What to Keep in Mind When Managing a Chemical Supply Chain


The chemical industry faces a unique set of challenges regarding safety in their logistics operations. The transportation of chemicals requires next-level care and expertise as it deals with sensitive and potentially dangerous materials.

Transforming the GCC Chemical Industry with Supply Chain Integration – LogiSYM September 2020

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The GCC chemical industry is second largest manufacturing industry in value add, after refining. 2017 Facts and Figures report by Gulf Petrochemicals and Chemicals Association (GPCA), the chemical industry accounts for 3.1 Following COVID-19 the global chemical supply chain market reported a severe decline in output. Overcoming these challenges, regional chemical manufacturers and suppliers are now forced to rethink and readjust their global supply chain model.

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How to Safely Handle Chemicals!

Supply Chain Game Changer

Chemicals article written for Supply Chain Game Changer by Carla Sanz. Every time I am asked about how to handle and transport chemical products I answer that it is all about being well-informed. Know your chemicals. Indeed not all chemicals are similar.

How to Safely Handle Chemical Products!

Supply Chain Game Changer

Every time I am asked about how to handle and transport chemical products I answer that it is all about being well-informed. Indeed, there are various elements that one has to know when it comes to the storage and handling of chemical products. 1- Know your chemicals.

Why TMS is Critical for Chemical Companies

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Why is transportation management more critical than ever for chemical companies? That was one of the key questions Cindi Hane (Vice President, Product Management & General Manager, Elemica Eyefreight) and I addressed in a recent webcast produced by Chemical Week.

The Opportunities of Digitalization in Chemical Logistics

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The typical distribution process in the chemical industry looks mostly like this: The chemical producer distributes goods from various locations to a large number of customers, using different forwarders depending on the company’s diverse transportation requirements. The digitalization of management and information processes in logistics opens up groundbreaking opportunities for companies in the chemical industry.

Seven Strategic Components for a Proactive Process Chemical Supply Chain


Process chemical manufacturers face complex supply chain challenges including dealing with hazardous and perishable ingredients whose characteristics (potency, color, composition, etc.) Add to these factors razor-thin margins, SKU-proliferation, globalization, long lead times to increase capacity, and products that tend to be heavy and expensive to move and you start to understand the complexities involved with running an efficient process chemical supply chain.

DOs and DON’Ts of Chemical Transportation

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When transporting chemical products, careful steps need to be taken to avoid costly, even disastrous, shipping errors. In this article, we’ll examine the “Dos and Don’ts”– or more accurately, the “Don’ts and Dos” – of chemical transportation to help you get your operation on the right track (or in the right tank). Bulk Transportation chemical tranportation

How IoT is Helping Chemical Supply Chains Increase Agility


Chemical Company Supply Chain Challenges. Because US markets haven’t been able to absorb the massive capacity increase, chemical companies have turned to overseas customers. Container scarcity in the Gulf Coast requires the repositioning of containers, which adds to the cost of transportation. Chemical enterprises have realized that more supply chain agility provides options for negotiating a volatile business environment.

Key Ingredients to Formulating a Winning Supply Chain Strategy in the Process Chemical Industry


Chemical manufacturers are faced with shrinking margins and cannot afford to put the wrong product in the wrong location at the wrong time. So, although inventory tends to be a symptom of other supply chain factors; forecast accuracy, customer service objectives, supply chain network design, transportation mode selected, etc. It is not unusual to reduce transportation costs by as much as 30%. Process manufacturers face a highly complex supply chain challenge.

Chemical Transportation: Lean on One Broker for Raw and Finished Products

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If your company needs to ship chemicals, you are likely familiar with many of the options available to you. What you may not realize is that there are chemical transportation providers out there that can handle both bulk and dry van shipments for you. In this article, we’ll examine the advantages chemical freight brokers can bring to your operation. chemical tranportation

Know Your Product to Ensure Chemical Shipping Success

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When you partner with a transportation provider for chemical shipping services, your goals are to ensure that your products are shipped safely, reliably and at a reasonable price. Bulk Transportation chemical tranportationWhat you may not realize is that safety, reliability and pricing hinges on the information you provide at the outset.

5 Best Practices in Chemical Logistics and How to Implement Them

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For chemical manufacturers, knowing what you don’t know about your transportation process can be your greatest asset. Chemical Industry Guest Commentary Logistics Service Providers Transportation Chemical logistics service provider But many logistics customers are reluctant to admit their shortcomings. One of the biggest weaknesses we see in new clients is a lack of control over the shipping process, the data and the decision points. That’s why it’s […].

How to Ship Liquid Freight

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It’s why transporting liquid freight is so critical to today’s supply chains. Bulk Transportation Liquid Bulk Transport chemical tranportationLook around you. The paint on the wall, the condiments in the fridge, the adhesive under the carpet…just about everything you can see began inside a liquid bulk tank trailer. But the process is drastically different than moving cartons in a dry van.

The 11 Transportation Service Offerings

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There are 11 transportation service offerings. The article listed 11 different types of transportation services and I decided to write an overview of those 11 transportation service offerings described in the article. Transportation Service Offering 1 – Small Package. Transportation Service Offering 2 – Air Cargo. Air transportation is used to transport air cargo by plane. Air transport ais a vital part of international commerce.

Pilot Chemical Company: Capacity Assurance and Being a Dependable Supplier

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We all know that there are ebbs and flows in the transportation market, but one thing that always remains the same for transportation and logistics executives is their focus on managing costs and making sure they have the capacity they need, when they need it. Capacity assurance is critical,” said Jeff Baxter, Director of Supply Chain at Pilot Chemical Company in a recent episode of Talking Logistics.

Electronic Data Interchange or EDI in Transportation: Breaking Down What it is and How It Works


Today begins our series about electronic data interchange or EDI in transportation. We take pride at Cerasis, as a third party logistics company who has developed a proprietary web-based transportation management system , to offer technology solutions to our shippers so they may remain as efficient as possible and have access to information at their fingertips. Let’s back up a bit before we specifically address EDI in transportation. EDI In Transportation.

How to Keep Your Multimodal Transport Operators on Track


Multiple modes of transportation, several freight forwarders, and a complete loss of visibility and control after the first mile — these are some of the multimodal shipment tracking challenges that customers can now tackle head-on thanks to revolutionary solutions in the IoT-enabled supply chain tracking space. The balance of power is shifting in the shipping industry — customers are no longer at the mercy of the shipper.

Alok Gautam, Country Logistics Leader, Dow Chemicals, in Conversation with LogiNext


Here we are in conversation with Mr. Alok Gautam, the Country Logistics Leader at Dow Chemicals. He is an industry veteran with more than two decades of experience in the Chemicals and Oil & Gas industry. He is celebrated as a change maker and a man of keen intellect driving transformations across the industry.

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for chemical products: What shippers need to know

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When a logistics provider is contacted to transport a chemical product, the first thing the provider will ask for is the chemical’s Safety Data Sheet (SDS; formerly MSDS or Material Safety Data Sheet). Bulk Transportation Dry Bulk Transport Liquid Bulk Transport chemical tranportation

Provoking the Industry to Move Past Incrementalism

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There are many forms of decision support—price optimization, revenue management, transportation planning, spend management, network design. To make the argument, let’s look at industry orbit charts in aggregate for the period of 2006-2017 for the apparel and chemical companies. In the chemical industry, the boon was the falling price of oil. Chemical margins are following oil prices. Similarly, in the chemical industry, margins have gone from 7.5

FMCG CEE Logistics; Transport, Trucks and Yorkie Bars

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Tachographs have been around for ages but they are now largely superseded by satellite navigation that can track transport and shipments in real time ensuring drivers obey the rules of the road and avoid taking possibly amorous diversions they would rather keep quiet! Everything sounds hunky dory then as these modern juggernauts criss-cross the motorway network delivering chemicals, car spares or finished goods for FMCG and other sectors.

7 Steps To Manage Your Chemical Inventory With Software


If you’re dealing with chemicals in your business, you have an obligation to store and transport these chemicals safely. Also, you need to comply with various government laws and regulations that include keeping a proper record of hazardous chemicals. Introduction.

What Could Stop Lithium from Revolutionizing Transportation?


The answer is… transportation. But before lithium can meet its full potential, the problem of transportation must be addressed. Many of the country's railroad tracks and services are still not fully equipped to handle dangerous chemical transportation, and regulators are hurrying to catch up with the burgeoning market. How are dangerous goods transported? Recently, air companies warned of the risks involved in transporting large quantities of lithium by air.

Winning the Ongoing Competition for Carrier Capacity

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Ed Hildebrandt, Senior Vice President, Global Business Development at CLX Logistics , and Jeff Baxter, Director of Supply Chain at Pilot Chemical Company, discuss the following questions and more in this timely and informative episode: Is capacity assurance as important (or even more important) than cost management?

Good Safety is Good Business at the LogiChem 2015 Conference

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I always come back from these conferences inspired and fascinated at how diligent chemical supply chain managers must be to mitigate risk and adverse events. The chemical supply chain continues to faces significant challenges, with more global and complex supply chains, leaner inventories, and rising customer expectations. These chemical manufacturers must improve their supply chain resilience in order to thrive, be successful, and—ultimately—be safe.

Innovation and the Role of TMS for Dangerous Goods


During my presentation, I discussed innovation and the role of Transportation Management Systems (TMS) in the dangerous goods supply chain, sharing both the challenges and opportunities within the industry while highlighting the technologies available to help shippers manage these goods safely and efficiently. Key Challenges for Chemical and Hazmat Companies. Chemical manufacturing depends on raw materials that are subject to environmental, political and economic influences.

BASF Video Case Study: The Value of Real-Time Freight Visibility

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When you think about it, we’re living in the age of Amazon.com,” Bazzetta added, “so it perplexed us to understand why we could receive an email notification that a package was on our porch but we couldn’t have [the same visibility and notification] when a shipment of chemicals was being delivered to a customer.”. Episode Highlights Supply Chain Technology Trends Transportation Management BASF bulk chemicals Descartes Systems Group MacroPoint real-time freight visibility transportation

Transportation Network Modeling: A Powerful Tool in Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Strategy

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Outside of the Paris Agreement, the European Union (EU) has a goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from transport by around 60 percent below 1990 levels by 2050. Cost reductions sometimes go hand-in-hand with GHG reductions, but some measures could increase transport costs. Supply chain network and transportation optimization can help make better sourcing and multi-stop route decisions that ultimately result in route design that balances low costs with higher service.

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Insights from Elemica reveal 2014 Frankfurt

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Herman Woltjes, Shell Chemicals – “Logistics Execution”. Moving forward, BASF is working on different projects to improve end-to-end supply chain visibility, like track and trace for products from BASF to end users and transport visibility. “Elemica Logistic Tools in Shell Chemicals,” Herman Woltjes, Shell Chemicals, Elemica reveal 2014. What do the Germany World Cup Team and the Boston Red Sox have in common?

How Chemical Freight 3PLs Source Bulk Tanker Trailers and Other Equipment

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As the transportation experts in the middle, freight brokers and other third-party logistics (3PL) transportation providers can play the role of matchmaker between the two – working out key details with both shippers & receivers so that their needs are fully and accurately communicated.

How to Track Rail Parcels Using GPS Shipment Trackers


With the kind of cost-effectiveness, hauling capacity, and reliability that it brings in, rail freight transportation has without a doubt caught up the global freight transport market. The only hiccup that remains is the absence of a failsafe rail parcel tracking system. Let’s explore how IoT can make rail freight the best of both worlds.

6 Advantages of Using Freight Brokers to Transport Hazmat Freight

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A true statement no matter where you sit, but it’s especially true within the world of chemical and hazmat freight shipping. Whether you’re new to the transportation side of things or a seasoned pro, you know you can partner directly with a carrier to move your products. In this article, we’ll examine some of the advantages that freight brokers offer in transporting your chemical and hazmat products. Truckload freight Bulk Transportation chemical tranportation

Invest in a Smart Rail Cargo Tracking System — It’s About Time


While rail freight plays an integral and growing role as a high-volume low-cost transport option, there’s a glaring lack of business intelligence based on logistics visibility that’s hampering a greater adoption of rail as a preferred medium of transport. Globalization, containerization, and a surge in logistics connectivity have been a boon to the intermodal, multimodal, and global shipping industry.

What Is the COVID-19 Impact on Your Supply Chain? We Surveyed the Transplace Network.


Of those surveyed: 81% use Transplace’s Transportation Management System (TMS). Business - Transportation Miscellaneous 3PL automotive business priorities chemical coronavirus COVID-19 CPG customer demand industrial inventory logistics manufacturing packaging retail shipping supply chain technology telecommunting transportationWhat Is the COVID-19 Impact on Your Supply Chain? We Surveyed the Transplace Network.