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Tackling Item Complexity

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Personalization. Market microsegmentation. New product launch. There are many good reasons to add items to product portfolios, but companies are better at adding than eliminating items. Discontinuing products is a struggle with tension between supply chain and marketing functions.

Amazon’s Freight (Train) Is Coming


Editor’s Note: This article is from Steve Bettwy , Vice President – Quality and Business Continuity, Operational Excellence, and Continuous Improvement at Direct Supply. I hope we can agree that Amazon will disrupt an industry if it wants to. Bibliophiles everywhere can still hardly say “Amazon” without snarling, and Amazon’s effect on retail, grocery delivery, and even cloud computing is nothing short of transformative.

Excess Inventory? No problem. You have trailers in the yard.­­


With the national warehouse vacancy rate hovering at record lows and warehouses bloated with inventory pulled in from China during 2018 to get ahead of impending tariffs , companies can combine flexible storage options with advanced technology to create an end-to-end supply chain solution that works.

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Excess Inventory? No Problem. You Have Trailers In the Yard.­­

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With the national warehouse vacancy rate hovering at record lows and warehouses bloated with inventory pulled in from China during 2018 to get ahead of impending tariffs, companies can combine flexible storage options with advanced technology to create an end-to-end supply chain solution that works.

How does your demand forecasting compare to your peers?

Demand forecasts are becoming increasingly more difficult to predict and less accurate. How are supply chain professionals dealing with this? What kind of technology are they using to deal with this shift? How is their approach to forecasting evolving? Take this assessment to find out how your demand forecasting process stacks up against others. It’s also a handy resource to identify improvement areas for your team. It only takes a few minutes and you get instant feedback.

Procurement Interview Questions & Answers

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Subscribe Here! Email Address. The Negotiation Before the Negotiation! Article and permission to publish here provided by Nikita S at [link]. Procurement, or Purchasing, is an area of Supply Chain that involves and requires very specific skills and expertise.

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Supply Chain by the Numbers for Jan. 10, 2019

Supply Chain Digest

Truck Platooning Not Worth It, Returns Continue to Grow for Etailers, Amazon Wants Inside Your Garage, It was a Big Year for US Manufacturing Jobs

Distribution Models in Vietnam: Primary, Secondary, and Last-mile Distribution


Vietnam has over 150 shopping centers, 800 supermarkets, 9,000 traditional markets and 2.2 million household-run stalls by 2018 as reported by the Vietnamese Ministry of Industry and Trade [1].

The four trends that will position procurement as the driver of organisational change

Manufacturing & Logistics IT

By Alex Saric, Smart Procurement Expert, Ivalua. We are heading into an uncertain year. Whether it’s the increasing complexity of the supply chain in the face of globalisation, the race to discover and deploy the latest emerging technologies or the impact of Brexit on the supply and movement of goods – organisations need to be able to overcome the challenges ahead and keep everything running smoothly

Tive Releases Return-By-Mail Supply Chain Tracker


Tive is excited to announce that in partnership with USPS, we have launched our return-by-mail tracker, enabling seamless return logistics for shipments within the US. Supply Chain Trackers Tive Features

Buyer's Guide for Supply Chain Network Design Software

Network design as a discipline is complex and too many businesses are still relying on spreadsheets to design and optimize their supply chain. As a result, most organizations struggle to answer network design questions or test hypotheses in weeks, when results are demanded in hours. This Buyer’s Guide helps you find easy-to-use technology to become more proactive and less reactive when it comes to network design and optimization.

Supply Chain News on Artificial Intelligence is Fueling the Robot Boom in Distribution

Supply Chain Digest

From Goods to Picker to Piece Picking Robots, Software is the Key

Solving the ‘Wicked Problems’ of S&OP with AI

Aera Technology

By Denise Byers, Client Executive Partner at Aera Technology Wicked problems are undermining sales and operations planning (S&OP) and the supply chain. They are characterized by extreme complexity and deep root causes that defy conventional solutions.

Supply Chain Graphic of the Week on When Ocean Carriers become Logistics Integrators

Supply Chain Digest

If Successful, Maersk, Others, will Change Global Logistics Landscape

U.S. Manufacturing Hits the Pause Button

Logistics Trends and Insights

ISM’s December data indicates a slow-down in U.S. manufacturing activity. Month-to-month results found an 11 point decline in new orders. Read more and what we expect in our latest Forbes contribution. manufacturing

The 2018 Supply Chain Software Buyer's Guide

Learn which supply chain applications are the best for your organization.

A Look at Transportation Regulations in 2019


Many changes in transportation regulations are coming this year that we’d like to make sure you are aware of. The Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate, which made it illegal for truck drivers to only use paper-logging books to record hours at work and mileage is now over a year old, but groups are still petitioning […]. The post A Look at Transportation Regulations in 2019 appeared first on Kuebix.

Trends 2019: Digital Enterprise

Enterra Insights

We live and work in the Digital Age. Companies successfully adapting to this new age will find themselves at the top of the evolutionary food chain; while enterprises failing to adapt, will, as in ages past, simply fade away. Adaptability is the key to success. Paul Rogers notes, “The focus of many Digital Transformation efforts has been on the adoption of new technologies.”[1] ”[1] This focus is understandable given all the new technologies now in play.

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New Hot Market Maps show when and where you'll find a load

DAT Solutions

Looking for your next load? Need a truck? Check your watch, and then go to your DAT Hot Market Map. In addition to a detailed view of load and truck posts and ratios, the latest version has a timeline display that gives you the info you need to make your truck or load post stand out from the crowd.

Procurement Cockpit – Essential Tool in 2019 to Track KPIs

EC Sourcing Group

A procurement cockpit is no longer a nice to have, it is an essential tool to meet the demands of business in 2019, especially your KPIs, projects and tickets. I frequently hear from procurement professionals that they are drowning in data and overwhelmed by the number of requests they receive daily.

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Leveraging Supply Chain Data for Competitive Advantage

What does it mean to become a digital business or digital supply chain?

Rates rise, but gains may be temporary

DAT Solutions

Truckload capacity remained tight during the first week of 2019, and national average rates increased 3¢ for vans, reefers and flatbeds. However, rates declined on many of the highest volume lanes, so increases in the national averages could be temporary.

7 ways automated robots are changing the face of warehousing

6 River Systems

Collaborative mobile robots have been making waves in the warehousing and distribution world for a few years now. A flexible automation solution, collaborative robots provide an important bridge between operational staff, their existing equipment and the data systems already in place.

Amazon Delivery: Should Shipping and Fulfillment Businesses Be Worried?

Supply Chain Brain

It seems that every year we can expect Amazon to test a new delivery service

Navigating Difficult Conversations

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Today Wednesdays for Women is another in our occasional series titled “Lessons from Leaders” featuring learnings from JDA leaders on topics of interest to anyone seeking insights and experiences that can help them grow their own leadership skills.

Navigating the Road to Successful Automation - A Process Driven Approach

Speaker: Jon Leposky, Director of Operations and Logistics, Z Customization

Automation can be an incredibly powerful tool to lower costs, increase capabilities, and enable scaling. However the road to implementing automation can be long and challenging even when all the proper steps are taken. Being equipped with the proper tools and knowledge of common pitfalls when implementing automation can make the difference between a show stopping disaster and seamless success.

Retail Imports Level Off After Rush to Beat Tariffs

Material Handling & Logistics

NRF's Jonathan Gold said the industry is hoping the talks currently underway will bring an end to this ill-advised trade war and result in a more appropriate way of responding to China’s trade abuses that won’t force American consumers, workers and businesses to pay the price

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Tariffs, Part 2: Who Survives a Trade War?

Supply Chain Brain Podcast

What must global companies do to survive a bruising trade war? Read more

DC Velocity: Tailwind Transportation Software Integrates with Trucker Tools Smart Capacity


“Trucker Tools LLC, which provides shipment visibility, carrier capacity management and predictive freight-matching solutions for the transportation industry, announced today that Tailwind Transportation Software , an award-winning web-based transportation management software (TMS) provider, has integrated Trucker Tools Smart Capacity into their Pro and Enterprise TMS subscription tiers.

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Commercial Carrier Journal: Tailwind Software connects TMS with Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity


“ Trucker Tools , a provider of shipment visibility, carrier capacity management and predictive freight-matching applications, announced that Tailwind Transportation Software has integrated its Smart Capacity platform into the Pro and Enterprise TMS subscription tiers of Tailwind. Tailwind Transportation Software deploys a web-based TMS platform available by monthly subscription for freight brokers and small fleets. “We

Automated Order Processing and Proactive Inventory Management

Speaker: Irina Rosca, Director of Supply Chain Operations, Helix

Organizations need to focus on demand driven supply planning, utilizing real time information on customer orders from all marketplaces (e-commence, Amazon - or other online retailers, and point of sale data from brick and mortar). Focusing on this information once per month during the S&OP meeting is too late for all business units to align. Companies should have seamless integration between order entry, inventory management, forecasting and supply planning models and purchase order status to sense risk, pull levers to mitigate potential risk, and communicate within and outside the organization. This is especially important for new product releases, in store programs or promotions (sales, end caps, PDQ. etc) or online promotions (company run or 3rd party). Depending on total supply chain lead time, not having real time visibility and analysis of this information can significantly affect sales and the bottom line.