Coffee Shops Are Already Running Out of America's Newest Milk Craze

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Oat milk “tastes the best of all the milk alternatives,” said 22-year Micah Lindsey, who works as a barista at an Intelligentsia coffee shop in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood. a Chicago chain, began carrying Oatly oat milk in October 2017. Food & Beverage All Technology Sourcing/Procurement/SRM Home Page Latest News Home Page Slider Featured Content North America

Tackling Item Complexity

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World Kitchen’s supply chain– with significant manufacturing and distribution operations throughout North America and Asia– was complex. Personalization. Market microsegmentation. New product launch.

The 7 Best Events For Freight Shipping in 2015


3PL Summit & Chief Supply Chain Officer Forum by EyeForTransport Chicago, IL June 16 -18. The 3PL Summit is North America’s largest and most high-level gathering of logistics executives and their manufacturer and retailer supply chain counterparts.

Building the Network of Networks

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There is an active group in Europe and North America. July 16th in North America (current thinking is Charlotte or Chicago. Today, I am facilitating a share group. The dream is the building of Network of Networks.

Intermodal Shipping is Growing and the Railroads are Ready


Railroads across North America are heavily investing capital in their intermodal offerings—and have been for the past five years. North America’s more than 70 intermodal ramps continue to expand. Intermodal Shipping is Growing and the Railroads are Ready | Transportfolio.

Reflections on Hard Hats and Safety Shoes…

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I like the thought of having a bearing printed in Boone, WV instead of being stocked in Chicago and then flown into Charleston, WV to then be driven to the coal mining site. When the added costs of transportation and inventory working capital impacts are added, there is a solid logic to bringing manufacturing back to North America. Mexico has become more attractive, and many companies are looking at alternative sourcing in Latin and South America.

This Week in Logistics News (September 28 – October 2, 2015)

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July 2015 North American Freight Numbers. It will be available soon in New York, Baltimore, Miami, Dallas, Austin, Chicago, Indianapolis, Atlanta and Portland. There was plenty of learning and networking at the CSCMP Annual Conference this week, which I’ll write about in a future post.

Christmas is Over. Why Are There So Many Loads?

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Higher demand for vans drove load-to-truck ratios up throughout most of North America in the week after Christmas. Volume was strong leading up to Christmas, and rates soared for outbound reefer loads in Florida, Southern Texas, and even Chicago.

September Van and Reefer Trends Stay Strong After Labor Day

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Prices in Chicago, Columbus, Seattle, and Philadelphia are all higher than they were a month ago. Chicago, Cleveland, Columbus, Indianapolis, and Joliet, IL , were all in the top 10 for load posts on DAT Load Boards last week. Minneapolis to Chicago rates were up to $2.01/mile.

Disruptive Times Require Adaptive Supply Chains

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”[1] Scott Deutsch, President of Ehrhardt + Partner, North America, adds, “Technology is driving changes in consumer behaviors that are undeniable. ” Sean Halligan, Vice President of North American fulfillment for Nike, told the Supply Chain Quarterly staff, “If you want to innovate quicker, you cannot do that by having faster trucks, you do it by getting pins in the map in the right spots.”

Purolator wins Third-Party Logistics Sustainability Award for its work with Echo Global Logistics

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In addition to operating the largest green fleet in North America, Purolator has implemented a number of environmentally friendly initiatives, including a strict no-idling rule for its drivers, environmentally responsible packaging and a route optimization program that reduces overall distances travelled by vehicles.

“Plan to Deliver” with JDA: Company Identity Touts Customer Value, Ability to Deliver More Intelligently and Delight Today’s End Consumer

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JDA will feature the new identity prominently in several upcoming events, including its FocusConnect event in Barcelona on November 10-12 and as part of a JDA “Delivery Tour” occurring in North America. Current dates and locations for this tour are Chicago on December 4, Toronto on December 9 and San Francisco on December 16.

Spot market demand heats up out West

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Volumes were also up from other markets with seaports, including Stockton and Los Angeles – which is home to the two biggest ports in North America. Over the past month we’ve seen rates fall from Chicago, Columbus and Dallas.

Spot Market Kept Growing in October

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Atlanta, and Chicago. Rates are based on DAT RateView , with $28 billion in lane rates, updated daily, for 65,000 point-to-point lanes across North America.

Demand Heats Up for Vans and Reefers

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Meanwhile, look for the geographic emphasis to start shifting a little farther north, in preparation for a possible rebound in the Midwest, later in Q3. TriHaul of the Week, for Reefers: Atlanta-Chicago-Evansville-Atlanta.

RELEX Solutions Partners with Strategix CFT to Support Continued Growth and Increase Customer Reach

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Under the new agreement, RELEX Solutions and Strategix CFT will offer the combined solutions and services, with Strategix CFT having existing presence in the US, Germany, Poland, Russia and Turkey, and RELEX in 20 countries worldwide including North America, UK and Germany. Strategix CFT has emerged from the consolidation between the German boutique consulting firm Strategix Enterprise Technology and the Chicago based IT service company CFT Inc. Read PDF.

Top 10 Markets for Van Loads in First Half of 2018

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The DAT load board is the largest on-demand truck load freight exchange in North America , and load posts by freight brokers and shippers are on pace to shatter even more records this year. It's been an unprecedented year on the spot market so far.

Celebrating Drones, Butterflies and Exceptional People


The Americas are pulling me South-eastward with greater frequency these days. Before heading off to Brazil, I had the privilege of chairing my first US eft CSCO conference, in the bustling, blustery city of Chicago. Primary Event: The 14th Annual 3PL Summit Précis: Hugh Williams, recent Conference Chair of the 3PL Summit & CSCO Forum in Chicago, shares his thoughts on the event.

Are High Freight Rates in December the New Normal?

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Other reefer markets with big gains were in metro areas with a lot of refrigerated warehousing, including Chicago, Dallas, and Elizabeth, NJ. Rates are based on DAT RateView , with $28 billion in lane rates, updated daily, for 65,000 point-to-point lanes across North America.

Denver 170

Van and Reefer Rates Start September on a High Note

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Van Demand Heads North. Chicago and Columbus continued to pick up steam last week. VAN TriHaul: Minneapolis - Chicago - Des Moines - Minneapolis (or vice versa). Rates were up 16¢ from Minneapolis to Chicago to $1.84 Good news, everyone!

Truckers Get a Raise in July

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The focus is starting to shift to the north, but there are still plenty of loads available in the Southeast. Markets with rising rates include big cities like Chicago , Philadelphia , Atlanta , and Dallas.

Hurricane Matthew Affects Spot Rates and Freight Volumes

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Inbound rates could rise in hard-hit areas like North Carolina this week. Rates and volumes held steady in Chicago and Atlanta , which were numbers 2 and 3 for load posts, but demand was way down in Texas. Spot market rates were up last week, but volumes fell.

Fresno 111

Van and Reefer Load Volumes Rise, as Flatbeds Falter

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VAN TRENDS: Oregon and North Dakota are showing as dark red on the Hot States map above, due to a relative shortage of trucks, but there aren't necessarily a lot of loads available in either state. Van and reefer volume increased last week, although rates were unchanged as a national average.

LTL Carrier Profile: Old Dominion

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Old Dominion is based in Thomasville, North Carolina. In 1957, Old Dominion extended its operations to most major markets in North Carolina and southern Virginia. Five years later, the company relocated its headquarters to High Point, North Carolina, in 1962 and merged with Bottoms-Fiske trucking company. Old Dominion operates as a less-than-truckload (LTL) carrier primarily in the United States and North America. LTL Carrier Profile: Old Dominion.

International Women’s Day? What are they doing out of the kitchen?


Kelli will be participating in the ‘Women in Logistics’ panel at the 3PL summit and Chief Supply Chain Officer Forum (June 16-18, Chicago).

Freight Availability Remains High, Despite Declines

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Here are a few notable trends from the past week: Outbound rates trended up in Los Angeles , but declined in Dallas, Chicago and Atlanta.

XPO to acquire Norbert Dentressangle – thoughts from 36,000ft on what this means for the logistics industry, for XPO and those people who struggle to pronounce French names


Before I continue, both Brad and Hervé Montjotinthe CEO of Norbert Dentressangle will be speaking at the 13 th 3PL Summit and CSCO Forum in Chicago on June 16-18 ( ) – come and join all of us there.

Spring Starts Slowly


Worth, Chicago, the Inland Empire around Los Angeles in California, Atlanta, and Detroit. . Premium`: Freemium`: Channels: Supply Chain Region: North America Article Type: Executive InsightsRetail Sales . .

How Did Truckers Find Loads 40 Years Ago?

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His job involves negotiating contracts, pricing, and finding loads for Ashley's empty trucks after they deliver furniture from the manufacturing plants to distribution centers throughout North America. Gene Schultz has been in the trucking business for nearly 60 years.

8 Numbers That Are Just As Important as the Rate

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With DAT RateView, you can compare contract and spot market freight rates on more than 65,000 lanes in North America. For example, if you're searching for loads or trucks in Chicago, it might search within a 100-mile radius.

Rates Drift Down for Vans and Reefers in Mid-July Slump

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Better: outbound rates rose last week for reefers in Chicago , Dallas and Twin Falls , ID. DAT TriHaul of the Week, for Reefers: Chicago - Atlanta - Memphis - Chicago. The lane rates are constantly adjusting for reefers in both directions between Chicago and Atlanta.

Insights from the C-Suite: Supply Chain People Are Making a Difference in the World

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The organization currently serves 45,000 professional members in 100 countries, with 190 chapters in North America alone. Chicago, IL. The biggest challenge for supply chain professionals today is the is the accelerated pace of change, according to APICS CEO Abe Eshkenazi.

Freight Rates Hold Steady, but Midwest Heats Up

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The Midwest has also been improving, with outbound prices up in both Columbus and Chicago. Rates are based on DAT RateView, with $28 billion in lane rates, updated daily, for 65,000 point-to-point lanes across North America.

Top 11 Cities for Pop-up Fulfillment — Infographic


Retailers have started popping-up fulfillment centers across North America. Chicago, Illinois. Winning e-commerce customers means fast, low-cost delivery. Ultimately, this requires getting your product closer to your customers.

Top 10 Cities for eCommerce Fulfillment


Retailers have started popping-up fulfillment centers across North America. Chicago, Illinois. Indianapolis, Indiana: Indianapolis is a staple in supply chain operations because of its central location and proximity to Chicago.