Next Level Apparel® Takes its Demand and Inventory Planning to the Next Level with the Logility® Digital Supply Chain Platform


based supplier of fashion blanks transforms its demand and inventory management with Logility. Their team of experts made our transition from legacy systems and manual processes to total digital supply chain management an easy experience,” said Paul Volkman, CIO at Next Level Apparel.

How Can You Protect Your Organization from Demand Constraints? 


Demand constraints create financial risks as well as environmental problems. • 25% of inventory surpluses are caused by a lack of transparency and visibility into the supply chain. Real-Time Insight and the Right Digital Platform Means More Accurate Forecasts. Supply and demand.


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Logility, Demand Management, and NGC Software Unite Resources, Introduce Logility® Digital Supply Chain Platform


The unified, digital platform powers better decision-making, scalability, and transformation across all levels of supply chain maturity. a leader in supply chain innovation powering the sustainable and resilient enterprise, today announced its parent company American Software, Inc.,

From Siloed to Interconnected: Bring Planning, Sourcing and Procurement Together with a Common Platform 


Even their ability to keep up with demand is challenged by a combination of resource material shortages and shipping and receiving delays. Now more than ever, the conventional silos of planning, sourcing, and procurement teams must be connected into one cohesive network.

Demand-Driven Transformation at Shell

Supply Chain Shaman

Located in the United Kingdom (UK), he has more than twelve years of experience in progressive roles driving demand-drive projects for their global supply chain. At the Supply Chain insights Global Summit , Nick shared his story on driving demand-based improvements. It is just not enough to do a software upgrade or slowly push continuous improvement projects. He did this first by implementing demand sensing from Terra Technology (now E2Open) eight years ago.

Success Strategies for Demand Forecasting in Supply Chain


There’s been a lot of change in how we view supply chain demand forecasting: we moved from a focus on supply—what and how much to supply or replenish—to the demand-driven supply chain, which placed too much emphasis on the intermediate goal of an accurate demand forecast.

Build Supply Chain Resilience with a Diverse Sourcing Strategy 


And they’ve had little to no time to recover from raw material and labor shortages, supplier and factory failures, transportation delays, and rising costs while encountering unpredictable demand. Developing Diverse, Resilient Sourcing Strateg ies.

Segmenting Your Inventory by Gross Margin and Demand Variability


Source: Gartner Research. Gartner Research analyst Paul Lord has developed a thought-provoking approach (shown in the above diagram) for tailoring supply and inventory tactics to different inventory segments. Traditional ABC inventory models segment inventory into A, B and C categories based on annual consumption value. As we showed in a previous blog, it’s not the only way to segment your inventory, nor nearly the best. Not too much demand variability.

Inventory Management: We Can Do Better

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Strong opinions and egos (mostly male) abound… For over two decades, I obediently tapped my foot to technology leaders’ glibly spouting opinions. Downsizing inventories over the past decade crippled the response.” Days of Inventory Peer Group Across Time Periods.

Meet Demands For Supermarkets With AI-Driven Demand Forecasting


A shift from physical grocery stores to digital grocery stores is indicative of a shift from traditional shopping practices to demand-driven buying practices. When demand can be anticipated with accuracy, it can be delivered efficiently with demand forecasting techniques. .

AI-Powered Demand Sensing: 7 Strategies To Increase Sales Performance


In the midst of the Covid-19 slump, businesses need to shift to reliable systems to meet customer demand and improve profitability. It is here that demand sensing comes into focus. Demand sensing is a tool that facilitates the calibration of data that informs supply.

Ecommerce Inventory Management: Why the Right Software is Key


Manufacturers and brick-and-mortar retailers have been using software to manage their inventory for years – but inventory management is even more important when you’re running a business that operates in the complex eCommerce space.

What Is Demand Sensing and How Do You Get Started?


We’ve created quite a monster with all the sophisticated tools we use to influence demand with pricing, new product introductions and promotions. As businesses use more “levers” to influence demand, demand variability grows. What is Demand Sensing? .

Logility Partners with Planalytics to Systematically Address the Impacts of Weather in Demand, Inventory and Replenishment Planning


Planalytics’ weather-driven demand analytics help businesses stay ahead of never-ending sales variability. to identify, quantify and apply weather-driven demand calculations to business planning and forecasting. Logility is a wholly owned subsidiary of American Software, Inc.

Achieve the Environmentally Sustainable Supply Chain Consumers Demand


Through the intelligent use of technology, organizations can meet these goals and reduce the environmental impact of their supply chains to improve environmental stewardship, reduce damage to the planet, and ensure that sourcing is done sustainably.

The 2022 Labor Shortage: 4 Concrete Tactics to Combat Employee Turnover and Source Staff


Sarah Voorhees, VP of Demand and Inventory Planning at American Tire Distributors , is one such leader who emphasizes the importance of individual check-ins: A 1:1 conversation can be intimidating, though, especially if the person has sensitive concerns. Source: Fortune. #3:

Demand Optimization Maturity Curve


Forecasting customer demand has been a critical aspect of business since ancient times. The first commercially available demand planning system was introduced to the market in the mid 1970’s by American Software. At that time only the largest companies could afford robust demand planning systems run on mainframe systems managed by a dedicated demand planning specialist. This post discusses the Demand Optimization Maturity Curve.

ToolsGroup Acquires Onera to Extend Retail Platform from Planning to Execution


Solutions enable real-time inventory availability and fulfillment optimization for retailers. COVID-induced shifts in consumer shopping preferences, the prolonged shipping crisis, geopolitical upheaval, and inflation have driven retailers to evolve demand and fulfillment strategies.

Demand Driven: Can We Sidestep Religious Arguments?

Supply Chain Shaman

Unfortunately, I think the concept of “Demand Driven” is headed down the same path. Let’s face it, the definition of demand-driven is evolving. The 1990’s technologies of Advanced Planning (APS) along with Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP) and Material Requirements Planning (MRP) amplify the bullwhip effect within the supply chain resulting in the loss of agility and an inflexible response for the long tail. Demand-Driven Definitions.

Managing inventory with ERP amid disruptions


In today’s business world, the success of a firm depends not only on its sales but also on the ability to manage its supply network and ensure it has the inventory it needs to deliver customer orders. In the past 18 months, many companies have increased their inventory levels.

4 Ways Sonus Improved Demand Planning and Reduced Inventory by 20%


The result was difficulty in meeting customer demand in a timely and efficient manner. To combat its planning issues, Sonus took four steps to improve demand, reduce inventory, and share information better across the entire network. Sonus worked to seamlessly connect data from multiple sources, including traditional enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, existing Excel spreadsheets, and even its customer relationship management (CRM) tool.

Demand Sensing (and Other Secret Ingredients) for Food and Beverage Supply Chain Success


Food and beverage companies can use demand sensing to predict sudden market trends and prepare for actual supply needs. Demand fluctuations dominate the food and beverage (F&B) industry. What is Demand Sensing and Why Is It Important for F&B? Demand Thought Leadership

The 10 Most Crucial Inventory Performance Measures for SMEs


There are a lot of inventory performance measures you could track. Explore our live inventory calculators and formulas page. In this article on inventory performance measures. Why use performance measures for inventory management?

Here’s How to Make Your Next Supply Chain Software Evaluation Agile Instead of Agonizing


This will lead to a growing trend of businesses replacing older SC planning and execution software with modern SaaS technology (1). It’s time for supply chain leaders like you to take bold action to improve your supply chain software evaluation process. Other sources: 1.

Inventory Forecasting Explained: The 2022 Guide


A crystal ball sometimes wouldn’t go amiss in inventory forecasting. But in the absence of a magical tool, your best bet is to manage your stock by using industry techniques and technology. Read more: What is Inventory Management?

Inventory Planning Becomes More Interesting

The Smart Software

Just-In-Time (JIT) ensures that a manufacturer produces only the necessary amount, and many companies ignore the risks inherent in reducing inventories. So how can you execute a real-world plan for JIT inventory amidst all this risk and uncertainty?

Inventory is Everything with Jeff Flowers

The Logistics of Logistics

Jeff Flowers and Joe Lynch discuss why inventory is everything. Jeff Flowers is the Chief Operating Officer of OneRail , a final mile delivery orchestration platform providing real-time visibility, actionable data, and data-driven optimization capabilities for its enterprise clients.

Case Study: Reducing Excess Inventory

Demand Driven Technologies

But when the inventory piles up in your warehouse because you don’t have the other materials you need to manufacture your products? Frustrated by inventory inefficiencies, supply chain leaders at Ukrainian pet food. Source.

Businesses Responding to High Inflation and Supply Chain Inventory Concerns

Supply Chain Matters

Noted was that C-Suite executives, if they have not already done so, will be calling for added assessment relative to areas that are added cost drivers in periods of higher interest rates and in potential decreases in product demand during recessionary periods.

How Safety Stock Absorbs Demand Volatility


Demand volatility is cited by Gartner, IDC and other analyst firms as the number one obstacle identified by corporate executives to achieving their supply chain goals. But companies can overcome this obstacle by positioning the right inventory across the supply chain to absorb such volatility. Surprisingly, there is an immediately available, relatively straight-forward alternative – fixing your inventory (safety stocks) to cope with the forecast uncertainty.

Small Business Inventory Management – the 2022 Guide


For example if you’re running a product-based business then inventory management is essential. From inventory tracking and safety stock levels to assembly, purchasing and shipping, getting inventory management right will increase your chances of success.

Four Steps to Better Demand Forecasting


There are libraries full of algorithms that are relatively easy to implement in software, but the math is only as good as the data it’s applied to. Managing spikes in the data that may or may not be real demand. In short, sales history is the best measure of future demand.

SanDisk’s Story of Customer Segmentation Strategies Using Inventory Postponement

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Source: Spinnaker Management Group asked me to co-present on a demand-driven webinar with SanDisk. For me it was ironic, because SanDisk’s journey is not about demand. Instead, in the SanDisk journey , they adjusted the speed of response to their customer segments, and actively designing inventory postponement strategies. It is systemic. SanDisk Corporation designs, develops and manufactures flash memory storage devices and software.

Autonomous Planning in Supply Chain: 4 Must-Haves for Next-Generation Platforms

Logistics Viewpoints

When my fiance heard about the price, he advised that I find a local hairdresser and set up a frequent-shopper account with them for a few months until the tool is back in stock. Critical inventory disruptions/deficiency anywhere in the supply chain.

Separate Demand Signals from ‘Market Noise’


Multivariate Demand Signal Management isolates actual demand signals from inconsistent market activity and improve forecast quality. What exactly is Multivariate Demand Signal Management? The benefits offered by Logility Multivariate Demand Signal Management.