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China boasts one of the oldest, most advanced civilizations on Earth, with a history going back as far as 2070 B.C. Though, even as the country has experienced great economic and infrastructure growth, over its history, alternating periods of civil unrest, famine and foreign occupation have plagued China. Starting in the 1990s, China increased its participation in global organizations and assumed a prominent position in global political and economic activities.

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[Podcast] The Impact of COVID-19 on Transportation Networks

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I was joined by Gregg Lanyard, Transportation Product Director at Manhattan. Read more [Podcast] The Impact of COVID-19 on Transportation Networks. The post [Podcast] The Impact of COVID-19 on Transportation Networks appeared first on Talking Logistics with Adrian Gonzalez. Episode Highlights Past Episode Past Episode - Manhattan Associates China COVID-19 just-in-time Manhattan Associates Nucleus of Innovation transportation management

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Has China lost its relevance as a production location?

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China’s position as a production location is currently a hot topic amongst global thought leaders in supply chain. The general price level of products made in China is rising rapidly, and it has been claimed that some of the products actually originate in North Korea. So has the time come to look beyond China for low-cost production facilities? I still consider China to be a very relevant production location, and I have summed up a few reasons why below. #

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Checklist: Logistics challenges in China

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Supply chain in China was once an afterthought or was only thought of in terms of the ‘Make’ and ‘Ship’ processes included in manufacturing in China. But as China becomes not only the factory of the world but the ‘Mall of the world’ this can no longer be true. Back in 2001, China was just revving its engine, a $1.3 Today, China’s domestic consumption is rising rapidly. Checklist Logistics Challenges in China. 15 questions about Chinese supply chains.

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Distribution in China takes a detour

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China is not only an attractive market in terms of sourcing and manufacturing but also for the sale of goods due to the rapid growth of its middle class. Hence the companies Bugaboo and Foss have both faced considerable challenges, as they revealed during the recent ‘Supply Chain Opportunities in China’ seminar in Amsterdam on 24 June 2015. China expert Fred Sengers was the moderator. That means that we can’t supply mainland China directly from our factory.

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China Exports Rebound Even as Western Markets Face Lockdown

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China says almost all of its major industrial companies have resumed production and that its ports are again running at near-full capacity after a two-month Coronavirus-linked shutdown. In China, a Two-month Lockdown begins to Ease. percent dip in goods from China and a 6.5

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Inside China's New Pharmaceutical Regulation


How will China's new regulations on pharmaceutical wholesalers affect manufacturer costs and drug prices? In April, China’s state council toughened regulations on its pharmaceutical industry, banning wholesalers from selling non-compulsory vaccines directly to hospitals, clinics, and government health authorities. There has always been harsh competition within the growing number of pharmaceutical distributors struggling to maintain and increase customers in China.

2019 Transportation & Supply Chain Half Year Review – Where Are We Now?


At the end of 2018, we made some predictions about what 2019 would look like for the transportation and supply chain industries. The post 2019 Transportation & Supply Chain Half Year Review – Where Are We Now? Blog Predictions Trends 2019 Amazon China Data Analytics technology

Can Australian Manufacturing be Brought Back Home from China?

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With the significant disruption to Australia’s supply chains caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the question now focusing the minds of supply chain managers is whether production outsourced to China can be brought back onshore—and if so at what cost. Inevitably ‘Made in Australia’ goods will cost more—sometimes even double or triple the price tag of a ‘Made in China’ equivalent. Can Australian Manufacturing be Brought Back Home from China? Why China Became Australia’s Factory.

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The $4,000 Transportation Question

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Is it worth overnighting that item from China just to make it to the middle of the desert in Arizona for a photo shoot? The $4,000 Transportation Question. Which brings me to the title of this post, the $4,000 transportation question. My transportation team was asked to ship a large number of bulky visual displays via air freight so that they could be shipped to stores that were already finding ways to display product without those specific items.

7 Trending Transportation Updates: November 2016

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The same-day delivery window requires a new way of thinking about transportation and logistics. China struggles with delivery, mostly because of an underinvestment in infrastructure and inefficient regulation. Transportation Supply Chain NewsLittle Change in Economy, but Rate Increase Coming. Next year, the US economy won’t change much, growth expected to be about 2%. FTR predicts more of the same, but when you factor in low expectations, 2017 will feel like a good year.

China-Europe rail freight up 47%


Intercontinental freight travelling between China and Europe has increased dramatically as a result of COVID-19 disruptions. This has pushed long-distance rail freight into the limelight as a mode of sending relatively high volumes of freight reliably and within weeks between major population centres in Europe and China. Freight typically takes 24 days to pass between China and the UK and around two weeks to move between China and mainland Western Europe.

How Do We Know National Network for Manufacturing Innovation is Working? Because China is Copying It.


In this post, Adam discusses the National Network for Manufacturing Innovation or NNMI and how it relates to the Made in China 2025 initiative. . China’s new manufacturing policy roadmap, unveiled in 2015 and called Made in China 2025, includes numerous policy initiatives designed to create an advantage for China in 10 key advanced-technology industries. In addition, Made in China 2025 contains provisions for creating 40 Manufacturing Innovation Centers by 2025.

What Your Global Forwarder Must Know about Importing to China

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While the stock market in China has been volatile lately, the Chinese middle class continues to grow and buy. That makes China a highly attractive market for imports, if you have a logistics provider who knows how to deliver your imports. billion people, China is the world’s most populous country. According to the International Monetary Fund, China’s 2014 GDP reached $10.38 Between 2004 and 2014, China imported $13.52

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Transportation Trends: What’s Going on in the Trucking Industry?


Here are the top trucking trends that all shippers should be aware of, according to The American Transportation Research Institute. Coming into 2019, issues like the tariff wars, driver shortage, and rising freight rates were high on transportation managers’ radar screens. Growing demand for truck transportation over the past year has exacerbated industry capacity constraints as carriers continue to struggle with recruiting and retaining a qualified truck driver workforce.

Report Points to Increase of Shippers Outsourcing Transportation Management Due to These 4 Core Benefits


This is especially true when outsourcing transportation management, as transportation can include a large part of your overall supply chain and business costs. Consider the many shippers who have outsourced transportation management and other logistics functions to third-party logistics (3PL) providers the past few years. The slowest demand for 3pl services will be in outsourcing transportation management, Armstrong stated.

Brexit: China and the changing world of trade

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The shining jewel in the crown is the post-industrial German town of Duisberg, whose inland port now receives 80 percent of European trade originating from China. From tech to toys and everything in between, China’s status as the new manufacturing superpower has been firmly cemented over the past few decades. In fact, China exported $200 billion of goods each month on average in the 2017-2018 financial year. Will rail rule now that China has revived the Silk Road?

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How Ecommerce Models are Shaping the Logistics Industry in China

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Ecommerce in China is expanding rapidly and has grown from virtually non-existent to a $40+ billion (USD) industry in the last five years. During last year’s Single’s Day (an anti-Valentine’s Day in which singletons celebrate single life) in China, the biggest ecommerce giant reported sales of over $3 billion (USD) in 24 hours, once again proving the increasing purchasing power of the Chinese consumers. Global Transportation Retail Technology China Ecommerce Supply Chain

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How Does Transportation Affect Logistics?


Transportation is an inseparable component of logistics. While the sights of trucks and trains carrying products of a company or parked at a business facility are common, few people understand how much the economy depends on economic and reliable transport. What is transportation? Transportation is one of the largest industries in the world. Transportation is a key element in the logistic chain. Image Source) There are different modes of transportation.

How Will Pandemic Reshoring Affect Transportation Providers?

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government decides to take a more active role in driving supply chains away from China Here's what we might see if the U.S

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Top 3 Logistics Challenges for Automotive Manufacturers in China

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Top 3 Logistics Challenges for Automotive Manufacturers in China | Transportfolio. By 2020, China is expected to have more than 200 million registered vehicles [1]. That’s not to say there aren’t challenges you’ll need to overcome as an automotive manufacturer in China —especially when it comes to logistics. billion people, China has the highest population in the world by a large margin. In fact, more than 80% of China’s inland freight is moved over the road [2].

First combined hydrogen and petrol stations in China opened


China Petroleum & Chemical and French company Air Liquide have opened two hydrogen stations. According to the companies they are the first stations in China to provide combined commercial gas and hydrogen fuel services.

4 Supply Chain Management Takeaways from China to Survive Coronavirus


What about China? Amid the chaos of local and global SCM operations, all eyes of the world are on China as it strives to emerge out of this crisis. There are two reasons for this: The pandemic started in China and has now gained a degree of control there too. China, being one of the leading global exporters for many industries and a technological giant unto themselves, have tried and tested a variety of models in striving to keep their SCM functions running.

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Driverless Trucks, China, COVID and the Future of the Supply Chain


A consultant, a tech wizard, a VP at a large Transportation company, and an ex-freight broker turned, a strategic sourcing specialist, turned HR consultant, mother of 3, trying to navigate her next career phase. Would our dependence on China change in the coming years? How would sourcing and transportation patterns change if manufacturing shifted away from China? Would small transportation providers be able to exist in a world dominated by large providers?

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China’s first commercial self-driving trucks begin operations


China Post and Deppon Express have begun autonomous package delivery services with the first self-driving vehicles to be put into daily commercial use in China. Starting in November 2018, FABU partnered with China Post and Deppon Express to begin testing Level 4 autonomous driving trucks in China's heavily populated Zhejiang Province. The service operates over 39,000 transport vehicles, which travel over a delivery network with 1,926,250 miles of streets and highways.

2019 Transportation Industry Trends

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6 Transportation Industry Trends to Look for in 2019. New opportunities in the transportation industry are thriving. Transportation professionals seeking to stay on top of trends in the industry look to implementing these trends. Natural disasters in the United States over the last few years that have impacted the country’s transportation infrastructure , from hurricanes and floods to snowstorms. Rise of China’s Economic Power.

China Flexes Its Global Logistics Muscle

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China aims to extend its logistics reach from the Pacific to the Atlantic through its One Belt, One Road initiative. Like the country itself, China’s ambitions are massive. The expansive plan covers roads, rail lines, ports and airports that will link East China through Southeast, South and Central Asia extending to Europe. The plan consists of six economic corridors: • China-Mongolia-Russia. China to Central Asia and Western Asia. China-Indochina peninsula.

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The Vital Role Played by Transport in Supply Chain

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Indeed, economic growth and competitiveness cannot be achieved without efficient transportation, since it enables logistics to bring its advantages into full play. Various Modes Of Transport Working Together. Subscribe Here! Email Address. Subscribe to Supply Chain Game Changer.

2020 Trends in Freight Transportation, and the COVID-19 Impact

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When I first began planning this article, the most significant impacts of COVID-19 were primarily limited to Mainland China. Now the entire freight transportation industry, across air, ocean, road, and rail sectors, is awash with disrupted expectations and has retreated into survival mode. Air Freight Transportation Trends 2020. Ocean Freight Transportation Trends 2020. Now the Coronavirus has thrown the benefits of autonomous transportation into stark relief.

Transportation TIP List: Week of January 13th, 2019


Transportation TIP List: Week of January 13th, 2019. Our TIP List this week covers some of the ways that organizations can achieve transportation success throughout the new year – including insight into innovations such as TMS technology, blockchain and IoT. China Trade Fight Shakes Global Economy, but Isn’t All Bad for Bystanders : Countries watching the U.S.-China The post Transportation TIP List: Week of January 13th, 2019 appeared first on.

Speed Bumps on the Road to Growth for China’s 3PLs

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Good transportation links a logistics strength in China. China’s logistics industry is gaining in importance and developing rapidly to support the nation’s manufacturing sector. This growth is strongly encouraged by the Chinese government, which aims to develop the country into a premium integrated transportation and logistics hub with supply chain management competence to strengthen China’s position in international trade.

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China Logistics stretched by exponential growth in e-Commerce


Asia Supply Chain Insights by Mark Millar -Hot on the heels of the Alibaba multi-billion dollar IPO frenzy in New York, let’s explore how the exponential growth of e-commerce is stretching the capabilities of China’s logistics sector. China's express delivery industry has over eight thousand companies, some offering nationwide deliveries and many others offering a one-man delivery service to a city area.

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Complex costs of transportation

Supply Chain Movement

To anticipate and respond to high customer demand, a modern Transportation Management System (TMS) needs to optimize inventory allocation. The location of any package that is part of an order can be traced; status information about time, quality, and relevant financial aspects all need to be recorded and monitored during transportation execution. Deviations that occur during transportation execution are not necessarily approved immediately. China.

Distribution and Dedicated Transportation Outlooks: 2019


Preemptive purchases for imported products from China looking to avoid new tariff fees will bleed out in the first half of 2019. Distribution Transportation 3pl Dedicated Fleets Supply Chain WarehousingGuest Blog: William Mahoney, Senior Vice President, Sales at NFI Distribution Outlook Inventory levels in 2019 will continue to grow creating the demand for more third-party warehousing space in the coming year.

The “Silk Rail”: China Invests in Efficient Freight


Today, China’s rail infrastructure bears a striking resemblance to a pre-Staggers United States, and the nation is looking to turn it around in the same fashion. In the past, China has happily relied on trucks and ships to transport freight; however, the burgeoning amount of freight being moved across the country has risen dramatically in recent years. of container traffic through China’s ports involves trains. Washington Post. Slow Train to Europe.

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