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26 supply chain pros reveal the single most effective way to create a winning supply chain strategy

6 River Systems

With new supply chain innovations , trends in logistics technology and advancements like automated robots making a big impact on operational efficiency, it seems that supply chain optimization is within reach for more companies than ever before.

The 3 Essential Pillars of Digital Readiness to consider before implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Supply Chain Management (SCM)


The inexorable march of technology will create a significant rift between companies that employ Artificial Intelligence (AI) in their critical Operations and the companies that do not.

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TMS: The Mighty Software What Is TMS and How Does It Work?

GTG Technology Group

What Does TMS Stand For? Transportation management system/software (TMS) is a system of management for supply chains to aid in the movement of goods. It is also a helpful tool for boosting business and growing the company. Definition.

Why Duty Drawback is Making a Comeback

Talking Logistics

The spotlight is certainly on global trade management today, with Brexit and tariffs on the minds of many supply chain professionals — and they are looking for ways to successfully navigate through these risks and uncertainties. One area that is getting renewed attention is duty drawback. What is duty drawback, and why is it making. The post Why Duty Drawback is Making a Comeback appeared first on Talking Logistics with Adrian Gonzalez.

Buyer's Guide for Supply Chain Network Design Software

Network design as a discipline is complex and too many businesses are still relying on spreadsheets to design and optimize their supply chain. As a result, most organizations struggle to answer network design questions or test hypotheses in weeks, when results are demanded in hours. This Buyer’s Guide helps you find easy-to-use technology to become more proactive and less reactive when it comes to network design and optimization.

Provenance founder is awarded MBE from the Queen’s Honour List for services in Global Supply Chains


We’re proud to announce that our founder and CEO, Jessi Baker, has received an MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire) for the Queen’s Honour List , announced on the Queen’s birthday, 8th of June 2019.

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[WHITE PAPER] WMS Questions and Answers You Need to Know

Veridian Solutions

Implementing a WMS improves efficiency and productivity as modern systems enable omnichannel and e-commerce fulfillment. The globalization of supply chain networks and increased demand for cloud-based WMS further this trend.

Improving Supply Chain Efficiency Through IoT Technology

Supply Chain Brain

The global supply chain has become extremely complex. Proctor and Gamble has more than 75,000 suppliers, while Walmart counts more than 100,000. With so many suppliers in the mix, companies are finding it extremely challenging to keep tabs on their shipping containers

Armco Barriers In The Warehouse! (Sponsored)

Supply Chain Game Changer

Subscribe Here! Email Address. Subscribe to Supply Chain Game Changer. Worst Forklift Accident Ever and Forklift Safety! Video).

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MilliporeSigma Launches Four-Year Push for Packaging Sustainability

Supply Chain Brain

The quest for supply-chain sustainability requires paying as much attention to the package as the product inside it

The 2018 Supply Chain Software Buyer's Guide

Learn which supply chain applications are the best for your organization.

Manufacturing Bottlenecks vs. Constraints


When talking about problems in the supply chain, manufacturing bottlenecks and constraints are often used interchangeably to indicate problems with in the manufacturing process. However, these two terms indicate very different issues and need to be addressed in different ways. Manufacturing Bottlenecks. A bottleneck in manufacturing occurs when a sudden increase in production causes a necessary resource, such as a machine or personnel, to be overloaded.

Echo Global Logistics launches new platform, app and portal for shippers and carriers


Echo Global Logistics, Inc. NASDAQ: ECHO ) has lauched EchoDrive, a carrier-facing web portal and mobile app that displays Echo's available loads for the company's carrier network to bid on.

Global Supply Chain Solutions for Life Sciences

Amber Road

The Life Sciences industry faces unique pressures not seen by any other industry, because of the direct impact it has on the life and death of human lives.

Challenges in Managing Transportation Without a TMS


Take a moment to think about a mundane task — putting a jigsaw puzzle together. It’s a straightforward process, comparing the image on the box to pieces that fit together. Now, imagine all those pieces scattered on the floor combined with two other 1000-piece puzzles.

Leveraging Supply Chain Data for Competitive Advantage

What does it mean to become a digital business or digital supply chain?

Transportation Market Update: Capacity Outlook


Transportation Market Update: Capacity Outlook. Capacity Trends and Tips for International Roadcheck and Beyond. 2018 was a historic year for the transportation industry.

Why Pit Crew Performance is the Key to Winning the Race, and What the Oil & Gas Industry can Learn from it

Maine Pointe

Tony Planos, VP Oil & Gas (and motor racing enthusiast), offers his perspective on how following the example of Formula 1 racing's "flawless pitstop" can help drive efficiencies and reduce risk in the oil & gas industry. Oil & Gas Total Value Optimization supply chain transformation Energy

Supply Chain by the Numbers for June 13, 2019

Supply Chain Digest

Amazon Expanding Its Distribution Robot Portfolio. China Makes more Moves on Arctic Silk Road. FedEx Express Says Goodbye to Amazon. China is Cooking Its Economic Books, Research Firm Says

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Global Petroleum Show, 11th – 12th June 2019, Calgary


Ivalua will be at the Global Petroleum Show in Calgary to talk about the Ivalua Procurement Platform and why you should take a look at our solution. You will find our team on Booth #7830. Ivalua attendees: Ty Levine , Brad Calbick. Partner Attendees: OPTIS Vanessa Ng & Rafael Zveibil.

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Navigating the Road to Successful Automation - A Process Driven Approach

Speaker: Jon Leposky, Director of Operations and Logistics, Z Customization

Automation can be an incredibly powerful tool to lower costs, increase capabilities, and enable scaling. However the road to implementing automation can be long and challenging even when all the proper steps are taken. Being equipped with the proper tools and knowledge of common pitfalls when implementing automation can make the difference between a show stopping disaster and seamless success.

Despite Doubts in Some Quarters, Target Announces Committment to Blockchain for Supply Chain

Supply Chain Digest

Retailer Working on Program for Supplier Certification, will Join Hyperledger Grid Project

Autonomous Vehicles and the Future of Smart Cities

Enterra Insights

Traffic congestion is a problem in most metropolitan areas and city planners are wrestling with how to deal with it. Many of them look longingly to the day when autonomous vehicles take to the streets reducing accidents, improving traffic flow, and, if the vehicles are electric, eliminating choking pollution as well. Jaclyn Trop ( @jaclyntrop ) writes, “Driverless cars promise to reshape cities beyond just easing traffic congestion.

‘Freight Tech’ Fit-Out: 3 Critical Steps to Successful Integration


Signing a contract with a technology vendor does not guarantee you will be able to realize the benefits of the technology quickly. It is not as simple as signing a contract with a vendor, saying, “Let’s get started!”

Revamp Your Proofing and Approval Workflows


How do you get your reviews and approvals on track? Manufacturing Logistics

Automated Order Processing and Proactive Inventory Management

Speaker: Irina Rosca, Director of Supply Chain Operations, Helix

Organizations need to focus on demand driven supply planning, utilizing real time information on customer orders from all marketplaces (e-commence, Amazon - or other online retailers, and point of sale data from brick and mortar). Focusing on this information once per month during the S&OP meeting is too late for all business units to align. Companies should have seamless integration between order entry, inventory management, forecasting and supply planning models and purchase order status to sense risk, pull levers to mitigate potential risk, and communicate within and outside the organization. This is especially important for new product releases, in store programs or promotions (sales, end caps, PDQ. etc) or online promotions (company run or 3rd party). Depending on total supply chain lead time, not having real time visibility and analysis of this information can significantly affect sales and the bottom line.

One Day Amazon Prime – Logistics Challenges

Logistics Trends and Insights

Dean Maciuba, Director of Consulting Services for Logistics Trends & Insights and Robert Fisher of Fisher Postal Analytics have put together a great presentation describing the challenges surrounding One Day Amazon Prime service.

Understanding More About the Probabilistic Inventory Model


Try saying ‘probabilistic’ three times fast. It’s a bit of a mouthful. However, it’s more than just a tongue-twister, it’s a great tool for predicting inventory needs. The root of probabilistic is probability and that’s exactly what the probabilistic model is based on — probability. So I bet you’re wondering how probability will help you with your inventory control.

5 Benefits of Axway’s subscription offering


Ahhh… the good ol’ days when you actually had to “buy” software programs like Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word and others–sold separately of course–and external storage devices for your family photos and videos. You drove to your closest big box store … AMPLIFY products AMPLIFY AMPLIFY B2Bi AMPLIFY MFT Content Collaboration HIP

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Shopify vs Squarespace. Compare eCommerce Features, Pricing, Pros & Cons


How does Squarespace compare with Shopify as an eCommerce platform? As a small business owner, you have enough headaches to contend with. What you need is an eCommerce sales platform that is not only reliable but also tailored to yours and your customers’ needs.

Parts Town: An O2C Journey from Manual Processing to Digital Transformation

Speaker: Sarah Gibson, Platinum Operations Manager

The order-to-cash (O2C) process is often considered the lifeblood of an organization. It’s why so many business leaders are looking to next generation of O2C solutions to unlock value across their enterprise — value that’s necessary to remain competitive. Join us for an educational webinar with guest speaker, Sarah Gibson of Parts Town, as she takes attendees through her company’s digital transformation journey.