Finn-Tack implements inventory and demand management solution

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Finn-Tack, with an international customer base with growing global demand, has two production plants in China, and the Ukraine, manufacturing riding equipment and clothing. Cases Barloworld SCS consolidation demand planning Finn-Tack inventory Optimiza software

My Take: Let’s Admit Seven Demand Management Mistakes of the Last Decade

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Within an organization, the words “Demand Planning” stir emotions. Seldom do we find a team excited about demand planning. After two decades of process and technology refinement, excellence in demand management still eludes supply chain teams.

Apparel and footwear: At what point is missed sales better than excess inventory?


In adidas’s recent earnings call, CEO Kasper Rorsted warned that adidas would miss its 2019 growth target because its supply chain was unable to meet the huge demand for its mid-priced apparel, especially in North America. by Harish Iyer.

Is Your Demand Management Process Keeping Up with Innovation?

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Companies must constantly innovate to keep up with and satisfy fast-changing consumer demand. Is your demand management process adequately supporting this innovation requirement? They were originally designed to keep factories humming, pumping out those products most in demand.

Lean Inventory: Using Lean Initiatives To Manage Inventory


What is Lean Inventory Management? More firms are implementing lean inventory management techniques to reduce costs, improve flexibility and have more time to focus on their customers. What is Lean Inventory Management? Supply Chain lean inventory

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Ann Grackin: Is the Crisis in Demand Management Being Exacerbated by Spreadsheet Dependency?


Demand management has always been at the top of supply chain professionals’ list of challenges. All these moves have added complexity to the demand planning challenge. These low scorers report forecast inaccuracy, and demand planning as their biggest headaches.

The Absolut Company: Balancing Service and Inventory Creates a Delicious Mix


Production complexity and SKU count had been steadily increasing for years, and finally prompted Absolut to seek a better and more efficient way to manage production planning for its extremely popular vodka. Blog Demand Planning Inventory Optimization Supply Chain Planning Featured

Using Lean to Manage Inventory!

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What is Lean Inventory Management? More firms are implementing lean inventory management techniques to reduce costs, improve flexibility and have more time to focus on their customers. What is Lean Inventory Management? Subscribe Here! Email Address.

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Is Poor Inventory Performance Holding You Back?


by Alexa Cheater Our partner Celestica recently published the following article, ‘ Is your company being held hostage by poor inventory performance? ’ Poor inventory performance can create a significant obstacle to growth and profitability. Success demands widening the scope.

What About Them Apples?

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In offices across the United Sates, demand planners are scratching their heads. Shifting demand and rising prices for cotton and orange juice. Surprising demand in automotive for car replacement. History is not a good predictor of current demand. Tactical Demand Planning.

10 Best Inventory Book for All Experience Levels

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What inventory book can help you to cut inventory costs? In this article, we will show you 10 best inventory book that readers at all levels can learn from. Inventory Management Overview Many people think inventory management is a clerical task but they're absolutely wrong. Effective control of inventory requires a broad spectrum of knowledge. Clive (Material Management) 5) RFID For Dummies by Patrick J.

Indiana Jones and the supply chain bullwhip effect


A small shift in customer demand essentially cracks the whip, and the further a supplier is from the demand, the more significant the impact, which inevitably leads to increasing swings in inventory for suppliers. The bullwhip effect and demand forecasting.

What If You Could Take The Guesswork Out Of Forecast Planning? Guest Post from Osgood Vogler


The author, Osgood Vogler, Director, Analytics, Celestica Supply Chain Managed Services, describes an insight-based demand management process: So, how do you take the guesswork out of forecast planning? Demand planning has a big impact on business performance.

The Supply Chain “Change” Dilemma!


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Your supply chain is costing you money – Reason #4 Making key decisions by modelling the supply chain in Excel


Companies that are forced to use Excel to manage large swaths of their advanced supply chain planning. You need to be able to see where inventory exists, what capacity is available and what the issues are.

A River Runs Through It…

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It is the river of “demand.” While most companies attempt to shape demand–through promotions, new product launch, pricing, sales incentives and marketing–they confuse demand shaping with demand shifting. A Focus on Demand Flows.

Six Sigma Tools and Inventory Management


Instead, it refers to a quality management improvement process used by large scale manufacturers. At first glance, there may not be much synergy between Six Sigma and inventory management. Define design goals that are compatible with customer demands and the business strategy.

Supply Chain Professionals Speak on Delivering Better Business Outcomes with Kinaxis


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Will the Internet of Things (IoT) Help Eliminate Information Latency and Deficiency in Supply Planning?


A multitude of challenges are emerging from a rapidly evolving supply & demand environment that warrant a fresh look at planning – really to assess the level of entropy ! Demand management General News Inventory management Sales and operations planning (S&OP) Supply chain management

Remembering: Turning Visibility into Possibility by Don Gaspari, NCR at Kinexions


In this video hear, Don Gaspari, Director, Materials & Inventory, Global Operations and Logistics, NCR, speak about his time at NCR and their vision to leverage it’s market leadership in self service devices and applications to transform the way that business does business with consumers.

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On-demand Recording of Purposeful Collaboration: What It Could Mean for Your S&OP Process


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Elephant in the Room: Thoughts on Metrics That Matter in Semiconductor and Hard Disk Drives


Understanding inventory planning will take on a new dynamic. The ‘bullwhip effect’ certainly plays a role here, creating wide fluctuations (over and under) of supply and demand – due to disorganization, lack of communication or miscommunication, incorrect demand information, etc.

Conflicts That Cause Companies to Stockpile SKUs

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Featured Strategy demand management inventory merchandising MIT CTL SKU rationalization supply chain finance too many SKUs

Live Webcast: Continuous S&OP for Life Sciences – Breaking the Mold


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The Next Great Disruption Coming to Supply Chains


I watched a TED Talk video by Philip Evans, from Boston Consulting Group and shuddered to think that all our traditional fulfillment and inventory models can be drastically transformed by the “consumer”. In essence, the consumer is putting a postponement demand on the brand.

Top 15 Supply Chains to Admire from the Supply Chain Insights Conference


While other “lists” use ROA, Inventory Turns and Revenue Growth, I find Lora’s science very objective. She is analyzing growth, inventory turns, operating margin, and return on invested capital, performance and improvement over time. . “

Accenture – 10 Years After: How Close Are We to True Demand-Driven Supply Chains? SupplyChainBrain & Kinaxis Video Series


It’s been about a decade since companies began talking about the dream of a truly “ demand-driven ” supply chain. It’s been 10 years since companies began striving to create “demand-driven” supply chains. Teradyne – Managing Demand: How Agility Replaces Predictability.

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Your supply chain is costing you money – Reason #3 Not having end-to-end supply chain visibility


So a scheduler at one plant has no visibility as to the inventory position, capacity or material supplies at another plant. In our drop in situation, you could have sufficient inventory at a different site but never know it because you can’t see it. by John Westerveld.

5 Considerations When Evaluating your ERP system’s Forecasting Capabilities

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Consider what is meant by “demand management”, “demand planning”, and “forecasting”. These terms imply certain standard functionality for collaboration, statistical analysis, and reporting to support a professional demand planning process. However, in most ERP systems, “demand management” running MRP and reconciling demand and supply for the purpose of placing orders.

What the Analysts Are Saying About…A&D Supply Chains


The challenge is balancing reduced material delays with rising inventory levels and longer Days of Inventory. by Bill DuBois. Are you looking for some reading material to pass the time on your next flight?

Managing Inventory in the Age of Grocery Delivery and Curbside Pickup


Grocery stores and big box stores are faced with the need to constantly evolve to meet growing consumer demand for near instant and effortless fulfillment. Due to this increase in demand, managing inventory can be a challenge, but consumer interest in these services makes it a necessity.

Avaya & Accenture – Supply Chains of the Future: Where Will We Get the Talent? SupplyChainBrain & Kinaxis Video Series


Companies have been investing in supply-chain technology for 20 years or more – yet many are still far from the goal of creating global, demand-driven networks. We have more data than ever before, yet we can’t see the inventory.”. Demand is more volatile than ever, Green notes.

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Teradyne – Managing Demand: How Agility Replaces Predictability – SupplyChainBrain & Kinaxis Video Series


With consumer markets more volatile and unpredictable than ever before, companies need to make up for a lack of forecast accuracy with supply chains that can rapidly respond to changing demand , says Chris Vosse, business systems analyst with Teradyne.

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Qualcomm: What’s Wrong With Traditional S&OP? – SupplyChainBrain & Kinaxis Video Series


By the time you get in front of the management team, that data has already changed,” Beveridge says. They focus on the state of the company’s supply and demand balance , with an eye toward making “immediate course changes” if necessary.

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Are we playing Sudoku or forecasting a business?

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One of the key questions any demand planning organization must answer is ‘at which level(s) should I generate forecasts?’ Forecasting boxes of deck nails in retail stores for the purpose of positioning inventory? Considering a JDA Demand upgrade?