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Supply Chain Movement

In this analysis, which extends to include up to ten European distribution centres, Buck Consultants demonstrates how the number of distribution kilometres rapidly decreases as the number of warehouses increases. Companies are now having to source more locally in order to ensure that they can continue to produce for the local market.”. >>Please >>Please click on the red button and fill in the fields to activate the green download button.

Research in Focus: Sourcing Trends and Concerns

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Below is an excerpt from a report published recently by Amber Road and the American Association of Exporters and Importers (AAEI) titled “ The Trade Trends Report: 2017 Report on Sourcing, Trade, and e-commerce.” Sourcing is the heart of today’s global supply chains, and decisions made on sourcing impact everything from transportation and shipping costs, to both social and regulatory compliance concerns. Sourcing decisions can complicate or simplify this process.

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Local Sourcing, Global Supply Chain

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The recent announcement by Google-owned Motorola Mobility that all new Moto X smartphones sold in the US will be manufactured in Texas, highlights the continued importance of the global supply chain and role of freight forwarders and logistics services providers (LSPs) in successful local sourcing strategies. The post Local Sourcing, Global Supply Chain appeared first on Kewill Corporate.

23 warehouse pros reveal the best ways for warehouses to control & reduce fulfillment costs

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Every warehouse strives for efficient order fulfillment. There are many factors that can impact costs, from warehouse replenishment practices to the warehouse equipment deployed to support the fulfillment process. ” Meet Our Panel of Warehouse Pros: Nate Masterson. Read on to learn more about the best strategies to control and reduce your warehouse fulfillment costs. 1) Warehousing space and inventory control. Warehouse Efficiency

Pokemon Go is coming to a warehouse near you!


The Pokemon Go phenomenon, which has exceeded 500 million downloads worldwide , highlights the possibilities of augmented reality (AR) not just for gaming, but also for use in the supply chain. Augmented reality requires that warehouse workers are equipped with small glasses, like Google Glass, where a user will see a “digital pick-list” in their field of vision. The glasses display the tote positions that the items should be packed into: Source: DHL, Ubimax, YouTube.

What Does Augmented Analytics Mean for Procurement?


And even if you got that far, you would also need to understand the underlying data and how to extract the subsets you needed from the data source. You can download it free from JAGGAER here. Source-to-PayIt’s OK, we understand. Here we are throwing another buzzword at you.

Logistics Industry Responds to Rise and Rise of e-Commerce

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With the estimated value of the global B2C e-commerce market in 2012 running at €825bn and mobile commerce growing by 300% in the same period (source: IMRG ), it’s hardly surprising that the logistics industry is sharpening its offering and launching services specifically aimed at meeting the fast-changing needs of the multichannel retail market (click here to read Kewill's 2012 whitepaper on the impact of the rise and rise of multichannel retail).

Omnichannel Retail Strategy: Not just a Buzzword, But a Business Model


The Solution: Systems Enabling An Omnichannel Retail Strategy Are Easier to Implement Than Ever The solution, for retailers struggling with omnichannel development and deployment, lies in advanced systems that utilize an open-source architecture. Download White Paper.

28 supply chain professionals share the biggest challenges of supply chain management

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Our supply chain involves a contract manufacturer, a third-party testing facility, warehouses to store inventory and a freighting company. For example, if my contract manufacturer is late with an order it can cause me to incur excess costs with the freighting and warehousing companies, respectively. This initially necessitated the expansion of our warehousing provision, revision of our stock rotation and warehousing policies and associated costs, which we had to bear.

Managing the flow of supplier-related data in financial services

Supply Chain View from the Field

You need data architecture and flow to ensure that information is time-stamped, and whether the data is being provisioned correctly in data warehouses and driven into the right analytical sandboxes. If you will invest in data warehouses, don’t forget about data quality. Excel is still the software of choice for many managers who access and download data into dashboards, and scorecards – and eventually into analytics.

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3 Ways to Master Omnichannel through Logistics—and Why You Should


However, shipping times were longer, giving retailers more time to source and transport products. Today, an omnichannel retailer could have a larger distribution network comprised of multiple warehouse formats. Traditional warehousing models were built to support the decentralized nature of eCommerce and omnichannel—it wasn’t really built to support the buying options and flexibility that customers crave. Omnichannel has been a buzzword for years.

The Inventory Accuracy “Confidence Gap”

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Source: Omni-Channel Logistics Leaders: 5 Key Insights to Improve Inventory Performance for 2019. Source: Omni-Channel Logistics Leaders: 5 Key Insights to Improve Inventory Performance for 2019 , The reality is that inventory data is spread out across multiple systems, multiple trading partners, and multiple locations. Relying instead on manual means such as Excel and disparate modules to run individual warehouse functions.

Renewed Focus on Supply Chain Security as Hackers Target Container Terminals

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Obvious steps include increased warehouse security, which can be difficult to achieve when staff shortages often mean a high proportion of fast turnover, migrant workers. Restricting certain processes to trusted staff could be an answer, setting up steps within warehouse management systems (WMS)’ process flows that ensure containers are always attended by trusted staff when being filled in advance of shipping. Source: BBC News.

Volumes go up but Supply Chain to Stumble at Last Mile at Peak?

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So is it likely that the supply chain, having successfully planned and coordinated its sourcing and logistics strategies to ensure that goods arrive in good time to stock warehouses and shelves in anticipation of the predicted strongest peak period in years, will stumble at the last mile? Driver recruitment agencies are acutely aware of the numbers required and will already be sourcing migrant workers from neighboring countries/states where necessary.

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Blockchain in Supply Chain: 2 Ethereum-Based Projects That Demonstrate How Blockchain Can Improve Supply Chains


An ecommerce fulfillment warehouse in the USA sends the wrong packages to customers. On top of all that, billions if not trillions of dollars worth of potential working capital are tied up in illiquid assets such as 90-day invoice payouts or even the real estate value of, say, a warehouse or factory building. Download white paper. Supply chains are messy. Blockchain in Supply Chain Can Help. A manufacturer in China doesn’t read the specs on an order.

5 Steps to Supply Chain Orchestration Success


Can you see and manage your entire global supply network from one single source? In a perfect world, there is a single web and app-accessible portal through which warehouse workers and supervisors alike can immediately capture, share and analyze operational data across a number of different mobile and desktop devices. We call it a single source of “data truth.” Download: The OneSCM Workflow Engine is Your Key to Complete Supply Chain Orchestration.

3 Tips to Win the Last-Mile Delivery Planning Battle in Disruptive Times

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It is essential to use a planning system that can integrate with other systems such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), warehouse management systems (WMS) and e-commerce platforms. It’s now more important than ever to excel in last mile delivery.

The Top 5 Changes That Occur With AI in Logistics


Tractica Research estimates that the worldwide sales of warehousing and logistics robots will reach $22.4 Robots are locating, tracking, and moving inventory inside warehouses, they are conveying and sorting oversized packages at ground distribution hubs. DOWNLOAD WHITE PAPER.

Is Google the most innovative supply chain company in the world?


What started out as an app to obtain taxi service, its name has now become synonymous for instant, real-time fulfillment whether its ordering Chinese take-out, socks or flowers, one simply downloads an app, place an order, track it in real time and in many cases rate the experience and/or driver or delivery person. No longer is one bound to a desk 8:00 to 5:00 but rather now one can conduct business anytime, anywhere and in real time and in many cases it just starts by downloading an app.

Supply Chain Digest Presents the Best in Supply Chain Content.

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Warehouse Management Systems (. Watch our companion Video and download others Megatrend Executive Briefs at Supply Chain Digest is the industry’s premier interactive knowledge source, providing timely, relevant, in-context information. Search. or Search by TOPIC. Select Topic. Bar Coding/Label Printing. Compliance Networks. Consumer Goods and Retail Supp. Demand Planning/Forecasting. Distribution/Centers. ERP Systems.

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What is ConfigBuilder & What’s the Role in WMS Implementation?

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Around the globe, Warehouse Managers are turning to innovative, cloud-based warehouse management systems (WMS) to enhance productivity and reduce costs. To improve WMS implementation , Warehouse Managers need to understand the benefits of a modern technology, like ConfigBuilder, and its role in WMS implementation. The Problem: Warehouse Managers May Rely on Outdated, Manual Processes for Configuration Take a moment to think about what goes into implementing a new WMS.

Amazon’s 3D Printing Trucks: A Quixotic Quest for Zero Delivery Time?

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Source: Amazon patent filing. It discusses, for example, the inclusion of 3D manufacturing instructions in a product catalog associated with an electronic marketplace (such as, which customers can buy and download for their own uses, as well as other fulfillment scenarios, such as customers printing the ordered items at home with their own 3D printers: In embodiments, the service provider can instruct delivery of the MOD [Manufactured-On-Demand] item to the users.

WMS Modification: To Modify or Not to Modify a WMS? What is the Answer?

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The advent of cloud-based computing power was a breakthrough for warehouse management. The most (WMS) can leverage the power of the cloud, Internet-enabled sensors, and customer-facing platforms to ensure maximum ROI and reduce expenses related to warehouse management. Warehouse Managers can modify systems heavily, using cloud-based technology. Unfortunately, modifications can be a source of great savings as well as costs. Download WhitePaper.

Improving Supply Chain Collaboration: Connecting Data


Faced with multiple ERPs, modules, Excel spreadsheets and data warehouses around the globe, these organizations have a significant challenge – they have more data in more places than ever before, making end-to-end visibility of the supply chain impossible. They can do this by implementing cloud-based technology that combines real-time data streaming and historical data to transcend the different behaviors of each system or data source.

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Holiday Sales Lead to Further Omni-Channel Growth. But can the Supply Chain Keep Pace?

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electronics giant Best Buy, with heavy promotion of seasonal deals being swiftly followed by thousands of cancelled orders in mid-December due to stock shortages, with customers given little time to source replacement gifts. Download our eBook - Omni-Channel Retail – Top 3 Logistics Challenges - to read our hints and tips on avoiding the logistics nightmares we will no doubt begin to read about shortly. Download our eBook - Omni-Channel Retail – Top 3 Logistics Challenges.

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E-commerce strategy critical to success post-COVID finds new report


The research, part of Reuters Events: Supply Chain and CalAmp’s new Emerging Out of the Pandemic Supply Chain Report, which is free to download now here , has found that the transition is creating challenges for many however.

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Top 10 Supply Chain Innovations of 2017

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And here’s to hoping that 2018 results in even more significant advancements in the state of warehousing and transportation technology. Source ID. Source ID. Content Summary: Exoskeletons Help Take a Load Off for Warehouse Workers. GEODIS, a third-party logistics provider (3PL), is using exoskeletons to support and protect employees’ backs at its warehouse in Venlo, the Netherlands. Source ID. Source ID. Source ID. Source ID.

Building the Business Case for Supply Chain Risk Management


Download White Paper. The same source also informed that the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS) Risk Index of 2016 was the highest since records have begun in 1995. Source: Deloitte We can provide lots more statistics and data , but the takeaway here is clear: effective supply chain risk management is critical for any organization to be successful in our ever-changing world.

ThankX Delivery Services!

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Next, Leto connected Colon to an app developer (Divine Digital Agency), which created an effective, engaging, and interactive app – now available on the itunes, Apple, and Google stores (“ThankX”) for download! The Creator (God) is the greatest source of energy that there is.

26 logistics professionals reveal the biggest trends in logistics technology

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Logistics technologies such as robotic warehouse systems make automation a reality, while drones improve last-mile delivery capabilities and better tracking with tools like RFID tags improve visibility throughout the supply chain. RFID tags and robotic warehouse systems generate and transmit data that, when combined with other data sources, allow companies to optimize the supply chain and make better predictions and forecasts to improve efficiency and boost the bottom line.

3D Printing Set to Streamline the Retail Supply Chain Through Reduced Lead Times and Inventory

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In reality, retailers routinely pass the inventory risk to their suppliers, particularly since the phenomenal growth of multi-channel retailing, with direct dispatch (or drop ship) suppliers bulking up retailers’ online offerings without requiring a financial commitment or warehousing space. Utilize 3D printing to product a compatible power source for a batch and find out. Download our eBook - Omni-Channel Retail – Top 3 Logistics Challenges.

3 Steps for Making Digital Transformation Happen in Supply Chain Planning


Digital transformation is transforming your decision-making processes with technology — utilizing new sources of innovation and creativity such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, Internet of Things, virtual reality, to enhance customer experience and employee productivity and ultimately improve business performance. What is Digital Transformation?

The Ultimate List of Top Logistics Startups – Blog


So I spoke to everyone I knew in the field and looked through some other sources (Crunchbase, Jonathan Wichmann’s great list of logistics startups site, CB Insights and more) to come up with the ULTIMATE LIST of disruptive logistics startups. Download an Excel version of the list here for free ! airbnb), and to warehouse storage for absent small business owners. DOWNLOAD NOW! DOWNLOAD NOW! × × Download the full list of logistics startups!

How to Move Beyond Spreadsheets


Templated data flows make it easy to delineate which sources data is coming from. A proper analytics platform will have all the proper APIs setup so that integrating your data from any number of sources (manufacturing, warehousing, retailers, etc) is a breeze. Download our free white paper to guide you on the best features and functions available. In our last blog post , we covered the pitfalls of using spreadsheets.

Use of Blockchain in Supply Chain & Logistics: Looking to Examples Across Industries for Better Understanding


DOWNLOAD WHITE PAPER. Retail Blockchain – Applications of blockchain technology in the retail supply chain go back to the sourcing of a product, validity, sustainable practices during manufacturing, movement through international trade, returns management, and recycling or reclamation of raw materials. The days of managing supply chains through databases and changing information are over.