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Machine intelligence and human creativity in supply chain planning

The 21st Century Supply Chain

by Dr. Madhav Durbha I am reading this absolutely fascinating book “Deep Thinking: Where machine intelligence ends and human creativity begins” by Garry Kasparov , former world chess champion.

The next frontier: supply chain data architecture for your needs, not to feed the needs of numerous supply chain tech vendors


Data overload and quality issues are common problems faced by all organizations. This makes it really difficult to start getting value out of data with analytics.

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Robots in the Last Mile: Are You Ready for Last Mile Automation?


Imagine the scenario: consumer orders a product online, and to lower delivery is available in the area.

The Gartner Magic Quadrant: Why Should We Care About This Research?

Demand Solutions

Full confession: My team is small, yet diverse – I work with boomers and millennials, and the great generation in between. While I find the boomers tend to be more reserved and reticent in their remarks, millennials are quick to provide commentary with little filter engaged.

Your Data Has Value. Learn How Technology Can Unlock It.

Supply chain data is flawed, we all know this. Hear ClearMetal CEO, Adam Compain, talk about how the right technology and strategies will give you better visibility and create value within your supply chain. The ability to move from reactive firefighting to proactive planning is closer than you think.

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How Blockchain Can Transform the Supply Chain

Logistics Bureau

Supply chain has become complicated. Some would say cumbersome. It takes days to make a payment between a manufacturer and a supplier, or a customer and a vendor. Contracts must be handled by lawyers and bankers, which means extra cost and delay.

Highlights of APICS 2017 Annual Conference

Supply Chain Matters

APICS conducted its 2017 Annual Conference this week and Supply Chain Matters features some of this year’s conference highlights. Distinguised Supply Chain Management Professionals Operations management Service-centered Supply Chains Supply Chain Business Process Supply Chain Performance APICS 2017 Annual Conference APICS Supply Chain Council SCOR Framework Supply chain Matters blog Supply Chain Operations Framework- SCOR

“Non-Brand” Is Now “On Trend” — How the Internet Is Changing Everything for CPGs


Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies have built their empires on their brand identities. But as more contenders join the fray, some new entrants are leading with a different foot forward … no brand at all. We all know them. Consumer Package Goods (CPGs) products.

Blockchain: A Single, Immutable, Serialized Source of Truth

Material Handling & Logistics

Blockchain technology could help introduce higher levels of security to and confidence in supply chain transactions. When many people hear the word blockchain, they immediately think about bitcoin and crypto-currencies, conjuring up images of hackers and black markets.

The 4 Stages of Supply Chain Analytics

How do you move from “what happened” to “what would happen if”? Most supply chains struggle with the first, and the latter is wishful thinking. What stage are you in? Find out where your supply chain is on the maturity curve.

The view from APICS 2017


By Bob Trebilcock | October 18, 2017 Just what is supply chain management? It’s a question I ask myself about this time each year when I wrap up the fall conference season.

Greenpeace Report Praises Apple’s Closed-Loop Supply Chain, Slams Samsung and Amazon

Supply Chain 24/7

While Apple featured as the second most responsible company, Samsung and Amazon faced heavy criticism from the report with the authors going so far as to say Amazon is “one of the least transparent companies in the world in terms of its environmental performance

How Supply Stores Survived Harvey and Irma


After back-to-back hurricanes Harvey and Irma hit the United States in September, supply stores across the country were put to the test in terms of preparedness and their capacity to recover quickly from the destruction caused by the unusual weather. According to reports , the combined property damages from hurricanes Harvey and Irma ranged from US $150 to $200 billion, ranking among the most expensive disasters in US history.

More Accurate Promotion Forecasting with Causal Modelling

RELEX Solutions

More accurate promotion forecasting with causal modelling. Insights » Whitepapers. Author: Aki Ali-Vehmas, Data Scientist.

Your Supply Chain Probably Has a Data Problem - Start There

Common problems like data access and quality are preventing you from taking the first step towards transformation. Modern visibility providers are putting band-aids on bad data, giving you the ability to make misinformed decisions. Solve the data first.

Digital Supply Chain Conference 2018

Manufacturing & Logistics IT

Adapting to a Digital World - Agile, Collaborative and Innovative Supply Chain Management Taking place on the 30-31 January, 2018, in Amsterdam, the conference has been designed to deliver insight from international experts on how they are developing enhanced, agile and connected supply chains through digital technology

Leadership Personified: Ken Frazier, CEO of Merck


I had the opportunity to hear Ken Frazier, CEO of Merck, speak at the SC50 meeting. Ken was a single child raised by a single father in Philadelphia, making his way into Harvard Law eventually.

Supply Chain Comment on Trip Report for CSCMP 2017 Part 3

Supply Chain Digest

The Three Best Breakut Sessions I Saw, on Analyzing the Procurment Process, Analytics Centers of Excellence, and Use of Blockchain in Supply Chain by Schneider Electric

Designing Customer and Career Success

Supply Chain Nation

Chrystel Black is the User Experience (UX) Director at JDA Labs in Montreal, where she leads a team of 15 professionals, spread out over three countries: India, Canada and the U.S.

Connecting Supply Chain Planning to Profitability

What collaboration between supply chain and ?nance can achieve.

Supply Chain Graphic of the Wee on Is Amazon as Walmart before It Keeping Inflation Low

Supply Chain Digest

Some Economists Say It is Part of Answer to Mystery as to Why Inflation Remains So Low Despite Stimulous

Cognitive Computing is More than a Gimmicky Name

Enterra Insights

The term cognitive computing was first adopted by IBM as an alternative to the term artificial intelligence (AI). When Bloomberg … Continued. The post Cognitive Computing is More than a Gimmicky Name appeared first on Enterra Solutions. Artificial Intelligence Business Cognitive Computing Enterra Solutions Stephen DeAngelis


Better Supplier Labeling: Part 14 [Video]


Welcome back to the Loftware blog. Video Labeling

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Retailers Trying to Reform as Online Shoppers Disappointed Last Holiday Season

Material Handling & Logistics

Nearly half (47%) of online shoppers globally reported frustration with everything from shipping, to returns, to lost products and miscalculated duties and taxes during the 2016 holiday shopping season. As this year’s holiday season is expected to increase between 3.6%

End to End Supply Chain Visibility - Solving The Data Problem

People think end-to-end visibility is simply aggregating data from multiple sources, storing it in one place, and serving it up. That task, though hard, is relatively simple; but more importantly, doesn't solve the fundamental challenge - The Data.

IBM Wants to Make 2017 the Year of Blockchain Enterprise Deployment

Supply Chain 24/7

This IDC Vendor Profile discusses IBM's blockchain strategy, existing portfolio around this technology, and specific use cases, defines blockchain and outlines its benefits and current limitations and describes IBM's engagement with the technology since 2014 and its current offering

Major Blockchain Solution to Speed Global Payments

Supply Chain 24/7

Solution powered by IBM Blockchain in partnership with and KlickEx Group, collaboration with banking leaders to accelerate financial exchange and settlement across currency corridors

Greenpeace: Guide to Greener Electronics

Supply Chain 24/7

This Guide to Greener Electronics is an analysis of what 17 of the world’s leading consumer electronics companies are doing to address their environmental impacts and how these companies stack up