The Importance of Customer Service in Logistics

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Customer service in logistics is an often-overlooked aspect of a provider’s capabilities. . But, in today’s competitive landscape, the importance of customer service in logistics should not be undervalued. . Why is customer service in logistics critical? .

Does Perfect Customer Service Make Sense?

Logistics Viewpoints

The thinking goes that at some point, improving service levels means you are not adding inventory in a linear manner but rather exponentially. Though service levels were already very good versus external benchmarks, the number of stockouts dropped a further 75% from 2016 levels.


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The Self-Service Customer: Revolutionizing Customer Service

4WL Consulting

Logistics is no longer a conversation between a 3PL and their client; the end consumer has a permanent eavesdropping position that needs to be respected and catered to. Step 2: Facilitate their Best Service Opportunity. Blog Logistics Outsourcing Transportation Technology Uncategorize

The Self-Service Customer: Revolutionizing Customer Service

4WL Consulting

Logistics is no longer a conversation between a 3PL and their client; the end consumer has a permanent eavesdropping position that needs to be respected and catered to. Rather than functioning as a point of positive difference, customers in eCommerce spheres now expect reasonably straightforward access to their tracking information on product shipments. Step 2: Facilitate their Best Service Opportunity. Blog Logistics Outsourcing Transportation Technology Uncategorized

Better Customer Service (and More) Through Exception Management

ModusLink Corporation

In the supply chain and logistics industry, exception management is often defined as a process that’s set up to capture information that sets outside the normal parameters of doing business – exceptions to the normal flow of your supply chain, from consumer purchase to packing and shipping to delivery on a customer’s doorstep. The post Better Customer Service (and More) Through Exception Management appeared first on ModusLink Global Solutions.

FreightWaves Flashback: E-shipping blues

The Supply Chain Journal

Each week, FreightWaves explores the archives of American Shipper’s nearly 70-year-old collection of shipping and maritime publications to showcase interesting freight stories of long ago. and software firm to develop a parcel shipping system for eBay users. Logistics online.

Ocean Transportation: Don’t Sacrifice Customer Service

CH Robinson Transportfolio

Global Transportation: Get the Customer Service You Deserve. Many ocean carriers have been struggling since 2008 when shipping demands practically came to a screeching halt. While no one can predict the effect these alliances will have on pricing, a common fear for many shippers revolves around the impact on customer service. According to the JOC , on time deliveries for container ships recently fell to the lowest reliability we’ve seen in over two years.

Collaborative Shipping Exception Management Brings Parties Together for Efficient Handling


For most shipping managers today, the two most significant challenges involve addressing shipping exceptions and overcoming supply chain disruptions. Shipping exceptions are a common issue for shipping managers. Fewer customer complaints and issues with deliveries.

Customer Service in Logistics: Are You Meeting Customer Expectations with Your Shipping?


Many working parts come together to create the best shipping experience when it comes to customer service in logistics. For logistics and shipping managers, this focus on keeping customer wants and needs front and center can be very complex.

Kimberly-Clark’s Digital Transformation of Shipping

Logistics Viewpoints

Weisenberger is leading their digitally enabled shipping initiative, she works in distribution operations rather than transportation. This is one of the company’s first steps to their digital transformation in shipping.

Too Much Focus on E-Commerce Shipping Practices? The Important Reminder That Logistics Fundamentals Still Matter


Unfortunately, e-commerce shipping practices, although different from traditional retail shipping, still fall short. Supply chain leaders need to understand why logistics fundamentals will continue to shape e-commerce shipping strategy. What’s Wrong With E-Commerce Shipping Practices? In other words, filling more orders is great, but it still requires significant use of logistics resources. Think about it; customers want the best deal.

FedEx Freight reverses service suspensions after outcry from big retailers

The Supply Chain Journal

FedEx Freight (NYSE: FDX ) is walking back its recent abrupt suspension of service to a portion of its customer base after ruffling feathers of key stakeholders that made known their displeasure, according to communications from the company and logistics industry executives.

Top 4 Challenges You Need to Master for International Shipping

Talking Logistics

Of course, international shipping is a complex service with countless moving parts, including regulations, security, capacity and legal considerations – all which can lead to a reliable and cost-effective shipment when tended to properly. In order to continue conducting reliable and cost-effective business overseas, it is important to know how to combat the top four international shipping challenges: 1.

What are White Glove Services? All You Need to Know!

Supply Chain Game Changer

Omnichannel Customer Service Best Practices! White glove services article and permission to publish here provided by Christian Cabaluna. The growth of the eCommerce industry redefined the whole meaning of customer satisfaction. This is where white glove services come in.

Freight Forwarding And Digital Customer Service Five Years From Now


Freight Forwarding And Digital Customer Service Five Years From Now. As consumers, it’s become our baseline service expectation. Selling online doesn’t just work out better for the customer, it works out better for Amazon too. In the 1980s, Dial-a-Truck – a phone service to leverage communications for enhanced booking – really took off. Robinson’s massive $365 million dollar acquisition of or UPS’s acquisition of Coyote Logistics in 2015x at $1.8

A Quick Guide to Perfecting Your Ecommerce Customer Service Strategy


They’re all saying the same thing when it comes to ecommerce customer service. Here are just a few of the several stats that highlight what we’re talking about: 95% of shoppers will tell others about their negative customer service experiences. Shipping.

Why OmniChannel Solutions are Needed in Shipping & Logistics to Meet Consumer Demand


When the Internet first arrived, the idea of waiting for an extended period to receive a product was great, asserts Gordon Hellberg of Material Handling and Logistics. However, Amazon is shaking up the mix by seeking to make today’s e-commerce practices obsolete, and shipping and logistics providers need to understand why. Consumers are also expecting more of manufacturers and shipping companies. Shipping and Logistics Providers Seek to Attract Millennials.

The Growing Importance of Last Mile Logistics

Enterra Insights

”[3] As the digital path to purchase gets more crowded, the pressure on last-mile logistics also increases. ”[4] He adds, “Companies must be constantly ready to adapt their supply chains to reflect changing market conditions and customer demands.”

Why Mastering E-Commerce Shipping Strategies Will Help Retailers Avoid the “Retail Apocalypse”


To achieve lasting success, shippers need to understand how e-commerce shipping strategies are quintessential steps in this process. The simple truth behind the retail apocalypse is that it is not coming today or tomorrow, but it could happen within the next decade for retailers and shippers that do not reevaluate their use of e-commerce and develop robust e-commerce shipping strategies. An Effective E-Commerce Shipping Strategy Mitigates Losses From the “Retail Apocalypse.”

Multichannel Fulfillment & Shipping: Considerations for Wholesale Distributors & OEMs in the Transition From Single Channel Shipping


E-commerce has presented wholesale distributors and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with a crown opportunity for growth, but it comes at the cost of transitioning from single-channel shipping. Over the last year, average e-commerce sales have increased more than 15 percent, revealing the increasing demand for multichannel fulfillment and shipping. Adapting supply chain systems to succeed in multichannel fulfillment and shipping, also requires additional setup time.

Talking Logistics: PINC and project44 Partnership Commentary


project44’s shipment and ETA data in concert with PINC’s Yard Management System‘s real-time asset and load data will accelerate the check-in process and provide customers with actionable dynamic load scheduling visibility. Source: Above the Fold: Supply Chain Logistics News (August 28, 2020).

Tips for Effectively Managing E-Commerce Logistics


Yet, as few as 33 percent of shippers have taken advantage of a transportation management system (TMS), reports Michael of Levans of Logistics Management. In order to manage e-commerce logistics and maintain cost efficiency, shippers need to know the challenges in managing e-commerce logistics, how a TMS can help, and a few tips to streamline the process. What Are the Challenges in Managing E-Commerce Logistics? Offer multiple shipping options to consumers.

The 9 Key Considerations of an Effective Last Mile Logistics Strategy


Understanding last mile logistics is only half the battle. Shippers need to reevaluate their existing last mile logistics processes and devise an effective last mile logistics strategy that aligns consumer and business expectation. In fact, an effective last mile logistics strategy must consider these nine key points. Planning Is Essential To Have an Effective Last Mile Logistics Strategy. Logistics

E-Commerce Shipping: Why Shippers Are Mastering E-Commerce to Go Omnichannel


The answer lies in developing omnichannel experiences for customers, unifying the online and brick-and-mortar experience into a seamless shopping journey. Unfortunately, shippers may overlook the biggest obstacle to omnichannel, developing effective e-commerce shipping practices. To avoid the retail apocalypse and achieve omnichannel success, shippers need to understand the challenges of e-commerce shipping, how it contributes to omnichannel success and a few tips to succeed in it.

Executing Customer-Centric Supply Chain Strategies

Supply Chain Shaman

Definition: “Customer - centric is an approach to doing business that focuses on providing a positive customer experience both at the point of sale and after the sale in order to drive profit and gain competitive advantage.” The Delta Medallion customer service agent told me that she had never seen anything quite like it. What is a Customer-Centric Organization? The Customer-Centric Supply Chain Strategy needs both.).

A Look at Some of the Biggest Trends in Shipping and Logistics


Trends in shipping and logistics like the rising popularity of e-commerce and blockchain technology are already changing the fabric of the industry as we know it. Read on for a more in-depth look at some of the biggest trends in shipping and logistics taking place this year. . 1) Shorter Shipping Windows and More Efficient Last Mile Deliveries. Expect to see these automation trends in shipping and logistics continue to grow in popularity in the coming years.

Trends 105

Peak Time or Holiday Shipping: Strategies & Tips to Stay Sane, Mitigate Extra Costs, & Keep Customers Happy


Editor’s Note: This is our second post in a two part series about how to get your logistics and transportation practices in order in time for holiday shipping or peak season crunches. For the freight world holiday shipping or for shippers in any peak season (such as those who ship plants for the spring time) it gets chaotic, everyone is trying to clear docs, empty warehouses, and get their books in order. Truckload Holiday Shipping.

Logistics Key Process Indicators (KPIs)

The Logistics of Logistics

If you move freight for a living, you know the importance of logistics key process indicators (KPIs). A KPI is an indicator (a metric) that you have chosen, and agreed with your partners and or customers, that will determine whether you are meeting your critical success factors. Selecting the Right Logistics KPIs. Determining the right logistics KPIs for your company will depend on your company. Shipper KPIs will be different than logistics providers.

KPI 186

Developing an LTL and E-Commerce Focused Shipping Strategy


Customers expect to get whatever they want, whenever they want, at the prices they want and the ability to change their minds up to the delivery time. It sounds like a shipping nightmare, and in some respects, it is. This will require an LTL and e-commerce focused shipping strategy. As a result, companies must embrace the combined nature of omnichannel to realize its benefits, and the same is true of combined LTL and e-commerce shipping strategies. Omnichannel is “in.”

Longer Lead Times Forecasted: Don’t Get Caught Behind The Curve


Our experts estimate that these longer lead times have added at least two-to-three business day delay for most customers’ deliveries. Blog Company News Manufacturing Transportation & Logistics customer service inventory labels manufacturing productivity

[WEBINAR] Download the Major Factors to Consider for Efficient LTL Shipping Webinar Recording & Presentation


Cerasis put on a 75-minute webinar entitled, The "Major Factors to Consider for Efficient LTL Shipping" Webinar on October 5th, at 10:00 AM CST. We had a great turnout with over 170 logistics managers, supply chain officers, and those in the transportation world registering and attending the webinar. Download the Efficient LTL Shipping Webinar Webinar Replay, Transcript, and Presentation by Filling out the Form Below. Very Brief Overview of LTL Shipping.

How To Find a Great Freight Forwarder

The Logistics of Logistics

They should also use the research to understand the different between 3PL (third party logistics) providers and 4PL (fourth party logistics) providers. Most while most freight forwarders are able to ship almost any type of commodity, some freight forwarders are more experienced with specific commodities. For example, if your product is cold food, then you need a freight forwarder who has refrigerated shipping experience. Customer Service.

Customer-Focused Logistics: Why Shippers Shift from Process to Experience


With the rise of Amazon, consumers have also been able to access an endless product array at historic, record-low shipping costs. In response, more shippers have ditched their practices of working with carriers directly for third-party logistics provider (3PL) partnerships. However, the continued increasing demands of consumers are driving a shift away from process improvement to customer-focused logistics, and you need to understand how this will impact your operation.

How to Do More With Less in Your Last Mile Service!

Supply Chain Game Changer

Last Mile Service article and permission to publish here provided by Raanan Cohen at When we look at the industry leaders, the forecast for the logistics market is clear. Automation Software for 3PL and Logistics Providers. Reinventing your Last Mile service.

Top 15 Logistics Blog Posts of 2014


We continue our top blog posts of 2014 from our main categories today by focusing on something at Cerasis we are experts in : Logistics. If you are familiar with the term logistics, then you undoubtedly know it conjures up a different meaning to different people , different countries, and different companies even. There are countless number of logistics service providers who offer many different types of broad and niche services.