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8 Inventory Costing Methods That You Might Not Know About


Inventory costing or valuation is an accounting concept that has a direct impact on your gross profit and thus taxable income. Methods of valuing inventory are simply different cost-flow assumptions about how to allocate your cost of goods available for sale. They do not resemble your physical flow of goods, but rather, they allocate costs to either cost of goods sold or your ending inventory. We’ll start by explaining why inventory costing is important.

Mission: Maximize Learning on Multichannel Retailing & E-Commerce

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How do you optimize a common pool of inventory, store pick up, and scale to compete in the eComm world? Multichannel Roundtable & Strategy Panel – Susan Kleinman, Senior Director, Comscore; Brent Beabout, Senior Vice President, Supply Chain,Office Depot, Inc.; Colby Chiles, Director, Transportation, The Home Depot; A roundtable discussion of emerging issues and trends with service providers and retailers.

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