Transportation Trends: What’s Going on in the Trucking Industry?


Coming into 2019, issues like the tariff wars, driver shortage, and rising freight rates were high on transportation managers’ radar screens. The current driver shortage, which the American Trucking Associations (ATA) estimates to be over 50,000 drivers, and the competitive freight market have served to boost driver pay, benefits, and bonuses over the past year. Freight rates have leveled off (and even retreated, in some cases).

Snow Drives Rates Up, as Fleet Productivity Slips

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If you're a shipper, and you know the storm is coming, you want to move your freight out of the area before it hits. Before you accept those high-paying loads, check to be sure that you won't get stuck at your destination -- either because of snow or because of a lack of freight for the return trip. When the roads are clear again, freight starts moving into areas that were hit by the storm. Freight RatesSnow is coming.

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Top Digital Supply Chain Cities in the U.S.

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Given that the study was funded by an Atlanta-based group, the results are hardly authoritative (for instance, a number of major cities, such as Boston, Charlotte, Denver, Philadelphia, Phoenix and Washington, are not included in the study), but they do offer an interesting view on the supply chain capabilities of seven major regions. A look at the supply chain readiness of several major U.S. cities, and their adoption of smart-city technologies.

7-Week Streak of Higher Rates Ends – For Now

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pushed rates up 22¢ on the lane to Denver , averaging $2.97/mile last week. Denver to Chicago was also up 19¢ to $1.31/mile (that may sound low, but it’s the highest average rate on this lane since at least 2011). Denver to Albuquerque, NM , was down 33¢ to $2.04/mile. Van spot market rates moderated last week, especially on the backhaul lanes where rates spiked two weeks ago.

Next-Gen Supply Chain Management

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Then, and only then, as a category manager or merchant buyer, will a supply chain professional and his or her internal customers be able to get a comprehensive picture of the inventory of the products they are responsible for, including what’s on the shipper’s dock, at the consolidator, on the ocean vessel or stack train or truck, in the DC and on the store shelf.

Rates Drift Down for Vans and Reefers in Mid-July Slump

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Van Rates Decline in 3 Biggest Freight Markets. You don’t have to go into Denver or Seattle to enjoy a rate increase, just be aware of the trends in both directions of your round trip before you choose a load and a destination. And reefer rates get a bump from back-to-school inventory build-up at supermarkets.