New download: SCM Map Europe 2014-2015

Supply Chain Movement

Companies are now having to source more locally in order to ensure that they can continue to produce for the local market.”. >>Please >>Please click on the red button and fill in the fields to activate the green download button. Please fill in the following fields to activate the download button. Slight shift in European networks. There appears to be considerable upheaval in Europe as a result of the political unrest between Russia and Ukraine.

Research in Focus: Sourcing Trends and Concerns

Talking Logistics

Below is an excerpt from a report published recently by Amber Road and the American Association of Exporters and Importers (AAEI) titled “ The Trade Trends Report: 2017 Report on Sourcing, Trade, and e-commerce.” Sourcing is the heart of today’s global supply chains, and decisions made on sourcing impact everything from transportation and shipping costs, to both social and regulatory compliance concerns. Sourcing decisions can complicate or simplify this process.

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Understanding the Importance of Strategic Sourcing

USC Consulting Group

Sourcing is a key component of your Supply Chain – perhaps the most important part. That’s where Strategic Sourcing comes into play. By overhauling sourcing frameworks and opting for an integrated approach, enterprises can foster closer vendor relationships, reduce the total cost of ownership, and lay the groundwork for sustainable success. Are you getting the most out of your current sourcing vendor relationships?

A Tale of Two Procurement Books: Cox’s Sourcing Portfolio Analysis (Cox) & Strategic Sourcing in the New Economy (Keith et al.)

Supply Chain View from the Field

Andrew Cox’s new book “Sourcing Portfolio Analysis” represents the more traditional “power-based” view of procurement. The book relies on a series of prescriptive two by two matrices, that are further segmented into eight by eight matrices, that establish different typologies for supplier segmentation, The application of these frameworks to the universe of buyer-seller relationships I proposed (ostensibly) to lead to improved sourcing outcomes…for the buyer!

How Big Data Analytics is Revolutionizing Sourcing Processes for Walter Charles III


To get the details on big data and augmented analytics, download the Gartner report, How Augmented Analytics Will Transform Your Organization: A Gartner Trend Insight Report. . Sourcing with Big Data. Walter Charles’s philosophy on the modern state of sourcing is that it is artificially limited by the tools that teams are using. The traditional three bids and a buy model is a product of software constraints, rather than the ideal method of sourcing.

Local Sourcing, Global Supply Chain

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The recent announcement by Google-owned Motorola Mobility that all new Moto X smartphones sold in the US will be manufactured in Texas, highlights the continued importance of the global supply chain and role of freight forwarders and logistics services providers (LSPs) in successful local sourcing strategies. The post Local Sourcing, Global Supply Chain appeared first on Kewill Corporate.

Sourcing Cost and Time Savings for America’s Brightest Orange


“We have captured many benefits thanks to the decision we took to extend our JAGGAER implementation to include sourcing. And not least, double-digit cost savings on our electronic sourcing bid events.”. Since then OSU has conducted around 900 sourcing events via JAGGAER.

Blockchain: A Single, Immutable, Serialized Source of Truth

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Acquire the source materials: add a block. And so on, from source to end-customer receipt. Figure 1 illustrates an example of blockchain (click the download button at the end of the article to view the illustration). Always Available: A Shared, Distributed “Source of Truth”. In fact, the distributed nature of blockchain adds additional value as it removes the entire concept of a central clearing house or source vendor.

5 Reasons for Using Open-Source Software


At the present, a number of open-source software are accessible over the Internet. Magento, combined with other open-source technologies, enable businesses all over the world to make reliable and flexible customer-oriented solutions. Many are still skeptical about open-source, but the software poses practical and philosophical reasons that should not be ignored. Through the open-source software, businesses can modify solutions according to their particular needs.

Downloads or Discs: which is greener?

The UCLA Anderson Global Supply Chain Blog

Downloading games over the internet instead of going to the store to buy a box with a disc in it falls in the same categry. But, how much greener is the download relative to the box?   In a recent paper in the Journal of Industrial Ecology, Kieren Mayers and co-authors compare the carbon footprint associated with downloading a PlayStation 3 game with that of a Blu-ray disc. So, what are the sources of emissions that Mayers and his co-authors consider in their analysis?

Selling on Shopify for Beginners: Sourcing, Designing, and More


Source your products. Before you build an online store, you need to source your products. There are several avenues you can take to source products from working with local stores or suppliers to wholesale distributor options.

Source to Pay… The Real Value for Purchasing


Procure-to-Pay (P2P) and Source-to-Pay (S2P) are two terms often used within the software industry to describe digital solutions that create efficiencies within procurement. Source-to-Pay includes all of what P2P has to offer, and expands capabilities to include the “sourcing” of products and services. For more on JAGGAER’s full Source-to-Pay Suite, download our brochure now. The post Source to Pay… The Real Value for Purchasing appeared first on Jaggaer.

Case study: Halliburton expands in Sub-Saharan Africa

Supply Chain Movement

Halliburton’s sourcing & supply chain team has made a huge contribution to the expansion of the business in Sub-Saharan Africa, where it has expanded from four to fourteen countries in just eighteen months. >> Click the button to download the article now. Please fill in the following fields to activate the download button.

Why The Time Is Now for Sustainable Procurement


With that, global businesses are committing to key sustainability objectives such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions , eliminating slave labor , avoiding plastics , conserving water used in production , tapping into renewable energy sources and more. Start making better sourcing decisions today with the Value-Based Sourcing Checklist. Download your free copy here. Sourcing Supply Chain sustainability

What Does Augmented Analytics Mean for Procurement?


And even if you got that far, you would also need to understand the underlying data and how to extract the subsets you needed from the data source. Traditionally, if you wanted to get at this to perform advanced analytics you would first need someone (typically a data scientist or programmer) to write a special extract-transform-load [ETL] routine to get the data you need from various sources, put it in the right format, and load it into a data warehouse or data mart. Source-to-Pa

Coronavirus Supply Chain Response: Near-Term Actions to Take Today


Download the COVID-19: Your Ten-Point Procurement Response Guide here. Consider Your Sourcing Options. It’s vital to quickly establish an alternative source of supply before something goes wrong. . In many cases, sourcing a new supplier may reveal better price and value that are more consistent with today’s market conditions, which contracts with incumbent suppliers might not reflect. Download it here now. Savings Management Source-to-Pay

Artificial Intelligence to Improve Decision-Making in Procurement


It goes on to recommend that vendors trial such systems at selected customer sites by developing robust procurement workflows from multiple sources of data and validating these in short, focused proofs of concept. “The first step in developing successful decision guidance systems is to develop robust procurement workflows from multiple sources of data.”. Download it here now. Procurement Resources Source-to-Pay Supplier Management

Sustainable Supply Chain Summit 2015, 10-11 November London

Supply Chain Movement

Back now for its 10th year, it’s the go to event for professionals working in supply chain, procurement, sourcing, sustainability or CSR. The 2015 event will address some of the key issues and opportunities, including: impact measurement, supplier development, responsible sourcing, R&D innovation, consumer engagement, scaling up, and resource efficiency. Sustainable Supply Chain Summit 2015. Date: 10-11 November, 2015. Venue: Tower Brigde Hilton, London.

Sourcing ODM (Original Design Manufacturer): What Do You Need to Provide

Insights Solutions Global

Free to download Sourcing ODM (Original Design Manufacturer): What Do You Need to Provide When you’re looking for an original design manufacturer (ODM) for your product, how do you know what information do you need to provide? The post Sourcing ODM (Original Design Manufacturer): What Do You Need to Provide appeared first on Insight Solutions Global.

Leveraging Data in a Digital Transformation: Lessons from JAGGAER’s Fireside Chat


For more on leveraging data, download JAGGAER’s 2019 Digital Procurement Survey Report. Download it now. Events Source-to-PayDigital procurement platforms are capable of producing incredible amounts of data, from spend history to supplier scores , delivery rates and more. But such massive amounts of data can easily lead to a new generation of questions. What do all these numbers really mean? How can I put them to good use? Which data can I trust? .

Digitized Procurement: Your Setting-off Point to Autonomy


Sourcing automation. Sourcing Strategy Advisor. To learn more about autonomous procurement and the journey to get there, download our new white paper written by Michael Lamoreux, Spend Matters. The new sourcing platform brings us the opportunity to connect data much better and generate new value-adding information for our internal business partners.” – Head of Regional Procurement, DPDHL. Autonomous Procurement Source-to-Pay

YP@Airbus – International event 2016

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Innovation meets Global Sourcing. Download the brochure for more information >> Register now >> Events 3D printing Airbus BME CPO event Germany Global Sourcing Hamburg innovation Site visit students young professionalsDate: September 6, 2016. Venue: Airbus Operations GmbH, Hamburg (D). Organisation: BME. URL: yp@airbus.

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3rd CEE Procurement & Supply Forum

Supply Chain Movement

Global sourcing and sourcing in Central-Eastern Europe (CEE) has long been state of the art for international companies. Download the brochure>> Register now >> Events BME CEE Central Europe Eastern Europe event Forum innovation logistics Procurement sourcing supply chain3rd CEE Procurement & Supply Forum. Date: 19 October, 2016. Venue: Prague, Czech Republic. Organisation: BME Verband. URL: en/all-events/cee/.

Sustainability pays off, but it’s not always traceable

Supply Chain Movement

Starbucks is one company at the forefront of sourcing sustainably produced commodities. >> To download the full article in PDF, please click on the red button and fill in the fields to activate the green download button. Please fill in the following fields to activate the download button. The global demand for natural raw materials such as coffee, tea, cocoa and palm oil continues to grow robustly.

What is the return on ERP implementation? Results from our research

Supply Chain View from the Field

Segmentation, generally associated with strategic sourcing practices, is the basis for building sourcing strategies, which require an ability to negotiate prices based on leveraged volumes of purchases from across the organization. All of these capabilities take time to build and create, and for that reason, deployment of ERP systems become a catalyst for change within the organization, but is not the sole source of value formation that occurs.

By all means use forecasting time fences. And by all means violate your time fences.

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An item's forecasting time fence often mirrors the item's planning or sourcing lead time. While we understand that planners will not be able to revise their sourcing or production plans within their lead times, there is still value to providing them with forecasts that reflect significant changes in expected future demand… since that information will ripple through and impact their plans on the other side of the time fence.

Managing the flow of supplier-related data in financial services

Supply Chain View from the Field

Excel is still the software of choice for many managers who access and download data into dashboards, and scorecards – and eventually into analytics. Supply chain executives need to know who their suppliers are as the single connecting data point throughout the entire life cycle flow of the source to pay cycle, as well as to mitigate and manage risk associated with the entire supply chain.

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How to Conduct a ?Health Check? on Your Supply Chain

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Look for a new episode of the podcast, which can be downloaded or streamed, every Friday on the SupplyChainBrain website and iTunes. Stream or download podcast here. All Technology Supply Chain Visibility Sourcing/Procurement/SRM SC Planning & Optimization SC Finance & Revenue Mgmt.

Blockchain’s Coming to the Supply Chain - Eventually

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Look for a new episode of the podcast, which can be downloaded or streamed, every Friday on the SupplyChainBrain website and iTunes. Stream or download podcast here. Sourcing/Procurement/SRM All Technology EDI Communication (XML/EDI) Global Trade Management SC Planning & Optimization Supply Chain Visibility Quality & Metrics Supply Chain Security & Risk Mgmt.

How Crowdsourcing Can Help to Assess Financial Risk

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Look for a new episode of the podcast, which can be downloaded or streamed, every Friday on the SupplyChainBrain website and iTunes. Stream or download podcast here. SC Planning & Optimization Sourcing/Procurement/SRM Supply Chain Visibility Home Page Latest News Home Page SliderOver the years, the concept of the wisdom of crowds has been applied to any number of predictive efforts, from sports and entertainment to economic trends.

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What Blockchain Means to Supply Chain

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Look for a new episode of the podcast, which can be downloaded or streamed, every Friday on the SupplyChainBrain website and iTunes. Stream or download podcast here. SC Planning & Optimization Sourcing/Procurement/SRM Supply Chain VisibilityBlockchain technology was created to support transactions involving Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

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Let’s Make a Deal: The Essentials of Successful Negotiating

Supply Chain Brain

Look for a new episode of the podcast, which can be downloaded or streamed, every Friday on the SupplyChainBrain website and iTunes. Stream or download podcast here. All Technology SC Planning & Optimization Sourcing/Procurement/SRM Business Strategy Alignment SC Analysis & Consulting Regulation and Compliance Global Supply Chain Management Home Page Latest News Home Page Slider PodcastsThe ability to negotiate should be part of our nature.

Five Steps to Launch a Supplier Scorecard


Featured Download. Download. Short Registration - Multi Part - BLOG FEATURED DOWNLOAD. Phone * Company * Job Title * Zip Code * Source Asset Source Download ID. 2 Identify and get access to the right data sources. If you use data quality tools, monitor the amount of clean-up needed and work hard to improve the quality in source data systems. Supplier scorecards are globally accepted as a key tool for managing a more profitable supply chain.

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Procurement Technology: An Update from Spend Matters in Baltimore


22,000 sourcing events. $50 An example was provided to show how a requisition can be generated in 90 seconds and drive locked in savings through a preferred source, and avoids over-specifying the requirement. In one minute, we have more than 4 million search queries, more then 300 hours video uploaded, and more than 1 million Google play app downloads. Today I travelled to Baltimore to attend the ISM/Spend matters Global Procurement Tech Summit.

Future of Procurement Study Available

Supply Chain View from the Field

You can download the full report at this link. Strategic Sourcing Supplier Relationship Management Supply chain Relationships Supply Chain Talent Supply Chain Talent Management Supply Market Intelligence I recently completed a study of 25 CPO’s, each providing their view of what procurement will look like in 2025. Procurement has a history that is linked in the core concepts of centralization, volume leveraging, and cost reduction.

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