How to Procure Full Truckloads in Tight Capacity


These rates will have natural implications for smaller shippers seeking to lower overall transportation and freight spend, and paired with a “blurred lines between peak shipping and shopping seasons,” shippers will experience increasing trouble when trying to procure full truckload capacity. Download eBook. Benchmarking progress and use of all transportation modes. Conducting annual procurement exercises.

The Top 5 Transportation Management Blogs of 2016 …So Far


Today's post will cover the top 5 Transportation Management blogs from 2016 so far. Top Transportation Management Blogs from the First Half of 2016 So Far. The transportation management blogs category most top viewed blog posts from the first half of 2016 included several elements of the transportation management. From transportation management trends to creating a competitive logistical edge. Get Your FREE eBook Here. Get the FREE eBook Here.

Shippers: One Action Could Save You Millions on Inbound Transportation Management Costs

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But even in doing so, one area that is overrun with inefficiency is often overlooked – inbound transportation management. The top 8 improvements we have seen achieved in inbound transportation are: Cost savings from: More efficient use of equipment and fuel.

The Million Dollar Transportation Strategy Question – When Do You Need A Multi-Carrier Parcel Solution?

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When reviewing their transportation strategy and calculating shipping budgets, they are forced to ask,“Do we want to or can we afford to be held hostage by our carrier?”. In summary, consider carriers as a central element of your transportation strategy.

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7 Questions: How Oil and Gas Companies Can Save on Transportation

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But if you answer “yes” to any of them, you may be making common supply chain errors that can dramatically increase transportation spending. Do your suppliers pay the shipping costs for your procurement material? Do you use the same transportation method whenever you ship?

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6 More Logistics Technology Trends Enabling Success in 2018


download ebook. However, logistics focuses expressly on the movement and storage of products, while the supply chain goes into deeper detail, including manufacturing processes, procurement, and the flow of goods. TMS Transportation Management

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Moving Up The Corporate Ladder, Does Your Freight Spend Have A Seat At The Table?

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” Similar transformational patterns have also been seen in the transportation industry. There’s been a shift from executing daily freight transactions to integrating top-level corporate planning and procurement strategies.

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This Week in Logistics News (July 20-24, 2015)

Talking Logistics

LEGACY Supply Chain Services Launches Grader Tool and eBook to Evaluate Supply Chain Performance. I participated in the development of this tool, and in writing a new eBook, “ Keeping Up With the Retail Consumer: 6 Supply Chain Disciplines Retailers Must Master.”

TSC’s Best Supply Chain Resources – 2014


Our clients have found the blog posts, eBooks and webinars below the most helpful, informational and valuable over the last year. Hidden Transportation and Logistics Costs of Supplier Non-Compliance.

The Next Generation TMS

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I recently conducted a videocast with Adrian Gonzalez of Talking Logistics addressing the top advances in transportation management. In case you missed it, here is a recap of the key take-aways: Transportation Management Today.

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Risks in Supply - An Omnipresent Danger


Unreliable Deployment: It is common for many companies to discover large disparities around transportation and goods receipt processes. While this may seem counter-intuitive, one option is to opt for a higher cost of transport if it lowers total supply chain cost through reduced inventory.

2018 Supply Chain Trends: Omnichannel, Customer Experience, & Regulations to Shape the Industry


Download ebook. The next generation simply is not interested in positions within the supply chain, so supply chain managers will need to take steps to attract new, fresh talent to their organizations, and since talent is key to effective procurement management, says Marc Wins of Procurement Academy, manufacturers will need to locate talent well-versed in digital technologies and systems to ensure a continuous flow of inbound products.

Manufacturing Plant Site Selection: Where to Locate Your Manufacturing Plant


download ebook. Mountainous regions can be problematic with rocky soil and difficult transportation conditions. The same issue must be considered regarding raw material procurement and delivery, proximity to your markets, labor availability, supply chain infrastructure, and logistics. How far will your vendors need to transport materials? How far will you need to transport finished goods to warehouses and distribution centers?

3D Printing Set to Streamline the Retail Supply Chain Through Reduced Lead Times and Inventory

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Anyone involved in retail procurement is acutely aware of the importance of correctly predicting consumer/end-user requirements and ordering the right goods at the right time, in the right quantities. Download our eBook - Omni-Channel Retail – Top 3 Logistics Challenges.

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Taking the Hill

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In parallel, when supply chain concepts are well-integrated into the design of trading partner relationships by both sales and procurement, there is an acceleration of value. We will release preview copies as ebooks over the course of the summer. For most companies, growth has slowed.

Technology’s Role in Improving the Supply Chain

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Because of this, many companies are investing in transportation management software (TMS) systems, which are gaining prominence as the latest tool for business optimization. Download our eBook, “ Building a Business Case for Supply Chain Execution in the Cloud.”.

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Delivering a Consumer Centric Supply Chain for Grocers – Part 4 of 4

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The disciplines of interest will include supply management, efficient order fulfillment, transportation and workforce. Effective management of inventory procurement and replenishment, especially in smaller footprints, will increasingly influence the consumer experience. Transportation Optimization. Learn more about this topic by downloading the eBook, “ The Digitalization of Grocery.”. Operational Excellence Delivers Profit Optimization.

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The Danger of Turning a Blind Eye to Visibility

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Supply chain execution convergence is a two-stage process in which a business eliminates that “silo thinking” to get its various supply chain operations – procurement, shipping, warehousing, transportation – fully synchronized and in-tune with one another.

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Shippers of Consumer Products Impacted Most by Capacity Crunch


Even giants like General Mills, Tyson Foods, and Campbell have reported strained budgets due to a rise in transportation costs over the past few months. A mix of weather-led constraints in 2017, a continual shortage of semi-truck drivers, and the enforcement of hours of service (HOS) rules with electronic logging devices ( ELDs ) have all accelerated a rise in transportation costs. Download eBook. Most all shippers have felt the recent tightening in capacity.

Getting Ready for 2017: Reflections on Telling Lies

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To gain competitive economies of scale and drive the segmented response, the back office operations–procurement, manufacturing and transportation–are automated and effective. For the holidays, we shared the 2016 book as an ebook.