett Group has recently released their analysis of their procurement benchmarking database. It demonstrates the advantages of working with a digital procurement strategy.

Procurement Leading Pharmaceutical Companies Through the Pandemic


From early on in the Covid-19 pandemic , and for pretty obvious reasons , procurement in healthcare and pharmaceuticals has been in the spotlight like never before. The post Procurement Leading Pharmaceutical Companies Through the Pandemic appeared first on Jaggaer.

IKEA’s IWAY Lessons For Procurement!

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Looking back on the training process, our research, strategy, implementation and evaluation methods closely mirrored supplier relationship management and procurement management. Chemicals. SCM #SupplyChain #ikea #retail #logistics #procurement #purchasing. Subscribe Here!

Digitized Procurement: Your Setting-off Point to Autonomy


In five to ten years, procurement in many of the world’s leading companies will be “truly digital”. They will have succeeded in transforming their procurement organizations to leverage artificial intelligence-based technologies to achieve autonomous procurement. Autonomous Procurement: The Reality versus the Hype. Over the coming months, we will identify and describe the four levels of development stages on the road to autonomous procurement.

IKEA’s IWAY Has Lessons For Every Procurement Team!

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Check out Procurement Report Card: Most Executives Think Procurement Isn’t Strategic Enough! Looking back on the training process, our research, strategy, implementation and evaluation methods closely mirrored supplier relationship management and procurement management.

Procurement Challenges Condensed


Claritum Article - Procurement Blog. I took on the challenge of writing a condensed version of all the current Procurement challenges. I believe the issue with these articles is the broad range encompassed by the word Procurement and the constant change within this domain. To my mind, your challenges depend on where you are in transformational change within your organisation, the scope of your function within Procurement and the nature of the organisation’s supply chain.

New BSR Case Study: Pharma giant Bayer tackles sustainable supply chain with TfS chemicals initiative


EcoVadis is pleased to publish this new case study, facilitated by BSR, which examines the huge challenges, and the methodical approach of Bayer in driving success in their sustainable procurement initiative. Bayer, with core competencies in areas of health care, agriculture, and high-tech polymer materials, has a significant influence on society and the environment in many regions around the world through its global procurement volume.

Insights from Elemica reveal 2014 Frankfurt

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Herman Woltjes, Shell Chemicals – “Logistics Execution”. Specifically, the company deployed a Vendor Interaction Portal (VIP) powered by Elemica to exchange documents like purchase orders and invoices with suppliers (for direct procurement). “Elemica Logistic Tools in Shell Chemicals,” Herman Woltjes, Shell Chemicals, Elemica reveal 2014. What do the Germany World Cup Team and the Boston Red Sox have in common?

Scott Bader Partners with EcoVadis to Drive Sustainable Procurement Innovation and Excellence Across the Value Chain


Established chemical company and leading sustainability ratings provider address critical risks and establish high supplier performance standards. The global chemical company will leverage the EcoVadis platform to reduce risk, encourage innovation and drive sustainable procurement performance across its supply base. To learn more about how EcoVadis supports companies along their sustainable procurement journeys, visit [link].

Electronics Industry: Top 3 Steps to Keep in Mind When Implementing a Sustainable Procurement Program


The complexity of the electronics supply chain leads to a variety of sustainability issues, including unfair labor practices, presence of harmful chemicals and conflict minerals. With the supply chain representing 50 to 70 percent of a company’s sustainable footprint , implementing sustainable procurement practices is the most effective method for making real progress toward sustainability. There are a few steps to keep in mind when implementing a sustainable procurement program.

Can Sales and Procurement Ever be BFF’s?


The relationship between sales and procurement has always been a contentious one, and the idea of a friendship evolving between the two functions is laughable in the minds of many managers I’ve met with. Sales account managers accuse procurement of being purely price focused, and not recognizing the components of value. This situation does not always accrue – as there are cases where harmonious partnerships exist between sales and procurement.

Supply Chain Operating Networks Create Supply Chain Rockstars

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In a study conducted by Accenture in 2015 of chemical companies, results showed that 94 percent expect to boost their investment in digital capabilities in the next three years to embrace a competitive advantage. Historically, chemical companies buy from and sell to nearly every industry in the world, adding special demands for connectivity.

Getting Sales and Procurement onto the Same Team


The relationship between sales and procurement has always been a contentious one. Sales account managers accuse procurement of being purely price focused, and not recognizing the components of value. Procurement executives on the other hand complain that sales account managers are always trying to “work around them”, and to make the commercial sale to engineering, operations, clinicians, or other business stakeholders.

New Case Study on Alcatel-Lucent Sustainable Procurement Best Practices


We are pleased to publish a new case study detailing Alcatel-Lucent’s sustainable procurement program. This is a great opportunity for procurement and sustainability teams in any industry to get an inside view on some best practices — whether you’re in chemicals, banking, packaged goods, construction materials or anything in between, you are sure to find inspiration as well as useful tips and examples.

5 Key Sustainable Procurement Trends


Do you hear more and more companies talking about Sustainable Procurement? EcoVadis is supporting companies in all sectors (from Finance to Chemical Industry), and suppliers in 94 countries. Going beyond Social Compliance : In the past Sustainable Procurement Initiatives, were largely focusing on social audits, but more and more companies realise that they need to cover the complete Sustainability agenda , including environmental, product stewardship, fair business practices issues.

Reputational Dependencies in the Supply Chain

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They argue that piperonal, a vanilla flavoring, cannot be gained in a natural way and is, thus, falsely labelled by Ritter as a “natural flavor” According to Symrise, “[t]he piperonal contained in this flavor is not ‘chemically’ manufactured, contrary to the statements made by Stiftung Warentest” The court’s decision will be announced on January 13th.

Thinking Differently About Procurement: The SCRC Meeting Theme on April 29-30, 2013

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Our next SCRC meeting will focus on “The Future of Procurement”, and will be held on April 29-30, at the NC State University Club in Raleigh, NC. An important theme that will be explored at this meeting is around the role of procurement individuals in the future. However, category management may not be the only way to think about how to organize procurement effectively. We need to think differently on what we focus our attention on in procurement.” .

Creating Added Value beyond Corporate Boundaries

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Practice Africa Award Corporate Social Responsibility Procurement Relationship Supply Chain Management Supply Chain Sustainability

330 Procurement & CSR Leaders Gather at Sustain16, Drive a New Era of Data-Driven Transparency & Collaboration


What an immense showing of commitment to sustainable procurement we witnessed Tuesday for Sustain16! Over 350 participants and speakers from almost every industry from chemicals to film production to air transportation to FMCG and everything in between. Next, Toyota Material Handling presented their perspective as a supplier, and emphasized that procurement has a role to give incentives to best performers — “otherwise we’re just ticking boxes!”.

What is MRO and Why is it Important?

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Indirect Procurement – It’s Time to Rise and Shine! In the world of Procurement and Operations one of the phrases that you will frequently come across is “MRO” But many people throw around the term without truly understanding what it means, and how important it truly is for the ongoing, and successful, operation of any company. First and foremost you need to have a dedicated, experienced Procurement person, or people, in charge of MRO. Subscribe Here!

Time to Rethink Sourcing Rare Earth Elements

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The US Geological Survey has conducted extensive chemical analysis of 23 sedimentary phosphate deposits (phosphorites) in the United States with the results demonstrating significantly enriched REEs in these ores. Former Chief Procurement Officer at Lucent Technologies and at Micron Technologies as well as additional roles as a Vice-President Supply Chain Management, Operational Excellence Executive, and Chief Strategy Officer. Subscribe Here! Email Address.

Supply Chain Risk Management is a Cirque Du Soleil Calibre Act!

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What is we had a chemical explosion? Their Sales teams will want to pad forecasts and hedge demand but their Procurement teams will want to give you forecasts that they are more confident in. As the saying goes “With great power comes great responsibility” Procurement integrity is absolutely essential. supplychainmanagement #riskmanagement #procurement #logisticsmanagement. Subscribe Here! Email Address. Subscribe to Supply Chain Game Changer.

Changing SRM Behaviors in a Period of $70/bbl Oil

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I was in Houston yesterday evening, speaking to a large group of procurement executives at a roundtable held by KPMG’s Procurement Advisory Group, at the fabulous Brennan’s restaurant on Smith Street. I had an opportunity to speak with a number of executives from various organizations, including the Port of Houston, El Paso Exploration, Baylor College of Medicine, Pioneer Natural Resources, AXIP Energy Services, LyondellBasell Chemicals, and others.

SCRC Research on Drug Shortages: Lawsuits, Low Cost Countries, and Litigation


Consider the following: Since this summer, several batches of three generic drugs used to treat high blood pressure (produced in China and India) have been recalled because they were tainted with chemicals listed as probable human carcinogens — first N-nitrosodimethylamine, or NDMA, and later N-nitrosodiethylamine, or NDEA. Articles Director's Blog Global Distribution Legal Issues in Procurement Outsourcing Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Product Recalls Uncategorized

Re-thinking supply chain risk: Protection at any cost?

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I have been having a number of fascinating interviews with Chief Procurement Officers this past week on the subject of procurement analytics and supply management risk. One of those risks involves “protecting production at any cost” This is often stated in the context of manufacturing, large chemical or oil production facilities, or any major turnaround project.

The Baby Supply Chain!

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With the use of organic cotton these clothes avoid the use of chemicals or synthetic fibres. SCM #SupplyChain #supplychainmanagement #logistics #freight #transportation #distribution #procurement #baby. Freight and Logistics Supply Chain Management Baby Distribution Freight Logistics Procurement SCM supplychain supplychainmanagement TransportationSubscribe Here! Email Address. Check out Food Waste and World Hunger – The Food Supply Chain is Broken! Videos).

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Biobased Economy Continues to Grow: USDA Secretary Announces NC State-Duke Study Results on Monday


NC State recently hosted Mark Costa the CEO of Eastman Chemical who spoke at Wells Fargo series, and I had an opportunity to ask Mr. Costa about the biobased sector. He was open and candid in stating that specialty chemicals has been a real grind – a tough year. I’m writing to share an exciting new report released today entitled “ An Economic Impact Analysis of the U.S. Biobased Products Industry: 2016 Update.”. This new report shows how the U.S.

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The Emergence of the Biobased Economy

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chemical and plastics industry was responsible for over 5 million U.S. based agriculture, chemical, manufacturing sectors and their value chains, with far-reaching potential impacts on socioeconomic development and the resurgence of production in the United States.

Q: Food vs Fuel? A: Wrong question…We need more efficient markets!

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Somebody will do it regardless of our country – there is X amount of demand for total fuel and chemicals in the market and nothing we can do policy-wise is going to change that. A CO2 premium would make that even more appealing…but we won’t go there… Commodities forecasting Contract Management Corporate Social Responsibility Emerging Issues in Supply Chain Food Supply Chains Forecasting Local Food Systems Procurement Sustainability Supply Chain Economics Sustainability

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The Drive To 100% Bio-based Plastic Bottles


shelf life, recyclability, weight, chemical composition, appearance), but it reduces potential carbon dioxide emissions when compared to PET plastic bottles made from fossil fuels. These Furanics building blocks are the basis of a next-generation plant-based plastics and chemicals, and the company producing it (Avantium) is focused its efforts on using the YXY technology as a catalytic process to convert sugars to FDCA, a biobased alternative to terephthalic acid (TA).


So Your Supply Chain is Banning Bangladesh….and Going to Cambodia?: “The Ugliest Race to the Bottom”

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For instance, Puma’s factory in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, worked with the Fair Labor Association to discover a “strong possibility” that fainting workers in the factories was caused by chemical exposure and cited excessive overtime and insufficient drinking water as contributing factors. In our ongoing discussion of labor and human rights violations in the supply chain, we’ve discussed in prior posts the problems that occurred in Bangladesh resulting in over 700 dead.

AI This. Not So Fast.

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Orbit Chart for Ecolab at the Intersection of Inventory Turns and Operating Margin Versus the Chemical Industry for the Period of 2010-2019. Procurement and transportation operated as islands. Grounded during this pandemic, and unable to interact with clients in person, I try to write 3,000 words a day. Morning after morning, fueled by good black coffee, I type away. I share insights, based on research, for the supply chain leader.

Defining spend leakage: why the traditional definition isn’t enough


We recently held a webinar with Spend Matters about ways procurement organizations can put a stop to spend leakage. Related: Having trouble controlling your procurement spend? AMARISH: So for example, say I am buying chemicals for an organization. Procurement