Understanding The Challenges Facing Modern Food And Beverage Producers (eBook)

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In the late 1990s and early 2000s, the all-protein diet from lean meat sources was popular. Download our ebook today to learn more about current food manufacturing challenges and discover solutions to key areas including: Product quality.

Understanding the Importance of Strategic Sourcing

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Sourcing is a key component of your Supply Chain – perhaps the most important part. That’s where Strategic Sourcing comes into play. Are you getting the most out of your current sourcing vendor relationships? An important lever for modern organizations.

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Digital Sourcing in the New Retail Economy

Supply Chain 24/7

This ebook reveals the findings of a survey of 250 retailers focusing on the state of global sourcing and supply chain management, it reveals how retailers still have a long way to go to better streamline communication and simplify their operations

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New eBook: Artwork Management for Dummies


And, there are many different aspects that make up packaging artwork: content from multiple sources; photos, logos or other images; ingredient lists, warnings and pack copy text; and physical specifications such as die-line details.

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Improving Supply Chain Collaboration: Connecting Data


You’ll find the answers in the new eBook, 3 Ways to Improve Supply Chain Collaboration. Let’s zero in on the first of the “disconnects” explored in the eBook – data. Get the full story on how to improve supply chain collaboration by downloading the eBook.

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Rising Above Supply Chain Disruptions

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Here are a few tactics: Monitorinventory, including components and sources,with digital supply-chain mapping. To learn more, download our exclusive ebook about supply chain planning. .

Supply chain planning – it’s time to get personal


We needed to consider all of our planning attributes like sourcing restrictions or material expiry. Our latest eBook, Four mission-critical capabilities for navigating supply chain complexities , does a great job of capturing and explaining these supply planning capabilities.

How to Get Started with Value-add Forecasting (Part 2)


Answering the questions that the business has may require gathering additional data, purchasing data from third parties, or reformatting existing data sources. You may also like this ebook. Phone * Company * Job Title * Zip Code * Source Asset Source Download ID.

6 Supply Chain Disciplines to Enable Profitable Growth

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Supply chain management spans many functions and processes, including demand planning, sourcing, merchandising, supplier relationship management, inventory management, inbound and outbound transportation, distribution management, and store operations.

Fragmented Planning Horizons: How They Undermine Supply Chains


Even under the best circumstances, developing production/sourcing plans three, six, or nine months into the future with a high degree of confidence is difficult. Related Content: eBook: Building the Consumer Products Supply Chain of the Future.

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Winning the Inventory Battle in the Consumer Products Industry


Depending on the source, it is widely reported that anywhere from 50 to 85% of new products fail to achieve success. Related Content: eBook: Building the Consumer Products Supply Chain of the Future. eBook: The Inventory Optimization Handbook.

How a frozen food brand tamed their deliciously complex supply chain

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Sourcing ingredients is difficult – even more so with agricultural items, where planning is done 18 months ahead. Image source: Amy’s Kitchen on Facebook.

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How Mid-Market companies can get the most from Supply Chain BI without a hefty price tag (pt 2)


In part one , I provided two key steps to help mid-market companies evaluate their existing measurement tools and data sources. Learn 4 Steps to Leveraging Supply Chain Data Integration for Business Intelligence in our eBook.

Built for Yesterday’s Consumer: The Demise of Malls and Traditional Distribution Networks

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Author’s Note: Below is an excerpt from Keeping Up with the Retail Consumer: 6 Supply Chain Disciplines Retailers Must Master , an ebook published earlier this year by Adelante SCM and LEGACY Supply Chain Services (see previous post for additional details).

This Week in Logistics News (July 20-24, 2015)

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LEGACY Supply Chain Services Launches Grader Tool and eBook to Evaluate Supply Chain Performance. I participated in the development of this tool, and in writing a new eBook, “ Keeping Up With the Retail Consumer: 6 Supply Chain Disciplines Retailers Must Master.”

Moving Up The Corporate Ladder, Does Your Freight Spend Have A Seat At The Table?

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All in all, using technology and a defined sourcing process goes a long way towards providing benefits for companies that constantly seek to cut on operating costs. Why not download your FREE easy-to-read Return on Logistics eBook.

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The Future is Now: Why these 5 Advanced Manufacturing Technologies Trends will Dominate 2018


download ebook. However, the use of the IIoT will effectively allow for greater use of robotics, and it will serve as a talking point, as well as a source of inspiration, for the next generation to seek careers in manufacturing. Over the next two years, manufacturers are set to invest more than $250 billion in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), and the use of technology to improve manufacturing will only increase.

12 Distribution Center Best Practices You Need to Implement Today


Download ebook. The more you can eliminate sources of human error — such as taking notes on scraps of paper —?the You know better than anybody that the layman would probably never believe how complicated distribution center management can be. Excelling in this sector requires an eye for details as well as the ability to balance business needs with the needs of the human element within your organization.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Digital Procurement!

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Source: Deloitte CPO Survey 2019. Below are some outlets that are trustworthy sources of news, content, reports, and conversations: LinkedIn Groups. Above all, LinkedIn Groups focused around procurement & sourcing keep you in large networks, amongst your peers.

Plan for greater success: What experts said at Quintiq World Tour Singapore 2015

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Suhas Bhise (Head of PPC, Logistics and Sourcing, Arvind Limited): At Arvind, we began looking for a new solution because there was a limitation to how much our existing planning system could meet our requirements. When is the right time to seek a new IT solution for your business?

Three Benefits of a Resilient Supply Chain

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FREE EBOOK. When La Niña threatens the ability to source material, manage operations and inventory, or transport it, it becomes a supply chain problem. FREE EBOOK. Diego Pantoja Navajas , VP WMS Development. It's winter in the northern hemisphere, and it's freezing throughout most of the continental United States. I'm always struck by how weather patterns not only affect our lives but how they also disrupt supply chains and global trade.

Top Four Most Vital S&OP Technology Capabilities


To help find the answers, “what-if” scenarios must be easy and quick to run, must accept data from many sources, and must support collaboration across the enterprise and the extended supply chain. This recently published eBook elaborates on the evolving horizontal S&OP process capabilities that are required in order to achieve a transformation.

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6 Strategies for Better Supply Chain Management in the Current Economy

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FREE EBOOK. The results include better visibility; enhanced collaboration across the value chain, including reliable and predictable sourcing and supply, manufacturing, transportation, warehousing, and distribution; and accelerated decision-making with better analytics and support.

Excel, ERP and Legacy Apps, Oh My! What Technology is Supporting Your S&OP Process?


For example, with Excel you can’t easily: Integrate information from many sources. This recently published eBook elaborates on the evolving horizontal S&OP process capabilities that are required in order to achieve a transformation. by Lori Smith Can the S&OP process be done without technology? The answer to that question has certainly evolved over the years, and while there are still some holdouts, most will now agree that technology is indeed required.

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Question and Answer – How to Break Six Bad Retail Planning Habits


You had to be intimate with the calculations and data sources. It is possible that over time, as we get our arms around the sources of demand better, and eCommerce growth rates stabilize, it will be a good practice to allocate larger volumes up front.

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Junk Mail is Clogging the Supply Chain!

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The advent of ebooks had an impact on that market but still the vast majority of books purchased and read are physical. If you can stop or reduce the production of Junk mail in the first place then you can fix the problem at its source. Subscribe Here! Email Address.

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Meeting the Outsourcing Challenge


Learn how to achieve better outsourcing performance with TSC’s eBook, Practical Steps to Better Integration and Value from Your CMOs and 3PLs. A survey of manufacturers, distributors, and retailers, and outsourced manufacturing and logistics services providers.

Optimization 101: The Indirect Supply Chain Explained


Optimize Your Procurement- If you’re not using strategic sourcing software , you’re not getting the best value out of your indirect supply chain. The benign term, "indirect", negates the vital impact improper resource allocation can have on a company's bottom line.

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Taking the Hill

Supply Chain Shaman

Industries that have formed cross-functional leadership teams combining source, make and deliver together have made the fastest progress. We will release preview copies as ebooks over the course of the summer. For most companies, growth has slowed. Profits are sluggish.

The Grocery Supply Chain of the Future – Part 3 of 4

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Sourcing may be the area of greatest opportunity, where a shift to online channel provides more options to prepare the appropriate source/inventory from which to process the order request. Find examples of this in the eBook, “The Supply Chain of the Future.”.

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Interesting Insights from the Supply Chain Leaders in Action Event

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Trucks are still a primary source of transport and the explosion of eCommerce and online shopping is allowing drivers who spent their lives “on the road” and away from home to now spend their lives on the local roads and be home every night.

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The War Against Returns – Is the Retail Supply Chain Winning?

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Source: BBC News, Jan 2013 , Retail Technology, Sept 2013. Research has proven that reducing returns by 1% increases net profits by 1% (Source: Retail Technology, September 2013 ), proving the importance of this area to the bottom line. Download our eBook - How to Win the War Against Returns- to read our hints and tips on reducing returns and improving your margins. Download our eBook - Retailers – How to Win the War Against Returns.

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The Best of Both Worlds: How SAP Customers Can See Enhanced Value with Oracle SCM

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FREE EBOOK: How to Transform Your Supply Chain Into an Innovation Center: 4 Ways Oracle SCM Cloud Can Drive Enhanced Value From SAP. The key is integrating and normalizing data from a variety of sources, and applying the analytics tools that extract useful business insights.

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Holiday Sales Lead to Further Omni-Channel Growth. But can the Supply Chain Keep Pace?

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electronics giant Best Buy, with heavy promotion of seasonal deals being swiftly followed by thousands of cancelled orders in mid-December due to stock shortages, with customers given little time to source replacement gifts. Download our eBook - Omni-Channel Retail – Top 3 Logistics Challenges - to read our hints and tips on avoiding the logistics nightmares we will no doubt begin to read about shortly. Download our eBook - Omni-Channel Retail – Top 3 Logistics Challenges.

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Oil Price Volatility and the Changing Dynamics of Supply Chain Management

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Take a look at our eBook: Why Supply Chain Leaders are moving to the Cloud and learn how supply chain management is evolving to grant visibility across global supply chains, offer unmatched scalability.

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