Fri.Apr 30, 2021

3 Innovations Driving Sustainability in Supply Chains


Sustainability has been an increasingly important topic of conversation in business operations.

Shipper Prep Tips for the CVSA Roadcheck, 72-Hour Capacity Reduction


While the world is ready for a strong return to economic and logistics stability, there’s another risk on the horizon. The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CSVA) International Roadcheck is set for May 4-6, 2021. Also known as the CVSA roadcheck, it spans three days.


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This Week in Logistics News (April 24 – 30)

Logistics Viewpoints

The Noid is back. For those unfamiliar, let me explain. In 1986, when Domino’s Pizza was pushing its 30-minute delivery timeframes, it introduced the Noid in its advertising campaigns.

DronesWaves: From pharmaceuticals to pizza, how drone use could evolve

The Supply Chain Journal

FIRESIDE CHAT TOPIC: Drones and the agricultural supply chain. DETAILS: AgEagle is a U.S.-based based manufacturer of drones, providing clients with custom applications for those drones.

Supply Chain Evolution: Digital Transformation Is the Way Forward

A new study by The Economist shows that 54% of enterprises want to rethink their supply chains. Make them more agile and resilient. How would supply chains evolve from here? And what should supply chain leaders be doing differently? Download the report today!

Supply Chain Weekly Wrap-Up 04/23/2021 – 04/29/2021

All Things Supply Chain

Panasonic to acquire U.S. supply chain software firm Blue Yonder for $7.1 billion In its biggest acquisition in a decade, Panasonic Corp said it will buy U.S.

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The Customer is Not Always Right! Protect Your Customer Service Employees

Supply Chain Game Changer

Subscribe Here! Email Address. Subscribe to Supply Chain Game Changer. 5 Ways To Make Customers Feel Valued! Protect your customer service employees article and permission to publish here provided by Angela Martin at HKM Marketing.

Rail Roundup: UP’s grain transload project, senators’ grade crossing bill

The Supply Chain Journal

Union Pacific constructing Chicago-agrea transload facility for agricultural producers. Union Pacific ( NYSE: UNP ) is constructing a grain transload facility near Chicago to benefit Midwest agricultural producers and processors and reduce their supply chain costs.

Freight Market Index: Expertise Reveals Itself in Times of Adversity

BluJay Solutions

Guest commentary by Mike Mulqueen, JBF Consulting – as provided for the April 2021 Freight Market Index report. It is a truism that expertise reveals itself most clearly in times of adversity. For instance, most of the time, a sea captain’s job is rather mundane; one might even say, boring.

Bed Bath & Beyond aims to reduce store replenishment time from 35 days to 10

The Supply Chain Journal

This is an excerpt from Monday’s (4/26) Point of Sale retail supply chain newsletter sponsored by ArcBest. In a research note penned late last year, UBS analysts called Bed Bath & Beyond’s supply chain “primitive.”

DC 68

A 5-Point Strategy for Digital Procurement Transformation

Today, your entire supply chain must embrace change and accelerate digitalization. When it comes to procurement, focusing on digital transformation now can dramatically reduce costs, improve visibility and insight, and give you a significant competitive advantage.

Drones are almost at your doorstep with last mile deliveries!


Drones are almost at your doorstep with last mile deliveries! Drones are a wonderful addition to the world of logistics for numerous reasons. And why not? They’re fast, cheap, and environmentally friendly alternatives to many forms of transportation.

DroneWaves: Underwater drones’ role in supply chain

The Supply Chain Journal

This fireside chat recap is from FreightWaves’ DroneWaves Summit. FIRESIDE CHAT TOPIC: The role of underwater drones in the supply chain. DETAILS: Diving into the deep with a look at uses for underwater drones from shipwrecks to science. SPEAKER: Sam Macdonald, president of Deep Trekker Inc.

Texas 62

An interview with Chia-Lun Wu, Engineering


Chia-Lun Wu is a software engineer in Alloy’s Berlin office. Before joining Alloy, he worked as a software engineer at Forto in Berlin and Vyond in Taipei, Taiwan. He holds an MSc in Computer Science from National Taiwan University. Why did you join Alloy?

DroneWaves: ‘Deliver within minutes, not hours’

The Supply Chain Journal

This fireside chat recap is from FreightWaves’ DroneWaves Summit. FIRESIDE CHAT TOPIC: The future of on-demand delivery.

Cargo 62

Just In: Inventory Optimization Research

How are organizations performing on inventory optimization? How can new technologies help your team improve? Find out in this new research report.

An interview with Chia-Lun Wun, Engineering


Chia-Lun Wu is a software engineer in Alloy’s Berlin office. Before joining Alloy, he worked as a software engineer at Forto in Berlin and Vyond in Taipei, Taiwan. He holds an MSc in Computer Science from National Taiwan University. Why did you join Alloy?

Top 10 SCM Trends in 2021

Supply Chain Brain

If Covid-19 made anything clear, it is the importance of adjusting to an ever-changing market and staying resilient with an optimized, digital supply chain.

SCM 70

Logistics property update: April 2021


Kohl opens 1.2m sq ft Ohio fulfilment centre. Omnichannel retailer, Kohl, has announced the opening of a 1.2m sq ft e-commerce fulfilment centre in Etna, Ohio, USA. The centre, Kohl’s sixth, will focus on processing, filling and shipping orders and will be the company’s most efficient to date. .

How to end the stress test for your supply chain

Supply Chain Brain

In this whitepaper, Setlog summarizes their predictions for what's to come in supply chain management in 2021 and outlines how you can alleviate the stress on your supply chain right away

What Happens When Machine Learning Meets Ocean Shipping?

Read how Unilever developed a first-of-its-kind digital Control Tower with ClearMetal that provides extremely accurate real-time visibility across their sea freight operations.

The Strategic Business Value Offered by a Carrier Network, Part 2


The supply chain execution and logistics market has been transitioning to one that is supported by a broader range of networks.

Attabotics Partners With AltaML and Amii on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Capabilities for Supply Chains

Supply Chain Brain

Episode 118 - SCU30: Supply Chain under 30 with Jon Schaub

Freight Plus

#SCU30 is where we talk with professionals under the age of thirty currently working the supply chain. In this episode, Jon Schaub, joins the show to talk about his journey into the supply chain. Learn how this college quarterback hung up the pads and started calling the plays for logistics.

Podcast | Unilever Pledges a ‘Living Wage’ for Its Global Supply Chain

Supply Chain Brain

The consumer products giant Unilever plc is promising a “living wage” for all of its supply-chain workers by the year 2030. Can it make good on that pledge

Demystifying Control Towers: What Drives Effectiveness?

Speaker: Mauro Gonzalez, Founder and CEO of Alkimius Group & Andrew MacMillen, Principal Analyst at Nucleus Research

There are several competing definitions of supply chain control towers. Here to demystify their meaning and what it takes to have a successful implementation is Principal Nucleus Research Analyst, Andrew MacMillen in conversation with Alkimius founder & CEO, Mauro Gonzalez.

Retail Challenges Solved with AI in Inventory Management

Vanguard Software

Consumer shopping habits have changed significantly due to COVID-19, impacting retailers through 2020. While vaccines have become available and restrictions on social gatherings have lifted, many of the shopping behaviors adopted in 2020 are here to stay.

How Targus improved their market position by transforming its supply chain

Supply Chain Brain

A fully optimized supply chain is the goal of every company and has become a necessity in today's world. Targus has reached that goal.

Cities are Complex Systems often Compared to Living Organisms

Enterra Insights

A course given at MIT examines a normative model which claims a city is analogous to a living organism.[1] 1] The course description notes, “The theory of the organic city rests on a number of assumptions about the nature of organisms.

10 Red Flags to Question When Choosing a Visibility Partner

Supply Chain Brain

Supply-chain visibility providers often brand themselves as having the best solution on the market. The reality, however, is that choosing the right partner requires research and due diligence.

Webinar On-Demand: 3 Ways to Make Your Operational Execution More Robust With S&OE

Speaker: Sander van Lokven and N.S. Krishnan

S&OE provides an early warning system that helps business stakeholders sense and optimize their responses. This keeps the supply chain out of firefighting mode, smoothens relationships with customers and suppliers, and helps sustain margins by reducing the cost to serve.