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Kickstart Your Machine Learning Investment with These 3 Initiatives


Among other aspects of a modern-day business, forecasting has become more complex, with many firms striving to incorporate product, pricing, discounts, channel, and other available data to improve accuracy.

5 Tips to Increase Shareholder Support for Automation in Logistics


E-commerce logistics continues to push the limits of today’s supply chains. The automated supply chain makes many promises and affords a way to enable automated exception management. Unfortunately, companies remain trailing behind.

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Why Procure-to-Pay Software is Critical Today


This month Gartner published its eagerly awaited Magic Quadrant for Procure-to-Pay (P2P) Suites , ranking the top 14 vendors based on ability to execute and completeness of vision.

Even Firms With 'High' Supply-Chain Maturity Felt Unprepared for Virus

Supply Chain Brain

Most companies have been in two distinct strategy modes, according to a recent survey

Hype Cycle for Supply Chain Strategy, 2020

Our recent supply chain planning survey showed that only 17% of organizations place considerable effort on innovation. For most, firefighting is the norm. But to succeed in today’s business landscape and recover quickly from disruptions, you need to carefully balance operational excellence with innovation for long-term growth. Get insights in this Gartner report to find out where to invest and what you should adopt as standard business practices.

16 Outstanding Tools That Make Writing Easier in 2020

IT Supply Chain

By Amanda Dudley (pictured). Top Level Editor at EssayUSA. The post 16 Outstanding Tools That Make Writing Easier in 2020 appeared first on IT Supply Chain. Industry Talk

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Why healthcare institutions are increasingly being targeted by cybercriminals

IT Supply Chain

By Bill Conner (pictured). CEO & President of SonicWall & UK Government advisor. The post Why healthcare institutions are increasingly being targeted by cybercriminals appeared first on IT Supply Chain. Industry Talk

Webinar: Supply Chain Mapping Insights


Despite numerous supply-chain upheavals inflicted by disasters in the last decade — including the eruption of a volcano in Iceland, the Japanese earthquake and tsunami, Thailand floods, and Hurricanes Maria and Harvey — most companies still found themselves unprepared for the Covid-19 pandemic.

How to Keep Warehouse Workers Safe in a Pandemic


No matter what happens, cargo needs to keep on moving. Because warehouse workers and other supply chain employees are essential, they need to be given the best quality protection.

Hosted Managed Services Benefits to Manufacturers


Bottom Line: Manufacturers are opting to deploy their ERP systems over Hosted Managed Services to slash high licensing and I.T. costs while saving I.T. staffs’ valuable time for projects that more closely support revenue and customer growth.

Become a Walmart On-Time In-Full Guru With the Ultimate Guide to OTIF!

Information on Walmart’s On-Time In-Full program is scattered, so we’ve put together everything you need to know about OTIF. Download this ebook to get the skinny on OTIF metrics, identifying the root cause of issues, and how to improve your scores!

Supply chain deserves attention from retailers in order to meet consumer environmental expectations

BluJay Solutions

Sustainable brands are becoming the new status quo in retail: these brands grew 69% faster than other brands in recent years.

Bringing Order to Chaos Through Integrated Parcel Shipping Solutions


Parcel shipping efficiency remains troublesome for many supply chain leaders. As e-commerce swells, parcel demand […]. The post Bringing Order to Chaos Through Integrated Parcel Shipping Solutions appeared first on MercuryGate International. Blog Multimodal Parcel

5 Peak Season Shipping Survival Tips: The Holiday Package Capacity Crunch Comes Early

Intelligent Audit

Throughout 2020, disruption took center-stage, leaving companies and shippers scrambling to find resources and strategies that will enable the survival of the coming peak season shipping capacity crunch.

Linking the Supply Chain and Reverse Chain!

Supply Chain Game Changer

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The Five Worst Practices in Procurement

The GEP white paper lists 5 common mistakes that impede the success of procurement professionals. Learn from industry veteran Bill Huber about the wrong and right ways to approach a procurement mandate and why just saving money isn’t enough. Download this report now to learn how to avoid the worst procurement practices.

JAGGAER Webinar with Accenture Strategy and Attijariwafa Bank Case Study: Accelerating Trust in Banking – Internal, Suppliers and Customers


Coming on top of a very difficult and complex existing situation, Covid-19 has put additional pressure on profitability and capital requirements in the banking sector in the European Union and Africa, with drops in revenue in the order of 35-45% and the lowest return on equity since the aftermath of the great crash of 2008.

The Rise of MaaS and Other Automaker Business Models


The entire automotive industry is under a siege of shakeups, and one of the biggest game-changers could be the switch to the Mobility as a Service (MaaS) business model. . Traditionally, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) have focused their fleet operations on private ownership or leasing.

Recognise How the Characteristics of FMCG Wholesalers Differ from Distributors – Part 2

Enchange Supply Chain Consultancy

This post is Part 2 of a series of posts discussing indirect distribution management , and specifically the characteristics and the key differences between FMCG Distributors and Wholesalers. You can read Part 1 which includes the Characteristics of Distributors here.

Tyler Bohner

PLS Logistics

Senior Account Executive | Pittsburgh, PA I am a Senior Account Executive at PLS. I grew up in a very small town just outside of Harrisburg, PA, and really enjoy going outdoors and playing sports.

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How Georgia-Pacific Turned Their Supply Chain into a Competitive Advantage

Georgia-Pacific, one of the world's leading manufacturers of tissue, pulp and paper and supplier to top brands like Brawny, Angel Soft and DIXIE, trusts ClearMetal for their supply chain requirements. Read the case study to hear how one company turned the reliability and transparency of its supply chain into distinct competitive advantages.

Retail 2020 – A Year of High Season

Logistics Viewpoints

One thing is certain – there is no normal in 2020. What we have experienced so far this year is either a blip that we will look back at and wonder on, or our lives have fundamentally shifted, and 2020 is really just Year One.

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Big Data Analytics in the Post-pandemic World

Enterra Insights

Every business leader knows how much the pandemic affected — and continues to affect — the business landscape. Many executives are finding the only way to keep up with these dramatic changes is by gathering and analyzing big data. Eva Murray ( @TriMyData ), a Technology Evangelist for Exasol, asserts the pandemic has compelled many companies to accelerate their digital transformation plans. She explains, “The push for digital transformation is nothing new.

Lean on 3PL Cross Dock Freight Solutions During Peak Season

Kanban Logistics

Peak shipping season is now upon us and, as a shipper, your goods need to flow quickly to your retail partners. As we all know, however, “quickly” isn’t always possible in 2020.

How Inventory Planning has changed for SMBs


The issue of inventory planning is not new. It has been around ever since humans started trading things. With the trade and movement of products comes the inevitable situation where demand is mismatched with supply

Mission Critical: Leveraging Learning Engineering to Drive Digital Transformation

Speaker: Trish Uhl, Founder of Owl's Ledge LLC and the Talent & Learning Analytics Leadership Forum

Digital is disrupting every part of an organization's value chain at a record pace, creating a critical need to transform operations and employees' ways of working. Formal training alone can't keep up; it's often too slow, too generic, inconvenient, inefficient, unduly expensive and lacks or lags methods for measuring business-related effectiveness. Trish Uhl show you how to start leveraging Learning Engineering, a multidisciplinary approach that combines modern technology, data analytics, decision science, learning sciences and change management with human-centered engineering design methodologies to ultimately deliver targeted learning outcomes and business results that keep pace with the business and merge learning into the flow of work and lead Digital Adoption.

Ship Overweight Containers to Reduce Import Costs

West Coast and California Logistics

When importing containers from Asia and other overseas markets, many companies limit their container weights to meet U.S. road weight limits. This is often a mistake as shipping overweight containers can offer you very significant ocean cost savings.

Asia 71

How Wearables Are Transforming Transportation and Logistics

Supply Chain Brain

Early forms of wearable devices have been popular in warehouses and distribution centers for a number of years. But the technology is growing rapidly in sophistication and application

How Important are National Fulfillment Services?

Amware Logistics and Fulfillment

While nothing can travel faster than the speed of light, Amazon is pushing for the business equivalent with two-day, one-day and – in some zip codes – same-day delivery. If the majority of your customers expect you to match that standard, you need national fulfillment services.

The Freight Rate Trap: How Chasing Spot Market Pricing Can Backfire

Kane is Able

Freight rates fluctuate. Always have. Always will. Large-volume shippers in search of the cheapest rate monitor spot market freight rates closely. When prices dip, freight procurement people rev up the RFP machine and shop out lanes to capitalize on the savings.

Webinar on Demand: Resilient Supply Chain Network Design

Speaker: Bhomik Jain, Paul van Nierop & Aanand Pandey

Companies around the world are struggling to cope with COVID-19 disruption. Are supply chain networks resilient enough to weather the storm? Watch this webinar to learn about our research findings in the realm of network design and optimization, and uncover the capabilities you need to build resilience and agility.