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Data Tips for Supply Chain Network Design Part II: Data Collection


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Technology Can Help Feed the World, Part 1

Enterra Insights

With the world’s population continuing to grow and climate change altering growing conditions around much of the world, food security has become one of humanity’s most pressing issues.


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Top 10 Tips to Effective IT Enablers in S&OP

Enchange Supply Chain Consultancy

The Enchange Supply Chain House ; the one-stop shop for all the elements you need to achieve supply chain excellence. FMCG KPI S&OP IT supply chain excellence

S&OP 130

Why the Trucking Driver Shortage is Growing Worse

C3 Solutions

Anyone who has paid attention to the industry knows about the unprecedented trucking driver shortage impacting the transportation network supply chain. The connections between supply chain success, market trends, customer demands, supply chain technology , and future growth are easy to see.

Supply Chain Planning Value Matrix 2021

Holistically analyze your value chain for a resilient supply chain, even in times of crisis. Discover more about why the CCH® Tagetik Supply Chain Planning solution was named a leader in the Nucleus Research Supply Chain Planning Value Matrix 2021 report.

Rolling Blackouts Coming to New England?

Logistics Viewpoints

ARC recently attended the August 2021 New England Public Power Association (NEPPA) conference, where Gordon Van Welie, President & CEO of grid operator ISO New England (ISO-NE) described the challenges to maintain reliable, low-cost power, while meeting the urgent goals to decarbonize electric power.

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Sustainability in Supply Chain Planning: Waste or Revenue?


When many companies produce products, they also produce by-products. Often, they have no use for these by-products and so they are discarded or sold off as scrap. But companies that embrace sustainability do not accept this fate.

Project44 acquires last-mile tech company Convey for $255M

The Supply Chain Journal

On Tuesday, real-time global supply chain visibility provider project44 announced its acquisition of last-mile technology company Convey in a deal valued at $255 million.

Cyber attacks on logistics networks are rapidly increasing


A search for the phrases “supply chain hack” or “supply chain cybersecurity” will return millions of posts and articles about cyberattacks.

Night moves: Long Beach begins trial of extended-hour cargo pickup

The Supply Chain Journal

Total Terminals International is the launch partner for the Port of Long Beach’s new initiative to increase cargo velocity by expanding gate hours for truck pickup. The move comes amid a huge container surge that is choking productivity and jeopardizing retailers’ holiday deliveries.

Transforming Supply Chains for Higher Performance and Resiliency

Today, just 8% of companies have the digital maturity required to achieve resilience and mitigate supply chain disruptions, as per a new HBR Analytic Services - GEP study. What can enterprises do to accelerate digital transformation? Read the full report now to find out!

Chainalytics’ Shimon Gowda Joins the Ranks of the Top Women in Supply Chain


ATLANTA (Sep 21, 2021) – Chainalytics – a long-recognized worldwide leader in supply chain consulting and analytics – announced today that Supply & Demand Chain Executive magazine chose Shimon Gowda as a winner of the second-annual Women in Supply Chain award. Shimon is a Manager in Chainalytics’ Supply Chain Design practice. With over five years … The post Chainalytics’ Shimon Gowda Joins the Ranks of the Top Women in Supply Chain appeared first on Chainalytics.

FreightWaves Classics/Fallen Flags: American President Lines still lives under new ownership (Part 1)

The Supply Chain Journal

Overview. APL, which was formerly called American President Lines Ltd., is a Singapore-based container shipping company. It is a subsidiary of French shipping company CMA CGM and operates an all-containership fleet, which includes more than 150 vessels. Near the end of the Great Depression, the U.S.

Young Professionals Say Supply Chain is a Good Career Choice

Supply Chain Brain

The supply chain field is a good career choice, according to nearly all respondents (99%) in a new survey

2021 Shipper of Choice profile: BlueTriton Brands

The Supply Chain Journal

Presented by FreightWaves, in partnership with ArcBest, the Shipper of Choice award recognizes the manufacturers, distributors and retailers that do the best job of keeping the American economy moving by fighting driver detention, providing accessible facilities and understanding what it takes to remove inefficiencies from the supply chain.

Is Digital Procurement Transformation Delivering on the Promise?

Is your digital transformation working, or is it still a work in progress? Download this report, from a GEP-sponsored survey from ISM, to check your performance and see how your peers are reaching their transformation goals.

Three Inventory Management Tips to Reduce Retail Costs | PLS Logistics Services

PLS Logistics

The COVID-19 pandemic has irrevocably altered the e-commerce environment. As a result, new market demands are straining retail supply chains worldwide due to strong digitalization and the exponential expansion of internet shopping

Fintech does FreightTech: 5 companies you should know

The Supply Chain Journal

A perfect storm has been brewing for FreightTech. High demand has led to low inventories, creating a response from visibility technology companies looking to improve supply chain resilience.

40,000 YouTube Subscribers— We Reached a New Milestone

Logistics Bureau

Thank you for the 40,000 YouTube Subscribers! Your support and feedback is gratifying and makes it a pleasure to share these weekly Supply Chain videos. But this week is special. Because when we reach these subscriber milestones, we celebrate! You can track our Giving Progress together.

FedEx bottom line strains under cost pressures

The Supply Chain Journal

Perhaps the best thing that can be said about FedEx Corp.’s s fiscal 2022 first-quarter results is that no one who follows the company can be blindsided by them or the reasons behind them.

4 Reasons to Break Up With Excel and Move to Digital Supply Chain Planning

Trust your supply chain forecasts: adopt a predictive intelligence platform to outperform your supply chain goals, overcome challenges of spreadsheet-based planning, reduce risks, enhance customer satisfaction, and improve the bottom line.

Adapting To Supply Chain Disruption

Demand Driven Technologies

Supply chain leaders have dealt with disruption since well before the pandemic. Strategies for addressing VUCA—an acronym that stands for volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity—have circulated in business management journals for the better part of a decade.

Indiana Rail Road kicks off 3-year intermodal expansion project

The Supply Chain Journal

Short line Indiana Rail Road (INRD) is planning a multiyear expansion of intermodal facilities for customers that want service to and from the Indianapolis market and Canadian and U.S. West Coast ports.

How Sam’s Club Suppliers Can Benefit from Retail Specialized Logistics Providers

Zipline Logistics

Sam’s Club has become an increasingly popular choice for shoppers in the COVID-19 era. Year-over-year growth for the retailer hit nearly 10% after the breakout of the pandemic. And as sales have increased, so too have expectations for supplier partners of the big-box store.

Windy weather keeping wildfire crews on their toes

The Supply Chain Journal

For the second day in a row, windy weather will make it a bit more difficult to keep Northern California wildfires in check. Crews have been making progress lately controlling the Dixie and Caldor fires, the two largest in the country, which stand at 963,276 and 219,101 acres, respectively.

Just in Time vs. Just in Case: What’s the Way Forward for Supply Chains?

Just-in-time supply chains worked just fine — until they didn’t. Is more inventory the answer? It’s not a binary solution. Read this latest GEP paper to learn how enterprises can ensure adequate supplies without running excess inventory.

UK Energy prices are rising


Richard Cockburn is Senior Vice President of Commodities and Risk Management at Flow & Ebb our specialist energy partner firm. Now is not the time for inaction. It is difficult not to notice that energy prices have been rising inexorably of late.

Boosters and mandate could increase vaccine demand

The Supply Chain Journal

This is an excerpt from Medically Necessary, a health care supply chain newsletter. Subscribe here. The news: A panel advising the Food and Drug Administration recommended approving COVID-19 booster shots only for people over age 65 and people who have a high risk of developing severe COVID-19.

What is eTendering and Its Process?

EC Sourcing Group

What is eTendering and Its Process? eTendering has become a must in today’s global economy, particularly in the supply chain and procurement.

Los Angeles 53ers

The Supply Chain Journal

Welcome to the WHAT THE TRUCK?!? newsletter. In this issue, port congestion sends truckers west, highway heroes, project44 makes its biggest buy to date and more. Twitter. Sawtooth. SONAR.

Rethinking Supply Chain Risk: New Threats Demand New Tools and Strategies

Companies like Bayer AG and Akamai coped with recent supply chain disruptions much better than their peers. What did they do differently? Read this new HBR – GEP report on new tools and strategies to mitigate supply chain risk.