Five Advanced Technologies That Are Revolutionizing Logistics

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With gasoline prices reaching record highs , transportation managers must make smarter decisions that minimize road miles and associated costs. For logistics teams, digital control towers add maximum value when they’re integrated with the transportation management system (TMS).

On-Demand Delivery Platforms: The Renewed Focus on Becoming a Shipper-of-Choice


The post On-Demand Delivery Platforms: The Renewed Focus on Becoming a Shipper-of-Choice appeared first on Transportation Management Company | Cerasis. Freight Freight Technology on-demand delivery platforms


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The 5 Benefits of Hybrid SaaS TMS


New, innovative technology platforms have greatly sped the expansion and evolution of transportation as well as logistic solutions. Most notably are we seeing technology platforms that improve and simplify the users by means of integrating partners and using collected data. In today’s post, we talk about the 5 main benefits derived from the use of SaaS TMS and introduce what we call a Hybrid SaaS TMS. We call this SaaS TMS model Hybrid SaaS TMS.

Demand-Driven Transformation at Shell

Supply Chain Shaman

Located in the United Kingdom (UK), he has more than twelve years of experience in progressive roles driving demand-drive projects for their global supply chain. At the Supply Chain insights Global Summit , Nick shared his story on driving demand-based improvements. It is just not enough to do a software upgrade or slowly push continuous improvement projects. He did this first by implementing demand sensing from Terra Technology (now E2Open) eight years ago.

Control Tower and Visibility Solution Guide

Supply chain leaders face the daunting challenge of delivering cost-effective services against stiff industry competition. Discover why a unified and converged approach will make all the difference in running an efficient and cost-effective supply chain.

Transportation as a Service: The Value of Cloud-Based Transportation Management + 3PL Partnerships


Cloud-based transportation management offers a variety of benefits for businesses that operate in the global supply chain. But there are times when it becomes necessary to outsource the entire process thoroughly, which many refer to as transportation as a service.

What Is Transportation Optimization and What Does It Have to Do With Managed Transportation


Rather than hoping everything runs as smoothly, shippers today need to apply technology to ensure high customer experience levels are achieved and all shipments are delivered on time and in full. Defining Transportation Optimization. Blog Transportation Management

Achieving Significant Transportation Savings through Improved Demand Forecasting

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When companies implement a demand management or replenishment system, the goal is usually to improve customer satisfaction while holding less inventory. Their operations include bulk gas storage and delivery, cylinder filling and community distribution gas systems.

Learning to Speak the Language of Demand

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Step Up and Learn the Language of Demand. In companies, there is no standard model for demand processes. In the traditional organization, some demand processes are sales-driven. While we need forecasting and we need to improve the processes, we also need to teach teams how to use new forms of demand data and adopt demand processes. They don’t know the language of demand. The concepts of demand driven are now vogue. Independent Demand.

The Importance of Transportation Visibility

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I am working on my latest Transportation Execution and Visibility Systems study, which looks at the total size of the market, the forecasted growth through 2025, and the leading suppliers across a number of categories including industry, region, customer size, and mode.

Platform or a Collection of Tools: Which One Do You Prefer for your Digital Transformation Efforts?


The blender and the oven comprise a collection of tools that includes exchangeable tips and settings that can be used for different cooking endeavors. The difference between a Platform and a collection of Tools is the great recipe book and the right oven settings in our cookie analogy.

Nine Myths of S&OP Technology Selection

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The technology market is rife with unsubstantiated claims and myths. Each year, I publish a report analyzing the technologies in the S&OP space. I sent the report to technology vendors listed in the appendix with a deadline for feedback on factual accuracy for 5:00 PM EST on Wednesday. The technology choices are not black and white. New technology is evolving. Technologies natively written as Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions are entering the market.

S&OP 302

What is Freight Demand Modeling?

Supply Chain Game Changer

Any successful business will take measures to forecast supply and demand for their products and services. There are many software programs out there that can assist companies of every size in knowing what to expect. Freight Demand Modeling. Subscribe Here! Email Address.

Meet Demands For Supermarkets With AI-Driven Demand Forecasting


A shift from physical grocery stores to digital grocery stores is indicative of a shift from traditional shopping practices to demand-driven buying practices. When demand can be anticipated with accuracy, it can be delivered efficiently with demand forecasting techniques. .

Transportation Metrics That Matter Most to Track and Improve Performance


Creating a data-driven supply chain tracking important transportation metrics helps shippers respond and adapt as quickly as possible to known and unknown events. Why Monitor Transportation Metrics. Which Transportation Metrics Should Shippers Track to Manage Transportation.

Guess Who Announced New Transportation Management Software (TMS) Functionality Yesterday

Talking Logistics

If I ask you to guess who announced new transportation management software (TMS) functionality yesterday, who would you guess? My bet is that you would name a software company, perhaps a best-of-breed TMS vendor like some of our sponsors, but the right answer is actually a third-party logistics provider. First, it underscores a point I made last year in Putting Software Vendors and 3PLs in a Box : That the answers to “What is a third-party logistics provider?”

Demand > capacity

The Supply Chain Journal

Demand > supply. Jobs — According to the BLS’ June employment report , released Friday morning, total jobs in truck transportation on a seasonally adjusted basis rose 6,400, the biggest gain this year. Another minor positive, but one that doesn’t keep pace with demand.

Why Leaders Are Migrating On-Premise Supply Chain Technology Systems to the Cloud


To meet the consumer demands in today’s increasingly evolving logistics world, many businesses are beginning to implement supply chain technology systems successfully. On-Premise Technology Comes With Higher Risk of Data Loss or Theft.

?Best Practices to Improve OTR Transportation


Managing OTR transportation through disruption is a complex process. We’re sharing seven best practices to improve OTR transportation management, enabling shippers to stay competitive in the face of disruption. Forecast Demand?with?Analytics. Across OTR Transportation Modes.

Status of On-Demand Trucking


transportation market is quickly ramping up technology-enhanced options to move products, goods and people in an effort to keep up with demand. The post Status of On-Demand Trucking appeared first on Kuebix. The U.S.

Demand Driven: Can We Sidestep Religious Arguments?

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Unfortunately, I think the concept of “Demand Driven” is headed down the same path. Let’s face it, the definition of demand-driven is evolving. The 1990’s technologies of Advanced Planning (APS) along with Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP) and Material Requirements Planning (MRP) amplify the bullwhip effect within the supply chain resulting in the loss of agility and an inflexible response for the long tail. Demand-Driven Definitions.

The Digital Supply Chain Demands the Use of Smart Supply Chain Technologies


Modern supply chains have access to more information and technology than ever before, creating a new, digital supply chain. However, the digital supply chain has grown increasingly reliant on the use of “smart technologies,” such as those involved in automated data capture, analyses and the Internet of Things (IoT). In addition, these technologies can introduce a new level of visibility and improve overall operations, asserts The Manufacturer magazine.

Manhattan Associates Launches Active Transportation Management

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From a historical perspective, transportation management systems are all about freight savings. Manhattan Associates unveiled its latest TMS, Manhattan Active Transportation Management, last week during the company’s virtual user conference.

Autonomous Planning in Supply Chain: 4 Must-Haves for Next-Generation Platforms

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When my fiance heard about the price, he advised that I find a local hairdresser and set up a frequent-shopper account with them for a few months until the tool is back in stock. The planning platforms need to evolve with changing business needs. Can these systems be easily replaced?

The Top 10 Transportation Management Systems

The Logistics of Logistics

The Top 10 Transportation Management Systems. Each year as businesses of every size and industry fight to broaden market share the same old questions haunt the boardrooms, “How can we reduce transportation costs? The answer almost always requires close scrutiny of a companies supply chain infrastructure and the status of its Transportation Management System (TMS). Transportation Management Systems. JDA Transportation Manager.

Transportation Execution Market Poised for Growth

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Transportation execution solutions allow shippers to connect to multiple carriers and then tender, track, and pay in the system. SaaS solutions are driving the market, accounting for nearly 90 percent of all revenues. Transportation transportation execution

Achieve the Environmentally Sustainable Supply Chain Consumers Demand


Through the intelligent use of technology, organizations can meet these goals and reduce the environmental impact of their supply chains to improve environmental stewardship, reduce damage to the planet, and ensure that sourcing is done sustainably. Technology and the Green Supply Chain .

nuVizz Introduces Platform 2.0 to Meet Supply Chain Demands

Supply Chain Brain

NuVizz, a transportation management SaaS platform, introduces Platform 2.0, which helps organizations address transportation routing and scheduling issues

AI-powered Demand Planning for Building Materials and Cement Industry: How To Balance Supply & Demand


This shift to an urbanized lifestyle comes with a feral demand for increased housing and the urban infrastructure to support the growing urban sprawl. Since cement is a key construction material, this proposal is going to create widespread demand for cement.

Four Steps to Better Demand Forecasting


There are libraries full of algorithms that are relatively easy to implement in software, but the math is only as good as the data it’s applied to. Managing spikes in the data that may or may not be real demand. In short, sales history is the best measure of future demand.

Weekly Transportation Services Market Review

Intelligent Audit

Every morning supply chain professionals open up an inbox filled with industry updates, customer demands, and business opportunities. The United Parcel Service (UPS) plans to implement an RFID tagging system at 100 locations this year. Transportation Transportation Services

What Are the Functions to Expect of Transportation Management Systems in Logistics?


Transportation management systems (TMS) have transformed from a desirable perk to a critical necessity for continued growth and success within the supply chain management networks. The Top Functions of a Transportation Management System in Logistics Include Route Optimization.

Modern Transportation Management Software Demands Carrier Connectivity

GTG Technology Group

Anyone in the shipping and transportation industry recognizes the importance of carriers. Automated carrier networks and cloud-based carrier connectivity are vital aspects to this overall system. With increasingly complicated logistical and resource issues arising, Transportation Management Software (TMS) must remain at the forefront of technology to stay afloat. Alternatively, they can purchase a blank-slate system and build their own.

A Transportation Network is Your Pit Crew

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You’ve developed a well thought out transportation plan that supports your supply chain. You’ve conducted a transportation procurement event and have agreements in place with carrier partners to provide the type of capacity you need, where and when you need it. You’ve communicated the final transportation plan and carrier strategy to your internal and external constituents, and have made essential business process changes to ensure successful execution.

Last Mile Technology: How Technology & Transportation Management Aid in Efficient Execution of the Last Mile


Take a moment to think about the existing last mile technology in operation in your facility. The chances are good that your organization has tracking software in place, but can your software provide valuable insights or just generalizations? Use a TMS That Handles Last Mile Demands Too. Newer systems can integrate both outbound and inbound logistics operations, but an effective TMS also handles last mile demands and key considerations too.