How Can Data Improve Supplier Decisions?


A growing trend across all industries has been the application of big data , with the use of algorithms and the hiring of data scientists becoming commonplace. Data, Data, Everywhere… but Make Sure your Drinking from the Right Hose. Data Logistics Supply Chain

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7 Benefits Realized Utilizing Big Data to Optimize Supply Chains


The company focuses on high tech industries such as telecome , data storage, data centers, bio-medicine, and any company who needs supply chain visibility and proactive supply chain services for replacement parts and more. All of these factors make using big data valuable.

What is Big Data?

Supply Chain Game Changer

Who could ever need to store that much data? That was “Big Data” Let’s fast forward to today. quintillion bytes of data are generated every day. That is a lot of data … That is Big Data! How Big is Big Data? So What is Big Data?

6 Benefits of Applying Useable Data in Logistics For Continuous Improvement


Today we will go into detail on using the available data created in the processing of shipments within transportation management and other related logistics management for continuous improvement. . 6 Benefits of Using the Right Data in Logistics & Transportation Management for Continuous Improvement. Shipping processes revolve around a million-trucks-worth of data. Take a look at how your data can be used for continuous improvement across your organization.

Your Supply Chain Probably Has a Data Problem - Start There

A Blueprint For Supply Chain Transformation The Data First Approach Introduction Over the past few decades, supply chains have evolved from a sub-function. supply chain is data. Supply Chain is the epitome of Big Data, yet, the most challenging problem. Data Access.

Data and Digitization in Manufacturing

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Because manufacturers have historically moved factories to regions featuring cheap labor and few regulatory restrictions (sometimes referred to as outsourcing or offshoring), a misconception has arisen about the importance manufacturing to national economies. ”[1] Manufacturing becomes even more relevant to advanced economies thanks to data and digitization. We tend to focus our attention on what is new about the era of big data. Data and digitization in manufacturing.

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Five Steps You Can Take to Achieve ‘Data Nirvana’

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There are many benefits to be had from redefining the way you manage your supplier data. Below are five steps you can take to greatly improve your supplier master data management processes and reach the hallowed state of data nirvana. The first step on your path towards data heaven is building out and defining your standards to support process design, ownership and management. Data consolidation. The next step is to cleanse your data. Data governance.

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Using Data to Improve Supply Chain Operations

Material Handling & Logistics

Learn how to organize your data operations in alignment with supply chain strategy. Complex supply chains generate more data, which companies can use to drive greater efficiency or engage in innovation that disrupts an entire industry—think Amazon. Generating Value from Data.

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Electronic Data Interchange or EDI in Transportation: Breaking Down What it is and How It Works


Today begins our series about electronic data interchange or EDI in transportation. What is Electronic Data Interchange? First we must understand and get on the same page of what is Electronic Data Interchange, or EDI, as it is not only used in the transportation industry.

Why data intelligence is crucial to the business success of today’s fashion companies


Data has never really been a part of that equation. Machine Learning (or ML) is a current application of AI based around the idea that we should really just be able to give machines access to data and let them learn for themselves.

Building AI to Unlearn Bias in Recruiting

anecdotal data points (e.g., referred to as unconscious bias. This means that if incorrect data. — or more likely insufficient data — is fed in, the. and is now evaluating large amounts of data that were not earlier methodically. Building AI to Unlearn Bias in.

More Data is Not Better and Machine Learning is a Grind…. Just Ask Amazon


After an overview by the corporate recruiter on Amazon’s values (including the infamous Flywheel Effect), Ed spoke about how data analytics was important in impacting several parts of the flywheel, including getting the right products in front of customers, getting the right quantity, and ensuring that customers are satisfied. At Amazon, his team employs econometrics, software development and machine learning to data driven decisions. Data Interpreters needed!

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The Impact of SOLAS on Ocean Shipping and Data Management

Talking Logistics

The Regulation’s Impact on Ocean Shipping and Data Management. The Regulation and Data Management. However, in today’s information-driven supply chain, data often flows in parallel with the passage of freight.

Data to Decisions. Faster.


Key Point : Arm your supply chain planners with the right software tools so they can do their jobs better; make decisions about your supply chain instead of spending time collecting data and building Excel models. Automating the collection of data. Analyzing the data.

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Big data and supply chain logistics optimization: Illusion vs. reality

DELMIA Quintiq

Not one supply chain conference or event goes by without some random discussions on big data. Presenter after presenter make grandiose statements about how big data will change the way supply chains operate and how everything will be incredibly different.

Master data management should be higher on the agenda

Supply Chain Movement

The ever-advancing digitisation of business processes is raising the demand for high-quality data and making it increasingly important, because the success of supply chain collaboration is inextricably linked with the exchange of usable data. But what exactly is master data?

Inventory and forecast data from retailers: After your product ships (Part 2)


Part 1 of this series highlighted four of the most important retailer data points that suppliers need to maintain an efficient supply chain and maximize sales opportunities: Unit Sales (Net), Dollar Sales (Net), Price, and Retailer COGS. analytics data retail supply-chain consumer-goods

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Big Data Analytics are Table Stakes for Digital Age Businesses

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It refers to a rule requiring a player to bet no more money than he or she had on the table at the beginning of that hand. What do you want from your data? Data is often described as an asset as valuable as oil or gold. Yossi Sheffi ( @YossiSheffi ), the Elisha Gray II Professor of Engineering Systems at MIT, asserts data is a company’s most valuable asset. Today, it’s not people but data that tops the asset value list for companies.”[2]

Pharmaceutical labeling: Data, data everywhere


Many of the sessions focused on the execution of the Company Core Data Sheet (CCDS), which serves as the primary reference document used to create a drug’s package, label, patient literature, etc.

How to Improve Manufacturing Floor Data Collection


Here’s how you can improve manufacturing floor data collection, long-term. A key component of any manufacturing process is data collection. However, are you starting to outgrow your manufacturing floor data collection system ? Improving Manufacturing Floor Data Collection.

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[INFOGRAPHICS] How Manufacturing Data Will Transform The American Manufacturing Industry


This article will focus on the proliferation of manufacturing data available in the industry, and how this data can improve business decisions. The Rise Of Manufacturing Data Analysis. This process is referred to as ‘data cleansing.’ Types Of Data To Collect.

Tips to Reduce Safety Stock With Data and a WMS

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However, the application of data and a dedicated warehouse management system (WMS) can successfully reduce safety stock. Safety stock refers to excess inventory capped within a warehouse or other facility to avoid the problems associated with a product being out of stock, explains Supply Chain 24/7. It relies on outdated processes and data. How to Reduce Safety Stock With Data. It is possible to reduce safety stock through the application of data.

The 5 Key Reasons Why Data Quality Is So Important


Editor's Note: Today's blog comes from Katie Cruze at who give us the top 5 reasons why data quality is important. Data, for most companies, is often collected for record-keeping purposes. The 5 Key Reasons Why Data Quality Is So Important.

Good Data, Bad Data, Big Data

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We live in the Information Age and the era of big data. Each of us creates data whenever we make a telephone call, use the Internet, make a purchase with a credit or debit card, and/or use a merchant’s loyalty program. Some people believe all this data gathering is an invasion of privacy; but, data can be used to help companies provide us with better service and more personalized products. However, not all data is as beneficial as it seems at first.

What Less-Than-Truckload Data Should a Shipper Track?


The answer is simple; shippers must track the right data. Knowing the proper metrics and data points to track promotes cost-effective shipping practices and can improve vendor, carrier and consumer relationships, reports Merrill Douglas of Inbound Logistics. Data LTL

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Impacts of Big Data in Logistics


The web pages you visit and online messages you send every day continually generate data about you. When you go to a supermarket to buy groceries and pay with your credit card, data is also being obtained about your shopping tendencies and financial activities.

Data Governance: The Benefits For Organisations

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Businesses need more than just data if they are to be successful. They need good data. This is why Data Governance is such an important component within the overall data management lifecycle. What is Data Governance? Minimising risks posed by bad-quality data.

Bridging the worlds of IT and OT for monetizing your data investments


Or as I call it “The Frank Take” From the shop floor to the top floor, things (people – process – machines) are being connected, to better collaborate, and share data across multiple disciplines. Especially, since the carpet side (IT) it refers to as SOFTWARE APPLICATIONS.

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What is Master Data?

HICX Solutions

What is Master Data? We talk about master data a lot here at HICX, but we appreciate that sometimes it’s necessary to take a step back and think about this subject from the point of view of someone who doesn’t spend their entire day wading through pools of data.

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Overcoming Big Data Discouragement

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There has been an enormous amount of hype about big data. The World Economic Forum declared big data a valuable resource like oil or gold. Extracting value from big data can also be difficult and many companies have reported their big data projects have failed or produced disappointing results. He asserts, “Data science has become more and more about hype rather than results. The importance of big data for business. Data governance becomes crucial.

Why Shippers Need Normalized Data

Intelligent Audit

In the age of big data, it’s crucial that the disparate systems that interpret that data are able to do so accurately. When dealing with large data sets, often times there are simple inconsistencies that a human eye could pick up on, but machines with rigid rules will overlook.

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Data Scientists and Machine Learning

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Machine learning is one the most obvious ways to make sense of the oceans of data being created in today’s business world. Dev Kundaliya writes, “Algorithms don’t know how to say ‘the data is not clear’ or ‘I don’t know’ ”[2] Kundaliya points to research by Rice University statistician Dr Genevera Allen, “who has found that the results produced by machine learning algorithms are often misleading or wrong.”

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Data Cleansing as the Foundation for Supply Chain Analytics

Supply Chain View from the Field

Often overlooked in this discussion is the importance of establishing a foundation for analytics through the process of data readiness and data cleansing. The Data Readiness Level (DRL) is a quantitative measure of the value of a piece of data at a given point in a processing flow. It can be envisioned as the data version of the Technology Readiness Level (TRL). The DRL is a rigorous metrics-based assessment of the value of data in various states of readiness.

The Role of Big Data in the Retail Supply Chain

RELEX Solutions

Big data isn’t only about the amount of information involved; it’s also about the ability to process and analyze it from multiple angles. It’s a buzzword yes, but it’s also a new era; we’ve moved from electronic data processing to the information technology age.

Dreaming of Clouds, Lakes and Streams

Supply Chain Shaman

Yesterday, I spoke at the Eye for Transport conference on the Big Data opportunity in supply chain. I hate the term Big Data. So, in summary, today, we don’t have a big data problem. Instead, and more exciting, I believe that we have a big data OPPORTUNITY!

Data. When less is more.


One of the fundamental issues to be addressed around data is how can the information best be displayed in order to enable users to quickly identify any problems and take action where needed. The default position for data display is one where the user has an excel like view.

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Data Quality And Complexity Present Major Challenges For Procurement, Deloitte CPO Survey Reveals

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where risks can be predicted or mitigated), and embrace ‘good’ complexity, which refers to business processes that can be exploited positively in order to increase procurement’s influence on other stakeholders in other areas across the organisation (e.g.