How Locally Grown Products are Disrupting F&B Manufacturing


There is a developing trend that has been gaining steam in recent years that has the potential to seriously impact and “disrupt” food and beverage manufacturing. It means buying food that is sourced and/or grown within a geographical location that could be considered “local”.

Continuous Warehouse Optimization and The DC Technology Gap

Logistics Viewpoints

Many companies are achieving this transformation by adopting modular, elastic DC technologies – including AI and robotics – that provide continuous warehouse optimization without replacing their current monolithic and static warehouse systems.


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6 Checks Every Supply Chain Should Take To Stay Healthy

Gravity Supply Chain

6 ways supply chain health checks ensure streamlined operations, mitigate risk, minimize disruption, meet customer needs and protect the bottom line.

8 DC and Warehouse Slotting Considerations for More Efficient Warehouse Operations


If you are a manufacturing company or distributor, you most likely are using a warehouse or distribution center to make sure you are able to store inventory, replinish store fronts, and easily send goods to customers or receive goods for manufacture or distribution. First Things First, Do You have all The Tools To Set You Up for DC Or Warehouse Slotting? You should concentrate on this 20% and have them available for picking upfront in your warehouse or DC.

DC 139

Jian Xu – DC


Procurement Director. Jian works as a Director of Procurement at Fannie Mae. Prior to joining Fannie Mae, Jian worked at Ingredion, a leading global ingredients manufacturing company, where she served as a Global Procurement Director. REGISTER NOW. Jian Xu, Ph.D.,CSCP.

DC 26

Improving Your Manufacturing Operations Using Warehouse Automation  


Ian is an expert on warehouse automation, and shares his insights on how you need to get started in thinking about technology and robotics in your warehouse or manufacturing operation. Sandwiched between warehouse and distribution center, manufacturing is where the value gets added. However, improvement opportunities abound and the right solutions can yield end-to-end improvements throughout the manufacturing enterprise. Improving Performance in Manufacturing.

[INFOGRAPHIC] Effective Supply Chain Management In Manufacturing Key to Revival of Industry in U.S.


Supply chain management in manufacturing is by no means a simple process, but the United States is learning from past mistakes and they're poised to start playing a little catch-up in the manufacturing world due to their expertise. There are 230,000 small manufacturing companies in the United States alone, according to a new Infographic from The National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Hollings Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) Manufacturing Innovation Blog.

The VF Corporation Invested in Supply Chain Agility Before COVID Made “Agility” the New Buzzword

Logistics Viewpoints

VF Corporation is Building a Highly Automated DC on the West Coast. Mr. Bailey has worked most of his career at VF – as an industrial engineer in facilities, in strategic sourcing, running offshore operations, and now as the person in charge of the company’s entire supply chain.

Distribution in China takes a detour

Supply Chain Movement

China is not only an attractive market in terms of sourcing and manufacturing but also for the sale of goods due to the rapid growth of its middle class. Companies that have already got a manufacturing base in China are not necessarily at an advantage, as Bugaboo’s story illustrates. That is one of the 15 industrial areas in China which offer foreign companies attractive tax breaks providing that those companies manufacture exclusively for export purposes. Regional DC.

China 81

Overcoming The Barriers to Use Channel Data

Supply Chain Shaman

However, two decades later, there is still no technology solution to enable demand visibility or help companies use channel data to translate demand into an inventory, replenishment, or manufacturing strategy. I remember the evening well.

Data 195

Lifting The Gray Curtain

Supply Chain Shaman

In our research, we find that 72% of planners primarily depend on Excel and desktop analysis despite the rollout of advanced platforms for planning in 92% of manufacturers with greater than 5B$ in revenue. In this period, 56% of global manufacturers felt that they performed well or very well.

Solving The Cold Chain Challenges

The Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society

One Network’s NEO Platform handles supply chain forecasting, sourcing, planning and execution (with routing and logistics optimization) for what may be the largest supply chain control tower deployment in the world. Identify the source of the problem and fix it.

Managing Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) For Future Growth


Like manufacturing, warehouses, and the systems that manage them, are going through an inflection point. A recent survey completed by IQMS of 151 North American manufacturers found that the fastest growing manufacturers can orchestrate analytics, Business Intelligence (BI), mobile and real-time monitoring to grow 10% faster than their peers. How A Warehouse Management System (WMS) Helps Manufacturers Grow.

Your Customer is Going Omni-channel. What is the Impact of Omni-channel on the Supplier?


Ready or not, manufacturers are being pulled into the Omni-channel world by the evolving needs and strategies of the retailers they serve. See chart) As the retailers’ ecommerce sales grow, they think about questions such as to whether to centralize inventory in a DC for web orders vs. allocating all merchandise to the store vs. increasing the supplier’s expectation for more services. All these put extra information and fulfillment burdens on the manufacturer.

Pushing the Supply Chain Reset Button

Supply Chain Shaman

We have heard that there is a focus on near-shoring, reshoring, and local manufacturing. Building a fab (manufacturing site) takes two-to-four years and requires the availability of water and trained labor.

Adapting in the Face of Change

Supply Chain Shaman

To make the point, let us start with a discussion on Consumer Products manufacturing. P&G lacks a tactical supply plan to manage load across factories and contract manufacturing to effectively communicate to suppliers and underperforms on ROIC.

Decentralized Warehouse Models Offer Innovation Opportunity


READ MORE: Solving common challenges in supply chain management using DC software ». Imagine you run a small manufacturing plant creating consumer goods. Manufacturing Supply Chain Warehouse ManagementThe Industry 4.0

Decentralized Warehouse Models Offer Innovation Opportunity


READ MORE: Solving common challenges in supply chain management using DC software ». Imagine you run a small manufacturing plant creating consumer goods. Manufacturing Supply Chain Warehouse ManagementThe Industry 4.0

Supply and demand production challenges with new products


The master production schedule suffers from very intense and short term production schedule variations and purchased materials unavailability. Manufacturing flow simplifications. Alternative sources for parts. By implementing the above actions, supply chain managers can use the Tracking Ratio (TKR) metric during the introduction phase to measure the rate between the variety manufactured and customer orders. The TKR is calculated as follow: TKR i =MC i /DC i [1].

Global Chemical Company Uses PINC YMS to Cut $1.5 Million in Detention and Demurrage Fees


The Chemours Company adopts a yard management system that has helped organize the chaos of managing a high-volume DC. the manufacturer’s logistics operation includes 63 global warehouses and 47 contract manufacturing locations.

My Lessons in Interviewing Supply Chains to Admire Award Winners

Supply Chain Shaman

Northrup Grumman, PACCAR Inc, ResMed, Ross Stores, Sleep Number, Subaru, Toro, and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSMC) Company. The processes of make, source, and deliver reports to a common leader in only 40% of businesses.

A New Decade: Give Science A Chance

Supply Chain Shaman

The first story is about a large regional food manufacturer. The team was attempting to be customer-centric by modeling an item by customer at a DC level. The second story is about a regional beverage manufacturer.

The 22 Biggest Beer Trends, According to Experts


Attractive young people took photos of themselves in swimwear, inserted them into the posters, and shared them on TikTok – with the hashtag #BeerPosterChallenge and (inexplicably) an AC/DC backing soundtrack. You Shook Me All Night Long – AC/DC.

Will Maryland’s expanded EV charging network fuel fleet adoption?

The Supply Chain Journal

EV charger provider Tritium partnered with Baltimore Gas and Electric (BGE) and Greenlots , a member of the Shell Group, to deploy Tritium RT50 direct current (DC) fast chargers at 12 sites throughout central Maryland. There are now 100 BGE-owned DC fast chargers in its service area.

Carter’s: A Story of Supply Chain Leadership

Supply Chain Shaman

Shipping approximately 400 million selling units consisting of 700 million manufactured units per year, Carter’s employs about 4,000 employees at its peak. The company leverages globally sourcing strategies to buy products at a lower cost and then deploys some unique process logic to drive mass customization for retailers. We manufacture 700 million pieces of clothing and service every channel in the U.S.

What is Reverse Logistics and How Is It Different than Traditional Logistics?


For instance, goods move from the customer to the distributor or to the manufacturer. The manufacturing firm would then have to organize shipping of the defective product, testing the product, dismantling, repairing, recycling, or disposing of the product.

Navigating Retail Complexities & Avoidable Costs as e-Commerce Companies Go Brick & Mortar

ModusLink Corporation

While the wild west of retail has long been reformed, the result has been the creation of a laundry list of rules and regulations that manufacturers and distributors must abide by to avoid major fines. Vendor guides govern every little thing, from the format of purchase orders, palletization, labeling, advanced shipping notifications and DC booking […]. Manufacturing to Market e-commerce Retail Complexities Brick & Mortar

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How Retailers and CPG companies are benefiting from next-gen Control Tower and S&OE

o9 Solutions

In particular, the landscape is being challenged with a number of fundamental drivers: The changing consumer preferences with the move towards fresh, natural/organic/healthy, convenience foods and locally sourced products but at the same time looking for value.

Building the Business to Consumer Superstar: Getting to the Promised Land with Supply Chain Control Towers and S&OE

o9 Solutions

In particular, the landscape is being challenged with a number of fundamental drivers: The changing consumer preferences with the move towards fresh, natural/organic/healthy, convenience foods and locally sourced products but at the same time looking for value.

Scenario Modeling Is Now Crucial for Supply Chain Network Design


Scenarios to assess DC closures and the impact of shutdowns . Another use case we see for scenario modeling in the current context is evaluating new sourcing locations. You can study optimal sourcing locations while minimizing both production and distribution costs.

This Week in Logistics News (April 23 – 29)

Logistics Viewpoints

It includes free shipping of online purchases, free grocery deliveries to the home for orders of at least $35, prescription discounts and other benefits. XPO Logistics launched a Ship Net-Zero program, giving shippers the option to purchase carbon credits to offset emissions from shipments.

What Shippers and Retailers Need to Know for Peak Season Planning 2022

The Logistics of Logistics

With Russia exporting many critical commodities, Deloitte explained, there are insufficient raw materials for supply and manufacturing use. What Shippers and Retailers Need to Know for Peak Season Planning 2022. WRITTEN BY STEFANY MARTIN / POSTED ON JUNE 9, 2022.

How to interpret demand-sensing data

The Network Effect

While being driven directly by high frequency POS/consumer data at the SKU/shelf/location level will generate the highest forecast error reductions, the mathematics around pattern recognition and predictive analytics will also drive significant levels of improvement if applied by other supply network nodes including retail DC’s, manufacturing DC’s, or any integrated suppliers. The improved data usage also drives value upstream into manufacturing. Nic McPhee/Flickr.

Data 150

3PL Industry Trends: Intelligent Order Management and Unified Logistics


This creates many challenges for retailers and manufacturers who either fulfill orders themselves or contract with third-party logistics (3PLs) partners to perform these services. With increasing focus on consumer-centricity and trends like direct-to-consumer (D2C), retailers and manufacturers are looking for ways to deal with additional complexity, order volume, consumer expectation, and the cost of doing business. Let’s dive into the manufacturer example.

More than storage: What warehouse services can a 3PL provide?

Kanban Logistics

Some retailers have ‘preferred’ logistics partners that enjoy privileges like the ability to drop trailers off at a DC without an appointment. This enables the non-preferred carrier to skip the appointment process as the preferred 3PL simply drops the trailer at the retailer’s DC.

3PL 52

5 Transformation Accelerators for the Modernization of Warehouses

DELMIA Quintiq

In my previous blog , we delved into the paradigm shift in warehouse and distribution center (DC) functions and uncovered key themes and insights from our live Q&A with Reuters Events, Prologis and Henkel held on June 29.

DC 156

Companies Improve their Supply Chains with Artificial Intelligence

Logistics Viewpoints

Having an agent detect how long it takes to ship from a supplier site to a manufacturing facility, and then doing a running calculation on how the average lead time is changing, is trivial math. That is every machine, factory, DC, mode of transportation, supplier, product, material, etc.

Retail Distribution Center Automation: 6 Factors to Consider

C3 Solutions

Consumers are no longer bound by loyalty or geographic necessity in their purchase decisions. That doubles the pressure to move things along in the DC, as well as create efficiencies to keep delivery costs down and also to offset them by saving costs in other areas.

Healthcare Strategic Stockpile Management Remains a Big Challenge


There’s zero transparency from the White House about how they’re allocating critical medical supplies, what is being produced, and how much is sent to the private market for purchase.” Washington, DC: The National Academies Press, 2018.

How Clean Tech Companies Help Us Embrace Earth Day

Arena Solutions

By providing an alternate and more sustainable energy source, this technology has enabled telecommunications companies to reduce their GHG emissions and carbon footprint across the globe.