Inventory Management eBook: Batch & Expiry


Learn how batch and expiry tracking can help you manage and keep track of product movements and help you grow your business in this FREE eBook. Supply chain management Inventory ManagementRegardless of whether you’re a brand owner, wholesaler, or distributor keeping track of your products across the supply chain is important, so you can trace all your products in the event of a recall.

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Inventory Management, Batch & Expiry: An eBook


Learn how batch and expiry tracking can help you manage and keep track of product movements and help you grow your business in this FREE eBook. Supply chain management Inventory ManagementRegardless of whether you’re a brand owner, wholesaler, or distributor keeping track of your products across the supply chain is important, so you can trace all your products in the event of a recall.

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Why inventory management should be a company-wide conversation


by Alexa Cheater Don’t get caught having your company’s inventory management conversation alone! Re-evaluating your inventory management practices can help you overcome rising supply chain costs, increasing customer demand and the growing complexity of global operations.

The Two Levers of Inventory Optimization


Two powerful levers a company can use to optimize inventory are “Working Capital” and “Customer Service Levels.” At its most basic, start with a piece of graph paper and plot your current service level on the x-axis and current inventory level on the y-axis.

3 Mistakes Organizations Make While Developing ABM Programs

While B2B research suggests organizations are thriving through successful ABM programs, getting just one campaign off the ground is more difficult than it seems. From building an account universe to understanding to orchestrating sales and marketing alignment around touchpoint and messaging, there are a number of variables to consider before launching a program.

[PODCAST] Why Digital Tools to Optimize Inventory Management Allows Supply Chain Execs to Stay More Strategic at Every Link in the Supply Chain


On today’s episode, we welcome Margaret Bendis, US Marketing Specialist for a company called EazyStock a cloud-based software-as-a-solution (SaaS) that optimizes inventory management. What is the future of digitization as it relates to inventory management. DOWNLOAD EBOOK.

Removing the Two Barriers to Optimizing Inventory


Supply chain leaders often find themselves in a difficult situation when it comes to the conflicting goals of improving customer service and minimizing inventory. Companies that embrace Multi-echelon Inventory Optimization (MEIO) achieve, on average, a 28% increase in inventory turns.

Winning the Inventory Battle in the Consumer Products Industry


From a supply chain standpoint the battle for new product profitability relies largely on two key capabilities, developing accurate new product forecasts and optimizing new product inventory. reduction in finished goods inventory (days). Capability 2: Optimize New Product Inventory.

Lost Warehouse Inventory? What to Do and When to Write It Off


No one wants to think about lost warehouse inventory, and it can be organizationally frustrating to determine the best process to find, research, and rectify inventory discrepancies. One of the primary reasons a company implements a warehouse management system (WMS) is to know the exact location of their inventory; if the inventory is not there, one might think it is easy to just write that inventory off the books. Download ebook.

Life Sciences Industry Inventory Optimization Health Check


One potential way to reduce costs without lowering the quality of healthcare is to optimize how much inventory is required and where that inventory is positioned. Minimizing the amount of inventory required to provide advanced healthcare reduces both working capital and obsolescence.

10 Eye-Popping Statistics About Retail Inventory Planning

Blue Ridge

Here are some statistics about retail inventory planning and related ebook: Does Your Demand Forecasting Strategy Still Fit? The post 10 Eye-Popping Statistics About Retail Inventory Planning appeared first on Blue Ridge.

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Benefits of Digitally Transforming Supply Chain Planning in the Life Sciences Industry


Read more in the eBook: 5 Tips to Take Your Life Sciences Supply Chain Digital ). Whether involved in discrete or process manufacturing, right-sizing inventory is critical to minimizing risk and maximizing opportunities. eBook: Formulating Supply Chain Success in Life Sciences.

Advantages of Marketing Fulfillment Inventory and Online Ordering

Amware Logistics and Fulfillment

This is the third in a series of blogs focused on getting the most from your marketing fulfillment inventory program. The content is drawn from a recently published Amware-sponsored eBook titled 8 Experts on Marketing Fulfillment, which you can download here.

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How to Use a TMS to Manage Inbound Transportation (And Gain Visibility)

PLS Logistics

Since inbound freight savings have a direct impact on an organization’s bottom line, shippers that make it a supply chain priority reap inventory efficiencies, cost containment and enhanced productivity and service. Download Inbound Freight Cost Management ebook.

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Is Your Inventory Management Stuck in the Stone Age?

Amware Logistics and Fulfillment

This is the second in a series of blogs based on Amware’s new eBook titled “Your Marketing Fulfillment Program Sucks: 7 Ways Poor Literature Management and Distribution Practices Undermine Your Marketing Results.”.

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3D Printing Set to Streamline the Retail Supply Chain Through Reduced Lead Times and Inventory

BluJay Solutions

The attractiveness of 3D printing for manufacturers and retailers/distributors centers around reducing both lead times and the risks involved in holding inventory. Download our eBook - Omni-Channel Retail – Top 3 Logistics Challenges.

Why Most Supply Chains Need an Upgrade and What to Look for in a Solution


inventory turns, while the rest achieve only 3.8 Check out our eBook, 5 Key Criteria for Setting the Right Level of Supply Chain Automation , for additional guidance to determine where and what to automate in your supply chain.

ToolsGroup’s COVID-19 Action Center Offers Support for Swift and Efficient Response to Supply Chain Disruptions


Along with its AI-driven demand forecasting and inventory planning software, ToolsGroup has introduced new customer support offerings for COVID-19 planning as well as educational resources including the ebook “ COVID-19 Risk: Enable Swift and Efficient Response to Supply Chain Disruptions.” With ToolsGroup, the company can see all inventory by warehouse, location and item, in near real time. It gives you great visibility of the whole inventory.

Three Critical Supply Chain Capabilities for Private Label Industry Success


To combat this complexity and provide high service levels on brands that directly shape a retailer’s core reputation requires expertise in the crucial disciplines of demand planning, inventory optimization, and manufacturing planning. eBook: The Inventory Optimization Handbook

How the Supply Chain Can Improve Healthcare for All


These inventory challenges and others require all life science industry manufacturers to optimize the type of inventory (raw, WIP, finished), how much of each and where it is stored to provide a high level of patient care. eBook: The Inventory Optimization Handbook.

Rising Above Supply Chain Disruptions

DELMIA Quintiq

Differentiate how you hold inventory by using a multi-echelon optimization approach to prevent shortages. To learn more, download our exclusive ebook about supply chain planning. .

Ensuring Reliability in Supply Chain


Infineum has turned to Logility Voyager Solutions ( read more ) to improve the company’s inventory targeting system and reduce working capital while enhancing service levels. Additional Reading: eBook: The Inventory Optimization Handbook.

What Are the Top Warehouse Management KPIs Every Supply Chain Exec Should Measure


Download ebook. You need to monitor inventory turnover, the carrying cost of inventory and the average inventory value, explains Paul Trujillo of Business 2 Community. Inventory Accuracy. Warehouse managers face many challenges.

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Supply chain planning – it’s time to get personal


All of a sudden, we had just-in-case inventories, and an exceptionally high number of expedites which really did nothing more than mask our supply planning deficiencies. Check out the eBook here and let us know what you think.

3 companies tell you their success with Quintiq

DELMIA Quintiq

The average delivery time of four to six days is now down to two to three days by moving inventory closer to the end consumer with multiple fulfillment locations. What do DHL eCommerce, PKN ORLEN and World Food Programme have in common? The answer is Quintiq.

6 Supply Chain Disciplines to Enable Profitable Growth

Talking Logistics

Supply chain management spans many functions and processes, including demand planning, sourcing, merchandising, supplier relationship management, inventory management, inbound and outbound transportation, distribution management, and store operations.

Where are you on your capacity planning journey?


Capacity and inventory planning work closely together to manage prebuild plans against inventory targets. demand, supply, inventory, executives). Check out our latest eBook, Top 4 capacity planning obstacles and how to remove them and give us your thoughts below in the comments.

What are the main 3PL Services?

The Logistics of Logistics

Among the services which they provide are transportation, warehousing, cross-docking, inventory management, packaging, and freight forwarding. Vendor Managed Inventory. I wrote an ebook with definitions for each of these services a few years back. Admiral E.

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How to Get Started with Value-add Forecasting (Part 2)


Take a data asset inventory. Once the project is defined, it is critical that an inventory of all data assets is taken. You may also like this ebook.

Fragmented Planning Horizons: How They Undermine Supply Chains


The tendency to “order too much” also decreases, which helps to eliminate the creation of excess inventory buffers. Related Content: eBook: Building the Consumer Products Supply Chain of the Future.

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Never Ending Journey of a Private Label Manufacturer


To combat this and provide high service levels on brands that directly shape their customer’s core reputation requires expertise in the crucial disciplines of demand planning, inventory optimization and manufacturing planning. eBook: The Inventory Optimization Handbook.

Seven Strategic Components for a Proactive Process Chemical Supply Chain


Inventory tends to be a very visible supply chain cost to senior management. How much inventory a company has is listed right there as a current asset on the balance sheet. Although inventory tends to be a symptom of other supply chain factors; forecast accuracy, customer service objectives, supply chain network design, transportation mode selected, etc., A system-wide, multi-echelon approach to inventory optimization is the way to go.

ToolsGroup’s Intelligent Demand Sensing and New Resources Get Companies ‘Ready for Anything’ in a Decade of Unparalleled Market Risk


Along with intelligent, AI-driven demand sensing software tools, ToolsGroup has launched new educational resources including the ebook “ Why You Should be Using Demand Sensing to React Faster to Market Changes.”

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Improving Supply Chain Collaboration: Connecting People


From demand and supply planners, to inventory managers and capacity planners, humans play a pivotal role in keeping the supply chain moving and customers happy and loyal.

How a digital transformation can maximize the value of your meat supply chain

DELMIA Quintiq

Offer high service levels while keeping inventory levels low. Find out more in our exclusive eBook on the fully connected meat supply chain.