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Metrics that Matter: Customer Service


Very little has more impact on a company’s success than customer satisfaction. True customer satisfaction is a measure of sales, delivery and after sale performance. For example, if you consistently backorder items or deliver them late, customers will eventually become angry.

Supply chain inventory optimization – Beyond the analytics


by Alexa Cheater From designing, sourcing and manufacturing, to distribution and consumption, your supply chain is at the heart of your customer satisfaction levels. The equivalent of 7% of America’s GDP is tied up in inventory, and accounts receivable and payable.

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Segmenting Your Inventory by Gross Margin and Demand Variability


Source: Gartner Research. Gartner Research analyst Paul Lord has developed a thought-provoking approach (shown in the above diagram) for tailoring supply and inventory tactics to different inventory segments. Lord calls this “situational inventory”. Inventory Optimizatio

SanDisk’s Story of Customer Segmentation Strategies Using Inventory Postponement

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Source: One of these concepts that I hear a lot; but see few tangible examples, is the idea of “customer-segmented supply chain.” The discussion of customer-segmented supply chains happens often.

3 Inventory Control Techniques to Improve and Maintain Inventory Accuracy


Inventory accuracy is vital to an organisation’s long-term success. Profits depend on the sale of inventory stock and if you don’t know what or how much you are selling then you could be missing an opportunity to maximise sales. Having poor and inaccurate inventory control can be costly because it causes issues such as unplanned stock-outs, the shipping of wrong products to customers, wasted resources trying to locate misplaced items and inventory shrinkage.

How Adding Ship-from-Store to an Omni-channel Strategy Changes the Retail Network

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When it comes to adapting the retail network for an omni-channel approach, a focus on the customer is essential. Integrating a ship-from-store strategy can enhance customer service and serve as an important competitive differentiator. The challenge is determining if and when a ship-from-store strategy makes sense and how to best enable this fulfillment option without impacting store productivity and service. Customers have a new viewpoint on shopping.

Why OmniChannel Solutions are Needed in Shipping & Logistics to Meet Consumer Demand


However, Amazon is shaking up the mix by seeking to make today’s e-commerce practices obsolete, and shipping and logistics providers need to understand why. Consumers are also expecting more of manufacturers and shipping companies.

Selling on Shopify for Beginners: Sourcing, Designing, and More


What’s my shipping strategy? Your Shopify store will become the foundation that your branding and marketing strategy will be built upon and how you sell products to customers, so it’s important to think through your entire business strategy first before designing and developing your site. .

If Inventory Optimization was Easy, People would Stop Writing about It

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Every supply chain professional understands inventory is a necessary evil. Carry too little inventory and you can miss out on sales and anger customers. Carry too much inventory and you increase handling costs and cut into profits. Alexa Cheater ( @Alexa_Cheater ), Product Marketing Manager at Kinaxis, explains, “From designing, sourcing and manufacturing, to distribution and consumption, your supply chain is at the heart of your customer satisfaction levels.

What Is Demand Sensing and How Do You Get Started?


The good news is that you can model those levers to actually reduce variability and guarantee service to customers. You’re likely collecting PoS data but aren’t using it to rapidly gain market insights and improve service. Make better use of existing inventory in the short-term.

3 Reasons to Take Your Inventory Management to the Cloud


With the holiday season in full gear, businesses race to keep up with customer demand and as a result, inventory management challenges rise to the forefront. To protect your bottom line, you need to know what’s in stock, what’s on order, and where and when it’s shipping—in short, you need real-time visibility into your inventory. Taking inventory management to the cloud builds on the expected benefits associated with a cloud deployment.

Fast Fashion's Inventory Woes: 3 Ways Retailers Can Stay in Business


However, this dynamic industry is now facing the same challenges as some traditional retailers —unsold inventory and profit losses. Inventory Woes. billion worth of unsold inventory.

Fast Fashion's Inventory Woes: 3 Ways Retailers Can Stay in Business


However, this dynamic industry is now facing the same challenges as some traditional retailers —unsold inventory and profit losses. Inventory Woes. billion worth of unsold inventory. CEO Karl-Johan Persson stated that moving forward, the company will need to “ensure a faster, more flexible and more efficient supply chain” to address misalignment of inventory and demand.

Global Vendor Management: What It Is & Why It’s Essential for Your Shipping Strategy

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Consider this: global sourcing, manufacturing, and sales are advancing rapidly, leaving technology providers in the tough position of playing catch up. That’s why you need a global shipping strategy with a comprehensive global vendor management program.

Why Financial Reengineering Does Not Equal Supply Chain Improvement

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Financial reengineering focuses on the optimization of short-term results that are usually based on a functional analysis of source, make, or deliver. Few consultants understand the interrelationships between source, make and deliver.

Supply Chain Diagnostic: A Four-Step Process

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When a company contacts me to help them with their supply chain, the pain is usually a gap in customer service. Analyze Past Results in Customer Service. ” Or alternatively, “Is there data that could be sourced to help?” inventory turns.

4 Long Term Ways to Save with Less Than Truckload Freight Shipping


So, your organization has decided to explore the benefits and perks of less than truckload freight shipping. Let’s take a look at how the TMS impacts the costs of shipping over the long term in four critical areas. Overall Costs of Less Than Truckload Freight Shipping. For an organization to justify the cost of using Less than truckload freight shipping, the topic of return on investment usually crops up. Customer Satisfaction.

Will Your Supply Chain Sink or Swim in the Digital Age?


But just like every living thing needs air and water to survive, every manufacturer – and every one of their supply chain partners – needs a single source of data truth to survive the massive wave of change that’s hitting from all directions. Technology research firm Gartner, Inc.

2020 Requires Big Wings and Feet

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I find senior executives love to throw around superlatives like customer-centric, agile, efficient and responsive but lack the understanding of how the words translate to supply chain strategy in the real world. Average Inventory Levels by Industry over the Period of 2010-2018.

How To Start Your Brewery On The Path To Success


In this guide to growing a successful brewery, we will naturally – as software vendors with a strong base of independent brewery customers – touch on the technology elements we see as important. How many stock-outs, an event that caused inventory to be exhausted? Customer service.

Separate Demand Signals from ‘Market Noise’


You can be proactive and use MDSM to explore and analyze data you already own, model additional data sources that could help explain demand variability… or sit by and watch.

5 Strategies for Retailers to Combat the Coronavirus Impact


And, today’s tech-savvy generation of customers are well aware of this, thanks to the wealth of digital knowledge. Though most customers are already aware of the lack of supplies and delivery delays, retailers must be prompt in communicating the same to the customers.

6 Ways to Overcome COVID-19 Impact on eCommerce Businesses


While large enterprises might have alternate inventory options or may seek alternative suppliers, small and medium businesses are bound to get the brunt of the disrupted supply chain. The lack of enough inventory or stocks are going to have a direct impact on the shipping domain as well.

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Overcoming the Challenges of B2B Order Fulfilment


cant shift in the way companies manage their sales and B2B order fulfilment processes with greater focus in the areas of inventory control, speed and the ability to meet order deadlines. Some of these common challenges include: Inventory control. Managing inventory has always had its unique set of challenges and with the dynamic shift toward multichannel businesses these challenges have become increasingly complex. Ensure you deliver only what your customer asked for.

Exploring the Eight Layers of Matrix Retail

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Or, will you choose to simply ignore them, continue in discrete multi-channel / abomni-channel mode and watch your competitors employ Matrix Retail methods to delight your customers, then dominate, devastate and ultimately destroy your business?

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Top 10 Challenges Faced by Today’s B2B Order Fulfilment Process


B2B order fulfilment encompasses the process of businesses shipping to other businesses. It is quite typical to supply manufacturing inventory in B2B order fulfilment. Manufacturing inventory is reliant on timelines and deadlines. If there are bottlenecks with the manufacturing inventory, it could drastically delay assembly line production. In the B2B world, speed takes priority compared to customer service.

Profit Is Stalling? Take A Look At Your Supply Chain!


Reasons for stalled profit and its core relation with supply chain management Poor Customer Service by inefficient data tracking systems and poor supply chain visibility Today, consumers have so many options that they can turn to if they encounter a bad service experience.

It’s time to welcome the supply chain CEO


Over the past few decades, companies have realized that the way they bring products to market – from sourcing parts and services, to manufacturing, to shipping, to distribution – isn’t just a practical necessity, but an avenue for competitive advantage.

3 Core Metrics & 10 Soft Metrics for Measuring Supply Chain Performance


Inventory measurement is critical and it is money after all in that it took a capital expense to procure. The goal is to keep inventory levels at a minimum to meet customer needs. Review Inventory turns and Return on Assets.

Coming soon to a supply chain near you: 8 big digital disruptors


Phillips, SVP of Customer Supply Chain & Global Go-To-Market for PepsiCo shared during his keynote presentation at the Gartner Executive Supply Chain Conference, this digital revolution presents enormous challenges and opportunities across the end-to-end consumer value chain.

7 Pitfalls of Amazon FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon)!

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Fulfillment by Amazon or Amazon FBA lets sellers in the Amazon marketplace take advantage of Amazon’s giant logistics operation to ship their orders. FBA items are eligible for Amazon Prime shipping and Amazon handles your angry customers (which Amazon considers its customers, not yours).

Defining Your Own Logistics Competitive Weapon

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You have to think and act beyond cost manage and find ways to leverage supply chain and logistics as a competitive weapon — that is, look for ways to leverage supply chain management to drive top-line growth, increase market share, and enhance customer loyalty.

Logistics Cost Reduction: 6 Focuses to Create More Profit


This can be costly in man hours, customer service (goods needed cannot be processed), accidents (safety): unloading a container and the forklift dies: the pallet slips off the forklift tines which can injure employees. Focus on the Customer.

Warehouse Automation May Not Automatically Resolve Data Issues…However This Can


Consider this… Is it easy for your workers to identify the best inventory picking and put-away options? How much time do you spend conducting manual inventory counts?

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Omni-Channel Retailers Supply Chain Survival Plan


Mobile and e-commerce customers expect to receive the same experience and service regardless of where or how they shop. Of course, customers do differ from store to store, and online desktop shoppers can be different from mobile app shoppers.

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