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5 Steps to Supply Chain Orchestration Success


Supply chain orchestration functions much the same way, with business systems from all trading partners and all transactions connected and working efficiently to create a seamless business. A successful supply chain orchestration system can power an entire digital supply chain ecosystem and ensure every part of a business is operating at peak performance levels, no matter how messy an organization’s data might be. Automation Supply Chain Efficienc

Improving Supply Chain Collaboration: Connecting Data


by Teresa Chiykowski Welcome to the first blog post in our three-part series discussing three ways to improve supply chain collaboration. coined the term “supply chain management” in early 1982. It’s no surprise that today’s supply chains are more complex than those of three decades ago. Lack of visibility and collaboration in supply chain management is dramatically impacting the time it takes to make critical decisions.

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VTech: A Story of a Supply Chain Leader

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Financial balance sheet improvements cannot be driven by traditional supply chain processes. In the words of a supply chain leader yesterday, “Lora, please give me stories of success. I will write the case studies here, and share the dialogue with the supply chain leaders in our podcast series, Straight Talk with Supply Chain Insights. Download the app, and listen when you get a chance.). About the Supply Chains to Admire Research.

Building the Business Case for Supply Chain Risk Management


Naturally, to take advantage of this opportunity, you will need a well-functioning supply chain, which you happen to have. Do you think that your supply chain management is good enough for this market? That’s when it all gets extremely complicated, but one thing remains crystal clear: supply chain risk management is profoundly important for businesses to grow and expand. Without a doubt, managing supply chain is nothing but easy.

Elephant in the Room: Thoughts on Metrics That Matter in Semiconductor and Hard Disk Drives


Supply Chain Insights recently published a Metrics That Matter report covering both the Semiconductor and Hard Disk Drive (HDD) industries. Notice in the Supply Chain Insights report, there are only two HDD companies. Semiconductor is poised to consolidate, which will have huge impact on the metrics. This could create a shortage in the US/Europe OEM chain. – as information moves down the supply chain to the manufacturer.

What the Analysts Are Saying About…A&D Supply Chains


Even if you’re not you should check out Supply Chain Insights, Supply Chain Metrics That Matter. For the past several years, Supply Chain Insights has been delivering this research series. What caught my eye is that for each report, they do a deep dive on a specific industry and use a mix of financial data, survey research results and interactions with their clients to help get a better understanding of various industries’ supply chains.

What Blockchain Means to Supply Chain

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But it has quickly emerged from that dark and mysterious world to offer an invaluable tool for business in general, and global supply chains in particular. Touted as a secure, immutable system of record for any number of transactions between business partners, it seems an ideal tool for managing the complex web of relationships that make up a typical supply chain. Stream or download podcast here. Global Supply Chain Management Supply Chain Security & Risk Mgmt.

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Getting that “Swing” in Supply Chain Management

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Author’s Note: Below is an excerpt from Moving Up the Supply Chain Maturity Curve: The Process Industry Executive Agenda for 2016 and Beyond , a white paper recently published by Elemica with research conducted by Adelante SCM. Although the research focused on the process industry, the content and recommendations we make apply to companies across all industries that want to make their supply chains more flexible and responsive. Which metrics are the right ones?

Blockchain’s Coming to the Supply Chain - Eventually

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When it comes to the deployment of blockchain in the supply chain, or anywhere else for that matter, these are still early days. The technology shows promise, but is far from fulfilling its touted role as an indelible system of record for transactions among supply-chain partners. Most companies are still just in the “tire-kicking phase,” says Chris Kirchner, chief executive officer and co-founder of Slync , provider of a blockchain platform for the supply chain.

Is Apple Supply Chain Really the No. 1? A Case Study

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Is Apple Supply Chain Really the No. Surprisingly, IT research firm Gartner ranks Apple Supply Chain as the best supply chain in the world for 4 years in a row. But, is Apples Supply Chain really the number 1? This case study will show you the analysis of Apple Supply Chain core processes, challenging issues and complexities of its operations. 1) Apples Supply Chain Model. Supply Chain Model of Apple Inc.

28 supply chain professionals share the biggest challenges of supply chain management

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Supply chain management is a multi-faceted process with many stakeholders and even more moving parts. New technology aims to make the supply chain more efficient, yet investing in the wrong technology further complicates productivity while hindering profitability. Effective supply chain management offers numerous benefits for companies, so overcoming challenges to keep things running smoothly is a top priority for supply chain professionals.

Attracting Millennials in the Supply Chain Means Getting Your Digital Supply Chain In Order

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Ignoring this generation is impossible and attracting millennials in the supply chain is an even bigger hurdle. Since e-commerce has flooded the industry with more orders and stringent delivery expectations, supply chain leaders must think outside the box to attract and retain the next generation. Unfortunately, failure to recognize the role millennials will play in the future of the world of supply chains will result in catastrophe. Download WhitePaper.

3 Tips to Win the Last-Mile Delivery Planning Battle in Disruptive Times

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This spike in home deliveries disrupts supply chains and increases planning complexity for retailers and express companies. Not only do consumers demand speed and flexibility, they want their e-commerce deliveries to meet environmental regulations – especially in the case of home deliveries, where the logistics supply chain ends at the customer’s front door. Select a planning solution that can incorporate intelligent metrics and optimization technology.

Integrated Planning: Is It Rubbish? Be Careful What You Ask For….

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Most of the Integrated Supply Chain Planning Projects Generate Rubbish. At each location, the team wrung their hands as they told me their stories of “ Integrated Supply Chain Planning.” I can count the number of companies that are good at supply chain planning on one hand. Each are good at localized planning within a focused area of demand, supply, network design, transportation planning, material sourcing or finite scheduling.

Is A Customer-Centric Strategy the Same as Demand-Driven? Outside-In?

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The client leaned across the table and asked, “Is a customer-centric supply chain strategy the same as a demand-driven supply chain strategy?” Drawing from the Whiteboard: Building Customer-Centric Supply Chain Strategies. They are not the same, and the delivery of a demand-driven strategy does not mean the company will enable a customer-centric supply chain, or build/implement outside-in processes. Supply Chain 2030.

Network Consolidation: A Step Forward for Market-Driven Value Networks?

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The network senses, translates, and orchestrates market changes (buy and sell-side markets) bi-directionally with near-real time data to align sell, deliver, make and sourcing organizations outside-in. Today’s supply chain processes are inside-out with a focus on orders and shipments. We have automated transactional data; but there are no systems available to take independent demand data (channel data_ and move it through a multi-tier supply chain planning system.

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What is the return on ERP implementation? Results from our research

Supply Chain View from the Field

As organizations seek to drive supply chain integration across global business units and markets, billions of dollars have been invested in massive systems known as. Such systems are also instrumental in establishing aligned tactical and strategic performance metrics systems that drive improved economic outcomes (Bendoly et al., First the research shows that organizations who had implemented an ERP system had a higher overall level of supply chain maturity and performance.

New Survey Says Alignment of Supply Chain and Business Strategies Is Critical to Success

Tompkins Blog

RALEIGH, NC, April 15, 2014 — Is it important to connect your supply chain strategy with your business strategy? According to a recent survey by Tompkins Supply Chain Consortium, nearly 80 percent of participants agree. Aligning Supply Chains with Business Strategy , a new report by Tompkins Supply Chain Consortium based on survey findings from 172 participants, makes a strong case for the importance of connecting supply chain and business strategies. “We

12 Supply Chain Basics Your Company Must Get Right

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If you’re a supply chain professional, the tips and guidance in this post will probably not be new to you. On the other hand, if you’re a business leader who must try to juggle supply chain effectiveness with that of marketing, sales, or manufacture, the following sections highlight the supply chain basics that your company must get right in order to maximise revenue and profit. Supply Chain Strategy.

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Like A Green Lump of Clay….

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To see the what I built, check it out on SlideShare or view/download it in the SCI Community ). Your supply chain needs to be agile too. The best supply chains are also designed for purpose. For the purpose of this discussion, I define agility as the design of the supply chain to deliver the same cost, quality and customer service given a level of both market volatility and process variability. Preparing to Run the Race for Supply Chain 2020.

Counterfeit products are exploding on Amazon


A recent WSJ article highlighted a fact that confirms much of what we found in our study of counterfeit products in the supply chain a year ago: if you’re buying on Amazon, beware of counterfeits. However, supply chain executives who are brand owners have a responsibility to address this issue, and focus on mapping and monitoring their supply chain, something sourcing professionals often refer to as supplier relationship management (SRM).

New online insight hub revealed to increase intelligence resources for supply chain decision makers


The acquisition combines Reuters’ globally trusted news brand, scale and editorial excellence with eft’s deep expertise in highly specialized events and content production for key decision makers right across the supply chain industry. What role does eft play in the supply chain market and what business intelligence does it provide? In short, eft provides business insights and analysis to the whole supply chain industry.

Siemens BT: Every analytical transformation requires a “Jonah Hill”


To initiate their analytics journey, Siemens worked with Dr. Robert Handfield from the Supply Chain Resource Cooperative to create a white paper that helped define the vision and the business case. We created a visualization platform to focus on internal operational, and customer-facing metrics, which is NOT part of R&D’s scope of work – so we not on your turf.” This metric moved the number from 45% to 70%.

Customer Experience Driving Innovation for High-Performing Companies

Talking Logistics

Editor’s Note: The following is an excerpt of a research report published last week , “Competing on Customer Experience: The Driving Force Behind Supply Chain Innovation.” The research, produced by Adelante SCM and presented by BluJay Solutions (a Talking Logistics sponsor), was conducted to explore the links between supply chain management innovation, customer experience, technology adoption, and company performance. What does supply chain innovation mean to you?

The Most Popular Supply Chain Cowboy Articles of 2014

Supply Chain Cowboy

It’s great to know there’s so many people working together to tame the wild west of supply chain management. For Supply Chain Cowboy’s first podcast, I had a great interview with Mark Kosiba, former VP of Operations at Skullcandy. If you haven’t yet listened to what Mark had to share, be sure to download it now so you can listen to it during your next commute.

Five Steps to Launch a Supplier Scorecard


Supplier scorecards are globally accepted as a key tool for managing a more profitable supply chain. Featured Download. Download. Short Registration - Multi Part - BLOG FEATURED DOWNLOAD. Phone * Company * Job Title * Zip Code * Source Asset Source Download ID. 2 Identify and get access to the right data sources. 3 Get the metrics right. Supplier metrics should be captured about monthly.

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[PODCAST] Why Shippers Looking for Capacity & High Service Levels Need the Right Carrier Mix & Logistics Fundamentals Focus


In this “The Freight Project Podcast” episode you’ll hear : How in the retail space it is vital that marketing, sales, and the supply chain & logistics teams collaborate to achieve shared goals of consistent logistics. Capacity & Carrier Metrics Resources to Download. Download E-Book. Transportation Metrics that Matter the Most for Shippers to Track to Improve Performance. DOWNLOAD WHITE PAPER.

Industry 4.0’s Potential Needs To Be Proven On The Shop Floor


BDO is a leading provider of assurance, tax, and financial advisory services and is providing the report available for download here (PDF, 36 pp., delivering improved supply chain performance, quality, and shop floor productivity. Source: Industry 4.0: Source: Industry 4.0: Source: Industry 4.0: s potential to improve supply chains needs greater focus if mid-tier manufacturers are going to adopt the framework fully. Source: Industry 4.0:

‘Tis the (Return) Season Part 1: What You Need to Know to Reduce Returns’ Frequency in E-Commerce

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Depending on the source, brick-and-mortar retailers have an average return rate of approximately 10 percent, notes Shopify. Supply chain leaders that take the time to understand the costs of e-commerce returns and the role of detail-oriented structure in order fulfillment can successfully bring returns under control. A Guide to the Warehouse Metrics Supply Chain Execs Should Track. Download WhitePaper. Big Data eCommerce Supply Chain

‘Tis the (Return) Season Part 1: What You Need to Know to Reduce Returns’ Frequency in E-Commerce

Veridian Solutions

Depending on the source, brick-and-mortar retailers have an average return rate of approximately 10 percent, notes Shopify. Supply chain leaders that take the time to understand the costs of e-commerce returns and the role of detail-oriented structure in order fulfillment can successfully bring returns under control. A Guide to the Warehouse Metrics Supply Chain Execs Should Track. Download WhitePaper. Big Data eCommerce Supply Chain

How to Get Started with Value-add Forecasting (Part 2)


Answering the questions that the business has may require gathering additional data, purchasing data from third parties, or reformatting existing data sources. Download. Short Registration - Multi Part - BLOG FEATURED DOWNLOAD. Phone * Company * Job Title * Zip Code * Source Asset Source Download ID. Finally, the models are created, tested, validated, and then evaluated to ensure that they will meet the project metrics and goals.

2013 Third-Party Logistics Study

Supply Chain Movement

The success of the third-party logistics industry is evident in the generally high marks given to 3PLs by respondents to a survey as part of the 2013 17th Annual Third Party Logistics Study, which identifies trends and explores how both 3PLs and shippers are using these relationships to improve and enhance their businesses and supply chains. Supply Chain Innovation. 3PLs and shippers each see themselves as the largest sources of innovation within their relationships.

Logistics Services Providers Make Progress against Green Targets

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Reducing the environmental impact of sea freight will arguably have the greatest effect, given that it is estimated that shipping carries 90% of globally traded goods and its contribution of CO2 to the atmosphere is 3-4% of the global annual total (source: Multimodal ). Download Kewill’s White Paper: Fighting Back Against Rising Fuel Costs.

Partnering with Farm-Trace to monitor sustainability and impact


“66% of consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable products but most organizations don’t know the farmers they source from, let alone their impact.” – Kahlil Baker, CEO and Founder, Farm-Trace. But to get robust proof, we need partners who can be out in the field collecting data and information across supply chains. Producers, either a technician selected by a farm co-op or the smallholder farmers themselves, download the Farm-Trace app with a simple smartphone.

Top Four Most Vital S&OP Technology Capabilities


We know that successful S&OP must be fed by solid and complete information from across the extended supply chain and supported by robust advanced planning analytics. From one system, you should be able to: Integrate data from every division, location, department, product family, legacy system, and supply chain partner. Administer both demand and supply planning. Yet this is a common reality in today’s outsourced and off-shored supply chains.

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